Faculty Publications and Research Interests

  • Leah M Adams, Psychology

    Research Interests: HIV risk & prevention among high-risk groups; Psychosocial aspects of chronic disease and traumatic injury management

    Selected Publications

    Adams, L.M., Wilson, T.E., Merenstein, D., Milam, J., Cohen, J., Golub, E.T.,…& Cook, J.A. (2018). Using the Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale to assess depression in women with HIV and women at risk for HIV: Are somatic items invariant? Psychological Assessment, 30(1), 97-105

    Adams, L.M., & Balderson, B. (2016). HIV providers’ likelihood to prescribe Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV prevention differs by patient type: A short report. AIDS Care, 28(9), 1154-1158.

    Adams, L.M., & Simoni, J.M. (2016). The need for multi-level mitigation of medical mistrust among social network members contributing to antiretroviral treatment nonadherence in African Americans living with HIV: Comment on Bogart et al. (2016). Social Science & Medicine, 159, 58-60.

    Bombardier, C.H., Adams, L.M., Fann, J.R., & Hoffman, J.M. (2016). Depression trajectories during the first year after spinal cord injury. Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, 97(2), 196-203.

    Adams, L.M., Tangney, J.P., Stuewig, J., & Kashdan, T. (2014). Perceived susceptibility to AIDS predicts subsequent HIV risk: A longitudinal evaluation of jail inmates. Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 37, 511-523.

    Adams, L.M., Kendall, S.J., Smith, A.C., Quigley, E.M., Stuewig, J., & Tangney, J.P. (2013). Changes in HIV risk behaviors prior to incarceration and post- release in a sample of male and female jail inmates. AIDS and Behavior, 17, 2685-2694.

    Adams, L.M., Balderson, B., & Packett, B. (in press). Meeting the challenge: HCV and HIV care experiences among HIV specialty providers. AIDS Patient Care & STDs.

    Adams, L.M., & Turk, D.C. (in press). Central sensitization and the biopsychosocial approach to understanding pain. Journal of Applied Biobehavioral Research.

  • Afra Saeed Ahmad, Industrial-Organizational Psychology

    Research Interests: Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Diversity & inclusion in the workplace

    Selected Publications

    Ahmad. A. S., Sabat, I., Trump-Steele, R., & King, E. (2019). Evidence-based strategies for improving diversity and inclusion in undergraduate research labs. Frontiers in Psychology, 10, 1305.

    *Ahmad, A. S., *Anderson, A. J., King, E. B., & Gilrane, V. (2019). Subtle and Overt Behaviors Toward Ethnic Minority Leaders and the Moderating Role of Competence. Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, 1548051819859289.

    Anderson, A., Ahmad, A., King, E., Lindsey, A, Ragone, S., Feyre, R., & Kim, S. (2015).The effectiveness of three strategies to reduce the influence of bias in evaluations of female leaders. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 45, 522-539.

    Kaplan, S., Bradley-Geist, J., Ahmad, A., Anderson, A., Hargrove, A. K., & Lindsey, A. (2014). A test of two positive psychology interventions to increase employee well-being. Journal of Business & Psychology, 29, 367-380.

    King, E. B., Hebl, M. R., Morgan, W.B., & Ahmad, A. S. (2012). Field experiments on sensitive organizational topics. Organizational Research Methods, 16, 501-521

    King, E. B., & Ahmad, A. S. (2010). An Experimental Field Study of Interpersonal Discrimination Toward Muslim Job Applicants. Personnel Psychology63, 881-906.

  • Denise Albanese, English

    Research Interests: affect and politics; problems in mass culture and popular culture; science and technology studies; critical historicism and the contemporary moment; Shakespeare in public culture; Milton and early modern literature

    Selected Publications

    Extramural Shakespeare. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010.

    "School for Scandal?: New Media Hamlet, Olivier, and Camp Connoisseurship." Renaissance Drama 34 (2005): 185-208.

    "The Popular Mechanics of Rude Mechanicals: Shakespeare and the Walls of Academe." Shakespeare Studies 32 (2004): 295-321.

    "Mathematics as a Social Formation: Mapping the Early Modern Universal." The Culture of Capital: Property, Cities, and Knowledge in Early Modern England. Ed. Henry S. Turner. New York: Routledge, 2002. 255-73.

    (co-editor). The Instruction of a Christen Woman, by Juan Luis Vives. Urbana: U of Illinois P, 2001.

    "The Shakespeare Film and the Americanization of Culture." Marxist Shakespeares. Ed. Jean Howard and Scott Shershow. New York: Routledge, 2000. 206-26.

    New Science, New World. Durham, NC: Duke UP, 1996.

  • Christopher W Allen, Criminology, Law and Society

    Selected Publications

    • “Strange Déjà Vu: Tackling Information Sharing Problems for Efforts Against Transnational Organized Crime,” Air University (SAASS Thesis), Muir S. Fairchild Research Information Center, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, June 2015.
    • “USAF Expeditionary Security Operations 2040: A Technology Vision for Deployed Airbase Defense Capabilities,” in Defending Air Bases in an Age of Insurgency, Volume II, ed. Shannon W. Caudill, Air University Press, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, pending publication.
  • Amal Amireh, English

    Research Interests: middle eastern literature; world literature; postcolonial studies, gender and sexuality

    Selected Publications

    "Of Heroes and Men: the Crisis of Masculinity in the Post-Oslo Palestinian Narrative." In Constructions of Masculinity in the Middle East and North Africa. Mohja Kahf and Nadine Sinno, eds. University of Cairo Press, forthcoming. 

    “’They are not like your daughters or mine’: Spectacles of Bad Women from the Arab Spring.” In Bad Girls of the Arab World. Nadia Yacoub and Rula Quwas, eds. University of Texas Press, 2017.

    “Nawal el Saadawi.” in Fifty One Key Feminist Thinkers. Lori J Marso, ed. Routledge, 2016.

     “Activists, Lobbyists, and Suicide Bombers: Lessons from the Palestinian Women’s Movement.” Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. 32 (2): 2012.

    “Afterword,” in Queer Politics and the Question of Israel/Palestine solicited for a special issue of GLQ: Gay and Lesbian Quarterly 16. 4. 2010.

    “Palestinian Women’s Disappearing Act: The Suicide Bomber Through Western Feminist Eyes,” in Nation, Gender, and Belonging: Arab and Arab American Feminist Perspectives. Eds. Rabab Abdel Hadi, Evelyne al Sultani, and Nadine Naber. Syracuse: Syracuse UP, 2010

    (co-editor). Comparative Literature Studies 47.4 (2010). Special issue: "Arabic Literature Now: Between Area Studies and the New Comparatism."

    "Bearing Witness: The Politics of Form in Etel Adnan's Sitt Marie Rose." Critique: Critical Middle Eastern Studies 14.3 (2005): 251-63.

    "Between Complicity and Subversion: Body Politics in Palestinian National Narrative." South Atlantic Quarterly 102 (2003): 745-70; repr. (with afterword) in Diversifying the Discourse: Florence Howe Award for Outstanding Feminist Scholarship, 1990-2004. Ed. Mihoko Suzuki and Roseanna Dufault. New York: Modern Language Association, 2006. 288-307.

     “Writing the Difference: Feminists’ Invention of the ‘Arab Woman’ Interventions: Feminist Dialogues on Third World Women’s Literature and Film. Ed. Pishnupriya Ghosh and Brinda Bose. New York: Garland, 1996. 185-211.

    (co-editor). Etel Adnan: Critical Perspectives on Her Life and Art. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2002.

    (co-editor). Going Global: The Transnational Reception of Third World Women Writers. New York: Garland, 2000.

    The Factory Girl and the Seamstress: Imagining Gender and Class in Nineteenth Century American Fiction. New York: Garland, 2000.

    Amireh, Amal. “Framing Nawal El-Saadawi: Arab Feminism in a Transnational World.” Signs: Journal of Women and Culture 26 (2000): 215-248.

    Amireh, Amal. “Writing the Difference: Feminists’ Invention of the ‘Arab Woman’ Interventions: Feminist Dialogues on Third World Women’s Literature and Film. Ed. Pishnupriya Ghosh and Brinda Bose. New York: Garland, 1996. 185-211.

  • Crystal S. Anderson, Modern and Classical Languages

    Research Interests: Media studies, popular culture, popular music, visual culture, literature and audience and fan reception

    Selected Publications



    Soul in Seoul: Black Popular Music and K-pop. September 2020, University of Mississippi Press.

    Beyond ‘The Chinese Connection’: Contemporary Afro-Asian Cultural Production. Jackson: University of Mississippi Press, 2013.


    Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals

     “The Afro-Asiatic Floating World: Post-Soul Implications of the Art of iona rozeal brown.”  African American Review 41.4 (2007): 655-666.

     “These—Are—the ‘Breaks’: A Roundtable Discussion on Teaching the Post-Soul Aesthetic.” African American Review 41.4 (2007): 787-804.

     “ ‘The Girl Isn’t White’:  New Racial Dimensions in Octavia Butler’s Survivor.”  Extrapolation 47.1 (2006): 35-50.

     “Racial Discourse and Black-Japanese Dynamics in Ishmael Reed’s Japanese by Spring.” MELUS 29. 3/4 (2004): 379-396.

     “Chinatown Black Tigers: Black Masculinity and Chinese Heroism in Frank Chin’s Gunga Din Highway.” Ethnic Studies Review 26.1 (2003): 67-86.


    Edited Collections

     “Hybrid Hallyu: The African American Music Tradition in K-pop.” Global Asian American Popular Culture. Ed. Tasha Oren, Shilpa Dave and Leilani Nishime. New York: New York University Press, 2016. 290-303.

     “Urban Geishas: Reading Race and Gender in iROZEALb’s Paintings.” Traveling Texts and the Work of Afro-Japanese Cultural Production: Two Haiku and a Microphone. Ed. William H. Bridges IV and Nina Cornyetz. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2015. 31-44.

     “HallyU.S.A: America’s Impact on The Korean Wave.” The Global Impact of South Korean Popular Culture. Ed. Valentina Marinescu. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2014. 123-134.

     “That’s My Man!: Overlapping Masculinities in Korean Popular Music.” The Korean Wave: Korean Popular Culture in Global Context. Ed. Yasue Kuwahara. New York: Palgrave MacMillan, 2014. 117-132.

    Anderson, Crystal S. and Doobo Shim, eds. Special Issue on K-pop and K-drama Fandoms, Journal of Fan Studies, 2014.

     “When Were We Colored?: Blacks, Asians and Racial Discourse.” Blacks and Asians: Crossings, Conflict and Commonality. Ed. Hazel McFerson. Durham: Carolina Academic Press, 2006. 59-77.  

     “Panthers and Dragons on the Page: The Afro-Asian Dynamic in The Black Aesthetic.”  The Black Urban Community:  From Dusk ‘Till Dawn. Ed. Gayle T. Tate and Lewis A. Randolph. New York: Palgrave MacMillan, 2006. 427-437.


  • Eric Gary Anderson, English

    Research Interests: American Indian literatures, Southern studies, Native American and Indigenous Studies, American fiction from the beginnings to the 21st century, multi-ethnic American literatures

    Selected Publications

    Swamp Souths: Literary and Cultural Ecologies. Co-edited by Kirstin L. Squint, Eric Gary Anderson, Taylor Hagood, and Anthony Wilson. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 2020.

