The College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) is composed of 10 departments and 10 major interdisciplinary programs. The college is also home to the School of Integrative Studies (formerly New Century College), which offers an innovative interdisciplinary major. The college has a distinguished faculty of more than 400, including recipients of the Pulitzer Prize and Guggenheim Fellowship.

At the undergraduate level, all programs emphasize challenge, opportunity, and success. They challenge students to think critically and creatively and to go beyond what is required by pursuing research experiences, minors, double majors, honors in the major, and accelerated master’s degree programs, which enable them to earn both an undergraduate and a graduate degree, often within five years. They provide many opportunities beyond the classroom including study abroad programs, service learning, internships, and career-enhancing courses and minors, all of which will help prepare them for success beyond college.

At the graduate level, programs of study provide opportunities for career development and advancement, professional education, participation in research, and personal fulfillment.

All programs encourage the exploration of contemporary issues through a dynamic curriculum that fosters an informed understanding of real world problems. The college provides students with an education that enables them to think critically, adapt to the changing conditions of society, and provide informed leadership to future generations.