Budget Tracking System

The Budget Tracking System (BTS) supports the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS). Functionally, the application has the following features and supports the following business processes:

Major Functions:

  • LDAP integration/authentication. There's a multi-tiered security scheme in place that allows system, page, and field level authorizations on a per-user basis by organization.
  • People, position, organization maintenance
  • Full reporting and data analysis through internally generated PHP reports, Discoverer, TOAD, downloads to Excel, etc.
  • Supports hiring Graduate Assistants, Graduate Lecturers, and Adjuncts so that the Banner EA process does not have to be used
  • Teaching Load
  • Faculty Rosters for budget analysis
  • Raise Review (development finished, users are testing now)
  • system activity logs

Support Team:

  • Kimberly S Dight, Executive Director of Finance and Human Resources
  • Irene Mills, Associate Director of Budget
  • Janice M. Cohen, Director, Finance & Research Operations
  • CHSSWeb Team, BTS Application Development

Project documents to date include:

Development Documents:

  • A Functional and Process Definition of the original application that has been replaced by BTS.
  • A COTS Issues paper.
  • An Architecture that provides the foundation for a replacement application. Also included are project risks and assumptions. The architecture was reviewed and approved by the development team in March 2005.
  • A Project Plan. The Project Plan was reviewed May 26, 2005. Check back for periodic updates.
  • A Specification that describes the project plan and development issues in detail.
  • A preliminary Internal Design Document
  • Raise Review Specification
  • Teaching Load Specification, Nov 12, 2007

Production Documents:

  • User and training guides explain the business processes and cycles that the application supports
  • The Entity Relationship diagram illustrates the database design
  • The Internal Design Document explains how the system works

News & Updates

  • Posted 11.12.07 -- Raise Review and Teaching Load specifications. See above