    "Letting the Other Story Go: The Native South in and beyond the Anthropocene." With Melanie Benson Taylor. Co-authored essay for special issue of Native South on "Native Southern Literature," issue co-edited by Anderson and Taylor. Native South 12 (2019): 74-98.

    Undead Souths: The Gothic and Beyond in Southern Literature and Culture. Co-edited by Eric Gary Anderson, Taylor Hagood, and Daniel Cross Turner. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 2015.

    "Native Southern Transformations, or, Light in August and Werewolves." In Faulkner and the Native South: Faulkner and Yoknapatawpha 2016. Edited by Jay Watson, Annette Trefzer and James G. Thomas, Jr. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 2019. 148-166.

    "The Truth Is South There: The X-Files's Transregional Souths." In Small-Screen Souths: Region, Identity, and the Cultural Politics of Television, edited by Lisa Hinrichsen, Gina Caison, and Stephanie Rountree. Louisiana State University Press, 2017. 221-240.

    "The Landscape of Disaster: Hemingway, Porter, and the Soundings of Indigenous Silence." With Melanie Benson Taylor. Co-authored essay for "Modernism and Native America," a special issue of Texas Studies in Literature and Language. 59: 3 (Fall 2017). 319-352.

    "Literary and Textual Histories of the Native South." The Oxford Handbook to the Literature of the U.S. South. Ed. Fred Hobson and Barbara Ladd. New York: Oxford University Press, 2016. 17-32.

    "On Native Ground: Indigenous Presences and Countercolonial Strategies in Southern Narratives of Captivity, Removal, and Repossession." Southern Spaces (Aug. 2007). (Available online)


  • Christopher Anzalone, History and Art History

    Research Interests: Islamic History, Middle East, Africa, South Asia, Political History, Religious History, Social Movements

    Selected Publications

    “Women and Jihadism: Between the Battlefield and the Home-front,” Agenda: A Journal about Women and Gender 30, no. 3 (2016): 18-24.

    “In the Shadow of the Islamic State: Shi‘i Responses to Sunni Jihadist Narratives in a Turbulent Middle East,” in Jihadism Transformed: Al-Qaeda and Islamic State’s Global Battle of Ideas (Oxford University Press, 2016), 157-182.

    “The Multiple Faces of Jabhat al-Nusra (Jabhat Fath al-Sham) in Syria’s Civil War,” Insight Turkey 18, no. 2 (Spring 2016): 41-50.

    “The Rise and Decline of al-Shabab in Somalia,” Turkish Review 4, no. 4 (2014): 386-395.

    “Globalizing Insurgency in Somalia,” in A World Connected: Globalization in the 21st Century, ed. Nayan Chanda and Susan Froetschel (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2012), 129-132.

    “Propaganda,” The Encyclopedia of Islamic Political Thought, eds. Gerhard Böwering, Patricia Crone, Wadad Kadi, Devin Stewart, Muhammad Qasim Zaman, and Mahan Mirza.  Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2012.

    “Ayatollah Hosayn Ali Montazeri,” in The Oxford Encyclopedia of Islam and Law, ed. Jonathan A. C. Brown.  New York: Oxford University Press (forthcoming).

    “Shi‘a,” in The Encyclopedia of the Modern World, ed. Peter Stearns.  New York: Oxford University Press, 2008.

  • Ann L Ardis, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

    Research Interests: British modernism; technologies of culture; periodical press history; gender

    Selected Publications

    Editor, “Mediamorphosis: Print Culture and Transatlantic/Transnational Public Spheres,” Modernism/modernity 19.3 (September 2012). vii + 173 pp.

    Transatlantic Print Culture, 1880-1940: Emerging Media, Emerging Modernisms. Co-edited with Patrick Collier. Palgrave Macmillan, 2008. xi + 259 pp.

    Modernism and Cultural Conflict, 1880-1922. Cambridge University Press, 2002. Reprinted in paper, 2008. ix + 187 pp.

    Women’s Experience of Modernity, 1875-1945. Co-edited with Leslie  Lewis. Johns Hopkins University Press, 2002. vii + 312 pp.

    Virginia Woolf: Turning the Centuries. Selected Papers from the Ninth Annual Conference on Virginia Woolf. Co-edited with Bonnie Kime Scott. Pace University Press, 2000. viii + 356 pp.

    New Women, New Novels: Feminism and Early Modernism. New Brunswick and London: Rutgers University Press, 1990. x + 217 pp.

  • Giorgio Ascoli, Psychology

    Research Interests: Molecular Neuroscience Department: Description and generation of dendritic morphology, hippocampus, human memory, neuron classification, semantic maps

    Selected Publications

    Parekh R, Ascoli GA (2013) Neuronal morphology goes digital: a research hub for cellular and system neuroscience. Neuron. 77(6):1017-38.

    Ferrante M, Migliore M, Ascoli GA (2013) Functional impact of dendritic branch-point morphology. J Neurosci. 33(5):2156-65.

    Ropireddy D, Bachus SE, Ascoli GA (2012) Non-homogeneous stereological properties of the rat hippocampus from high-resolution 3D serial reconstruction of thin histological sections. Neuroscience. 205:91-111.

  • Jennifer Ashley, Global Affairs

    Research Interests: Digital media, television, news media, melodrama, parody, science and technology studies, Political subjectivity, politics of affect, democratic transition, social movements, human rights, memory, urban studies, Latin America

    Selected Publications

    2020. “Context as Content in Chilean Community Media.” In Cultures of the Copy: Alternative Economies and Intellectual Property in Latin/o America, edited by Juan Poblete and Víctor Goldgel Carballo. New York: Routledge.

    2018. Chilean Television on Shifting Terrain: Movement towards a Post-Network Era. Television and New Media 20(5): 476-491. doi/10.1177/1527476418776416

    2015. "Honorable Piracy" and Chile’s Digital TransitionPopular Communication: The International Journal of Media and Culture (Special Issue on Piracy and Social Change) 13(1): 6-17. doi.org/10.1080/15405702.2014.978002

    2014. Prime-time politics: News, parody, and fictional credibility in ChileAmerican Ethnologist 41(4): 757-770. doi.org/10.1111/amet.12110

  • Jennifer Atkinson, English

    Research Interests: poetry, ecopoetics, eco-justice, recent and contemporary American poetry

    Selected Publications

    The Thinking Eye, Parlor Press/Free Verse Editions, 2016.

    Canticle of the Night Path, Free Verse Editions, 2012.

    Drift Ice. Wilkes-Barre, PA: Etruscan P, 2008.

    The Drowned City. Boston: Northeastern UP, 2000.

    The Dogwood Tree. Tuscaloosa: U of Alabama P, 1990.

  • Eric K. Auld, English

    Research Interests: Composition, creative writing, humor writing

    Selected Publications

  • Supriya Baily, Women and Gender Studies

    Research Interests: Dr. Bailys research has focused primarily on the effects nonformal education has had on women and the communities in which they live.

    Selected Publications

    Stacki, S. L. & Baily, S. (Eds). (2015). Educating Adolescent Girls Around the Globe: Challenges and Opportunities.  New York, NY: Routledge.

    Shaklee, B. D. & Baily, S. (Eds.). (2012). Internationalizing teacher education in the United States.  Lanham: MD: Rowman & Littlefield Publishing.



    Baily, S. (in press).  Identifying structural changes from within – Emancipatory narratives exploring community constraints to women’s education and empowerment. Diaspora, Indigenous and Minority Education.

    Baily, S., Hathaway, D., Katradis, M., & Isabel, M. (in press). Finding their Voice: Immigrant teacher experiences in the U.S Classroom.  In C.Schlein and B. Garii (Eds.), Narrative and critical lenses on intercultural teaching and learning, (pp. TBD).  Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.       

    Baily, S., & Merz, S.A. (2015). Conducting fluid and timely research in youth activism – Understanding lessons from India.  In S. Bastien and H.B. Holmarsdottir (Eds.), Youth at the margins: experiences from engaging youth in research worldwide (pp. TBD). Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sense Publications B.V.

    Baily, S. (2015).  Who gets left behind? The fate of the unrepresented in the wake of US-India higher education partnerships.  Policy Futures in Education: Special Issue: Indian Education at the Crossroads of Postcoloniality, Globalization and the 21st C Knowledge Economy, 13(2), pg. 273-286. 

    Baily, S.  (In press).  Emerging from the shadows: Countering the marginalization of rural adult women in development and education programs.  In E. Brown & P. Gorski (Eds.), International Perspectives on Poverty (Vol. 7).  Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.   

    Baily, S. (2013).  Our actions are louder than words: Gender, power, and a grassroots movement towards peace.  In R. Amster & E. Ndura (Eds.), Exploring the Power of Nonviolence .   Syracuse, NY: Syracuse University Press.      

    Baily, S. (2012).  Framing the World Bank Education Strategy 2020 to the Indian context – Alignments, challenges and opportunities.  In C. Collins  & A.W. Wiseman (Eds.), Education strategy in the developing world: A conversation about the World Bank’s education policy development and revision.  In International Perspectives on Education and Society Series (Vol. 16). (pp. 371 - 393). Bingley, UK: Emerald Publishing.

    Baily, S. (2011).  Trajectories of influence: Extending Paulston’s ideas to the framework of gender, power and community development.  In J. C. Weidman & W. J. Jacobs (Eds.), Beyond the Comparative: Advancing Theory and Its Application to Practice (pp. 217-234). Rotterdam: Sense Publishers.

    Baily, S. (2011).   Speaking Up: Contextualizing  women’s voices and gatekeepers’ reactions in promoting women’s empowerment in rural India.  Research in Comparative and International Education, 6(1), 107-118.

    Baily, S. (2009). Can You Eat Peace?   Addressing development needs and peace education in Gujarat, India.  In E. Ndura-Ouédraogo & R. Amster (Eds.), Building Cultures of Peace: Transdisciplinary Voices of Hope and Action (227-241). Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

    Baily, S. (2009).  Playing catch up: Leveling education for young adolescent students in India.  In S. Mertens, V. A. Anfara, Jr. & K. Roney (Eds.), An international look at educating young adolescents: The handbook of research in middle level education (73-96). Charlotte, NC: International Age Publishing.

    Internationalizing Teacher Education in the United States


  • Sophia Balakian, School of Integrative Studies

    Research Interests: Migration and borders, humanitarianism, securitization, kinship and family, East Africa, the Horn of Africa, North America

    Selected Publications

    2020  “Navigating Patchwork Governance: Somalis in Kenya, National Security, and Refugee Resettlement.” African Studies Review 63(1):43-64.

    2019  Balakian, Sophia and Virginia Dominguez. “The Promise and The Lost City of Z: Diasporas, Cinematic Imperialism, and Commercial Films.” Anthropologica 61(1):150-61.

    2016 “‘Money Is Your Government’: Refugees, Mobility, and Unstable Documents in Kenya’s Operation Usalama Watch.” African Studies Review 59(2):87-111. 

  • Ben Baldanza, Economics

    Research Interests: Adjunct Faculty

    Selected Publications

    Baldanza, B. Ben, "Measuring Airline Profitability," Handbook of Airline Finance, Gail Butler and Martin Keller, editors, McGraw-Hill, 1999, pgs 147-160

    Baldanza, B. Ben, with Lipkus, Lance, "Fundamentals of Airport Operations Staffing and Quality Assurance Measurement," Handbook of Airline Operations, Gail Butler and Martin Keller, editors, McGraw-Hill, 2000, pgs 387-402

    Baldanza, B. Ben, "The Evolution of Customer Segmentation," Handbook of Airline Strategy, Gail Butler and Martin Keller, editors, McGraw-Hill, 2001, pgs 361-372

  • Peter J Balint, Environmental and Sustainability Studies

    Research Interests: Environmental policy

    Selected Publications

    Manongi, F.S., and P.J. Balint. Prayer Behavior in Rural Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 53(4): 760-774.

