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Toni Sala Visits The Cheuse Center

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Toni will be at The Cheuse Center from September 18-25. You are welcome to join him in a discussion on September 20 about the upcoming Catalan independence referendum, and on September 21 for a reading from his 2015 novel, The Boys, at the East City Bookshop. Learn more about these events at our Events page.

Toni Sala is a writer and teaches Catalan Literature.

In 1996 he received the Documenta Prize for his first book, a collection of short stories titled Entomologia (1997). His first novel Pere Marín was published in 1998. He then became known to a wider readership with his Petita crònica d'un professor a secundària (2001) and his Rodalies (2004) was awarded the 2004 Sant Joan Prize and the 2005 National Culture Prize for Culture (in the domain of Literature). He has also published Goril·la blanc - Memòries d'en Floquet de Neu (2003), Un relat de la nova immigració africana(2004) and Quatre dies a l'Àfrica (2005). In Comelade, Casasses, Perejaume (2006), Toni Sala offers a detailed account of these three contemporary artists.  

His third novel was Marina (2010) and, in 2012, he published the collection of essays Notes sobre literatura and the two stories of Provisionalitat. In 2014, with Els nois, Toni Sala started the catalogue of the new publishing house L'Altra Editorial. In 2015, this novel was awarded the Catalan Critics’ Prize for Fiction and it has recently been translated into English. He received the 2014 City of Barcelona Prize for his essay El cas Pujol
Sala's most recent work is The Boys (2015), a novel that takes place in the wake of a tragic accident, introducing the viewpoints of four disparate characters and themes of social networks, Spanish economics, and the nature of life and death. 
Toni Sala is one of the most brilliant, best-known writers in contemporary Catalan fiction. He is a member of the Associació d'Escriptors en Llengua Catalana (AELC, Association of Catalan Language Writers). 
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