Sloan Foundation adds its support to the Mercury Project

The Sloan Foundation joins a growing consortium of funders helping to advance the work on combating the impacts of health mis- and disinformation in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, including the Rockefeller Foundation, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and Craig Newmark Philanthropies. With their support, they are working to build a healthier information environment with insights from the social and behavioral sciences. Learn how you can join us. 

The Mercury Project is a $10M+ research consortium investigating the impacts of health misinformation and evaluating interventions to prevent its spread in the United States, Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The SSRC is now accepting proposals from researchers and organizations to discover new, evidence-based, data-driven tools, methods, and interventions to counter mis- and disinformation and to support the spread and uptake of accurate health information. Learn more and apply at