    Donahoe, S.B., D.C. Parker, B.J. Kronenfeld, and P.J. Balint. 2014. Integrating Micro-Scale Processes into Landscape Forest Management Models Using Logistic and Multilevel Random Effects Regression Analysis. Forest Science 60(5): 962-972.

    Balint, P.J, and J.K. Conant. 2013. The Environmental Protection Agency’s Budget from 1970 to 2010: A Lifecycle Analysis. Public Budgeting & Finance 33(4): 22-42.

    Balint, P.J., R.E. Stewart, A. Desai, and L.C. Walters. 2011. Wicked Environmental Problems: Managing Uncertainty and Conflict. Washington, DC: Island Press.

    Zirbel, K., P. Balint, and E.C.M. Parsons. 2011. Public Awareness and Attitudes towards Naval Sonar Mitigation for Cetacean Conservation. Marine Pollution Bulletin 63(1-4): 49-55.

    Balint, P.J., and J. Mashinya. 2008. CAMPFIRE during Zimbabwe’s National Crisis: Local Impacts and Broader Implications for Community-Based Wildlife Management. Society & Natural Resources 21(9): 783-796.

    Balint, P.J. 2006. Improving Community-Based Conservation near Protected Areas: The Importance of Development Variables. Environmental Management 38(1): 137-148.

  • Steve Barnes, History and Art History

    Research Interests: History of modern Russia, Kazakhstan, and the Soviet Union, history of Gulag, history of concentration camps, history of totalitarianism

    Selected Publications

    "Remembering the Gulag in Post-Soviet Kazakhstan," in Museums of Communism: New Memory Sites in Central and Eastern Europe, Stephen M. Norris (ed.), Indiana University Press, 2020.

    "Принудительный труд в советском тылу: ГУЛАГ военного времени,” [“Forced Labor on the Soviet Home Front: The War Time Gulag,”], in Beate Fieseler and Roger Markwick (eds.), Советский тыл 1941–1945: повседневная жизнь в годы войны, [The Soviet Home Front 1941-1945: Everyday Life in Years of War], Rosspen, 2019.

    Death and Redemption: The Gulag and the Shaping of Soviet Society, Princeton University Press, 2011.

    “Open Access: An Argument in Favor,” Newsnet: News of the Assocation for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies, June 2013, pp. 10-11.

    Russian History Blog and Digital Dissemination of Russian Historical Research,” Newsnet: News of the Assocation for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies, May/June 2011, pp. 1-5.

    “The Gulag’s Foundation in Kazakhstan,” Global Studies Review, Summer 2008, pp. 5-7.

     “In a Manner Befitting Soviet Citizens: An Uprising in the Post-Stalin Gulag,” Slavic Review, Winter 2005, pp. 823-850.

    “Hits and Misses in the Archives of Kazakhstan,” in Samuel Baron and Cathy Frierson (eds.),Adventures in Russian Historical Research:  Reminiscences of American Scholars from the Cold War to the Present, M.E. Sharpe, 2003.

    All for the Front, All for Victory!:  The Mobilization of Forced Labor in the Soviet Union during World War Two,” International Labor and Working Class History, Fall 2000, pp. 239-60.

    “Researching Daily Life in the Gulag,” Kritika: Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History, Spring 2000, pp. 377-90.

  • Lisa Passaglia Bauman, History and Art History

    Selected Publications

    “The Rhetoric of Power:  Della Rovere Palaces and Processional Routes in Late Fifteenth-Century Rome” in Patronage, Gender and the Arts in Early Modern Italy: Essays in Honor of Carolyn Valone, Katherine A. McIver and Cynthia Stollhans, eds. Italica Press, 2015

    “Piety and Public Consumption: Domenico, Girolamo, and Giuliano della Rovere at Santa Maria del Popolo, Rome” in Patronage and Dynasty: The Rise of the della Rovere in Renaissance Italy, Ian Verstegen, editor.  (Sixteenth Century Essays and Studies). Truman State University Press, 2005

  • James T Bennett, Economics

    Research Interests: Labor economics and political economy

    Selected Publications


    Paid Patriotism? The Debate over Veterans' Benefits (2017)

    Subsidizing Culture: Taxpayer Enrichment of the "Creative" Class (2016) 

    Corporate Welfare: Crony Capitalism That Enriches the Rich (2015)

    Mandate Madness: How Congress Forces States and Localities to Do Its Bidding and Pay for the Privilege (2014)

    They Play, You Pay: Why Taxpayers Build Ballparks, Stadiums, and Arenas for Billionaire Owners and Millionaire Players (2012)

    Doomsday Lobby: Hype and Panic from Sputniks, Martians, and Marauding Meteors (2010)

    Not Invited the the Party: How the Demopublicans Have Rigged the System and Left Independents Out in the Cold (2009)

    Stifling Political Competition: How Government Has Rigged the System to Benefit Demopublicans and Exclude Third Parties (2008)

    The Politics of American Feminism: Gender Conflict in Contemporary Society (2007)

    Homeland Security Scams (2006)

    Information Technology and the World of Work (2004)

    Tax Funded Politics (2004)

    The Future of Private Sector Unionism in the United States (2004)

    Public Health Profiteering (2001)

    From Pathology to Politics: Public Health in America (2000)

    The Food and Drink Police: America's Nannies, Busybodies, and Petty Tyrants (1999)

    CancerScam: The Diversion of Federal Cancer Funds to Politics (1998)

    Unhealthy Charities: Hazardous to Your Health and Wealth (1994)

    Official Lies: How Washington Misleads Us (1992)

    Health Research Charities II: The Politics of Fear (1991)

    Health Research Charities: Image and Reality (1990)

    Unfair Competition: The Profits of Nonprofits (1988)

    Destroying Democracy: How Government Funds Partisan Politics (1986)

    Underground Government: The Off-Budget Public Sector (1983)

    Deregulating Labor Relations (1981)

    Better Government at Half the Price (1981)

    The Political Economy of Federal Government Growth (1980)

  • Anamaria Berea, Interdisciplinary Studies

    Selected Publications

    Berea, Anamaria. “Emergence of Communication in Socio-Biological Networks”, Springer, January 2018.

    Bell Aaron, Chopra Aditya, Fawcett William, Talebi Rodd, Angerhausen Daniel, Berea Anamaria, Cabrol Nathalie, Kempes Chris, Mascaro Massimo. 2018. “NASA Frontier Development Lab 2018 Using machine learning to study E.T. biospheres”, NIPS - CiML 2018

    Sean McGregor, Dattaraj Dhuri, Anamaria Berea and Andrés Muñoz-Jaramillo. 2017. “FlareNet: A Deep Learning Framework for Solar Phenomena Prediction”, NIPS 2017

    Berea, Anamaria, Tsvetovat, Maksim, Daun-Barnett, Nathan, Greenwald, Mathew and Cox, Elena, 2015. “A New Multi-Dimensional Conceptualization of Individual Achievement in College”, Decision Analytics, 2:3, Springer, May 2015.

    Minoiu, Camelia and Kang, Chanhyun and Subrahmanian, V.S. and Berea, Anamaria, Does Financial Connectedness Predict Crises? Quantitative Finance, 15:4, Routledge, March 2015.

    Berea, Anamaria, Maxwell, Dan and Twardy, Charles, 2012. “Improving Forecast Accuracy Using Bayesian Network Decomposition in Prediction Markets”, AAAI Proceedings, Fall 2012 Symposium.

  • LaNitra M Berger, History and Art History

    Research Interests: Art of the African Diaspora, African-American art history, South African modern art, Intersections of the African and Jewish Diasporas, lynching photography, art and social activism, African and African American Studies, social justice and international education, women artists, racial injustice and public monuments and memorials

    Selected Publications


    Irma Stern and the Racial Paradox of South African Modern Art: Audacities of Color (Bloomsbury 2020)

    Edited Volume

    Social Justice and International Education: Research, Practice, Perspectives (NAFSA 2020)


    Exploring Education Abroad: A Guide for Racial and Ethnic Minority Participants (NAFSA 2016)

  • Debra B Bergoffen, Philosophy

    Research Interests: Continental philosophical and multi-disciplinary feminist traditions, epistemology, ethics, politics

    Selected Publications

    How Rape Became a Crime Against Humanity: History of an Error, Modernity and the Problem of Evil, ed. Alan D. Schrift (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2005) pp.66-89, Introduction: Pyrrhus and Cineas.

    Simone de Beauvoir: Philosophical Writings, ed. Margaret S Simons (Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2004) pp.79-87

    Engaging Nietzsche's Women: Ofelia Schutte and the Madres de la Plaza de Mayo, Hypatia, vol.19.no.3, summer 04, pp.157-168

    Simone de Beauvoir, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, August, 2004

    Failed Friendship, Forgotten Genealogies: Simone de Beauvoir and Luce Rigaray, Bulletin de la Societe Americaine de Philosophie de Langue Francaise . Vol XIII. No 21 Spring 2003.p.16-31.

  • Rei Berroa, Modern and Classical Languages

    Research Interests: Poetry through the Ages, Spanish and Latin American Literary and Cultural Criticism, Relationship among the Arts, The Creative Process.

    Selected Publications

    El cuerpo hendido: Poéticas de la m/p/aternidad. Edited with María Ángeles Pérez López, from the University of Salamanca (Essays, published November 2020 at the Autonomous University of Nuevo León, Monterrey, Mexico). https://tiendacasadellibro.uanl.mx/producto/el-cuerpo-hendido/

    De quites y querencias: antojología de poemas y poéticas (1974-2014). Santo Domingo, D.R.: Publicaciones del Ministerio de Cultura, 2014. (A 557-page anthology of his poetry and his thoughts about the creative process and preactice.) 

    Eufemistica per vivere tranquilli [poetry anthology]. Translated into Italian by Gaetano Longo and Daria Potok. Trieste, Italy: Franco Puzzo Editore, 2011. Premio Internazionale Trieste Poesia 2011.

    Aproximaciones a la literatura dominicana. Two Volumes. Santo Domingo, RD: Ediciones del Banco Central, 2008 (Volume I) & 2009 (Volume II).

  • Amy L Best, Sociology and Anthropology

    Research Interests: Education, social inequalities, youth, identity and intersectionality, children's health, community sociology, micro sociology, cultural sociology, sociology of everyday life, consumer markets and commercial life, sociology of food, farm to school, food access and food insecurity, feminist and qualitative approaches to social research, ethnography, program evaluation

    Selected Publications

    Best, Amy L. & Katie Kerstetter. 2020. “Connecting Learning and Play in Farm- to-School Programs: Children’s Culture, Local School Context and Nested Inequalities” Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition  15:2 DOI: 10.1080/19320248.2019.1588822 

    Spalter-Roth, Roberta, Patricia White and Amy L. Best. 2018. “Bringing Sociology into the Public Policy Process: a Relational Network Approach”  American Sociologist 49:3 (434-447).

    Best, Amy and J.L. Johnson. 2016. “Alternate Food Markets, NGOs, and Health Policy: Improving Food Access and Food Security, Trust Bonds, and Social Network Ties" World Medical and Health Policy. 8:2 (157-178).

