The College Honors David Corwin in the 2017 Mary Roper Award Ceremony

by Laura Powers

The College Honors David Corwin in the 2017 Mary Roper Award Ceremony
(L-R) Mary Roper and David Corwin

The annual Mary Roper Award reception took place Tuesday, honoring a staff member within the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) who exemplifies excellence and dedication to the college and university. This year, David Corwin earned this honor in recognition of his contributions and service to the Women and Gender Studies program and beyond. 

Corwin came to Mason as a graduate student in the Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (MAIS) program, with a concentration in Women and Gender Studies. While a graduate student, he held a variety of roles both in the Women and Gender Studies program and LGBTQ Resources. In 2016, he was hired into his current position as the program coordinator for Women and Gender Studies. Corwin is also a doctoral student in the Writing and Rhetoric program. 

“We leave thinking we can take on the world, and I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Corwin said about his experience working with students. Thanking several individuals for their support, including colleagues, professors, and students, Corwin added “Mason grew to be a place I would call home.”

There were many who nominated Corwin for the Mary Roper Award, citing numerous examples of his fine work at the university. One individual said, “David has made exemplary contributions to CHSS well beyond his role in Women and Gender Studies.  He assisted MAIS and the African and African American Studies program during periods when they were without their own support staff, and he is still actively supporting African and African American Studies today.”

Another remarked, “for someone with so many irons in the fire – working full time, serving on a million committees, creating a nurturing environment for Women and Gender Studies students, and pursuing his doctorate – David is incredibly generous with his time.  Perhaps most impressive, he manages to cover all his bases while still remaining calm, fun, patient, and kind.  He is literally a model employee, but he is also a really good person whose default setting is to be helpful to those around him.”

The award is named for Mary Roper, who worked in the Department of Biology and in the dean's office of the College of Arts and Sciences for a total 14 years in the college and almost thirty years at Mason. This annual award is the highest given for staff in the college.

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