CHSS Faculty Nominated for 2021 Stearns Center Teaching Excellence Awards

Stearns Center Teaching Excellence Award Nominees

The George Mason University Teaching Excellence Awards are open to all full-time faculty members who have already completed at least three years of full-time teaching at George Mason. Nominations may be made by students, faculty members, or administrators. 

The college is pleased to announce that the following faculty members have been nominated for 2021 Teaching Excellence Awards:

Janet Ha – School of Integrative Studies

Julia Madeleine Shadur - School of Integrative Studies

Susan Howard - School of Integrative Studies

Mark Thurston - School of Integrative Studies

Chris Clarke - Communication

Amykate "Kate" Sweeney - Communication

Catherine Wright - Communication

Kevin Wright - Communication

Yasemin Irvin-Erickson - Criminology, Law and Society

Linda Merola - Criminology, Law and Society

Johanna Mollestrom - Economics

Eric Anderson - English

Eric Auld - English

Michael Don - English

Kerry Folan - English

Ariel Goldenthal - English

Donald Paul Haspel - English

Anthony Hoefer - English

Sara King - English

Harim Kwon - English

Thomas Polk - English

Kenneth Thompson - English

Keith Clark - English

Susan Lawrence - English

Johanna Bockman - Global Affairs

Steven Barnes - History and Art History

Benedict Carton - History and Art History

Christopher Elzey - History and Art History

Christopher Hamner - History and Art History

Angela Ho - History and Art History

Meredith Lair - History and Art History

Susan Schulze - History and Art History

Jacquelyn Williamson - History and Art History

Rosemarie Zagarri - History and Art History

James Levine - Modern and Classical Languages

Jihye Moon - Modern and Classical Languages

Alexía Vikis - Modern and Classical Languages

Christopher DiTeresi - Philosophy

Rachel Jones - Philosophy

Timothy Curby - Psychology

Theodore Dumas - Psychology

Yi-Ching Lee - Psychology

Alison Melley - Psychology

Erin Murdoch - Psychology

Martin Wiener - Psychology

Lauren Kuykendall - Psychology

Charles Garrettson - Religious Studies

Yasemin Ipek - Sociology and Anthropology

Haagen Klaus - Sociology and Anthropology

Christopher Morris - Sociology and Anthropology


The awards will be presented in April.