    Best, Amy L. 2014. “Youth consumers and the fast-food market: The emotional landscape of micro-encounters, Situations as guide for action.” Food, Culture and Society: An International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research 18:2 (283-300).
    “Racing Men: Boys, Risk and the Politics of Race” 2014. reprinted in The Urban Ethnography Reader.  Eds. Mitchell Duneier and Philip Kasinitz, Oxford: Oxford University Press
    Best, Amy L. 2013. “Racing Men: Cars, Identity and Performativity” Blackwell’s A Companion to Sport. David Andrews and Ben Carrington (eds.) New York: Blackwell-Wiley.
    Johnson, J.L. and Amy Best. 2012. “Radical Normals:  The Moral Career of Straight Parents as Public Advocates for their Gay Children.” Symbolic Interaction 35:3 (321-339).
    Best, Amy L. 2011. “Youth Identity Formation: Contemporary Identity Work.” Sociology Compass 5:10 (908-922).
  • John E. Bischoff III, Criminology, Law and Society

    Selected Publications

    Long-term missing child guide for law enforcement: Strategies for finding long-term missing children; National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, 2016 (one of many authors)

    Post Disaster Family Reunification, A Nationwide Approach; Federal Emergency Management Agency, 2014 (one of many authors) 

  • Johanna Bockman, Global Affairs

    Research Interests: Globalization, neoliberalism, economic sociology, Eastern Europe, socialism and postsocialism, gentrification, Washington, DC

    Selected Publications

    "The Aesthetics of Gentrification: Modern Art, Settler Colonialism, and Anti-Colonialism in Washington, DC," International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, forthcoming.

    “Removing the public from public housing: Public-private redevelopment of the Ellen Wilson Dwellings in Washington, DC,” Journal of Urban Affairs 43(2)(2021 [2018 online]): 308-328. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1080/07352166.2018.1457406.

    "Democratic Socialism in Chile and Peru: Revisiting the “Chicago Boys” as the Origin of Neoliberalism," Comparative Studies in Society and History 61(3)(2019):654–679.

    "The Struggle over Structural Adjustment: Socialist Revolution versus Capitalist Counterrevolution in Yugoslavia and the World," History of Political Economy 51 (annual supplement, 2019): 253-276.

  • Deborah A. Boehm-Davis, Psychology

    Research Interests: How human performance is helped or hindered by the design of tools that help us accomplish everyday tasks.

    Selected Publications


    Boehm-Davis, D. A., Durso, F. & Lee, J. D., (Eds.) (2015). Handbook of human-systems integration. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association Press.

    Remington, R. W., Boehm-Davis, D. A. & Folk, C. L. (2012). An introduction to humans in engineered systems. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

    Journal Articles/Book Sections

    Werner, N. E., Cades, D. M. & Boehm-Davis, D. A. (2015). Multitasking and Interrupted Task Performance: From Theory to Application. In L. D. Rosen, N. Cheever, 7 L. M. Carrier (Eds). The Wiley Handbook of Psychology, Technology and Society. Wiley-Blackwell. ISBN: 978-1118772027, 436-452.

    Durso, F. T., Boehm-Davis, D. A. & Lee, J. D. (2015). A view of human systems integration from the academy. In D. A. Boehm-Davis, F. T. Durso & J. D. Lee, Eds., Handbook of human-systems integration. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association Press, 5-19.

    Boehm-Davis, D. A. & Cooke, N. J. (2015). Case studies. In D. A. Boehm-Davis, F. T. Durso & J. D. Lee, Eds., Handbook of human-systems integration. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association Press, 53-59.

    Foroughi, C. K., Werner, N. E., Barragán, D., & Boehm-Davis, D. A. (2015, April 13). Interruptions Disrupt Reading Comprehension. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General. Advance online publication. http://dx.doi.org/10.1037/xge0000074.

    Blumberg, E. J., Foroughi, C. K., Scheldrup, M. R., Peterson, M. S., Boehm-Davis, D. A., & Parasuraman, R. (2015). Reducing the disruptive effects of interruptions with noninvasive brain stimulation. Human Factors, 57, 1-12. DOI: 10.1177/0018720814565189

    Boehm-Davis, D. A. (2014). Using task analysis and computational cognitive models to design and evaluate interfaces. In R. R. Hoffman, P. A. Hancock, M. Scerbo, R. Parasuraman, & J. L. Szalma (Eds.), The Cambridge Handbook of Applied Perception Research, New York: Cambridge University Press, 629-646.

    Foroughi, C. K., Werner, N. E., Nelson, E. T., & Boehm-Davis, D. A. (2014). Do interruptions affect quality of work? Human Factors, 56, 1262-1271.

    Parsons, S. E., Carter, E. A., Waterhouse, L. J., Fritzeen, J., Kelleher, D. C., Baker, K. M., Nelson, E., Werner, N. E. Boehm-Davis, D. A., & Burd, R. S. (2014). Improving ATLS performance in simulated pediatric trauma resuscitation using a checklist. Annals of Surgery, 259, 807-813.

    Refereed Conference Publications

    Foroughi, C. K., Werner, N. E., Hatcher, M., Lopen, A, Zafar, T., & Boehm-Davis, D. A. (2014). Do Interruptions Affect Content Production? In Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting. 58.

    Miller, W., Boehm-Davis, D. A., & Stanard, T. (2014). What Happens When You Can’t Press Pause? The Effect of Interruptions on Detecting Threats in a Simulated Closed-Circuit Television Surveillance Feed. In Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting. 58.

    Foroughi, C. K., Werner, N. E., Nelson, E. T., Boehm-Davis, D. A. (2013). Do Interruptions Affect Quality of Work? In Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting. 57, 154-157. 

    Miller, W. D. & Boehm-Davis, D. A. (2013). Age-Related Differences in Positional Dispersion of Fixations in a Multitask Environment. Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting, 57, 104-108.

    Werner, N., Nelson, E. Miller, W., & Boehm-Davis, D. A. (2012). Interruptions in the real world: Examining the role of internal versus external interruptions in a hospital pharmacy. Proceedings of the Human Factors & Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting. Santa Monica, CA: The Human Factors & Ergonomics Society.

  • Peter J Boettke, Economics

    Research Interests: Austrian economics, institutional economics, and comparative economics

    Selected Publications


    Authored Books

    Living Economics: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, Oakland, CA: The Independent Institute and Universidad Francisco Marroquin, 2012. Spanish e-book translation, 2013. Romanian Translation, 2013.

    The Economic Way of Thinking, (with Paul Heyne [original author] and David Prychitko, preface by Douglass North), 10th ed., 2002; 11th ed., 2005; 12th ed., 2009; 13th ed., 2013, Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

    The Battle of Ideas: Economics and the Struggle for a Better World, (The Sir Ronald Trotter Lecture), Wellington, NZ: NZBR, 2007.

    Is an Independent Non-Profit Sector Prone to Failure?, (with David Prychitko), In Lenore Ealy, ed, Conversations in Philanthropy series. Indianapolis, IN: The Philanthropic Enterprise, 2004.

    Calculation & Coordination: Essays on Socialism and Transitional Political Economy, In Mario Rizzo and Lawrence H. White, eds, Foundations of the Market Economy series, London: Routledge, 2001.

    Why Perestroika Failed: The Politics and Economics of Socialist Transformation, London: Routledge, 1993. The Political Economy of Soviet Socialism: The Formative Years, 1918-1928, Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1990.

    For a full listing of Professor Boettke's research and publications, please visit his personal webpage www.peter-boettke.com/research/

  • Carrie Bonilla, Modern and Classical Languages

    Research Interests: Second language acquisition, individual differences, explicit and implicit instruction, third language acquisition, community-based learning

    Selected Publications

    Bonilla, C., Hughes, M., & Tare, M. (forthcoming). Self-study in language learning: Relationships among time, activities, and learning outcomes. Foreign Language Annals. 

    Bonilla, C. (2020). Processability Theory. In N. Tracy-Ventura & M. Paquot, Routledge Handbook of SLA and Corpora.

    Linck, J., Doughty, C., Mecham, T., Bonilla, C., Clark, M., Golonka, E., & Burns, W. (2020). Autonomous Portuguese L3 learning through an innovative, adaptive language learning platform. In K. Molsing, C. Perna, A. Ibaños (Eds.), Linguistic approaches to Portuguese as an additional language.

    Bonilla, C., Golonka, E., Pandza, N., Michael, E., Linck, J., Clark, M., Lancaster, A. (2020). Leveraging Spanish knowledge and cognitive aptitude in Portuguese learning. In K. Molsing, C. Perna, A. Ibaños (Eds.), Linguistic approaches to Portuguese as an additional language.

    Tare, M., Golonka, E., Lancaster, A.K., Bonilla, C., Doughty, C.J., Belnap, R.K., & Jackson, S.R. (2018). The role of cognitive aptitudes in a study abroad language-learning environment.  In C. Sanz & A. Morales-Front (Eds.), The Routledge handbook of study abroad research and practice (pp. 406-420). New York, NY: Routledge.

    Golonka, E., Tare, M., & Bonilla, C. (2017). Language-related and cooperative episodes: Qualitative analysis of text chat transcripts. Language Learning & Technology 21(2), 157-178.

    Bonilla, C. (2015) Instructing stages of Processability Theory in L2 Spanish: Next or next +1? In K. Baten, M. Herreweghe, A. Buyl, & K. Lochtman (Eds.), Theory development in Processability Theory. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

    Bonilla, C. (2014) From number agreement to the subjunctive: Evidence for Processability Theory in L2 Spanish. Second Language Research. doi:10.1177/0267658314537291

    Tare, M., Golonka, E., Vatz, K., Bonilla, C., Crooks, C., & Strong, R. (2014). Effects of Interactive Chat vs. Independent Writing on L2 Learning. Language Learning & Technology, 18(3), 208-227.

    Bonilla, C. (2013). Tense or Aspect?: Initial Past Tense Marking for Beginning Classroom Learners of Spanish. Hispania, 96, 4: 624-39. December special article: State-of-the-State.

    Bonilla, C. (2011). The Conversational Historical Present in Oral Spanish Narratives.  Hispania 94: 429-442.

    Bonilla, C. (2006). El papel de la gramática en la adquisición de segundas lenguas: un estudio sobre el uso de conectores discursivos en estudiantes avanzados de español.  Gaceta Hispánica de Madrid. http://www.gacetahispanica.com


  • Thomasina Borkman, Sociology and Anthropology

    Research Interests: Sociology of health and illness, organizational analysis, small group behavior, social problems, qualitative research methods

    Selected Publications

    Borkman, T. (2020). Self-Help/Mutual Aid Groups and Peer Support: A Literature Review. Voluntaristics Review (journal), 5,2-3 and published simultaneously as book by Brill Publishers.

    Noorani, T., Karlsson, M., & Borkman, T. (2019). Deep Experiential Knowledge: Reflections from mutual aid groups for evidence-based practice, Evidence & Policy, 15,2,217-234.

    Borkman, T., Stunz, A., & Kaskutas, L.A. (2016). Developing an experiential definition of recovery: Participatory research with recovering substance abusers from multiple pathways. Substance Use and Misuse, 51, 9, 2016. DOI:10.3109/10826084.2016.1160119.

    Munn-Giddings, C., Oka, T., Borkman, T., Matzat, J., Montano, R. & Chikoto , G. (2016). Self-help and mutual aid group volunteering. Pp. 393-417 in Horton-Smith , D., Stebbins, A., & Grotz, J., (eds.) Palgrave Handbook of Volunteering, Civic Participation and Nonprofit Associations. London: Palgrave Macmillan.

