Thanks to all who participated in the CHSS Research hosted Funding Your Research workshops

CHSS Research

In February and March of 2022, CHSS Research hosted a series of three workshops for CHSS faculty and postdocs focused on research and grant writing strategies for the humanities and social sciences. Each workshop included a 2-hour virtual presentation by Dr. Barbara Endemaño Walker, research development professional, with interactive activities and related electronic handouts. Each participant also received a copy of Dr. Endemaño Walker’s book, “Funding Your Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences”. Due to copyright restrictions, the workshops were not recorded although Dr. Walker kindly gave permission to share the handouts with CHSS faculty. The handouts are posted on the CHSS Research Resources SharePoint site, which is available to CHSS faculty who have requested membership to the site. To request access, click

The workshops included:

  1. Strategic Planning for Productive Research Careers (cohosted by CHSS Faculty Affairs and Strategic Initiatives)
    • Content focused on the following topics: Individual Development Plan Resources, Finding Your Writing Productivity Style, Identifying Target Funding Opportunities, Developing Goals and Logic Model, and Project Management Tools.
  2. Proposal Writing 101
    • Content focused on the following: Research Strategic Planning, Finding the Right Funding, Interpreting RFPs and Determining Funding Fit, Agency Review Processes, Communicating with Program Officers, and Framing Your Research Questions.
  3. Anatomy of a Winning Proposal
    • Content focused on the following: Common Proposal Formats, Writing the Introduction Section, Writing the Theoretical Review and Significance Section, Writing the Methods and Procedures Section, and Writing Other Proposal Parts.

Our presenter, Dr. Barbara Endemaño Walker, has a PhD and MA in geography from UC Berkeley and a BA in anthropology and African studies from UCLA. She concurrently serves as the director of research development and the special assistant to the executive vice chancellor for diversity initiatives at UCSB. Prior to joining the Office of Research, she was an NSF post-doctoral fellow in the Department of Anthropology and the National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis (NCGIA) at UCSB. She was a founding board member of the National Organization of Research Development Professionals (NORDP), and she currently leads the Center for Research, Excellence, and Diversity in Team Science. She is also co-author of the book Funding Your Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences: A Practical Guide to Grant and Fellowship Proposals (Routledge 2017).