Getting Started

The CHSS Research team has created and collected the following resources to assist your funding acquisition process. 

CHSS Research Resources SharePoint Site

CHSS Research has a CHSS Research Resources SharePoint site particularly for CHSS faculty and staff. This secure SharePoint site contains resources such as copies of successful applications for NEH summer stipends, boilerplate information for facilities and other resources, and tools to evaluate research positioning and ideas. New resources will be added as they are developed.

CHSS faculty and staff may request access to this secure site by clicking this link:

If you have questions concerning this site, please contact Michele Schwietz,


Past Research Events

Information and recordings about past Research events and webinars hosted by CHSS Research, Mason Research, and others are located here.  


Sponsored Projects Information

Useful and important information for CHSS faculty regarding Externally Sponsored Projects can be found here.


CHSS Proposal Timeline Tool

This Excel sheet assists Principal Investigators with formulating a proposal development timeline. Drafting a work plan or timeline for proposal submission can assist the PI to track the status of multiple deadline-driven development activities. Recommended target dates prior to the proposal deadline are generalized.


Office of Sponsored Programs

Information provided by OSP regarding changes to preparation of NSF Biosketches and Current and Pending form.

Road Map to Getting Started with SciENcv for NSF Biosketches and Current and Pending

OSP Current and Pending Process Change

Current and Pending Spreadsheet Example


Office of Research Integrity and Assurance

The office provides services that: ensure the Mason community is knowledgeable about and complies with federal and other relevant regulations that pertain to the ethical and responsible conduct of research; identify compliance risks and communicate those risks to the Mason community; and monitor and investigate instances of noncompliance, demonstrating the University’s commitment to practice to the highest ethical standards in research and scholarship.

Managing International Research & Engagement