    Borkman, T. (2013). “The applied theorist with an academic day job.” American Sociological Association newsletter Footnotes, 41, 1: 3 & 6, January.

    Borkman, T., & Munn-Giddings, C. (2008). Self-Help Groups Challenge the Health Care Systems in the US and UK,” Pp. 127-150 in S. Chambre & M. Goldner, eds. Patients, Consumers and Civil Society: Advances in Medical Sociology, vol. 10. Bingley, UK: Emerald Group Publishing, Ltd. 

    Foreman, J. & Borkman, T. (2006).“Sociology 101: The Massively Multistudent Online Learning Environment.” In David Gibson, ed. Computer-Based Games in Education: Stories from the Field. Idea Group Publishing.

    Borkman, T. (2006). “Sharing Experience, Conveying Hope: Egalitarian Relations as the Essential Method of Alcoholics Anonymous.” In special issue on Substantive Values and the Nonprofit Sector, edited by Joyce Rothschild & Carl Milofsky, Nonprofit Management and Leadership, 17 (2),Winter: 145-161

    Borkman, T., M. Karlsson, C. Munn-Giddings, and L. Smith. (2005). Self-Help and Mental Health: Case Studies of Mental Health Self-Help Organizations in US, UK, and Sweden. Stockholm, Sweden: Skondal Institute and University.

    Borkman, T., (2000). “Case Study of Two Poorly Functioning Teams,” Pp. 361-371 in D. Emerick & K. Round, eds. Exploring Web Marketing & Project Management. Upper Saddle River: Prentice Hall.

    Borkman, T., (1999). Understanding Self-Help/Mutual Aid: Experiential Learning in the Commons. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 1999.

    Lavoie, Francine, Borkman, T. & Gidron, B. Eds. (1994). Self-Help and Mutual Aid Groups: International and Multicultural Perspectives, NY: Haworth Press, Inc. Co-published simultaneously as special issues of Prevention in Human Services, 11, No.1/2

    Borkman, T. (1990). "Experiential, Professional and Lay Frames of Reference."  Pp. 3‑30 in Thomas J. Powell, ed.   Working with Self‑Help, Silver Spring, MD:  National Association of Social Workers Press.

    Borkman, T. (1983). A Social‑Experiential Model in Programs for Alcoholism Recovery: A Research Report on a New Treatment Design.  Rockville, MD:  National Institute for Alcohol Abuse and  Alcoholism, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services,  DHHS Publ. No. (ADM) 83‑1259.

    Borkman, T. (1976). "Experiential Knowledge:  A New Concept for the Analysis of Self‑Help Groups,"  Social Service Review, 50 (September):  445‑456, 1976.  Reprinted in Dutch (1978) in Zelfhulp.  Van Harberden & Lafaille, eds. Holland: Vuga‑Boekery.

  • Carl Botan, Communication

    Research Interests: Strategic communication as it is used in both public relations and strategic and emergency communication

    Selected Publications

    He has co-authored 5 books, two of which have won awards, and his articles have been published in a number of scholarly journals including Public Relations Review, Journal of Public Relations Research, Journal of Communication, Communication Research Reports, Communication Education, and Journal of Business Communication.

  • Amie Diane Bowman, Criminology, Law and Society

    Research Interests: Law enforcement leadership, leadership of diverse populations, analytic methods

    Selected Publications




  • Lisa C Breglia, Global Affairs

    Research Interests: Globalization; Energy, Environment and Sustainability; Political economy of resources; Museums, Heritage, Cultural Policy; Tourism; Mexico, Latin America; Ethnography

    Selected Publications

    2013 Living with Oil: Promises, Peaks, and Declines on Mexico’s Gulf Coast. Austin: University of Texas Press.

    2006 Monumental Ambivalence: the Politics of Heritage. Austin: University of Texas Press.

  • Emily Brennan-Moran, Communication

    Research Interests: performance studies, critical theory, rhetorical theory and criticism, memory studies

    Selected Publications

    Brennan-Moran, Emily. "Ghosted (I went looking for a haunting)." Text and Performance Quarterly, vol. 39, no. 3, 2019, pp. 268-284.

    Brennan-Moran, Emily. "An Offering: Meditations with Walter Benjamin." Liminalities: A Journal of Performance Studies, vol. 15, no. 1, 2019.

  • Jennifer Brielmaier, Psychology

    Selected Publications

    Brielmaier J. The Woman Born Without a Cerebellum: A Real-Life Case Adapted for Use in an Undergraduate Developmental and Systems Neuroscience Course. Journal of Undergraduate Neuroscience Education. 2016;15(1):C1.

    Brielmaier J, Senerth JM, Silverman JL, Matteson PG, Millonig JH, DiCicco-Bloom E, Crawley JN. Chronic desipramine treatment rescues depression-related, social and cognitive deficits in Engrailed-2 knockout mice. Genes Brain Behav. 2014 Mar;13(3):286-298.

    Brielmaier J, Matteson PG, Silverman JL, Senerth JM, Kelly S, Genestine M, Millonig JH, DiCicco-Bloom E, Crawley JN. Autism-relevant social abnormalities and cognitive deficits in engrailed-2 knockout mice. PLoS One. 2012; 7(7):e40914.

    Brielmaier J, McDonald CG, Smith RF. Effects of acute stress on acquisition of nicotine conditioned place preference in adolescent rats: a role for corticotropin-releasing factor 1 receptors. Psychopharmacology (Berl). 2012 Jan; 219(1):73-82.

    Prager EM, Brielmaier J, Bergstrom HC, McGuire J, Johnson LR. Localization of mineralocorticoid receptors at mammalian synapses. PLoS One. 2010 Dec 15; 5(12):e14344.

    Brielmaier JM, McDonald CG, Smith RF. Nicotine place preference in a biased conditioned place preference design. Pharmacol Biochem Behav. 2008 Mar; 89(1):94-100.

    McDonald CG, Eppolito AK, Brielmaier JM, Smith LN, Bergstrom HC, Lawhead MR,Smith RF. Evidence for elevated nicotine-induced structural plasticity in nucleus accumbens of adolescent rats. Brain Res. 2007 Jun 2; 1151:211-218.

    Brielmaier JM, McDonald CG, Smith RF. Immediate and long-term behavioral effects of a single nicotine injection in adolescent and adult rats. Neurotoxicol Teratol. 2007 Jan-Feb;29(1):74-80.

    Smith LN, McDonald CG, Bergstrom HC, Brielmaier JM, Eppolito AK, Wheeler TL,

    Falco AM, Smith RF. Long-term changes in fear conditioning and anxiety-like behavior following nicotine exposure in adult versus adolescent rats. Pharmacol Biochem Behav. 2006; 85(1):91-97.

  • Joan C. Bristol, History and Art History

    Research Interests: Latin America, African-American history, social and cultural history, history of commodities

    Selected Publications

    “Health Food and Diabolic Vice: Pulque Discourse in New Spain,” in Substance and Seduction: Ingested Commodities in Colonial Mesoamerica, the Atlantic World, and Beyond, edited by Stacy Schwarzkopf and Kathryn Sampeck, University of Texas Press, 2017

    "Creole Civic Pride and Positioning 'Exceptional' Black Women,” with Tamara Harvey, in Women’s Narratives of the Early Americas and the Formation of Empire, eds. Mary McAleer Balkun and Susan C. Imbarrato, 2016

    “Black Catholicism in Mexico,” Journal of Africana Religions, vol. 2, no. 2, 2014

    “A Trail of Precious Goods: Colonial Latin American Commodity History,” History Compass, volume 11, issue 11, November, 2013

    “Ana de Vega: Seventeenth-Century Afro-Mexican Healer,” in Human Tradition in Latin America, ed. Kenneth Andrien, Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, 2013

  • Courtney Angela Brkic, English

    Research Interests: fiction, non-fiction and translation

    Selected Publications

    "Framing A Loss." Slate. May, 2018 (essay)

    "At the March for Our Lives, Registering a New Generation of Voters." LitHub. March 26, 2018 (essay)

    The First Rule of Swimming, New York: Little, Brown & Company, 2013.

    The Stone Fields: An Epitaph for the Living. New York: Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2004.

    Stillness: and Other Stories. New York: Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2003.

    “Crossing the Rio Grande.” Guernica. December 4, 2013 (short story)

    "Gathering Up the Little Gods." Missouri Review 29.4 (Winter 2006): 42-57. (short story)

    "Adiyo, Kerido." Zoetrope. (Summer 2003) (short story)


  • Melissa A. Broeckelman-Post, Communication

    Research Interests: Instructional Communication, Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, Research Methods, Communication Theory

    Selected Publications

    Ruiz-Mesa, K., & Broeckelman-Post, M. A. (2020).  Inclusive Public Speaking: Communicating in a Diverse World.  Southlake, TX: Fountainhead.

    Stewart, B. M.*, Malterud, A.*, Lawrence, H. Y., & Broeckelman-Post, M. A. (in press). Student perceptions of value: A qualitative study of student experiences in the communication center. Basic Communication Course Annual.

    Brophy, N. S.*, Loveth Adebayo, A.*, & Broeckelman-Post, M. A. (in press). The impact of communication center visits on students’ performance and engagement. Basic Communication Course Annual.

    Nordin, K.*, & Broeckelman-Post, M. A. (2020). Surviving or thriving? Demographics differences in mindset across the introductory communication course.  Communication Education, 69, 85-104.  doi: 10.1080/03634523.2019.1679379

    Broeckelman-Post, M. A., Hunter, K. M., Westwick, J. N., Hosek, A., Ruiz-Mesa, K., Hooker, J., & Anderson, L. B. (2020). Measuring essential learning outcomes for public speaking.  Basic Communication Course Annual, 32, Article 4.  Available at https://ecommons.udayton.edu/bcca/vol32/iss1/4

    Broeckelman-Post, M. A., Malterud, A. S.*, Arciero, A. R.*, & Hyatt Hawkins, K. E.* (2020).  Can course format drive learning?  Face-to-face and lecture-lab models of the fundamentals of communication course.  Basic Communication Course Annual, 32, Article 7. Available at: https://ecommons.udayton.edu/bcca/vol32/iss1/7

    Broeckelman-Post, M. A., Hyatt Hawkins, K.*, Murphy, J.*, Otusanya, A.*, & Kueppers, G.* (2020).  The impact of gender and introductory communication course type on public speaking performance.  Communication Teacher, 34, 53-67.  doi: 10.1080/17404622.2019.1593478

    Broeckelman-Post, M. A., & Simonds, C. J. (2020).  Recruiting and nurturing a pipeline of future Basic Course Directors.  Basic Communication Course Annual, 32, Article 12.  Available at https://ecommons.udayton.edu/bcca/vol32/iss1/12

    *student coauthor

  • Jared Bruhn, Mason Korea

    Selected Publications

    2Mundos. Mind Racer. Mobile Game. 2011; 2Mundos, 2016. Download. iOS & Android

    Earl Grey Games. REPLAY. Computer Game. Earl Grey Games, 2015. Download. Microsoft Windows & Mac OS

  • Laura Buckwald, School of Integrative Studies

    Research Interests: Democracy and well-being, well-being and public policy, resilience and well-being in the Middle East, nature and well-being

    Selected Publications

    Buckwald, L. (2019). Hearing Diverse Voices in Well-Being Research: A Call for Qualitative Methodologies. Journal of Mason Graduate Research, 6(2), 130-153.

