UPDATE: COVID-19: Research Continuity Guidelines and Other Information

Research-Related Guidance Now Follows Main COVID Guidelines

Mason’s Research Continuity Working Group recently announced the university will no longer have separate research-related protocols for COVID-19. The group’s website now redirects the community to the university’s main COVID-19 guidance. Additionally, the Return to Research form is no longer necessary.

University Travel Protocols


Domestic Travel

Effective May 1, 2021, UTAC approval will no longer be required for university domestic travel. Requests to travel domestically shall revert back to the pre-Covid process wherein travel approval is given at the department level, in accordance with University Policy 2101, Travel, Meals and Entertainment Expenditures.

International Travel

Mason has suspended all international travel through the end of summer semester, with the exception of travel to South Korea, where Mason has a campus. 


Mason Safety Guidelines

As we turn our attention to the Fall Semester, we must all continue to do our part and work together to keep Mason safe. This starts with new policies for COVID-19 vaccination, testing and masking.


Mason Safe Return to Campus 

This resource guide will help you plan your activities and understand changes brought to our university in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Mason COVID-19 Information and Funding Opportunities

Research Development Services office will continue to actively support the Mason community during the time of reduced campus operations. Mason Research Development has additional information about COVID-19 and associated funding opportunities.