College of Humanities and Social Sciences
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Budget Tracking System

The Budget Tracking System (BTS) supports the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS). Functionally, the application has the following features and supports the following business processes:

Click here to access the Budget Tracking System.

Major Functions:

  • LDAP integration/authentication. There's a multi-tiered security scheme in place that allows system, page, and field level authorizations on a per-user basis by organization.
  • People, position, organization maintenance
  • Full reporting and data analysis through internally generated PHP reports, Discoverer, TOAD, downloads to Excel, etc.
  • Supports hiring Graduate Assistants, Graduate Lecturers, and Adjuncts so that the Banner EA process does not have to be used
  • Teaching Load
  • Faculty Rosters for budget analysis
  • Raise Review (development finished, users are testing now)
  • system activity logs

Support Team:

  • Leslie Dyre, Director, Finance and HR, CHSS
  • Irene Mills, Senior Budget Analyst, CHSS
  • Sarah Fink-Youngbar, Budget Analyst, CHSS
  • John Creuziger, Web Developer, CHSS/HR
  • Others as needed

Project documents to date include:

Development Documents:

  • A Functional and Process Definition of the original application that has been replaced by BTS.
  • A COTS Issues paper.
  • An Architecture that provides the foundation for a replacement application. Also included are project risks and assumptions. The architecture was reviewed and approved by the development team in March 2005.
  • A Project Plan. The Project Plan was reviewed May 26, 2005. Check back for periodic updates.
  • A Specification that describes the project plan and development issues in detail.
  • A preliminary Internal Design Document
  • Raise Review Specification
  • Teaching Load Specification, Nov 12, 2007

Production Documents:

  • User and training guides explain the business processes and cycles that the application supports
  • The Entity Relationship diagram illustrates the database design
  • The Internal Design Document explains how the system works

News & Updates

  • Posted 11.12.07 -- Raise Review and Teaching Load specifications. See above
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