  • Rachael Erin Burke, English

    Research Interests: UX/UI, technical writing, mixed-methods research, human computer interaction, information and communication technologies, human centered design , systems design and analysis, design as research

    Selected Publications

    Burke, Rachael E., & Broderick, Jacob. (2017). ​Navigating the gig: rideshare drivers and mobile technologies in context. Proceedings of the 35th ACM International Conference on the Design of Communication. https://doi.org/10.1145/3121113.3121233

    Burke, Rachael E. (2016, January). Empathy: Rethinking 'student-centeredness' in the writing classroom. The Writing Campus. https://thewritingcampus.com/2016/01/27/empathy-rethinking-student-centeredness-in-the-writing-classroom/

    Burke, Rachael E. (2016, February). Evolution not revolution: Empathy as supportive practice. The Writing Campus. https://thewritingcampus.com/2016/02/11/evolution-not-revolution-empathy-as-supportive-practice/

    Burke, Rachael E. (2016, February). I changed my mind: Articulating empathic design. The Writing Campus. https://thewritingcampus.com/2016/02/25/i-changed-my-mind-articulating-empathic-design/

  • Zofia Burr, English

    Research Interests: African American literature; poetry

    Selected Publications

    Of Women, Poetry, and Power: Strategies of Address in Dickinson, Miles, Brooks, Lorde, and Angelou (U of Illinois Press, November) 2002.   

  • Jo-Marie Burt, Women and Gender Studies

    Research Interests: Comparative politics, Latin America, political violence, human rights, transitional justice

    Selected Publications

    Dr. Burt's research publications include:


    Transitional Justice in the Aftermath of Civil Conflict: Lessons Learned from Peru, Guatemala and El Salvador (Due Process of Law Foundation, 2018)

    Violencia y Autoritarismo en el Perú: Bajo la sombra de Sendero y la dictadura de Fujimori (Instituto de Estudios Peruanos, 2009; 2nd expanded edition, 2011)

    Silencing Civil Society: Political Violence and the Authoritarian State in Peru (Palgrave, 2007) (paperback in 2010)

    Politics in the Andes: Identity, Conflict, Reform (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2004) co-editor, P. Mauceri

    Peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters:


  • Lawrence E. Butler, History and Art History

    Research Interests: Medieval, Islamic, architecture

    Selected Publications

    Co-author: The Museum Experience: East.  Thomson Wadsworth, 2007.

    “The Role of the Visual Arts in Confucian Society,” in Chinese Culture and the Family, ed. Howard Giskin and Bettye S. Walsh. SUNY Series in Asian Studies Development (Albany: SUNY Press, 2001), 59-88.

    “Hagia Sophia’s Nave Cornices as Elements of its Design and Structure,” in The Hagia Sophia, from the Time of Justinian to the Present, ed. R. Mark and A. Cakmak (Cambridge, 1992), 57-77.

    Book chapter in preparation: “Mosques and Muslim Identity along China’s Trade Routes,” for Discovery and Praxis, ed. David Jones and Michele Marion.

  • Tanya Bychkovska, The Writing Center

    Research Interests: Second language writing, corpus linguistics, English for academic purposes, technology in language teaching, tutor training, ESL graduate writing groups

    Selected Publications

    Lee., J. J., Bychkovska, T., & Maxwell, J. D. (2019). Breaking the rules? A corpus-based comparison of informal features in L1 and L2 undergraduate student writing. System, 80, 143-153. Available from https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0346251X18304883?dgcid=author

    Bychkovska, T., & Lee, J. J. (2017). At the same time: Lexical bundles in L1 and L2 university student argumentative writing. Journal of English for Academic Purposes, 30, 38-52. Available from https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1475158517301005

    Bychkovska, T. (2017, October). [Review of the book Discipline-specific writing: From theory into practice, by J. Flowerdew, & T. Costley]. TESOL Second Language Writing Interest Section Newsletter. Available from http://newsmanager.commpartners.com/tesolslwis/issues/2017-10-13/10.html

  • Xiaomei Cai, Communication

    Research Interests: Children and media; Media effects

    Selected Publications

    Peterson, E. B., Zhao, X., Cai, X., & Oh, K. (in press). Developing a graphic text messaging intervention for smoking cessation targeting first-generation Chinese immigrant men: Insights from focus group interviews. Emerald Studies in Media and Communication.

    Stenhouse, N., Harper, A., Cai, X., Cobb, S., Nicotera, A., Maibach, E. (2017). Conflict about Climate Change at the American Meteorological Society: Meteorologists' Views on a Scientific and Organizational Controversy. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society.

    Zhao, X., & Cai, X. (2016). The association between exposure to “Tips” and smoking-related outcomes among adolescents in the United States. Health Education Research, 31(5), 614–623. https://doi.org/10.1093/her/cyw037

    Mayer, J. D., Cai, X., Patel, A., Kulkarni, R., Standord, I., & Koizumi, N. (2015). The semiotics of signs: What 1331 protest placards tell us about the Tea Party movement. Visual Communication Quarterly, 22, 237-250.

     Cai, X., Hu, Y., & Zhao, X. (2014). Health and Commercialism: A Content Analysis of Popular Chinese Children’s Websites. Chinese Journal of Communication, 7, 335-347.

    Cai, X., & Zhao, X. (2010). Click here, Kids! Online Advertising Practices on Popular Children's Websites. Journal of Children and Media.

    Zhao, X., & Cai, X. (2009). Ambivalence amplifies college smokers’ negative emotional responses to anti-smoking information. Communication Studies, 60, 288-304.

    Cai, X., Zhao, X., & Carey, G. (2009). Altruism and kids’ perceptions of global warming. International Journal of Sustainability Communication, 4, 5-22.

    Zhao, X., & Cai, X. (2009). The role of risk, efficacy, and anxiety in smokers’ cancer information seeking. Health Communication, 24, 259-269.

    Zhao, X., & Cai, X. (2008). From self-enhancement to supporting censorship: The third-person effect process in the case of Internet pornography. Mass Communication & Society, 11,437-462.

    Zhao, X., & Cai, X. (2008). The role of ambivalence in college nonsmokers’ information seeking and information processing. Communication Research, 35, 298-318.

    Cai, X. (2008). Advertisements and privacy: Comparing for-profit and non-profit websites for children. Communication Research Reports, 25, 67-75.

    Cai, X. (2008). Review of “The Deepening Divide.” Mass Media & Society, 11, 221-224.

  • Tracey Cairnie, School of Integrative Studies

    Research Interests: Organizational and Interpersonal Conflict, and Solution Focused Leadership

    Selected Publications

    Cairnie, T. (2010). A Positioning Theory Analysis of Language and Conflcit in Political Processes. In R. Harre'  and F. Moghaddam (Eds.), Words of Conflict, Words of War: How the Language We Use Sparks Fighting. (Praegar, 2010). Chapter 3.

    Harre', R., Moghaddam, F., Cairnie, T., Rothbart, D., Sabat, S. Recent Advances in Positioning Theory, Theory and Psychology. 2009. 19(1):5-31.

  • Jenna Calton, Psychology

    Research Interests: Intimate partner violence survivors’ perceptions of justice, ally development

    Selected Publications

    Dr. Calton has researched and published articles in peer-reviewed journals on a variety of topics, including posttraumatic stress and growth, social justice-oriented pedagogy, and intimate partner violence survivors’ perceptions of justice and help-seeking.

  • Jason A Cantone, Criminology, Law and Society

    Research Interests: Federal courts, legal decision making, legal empirical research, psychology and law, judicial education

    Selected Publications

    For a list of publications, please see: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Jason_Cantone2

  • Antonio Carreño-Rodríguez, Modern and Classical Languages

    Research Interests: Medieval and Early Modern Spain, Colonial Spanish-American literature and historiography, Modern Spanish Peninsular literature and culture, cultural studies, comparative literature, literary theory, performance studies, and popular culture.

    Selected Publications


    Book: Co-editor of Lope de Vega's Corona trágica (Madrid: Cátedra, 2014)

    Book: Alegorías del poder (London: Tamesis, 2009). View the press release (pdf) and the book covers (pdf).

    “Golden Age ‘Diss Tracks’: Teaching Baroque Poetry and Polemic Through Rap.” Spanish Golden Age Texts in the Twenty-First Century: Teaching the Old Through The New. Eds. Idoya Puig and Karl McLaughlin. Oxford: Peter Lang, 2019, 159-176.

    “Alegorías bíblicas del poder en el teatro de Tirso de Molina.” Bulletin of Spanish Studies 87.4 (2010): 447-462. 

    Costello + Panza = Costanza: Paradigmatic Pairs in Don Quixote and American Popular Culture.” The Journal of Popular Film & Television 37.2 (2009): 80-89.

    “Libertad, destino y poder en La hija del aire de Calderón.” Anuario Calderoniano 2 (2009): 51-73.

    “Modernidad en la literatura gauchesca: carnavalización y parodia en el Fausto de Estanislao del Campo.” Hispania 92.1 (March 2009): 12-24.

    “Alegoría, discurso político y la nueva comedia: Lope de Vega.” Bulletin of the Comediantes 58.2 (2006): 323-339.

    “Privanza e integridad nacional: Lope de Vega y las crisis del poder.” RILCE 21.2 (2005): 205-225.

    “Subversión e historia: Lope de Vega y los dilemas del poder.” Ínsula 696 (Dec. 2004): 2-5.

    “La casa de la presencia: Octavio Paz y sus lecturas críticas.” Revista Iberoamericana 204 (Oct. 2003): 613-629.

    “Pitos, ritos, y mitos: Alegorías del poder en Tiempo de silencio.” Revista Hispánica Moderna 56.1 (June 2003): 149-167.

  • Lauren B Cattaneo, Psychology

    Research Interests: empowerment, resilience, community-based learning, transformative education, civic engagement, intimate partner violence, client-centered services

    Selected Publications

    Cattaneo, L.B., Stylianou, A.M., *Hargrove, S., Goodman, L.A. *Gebhard, K. & Curby, T.W. (2020). Survivor-centered practice and survivor empowerment: Evidence from a research-practitioner partnership. Violence Against Women.

    Cattaneo, L.B., Chan, W.Y, Shor, R., Gebhard, K.T., Elshabassi, N.E. (2019). Elaborating the connection between social class and classism. American Journal of Community Psychology. Published on-line. https://doi.org/10.1002/ajcp.12322

    Cattaneo, L.B, *Shor, R., *Calton, J.M., *Gebhard, K.T., *Buchwach, S.Y., *Elshabassi, N. & *Hargrove, S. (2019). Social problems are social: Empirical evidence and reflections on integrating community psychology into traditional curriculum. Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice, 10(1), accessible at https://www.gjcpp.org/en/index.php?issue=31.

    *Shor, R., Cattaneo, L.B. & *Calton, J.M. (2017). Pathways of transformational service-learning: Exploring the relationships between context, disorienting dilemmas, and student response. Journal of Transformative Education, 15(2), 156-173.

    Chan, W.Y., Cattaneo, L.B., Mak, W.S. & Lin, W.S. (2017). From moment to movement: Empowerment and resilience as a framework for collective action in Hong Kong. American Journal of Community Psychology, 59(1-2), 120-132.

    *Deloveh, H.L.M. & Cattaneo, L.B. (2017). Deciding where to turn: A qualitative investigation of college students’ helpseeking decisions after sexual assault. American Journal of Community Psychology, 59(1-2), 65-79.

