Manny Davis

Manny Davis

Manny Davis

How did you choose your degree program?

I looked for a program that I could contribute to greatly while nurturing my creativity and skillset in storytelling, and Mason’s Creative Writing program was the perfect fit.

How did your academic experiences in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences impact you?

My experience taught me to not take my own skills and credentials for granted, to take advantage of what I learned and share my knowledge with as many people as possible. It also reminded me to have fun with the creative process, to have fun with my peers and fuel my drive to write and create.

What accomplishment(s) during your time at Mason are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of the portfolio I’ve compiled throughout my time at Mason, especially a comic project I created with art student Ash Smith called “Finding John Doe.”

Are there faculty or staff members who made a difference during your Mason career?

Several people in the Mason faculty have impacted my time here for the better. Firstly, I would like to give a bulk of my gratitude to Laura Scott for her valuable guidance, mentorship, and support throughout my time here. From writing techniques to creative wisdom and motivation, the wisdom I gained from her will follow me through the rest of my career and life.

I would also like to mention Gregg Wilhelm, Scott Berg, and Sharaya Jones, faculty who made a massive impact during my time at Mason. Gregg’s writing philosophies and perspectives, Scott’s unrivaled insight of the publishing world, and Sharaya’s marketing expertise contributed massively in my career as a Mason student and will do so onward as a professional.

What are your current career plans following graduation? What are your long-term career goals?

I plan to keep on writing, creating, and continuing the work I began here at Mason. With my portfolio consisting of comic scripts and screenplays, I aim to complete what I started here while being my own patron within the entertainment or marketing world.

Long term, after I display a bulk of my portfolio to the world, I want to create a studio focused on multimedia entertainment, from film to animation and comics.