Deans Office

  • Ann L Ardis

    Ann L Ardis



    British modernism; technologies of culture; periodical press history; gender

  • Jill Bowen

    Jill Bowen

    Curriculum and Space Manager

  • Lisa C Breglia

    Lisa C Breglia

    Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs

    Associate Professor

    Globalization; Energy, Environment and Sustainability; Political economy of resources; Museums, Heritage, Cultural Policy; Tourism; Mexico, Latin America; Ethnography

  • Alecia Bryan

    Alecia Bryan

    Associate Director of Development


  • M Susan Burns

    M Susan Burns

    Academic Program Coordinator


    Development and learning of young children (preschool through Grade 3); young children's approaches to learning, cognition, and language; Effective professional development for adult learners

  • Felicia Carr

    Felicia Carr

    Assistant Dean, Strategic Communications and Marketing


  • Vita Marie Chalk

    Vita Marie Chalk

    Associate Dean for Undergraduate Academic Affairs

    Assistant Professor

    Women's leadership; The neuroscience of decision-making (Neuroeconomics); Cultural rituals to honor ancestors

  • Janice M. Cohen

    Janice M. Cohen

    Director, Finance & Research Operations


  • Daniel L Collier

    Daniel L Collier

    Director of IT and Web Development

    Assistant Professor

  • John B Creuziger

    John B Creuziger

    Web Developer for Human Resources

  • Nadia Daghistani

    Nadia Daghistani

    Assistant Director of Development

  • Kimberly S Dight

    Kimberly S Dight

    Executive Director of Finance and Human Resources


  • Kelly Dunne

    Kelly Dunne


    History, Childhood Studies, and Education

  • Sarah Fink-Youngbar

    Sarah Fink-Youngbar

    Budget Analyst

  • David Gibson

    David Gibson

    Senior Academic Affairs Coordinator

  • Brooke A. Gowl

    Brooke A. Gowl

    Associate Director of Research Development


  • Judith A Herbert

    Judith A Herbert

    Administrative Assistant

  • Stephanie Hinnenkamp

    Stephanie Hinnenkamp

    Graduate Admissions Coordinator

  • Katy E Hoepf

    Katy E Hoepf

    Academic Advisor

  • Sarah Holland

    Sarah Holland

    Marketing Specialist

  • Kiersten Jefferson

    Kiersten Jefferson

    Social Media Specialist

  • Diana Keay

    Diana Keay

    Academic Success Advisor

  • Jaime Lester

    Jaime Lester

    Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs and Strategic Initiatives


    Learning Data Analytics: Providing Actionable Insights to Increase College Student Success; Mid-career Faculty; Role of Higher Education Search Firms in Diversifying Leadership

  • Rachel E Lindsey

    Rachel E Lindsey


  • Troy J. Lowery

    Troy J. Lowery

    Director of Student Outreach


  • Jenna M McGwin

    Jenna M McGwin

    Associate Director, Operations and Initiatives

  • Erin McSherry

    Erin McSherry

    Director of Advising and Retention


  • Irene Mills

    Irene Mills

    Associate Director of Budget


  • Joan Mlotkowski

    Joan Mlotkowski

    Human Resources Coordinator

  • Anne Reynolds

    Anne Reynolds


  • Clara Robertello

    Clara Robertello

    Graduate Admissions Service Specialist

  • Michele S. Schwietz

    Michele S. Schwietz

    Associate Dean for Research


  • Olga Shchepina

    Olga Shchepina

    Associate Director, Post Award Services


  • David R Soorenko

    David R Soorenko

    Senior Academic Affairs Coordinator

  • Shirley Steppe

    Shirley Steppe

    Fiscal Technician and Travel Coordinator

  • Kevin Stoy

    Kevin Stoy

    Associate Director of Development


    Community-based research, curriculum development, study abroad, research methods, creative writing.

  • Anjanette Trebing

    Anjanette Trebing

    Office Specialist

  • Susan A Turriziani

    Susan A Turriziani

    Assistant Director

  • Michael S Washburn
  • Eleanor Copeland Weis

    Eleanor Copeland Weis

    Director of Development


  • Melanie White

    Melanie White

    Web Designer

    Web development, programming, graphic design, UX/UI, software design, security

  • Craig Zaccaro

    Craig Zaccaro

    Software Developer