    *Calton, J.M., Cattaneo, L.B. & *Gebhard, K.T. (2016). Barriers to helpseeking for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer survivors of intimate partner violence. Trauma, Violence and Abuse, 17(5), p. 585-600. Doi:10.1177/1524838015585318

    Cattaneo, L.B., *Grossmann, J.L & *Chapman, A.R. (2016). The goals of IPV survivors receiving orders of protection: An application of the empowerment process model. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 31(17), 2889-2911

    Goodman, L.A., Cattaneo, L.B., Thomas, K, *Woulfe, J., *Chong, S.K. & Smyth, K.F. (2015) Advancing domestic violence program evaluation: Development and validation of the Measure of Victim Empowerment Related to Safety (MOVERS). Psychology of Violence, 5(4),355-366.

    Cattaneo, L.B. & Goodman, L.A. (2015). What is empowerment anyway? A model for domestic violence practice, research and evaluation. Psychology of Violence, 5(1), 84-94.


  • Jane Turner Censer, History and Art History

    Research Interests: 19th century U.S.; American South; women, gender, and family in the U.S.

    Selected Publications

    The Reconstruction of White Southern Womanhood, 1865‑1895. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 2003.

    North Carolina Planters and Their Children, 1800‑1860. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 1984; paperback edition 1990.

    Like Unto Like: A Novel by Sherwood Bonner. Edited with an introduction. (Southern Classics series) Columbia: University of South Carolina Press, 1997.

    Defending the Union: The Civil War and the U.S. Sanitary Commission, 1861‑1863. Edited with an introduction. (Volume 4 of The Papers of Frederick Law Olmsted.) Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1986.

    The Years of Olmsted, Vaux and Company, 1865‑1874. Co-edited with an introduction. (Volume 6 of The Papers of Frederick Law Olmsted.) Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1992.

    ""The Southern Lady and the Northern Publishers: A Tumultuous Relationship," Journal of Southern History 85 (2019): 7-32.

    "The Gift of Friendship: Ellen Glasgow and Amelie Rives, Virginia Writers," Virginia Magazine of History and Biography 124 (2016):99-133.

    “Finding the Southern Family in the Civil War: A Review Essay,” Journal of Social History (Fall 2012), 1-12.

    “Mary Bayard Clarke’s Plain-Folk Humor: Writing Women into the Literature and Politics of Reconstruction,” Journal of Southern History 76 (May 2010): 241-74

    “Re-imagining the North-South Reunion: Southern Women Novelists and the Intersectional Romance, 1876-1900,” Southern Cultures 5 (Summer 1999): 64-91.

    “A Changing World of Work: North Carolina Elite Women, 1865‑1895,” North Carolina Historical Review 73 (Jan. 1996): 28-55. Reprinted in J. William Harris, Ed., The New South: New Histories(New York, 2008), 43-66.

    “Videobites: Ken Burns’s ‘The Civil War’ in the Classroom,” American Quarterly 44 (June 1992): 244‑54.

    “Southwestern Migration among North Carolina Planter Families: ‘The Disposition to Migrate,’” Journal of Southern History 57 (August 1991): 407‑26.

    “‘Smiling Through her Tears’: Ante‑bellum Southern Women and Divorce,” American Journal of Legal History 25 (January 1981): 24‑47. Reprinted in Nancy F. Cott, ed., History of Women in the United States: Historical Articles on Women’s Lives and Activities, 20 vols. (Munich and London, 1992), 3: 34-55.


  • Vita Marie Chalk, School of Integrative Studies

    Selected Publications

    Kerstin M. Janisch*, Vita M. Vock*, Michael Fleming, Ayushma Shrestha, Cynthia M. Grimsley-Myers, Bareza A. Rasoul, Sarah A. Neale, Timothy D. Cupp, Jason M. Kinchen, Karel F. Liem, Jr, and Noelle D. Dwyer (2013) The vertebrate-specific Kinesin-6, Kif20B, is required for normal cytokinesis of polarized cortical stem cells and cerebral cortex size. Development, 140(23):4672-82

    Vita M. Vock, Olga N. Ponomareva, and Mendell Rimer (2008) Evidence for Muscle-Dependent Neuromuscular Synaptic Site Determination in Mammals. JNeurosci 28:3123-3130.


  • Vincent Chanethom, Modern and Classical Languages

    Research Interests: French linguistics, first and second language acquisition, bilingualism, articulatory and acoustic phonetics, experimental phonology.

    Selected Publications

    Chanethom, V. (2020). Students' attitudes towards critical telecollaboration: A case study. In P. Mather (eds.), Technology-Enhanced Learning and Linguistic Diversity: Strategies and Approaches to Teaching Students in a 2nd or 3rd Language (pp. 106-128). Emerald Publishing: UK.

    Chanethom, V. & Mather, P.A. (2019) Perception and Production of French nasal vowel contrasts by English- and Spanish-speaking L2 learners. Journal of Linguistics and Language Teaching 10(2), 207-228. 

    Chanethom, V. (2011) Dynamic differences in the production of diphthongs by French-English bilingual children. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 130(4), 2522.

    Chanethom, V. (2011) Dynamic differences in child bilinguals' production of diphthongs. In A. Botinis (ed.) Proceedings of the 4th International Speech Communication Association Tutorial and Research Workshop on Experimental Linguistics (pp. 55-58). Athens, Greece: ISCA and the University of Athens.

    Chanethom, V. (2010) Influence of American English on second generation Lao immigrant speakers. English Today 26(3), 20-26.

  • Michael G. Chang, History and Art History

    Research Interests: political, social, cultural and economic histories of late imperial/early modern China (1500-1800); ethnicity; state-formation; court studies

    Selected Publications

    A Court on Horseback:  Imperial Touring and the Construction of Qing Rule, 1680-1785. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Asia Center/Harvard University Press, 2007. Chinese translation: Zhang Mianzhi 张勉治 著; Dong Jianzhong, trans. 董建中 译. Mabei shang de chaoting 《马背上的朝廷》.  Nanjing: Jiangsu renmin chubanshe (Jiangsu People's Press), 2019.

    "Of Feasts and Feudatories: the Politics of Commensal Consumption at the Early Kangxi Court." In Elif Akcetin and Suraiya Faroqhi, eds. Living the Good Life: Consumption in the Qing and Ottoman Empires of the Eighteenth Century, p. 307-329. Leiden: Brill, 2017.

    Michael G. Chang 張勉治; Chiu Shih-hwa, trans. 邱士華  譯. (in Chinese) 〈行動宮廷在江南--乾隆南巡行營的作用〉 (“The Mobile Court in Jiangnan: the Use of the Imperial Encampments During the Qianlong Emperor’s Southern Tours”). 《故宮文物月刊》 The National Palace Museum Monthly of Chinese Art , no. 410 民國 106 年 5 月 (May 2017), 30-38. 

    "Envisioning the Spectacles of Emperor Qianlong's Tours of Southern China: an Exercise in Historical Imagination." In James A. Cook, Joshua L. Goldstein, Matthew D. Johnson, and Sigrid Schmalzer, eds. Visualizing Modern China: Image, History, and Memory, 1750-Present, p. 25-46. New York: Lexington Books, 2014. Click here for this volume's companion website and here for online materials for Ch. 2.  An online adaptation of this essay also appears here as: Michael G. Chang, "The Emperor Qianlong's Tours of Southern China: Painting, Poetry and the Politics of Spectacle," The Asia-Pacific Journal, Vol. 12, Issue 8, No. 2, February 23, 2015.

    "Historical Narratives of the Kangxi Emperor's Inaugural Tour to Suzhou, 1684." In Jeroen Duindam and Sabine Dabringhaus, eds. The Dynastic Centre and the Provinces: Agents and Interactions, p. 203-224. Leiden: Brill, 2014. Chinese translation: Zhang Mianzhi 张勉治; Chen Shixuan 陈诗璇 译, trans. "Kangxi 1684 nian shouci xunshi Suzhou de lishi jishu" “康熙1684年首次巡视苏州的历史记述.”  In Cao Jun, ed. 曹俊 编, Shijie shiye xia de Suzhou 《世界视野下的苏州》 (Suzhou in Global Perspective), p. p. 342-362. Beijing: Renmin chubanshe, 2018.

    "Civil-Military Tensions during the Kangxi Emperor's First Southern Tour." Frontiers of History in China  6.1 (March 2011): 26-52. Simultaneously published in Chinese as: Zhang Mianzhi 張勉治 (Michael G. Chang), “簡論康熙皇帝首次南巡與文武值觀之間的對立” Qingshi yanjiu 《清史研究》 (The Qing History Journal) No. 1 (2011): 78-89.

    “Kangxi’s Imperial Tours:  a Historical Reconsideration.” In Reign of the Kangxi Emperor: Conference Proceedings, 19-34. Singapore: Asian Civilisations Museum, 2010.

    “Fathoming Qianlong: Imperial Activism, the Southern Tours and the Politics of Water Control, 1736-1765.” Late Imperial China 24.2 (December 2003), 51-108. Published in Chinese translation as: Zhang Mianzhi 張勉治 , "Dongcha Qianlong: diwang de shijian jingshen, nanxun, he zhishui zhengzhi" "洞察乾隆:帝王的實踐精神,南巡,和治水政治, 1736-1765Qingshi yicong 《清史譯叢》 (Qing History Overseas Research), no. 5 (June 2006). 6-60.

    “The Good, the Bad, & the Beautiful: Movie Actresses & Public Discourse in Shanghai, 1920s-1930s.” In Yingjin Zhang, ed. Cinema and Urban Culture in Shanghai, 1922-1943, p. 128-159. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1999. Published in Chinese translation as: 張勉治 (Michael G. Chang), "Shanliang, duoluo, meili: ershi shiji er sanshi niandai de dianying nu mingxing he Shanghai gonggong huayu" "善良、堕落、美丽:20世纪二三十年代的电影女明星和上海公共话语," in Mingguo shiqi di Shanghai dianying yu chengshi wenhua 《民國時期的上海電影與城市文化》, p. 140-170. Beijing: Beijing daxue chubanshe, 2011.

  • Tara Chaplin, Psychology

    Research Interests: Emotion regulation and the development of psychopathology and substance use in adolescence; Parent-focused interventions; Bio-psycho-social models of emotion

    Selected Publications

    (underline indicates student under my supervision)

    Chaplin, T.M., Poon, J. A., Thompson, J. C., Hansen, A., Dziura, S. L., Turpyn, C. C., Neihaus, C. E., Sinha, R., Chassin, L, & Ansell, E. B. (2019). Sex-differentiated associations among negative parenting, emotion-related brain function, and adolescent substance use and psychopathology symptoms. Social Development, 28, 637-656.

    Chaplin, T. M., Turpyn, C. C., Fischer, S., Martelli, A. M., Ross, C. E., Leichtweis, R. N., Miller, A. B., & Sinha, R. (2018). Parenting-focused mindfulness intervention reduces stress and improves parenting in highly-stressed mothers of adolescents. Mindfulness, 1-15. https://doi.org/10.1007/s12671-018-1026-9

    Chaplin, T. M., Visconti, K. J., Molfese, P., Susman, E., Klein, L. C., Sinha, R., & Mayes, L. C. (2015). Prenatal cocaine exposure differentially affects stress responses in girls and boys: associations with future substance use. Development and Psychopathology, 27,163-180.

    Chaplin, T. M. & Aldao, A. (2013). Gender differences in emotion expression in children: A meta-analytic review. Psychological Bulletin, 139, 735-765.

    Chaplin, T.M., Sinha, R., Simmons, J., Healy, S., Mayes, L.C., Hommer, R. E., & Crowley, M. J. (2012). Parent-adolescent conflict interactions and adolescent alcohol use. Addictive Behaviors, 37, 605-612. doi: 10.1016/j.addbeh.2012.01.004.

    Chaplin, T. M. & Cole, P. M. (2005). The role of emotion regulation in the development of psychopathology. In B. L. Hankin, & J. R. Z. Abela (Eds.), Development of psychopathology: A vulnerability-stress perspective (pp. 49-74). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

  • Cher Weixia Chen, School of Integrative Studies

    Research Interests: International Studies, Legal Studies, and Social Justice and Human Rights

    Selected Publications


    Chen, Cher Weixia. Compliance and Compromise: The Jurisprudence of Gender Pay Equity. Brill/Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 2011. Reviewed by Jennifer Woodward, in Law and Politics Book Review, available at http://www.lpbr.net/2013/07/compliance-and-compromise-jurisprudence.html

    Articles and Book Chapters

    Gring-Pemble, Lisa and Cher Weixia Chen. “Patriarchy Prevails:  A Feminist Rhetorical Analysis of Equal Pay Discourses”. Women and Language 41, no. 2 (2018): 79-103.

    Chen, Cher Weixia. “Indigenous Rights in International Law.” Oxford Research Encyclopedia of International Studies. By Renée Marlin-Bennett. Oxford University Press, 2017.

    Gorski, Paul and Cher Weixia Chen. “Frayed All Over:” The Causes and Consequences of Activist Burnout Among Social Justice Education Activists."Educational Studies 51, no. 5 (2015): 385-405, DOI:10.1080/00131946.2015.1075989.

    Chen, Cher Weixia and Paul Gorski. “Burnout in Social Justice and Human Rights (SJHR) Activists: Symptoms, Causes, and Implications." Journal of Human Rights Practice 7, no. 3 (2015): 366-390. DOI:10.1093/jhuman/huv011.

    Chen, Cher Weixia and Mike Gilmore. “Biocultural Rights: A New Paradigm to Protect the Rights of Indigenous Peoples." International Indigenous Policy Journal 6, no. 3 (2015):1-19. Retrieved from: http://ir.lib.uwo.ca/iipj/vol6/iss3/3.

    Chen, Cher Weixia. “遵守与妥协 :男女同工同酬的法理学 (The Jurisprudence of Gender Pay Equity)”(in Chinese/Mandarin, translated by Youyiwang & Huijie Zhang). In Social Law Review, edited by Yue Jiang, 256-264. China: Social Sciences Academic Press, 2014.

    Chen, Cher Weixia. “Global v. Local: The Issue of Lethal Injection in China." In Global Bioethics and Human Rights: Contemporary Issues, edited by Wanda Teays and Alison Dundes Renteln. Rowan & Littlefield, 1st edition, 2014; 2nd edition, 2020.

    Chen, Cher Weixia. “A Critique of ‘Lost of Face’ Arguments in Cultural Defense Cases: A Comparative Study." In Multicultural Jurisprudence: Comparative Perspectives on the Cultural Defense, edited by Marie-Claire Foblets and Alison Dundes Renteln, 247-260. Hart Publishing Co, 2009.

  • P Daniel Chen, Higher Education

    Research Interests: Higher Education Accountability and Institutional Effectiveness; Assessment of Student Learning and Student Success; Ethics and Spirituality in Higher Education; Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education

    Selected Publications

    Long, A. N., Chen, P. D. (in press). Admissions criteria as predictor of first-term success at a chiropractic institution. Journal of Chiropractic Education. doi:10.7899/JCE-18-16

    Dickson, T., Chen, P. D., Taylor, B. (2019). Impact of funding allocation on physical therapist research productivity and DPT student graduates: An analysis using panel data. Advances in Health Sciences Education, 24, 269-285. doi:10.1007/s10459-018-9864-8

    Simon, J. F., Chen, P. D., & Cho, A, R. (2018). Linking planning, ownership, governance, and execution: Fundamental steps in building an effective data culture. In K. Powers & A. E. Henderson (Eds.), Cultivating a data culture in higher education. New York, NY: Routledge.

    Chen, P. D., & Mathies, C. (2016). Assessment, evaluation, and research. New Directions for Higher Education, 175, 85-92. doi:10.1002/he.20202

    Chen, P. D., & Haynes, R. M. (2016). Transparency for whom? Impacts of accountability movements for institutional researchers and beyond. New Directions for Institutional Research, 166, 11-21. doi:10.1002/ir.20127

    Keller, J., Bower, B. L., & Chen, P. D. (2015). Investigating instructional methods in community college developmental mathematics. MathAMATYC Educator, 7(1), 4-13, 56.

    Chen, P. D., & Simpson, P. A. (2015). Does personality matter? Applying Holland’s typology to analyze students’ self-selection into Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics majors. Journal of Higher Education, 86(5), 725-750.

    Chen, P. D., Ingram, T. N., & Davis, L. (2015). Bridging student engagement and satisfaction: A comparison between Historical Black Colleges and Universities and predominantly White institutions. Journal of Negro Education, 83(4), 565-579.

  • Rose M Cherubin, Philosophy

    Research Interests: Ancient philosophy, metaphysics, epistemology, African American philosophy

    Selected Publications

    “Sex, Gender, and Class in the Poem of Parmenides: Difference without Dualism?” American Journal of Philology 140, no. 1 (2019): 29–66. https://doi.org/10.1353/ajp.2019.0002.

    "Mortals Lay Down Trusting to be True." Epoché 21.2 (2017): 251-271.

    "Alain Locke." Entry in Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Race, Ethnicity, and Nationalism. 2016.

    “Culture and the Kalos: Inquiry, Justice, and Value in Locke and Aristotle.” In Jacoby Carter and Leonard Harris, eds., Philosophic Values and World Citizenship: Locke to Obama and Beyond. Lexington Press/Rowman & Littlefield, Value Inquiry Book Series, 2011.

    Alētheia from Poetry into Philosophy: Homer to Parmenides.” In William Wians, ed., Logos and Muthos. SUNY Press, 2009.

    “Causation as a Core Concept in Conflict Analysis,” co-authored with Daniel Rothbart. In Sean Byrne, Dennis Sandole, Jessica Senehi, and Ingrid Staroste-Sandole, eds., Conflict Resolution: Core Concepts, Theories, Approaches, and Practices. Routledge, 2008.

    “Why Matter? Aristotle, the Eleatics, and the Possibility of Explanation.” The Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal 26.2 (2005): 1-29.

    “Light, Night, and the Opinions of Mortals: Parmenides B8.50-61 and B9.” Ancient Philosophy 25.1 (2005): 1-23.

    “Modernity, Philosophy, and the Color Line: A Response to Frank Kirkland.” Du Bois Lecture Monographs vol. 1 (2005): 42-59.

    “Parmenides’ Poetic Frame.” International Studies in Philosophy 36 (2004): 7-38.

  • Hyunyoung Cho, English

    Research Interests: Early Modern British Literature and Culture; International Education and Student Mobility

    Selected Publications

    "John Milton's Of Education and the Humanities in College Education" Journal of Medieval and Early Modern English Studies. 28.2 (2018): 267-87

    " 'Homeward returning': Plebeian Romance and Naturalization of Vagrancy in John Milton's Paradise Lost." Journal of English Language and Literature. 64.1 (2018): 135-50. 

    Rosenblum, K. E., D. W. Haines, and H. Cho. "Where Are We, When Are We, and Who Are We to Each Other? Connectedness and the Evolving Meanings of International Education." International Student Connectedness and Identity. Ed. Ly Thi Tran and Catherine Gomes. Singapore: Springer, 2017.

    Cho, H., D. W. Haines, and K. E. Rosenblum, "Drifting Houses, Shifting Anchors: A Case of Transnational Higher Education in Korea." Global Perspectives and Local Challenges Surrounding International Student Mobility.   Ed. Krishna Bista and Charlotte Foster. Pennsylvania: IGI Global, 2016.

    Cho, H., D. W. Haines, and K. E. Rosenblum, eds. Diversity at Mason: A New Kind of International. Fairfax, VA: A George Mason University Diversity Research Group Publication, 2015.


  • Julie A Christensen, Modern and Classical Languages

    Research Interests: Russian language, literature and film; Soviet and post-Soviet film including the Caucasus, Central Asia, Mongolia, and Eastern Europe

    Selected Publications

    "Russian Women Writers" in Resnick, Margery and de Cortivron, Isabelle, Women Writers in Translation: An Annotated Bibliography, 1945-1980.  Garland Press, 1981.

    "Georgian Cinema: A Subtle Voice of Nationalism," Nimrod, 28, 2 (spring-summer 1985), pp. 24-39.

    "Fathers and Sons at the Georgian Film Studio," Wide Angle 12, 4 (October 1990), pp. 48-60.

    "Tengiz Abuladze's Repentance and the Georgian National Cause," Slavic Review 50, 1 (1991), pp. 163-175.

    "The Films of Eldar Shengelaya: From Subtle Humor to Biting Satire," The Spirit of Soviet Film Satire, ed. Andrew Horton (Cambridge University Press, 1992), pp. 105-113 and filmography, pp. 158-164, passim.

    "Mamebi da shvilebi kartul kinoshi ("Fathers and Sons in Georgian Cinema [sic]," translated into Georgian by Manana Sharabidze),"  Kartuli filmi [weekly published by the Georgian Film Studio, Tbilisi], 11 February, 1993.

    "Otar Ioseliani " in Modern Encyclopedia of East Slavic, Baltic and Central Asian Literatures, V. 10, ed. Peter Rollberg.

    Ashik Kerib (video review) in The Soviet and Post-Soviet Review, pp. 105-108.

    Iavnana (film review) in Closely Watched Frames, Volume VII, no. 2, November, 1995.

    "Introduction" to Irakly Kakabadze & Daniel McFarland,  Peace of Soul (Fairfax, VA, 1996).

    Ya Kuba; Soy Cuba, International Dictionary of Films and Filmmakers, St. James Press, 2000.

    Review of Khadak, http://www.kinokultura.com/2007/16r-khadak.shtml

    Review of Russian Triangle, http://www.kinokultura.com/2008/20r-russtriangle.shtml

    Review of Kavkaz, http://www.kinokultura.com/2009/23r-kavkaz.shtml

    Review of Other Bank,  http://www.kinokultura.com/2009/26r-drugoibereg.shtml

    Review of Composing for the Screen in Germany and the USSR: Cultural Politics and Propaganda, forthcoming in Slavic and East European Journal

  • Linda Doss Chrosniak, Psychology

    Research Interests: learning and memory processes in both humans and animals

    Selected Publications

    Kashani, M., Eliasson, A., Chrosniak, L. D., Vernalis, M. (2010). Taking aim at nurse stress: A call to action. Military Medicine, 175, 96-100.

    Chrosniak, L. D., Smith, L. N., Flinn, J. M., McDonald, C. & Jones, B. F. (2006). Effects of enhanced zinc in drinking water on spatial memory and fear conditioning. Journal of Geochemical Exploration, 88, 91-94.

    Riskind, J. H., Williams, N. L., Gessner, T. G., Chrosniak, L. D., & Cortina, J (2000). A cognitive vulnerability to anxiety and danger: Looming maladaptive style. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 29, 837-852.

  • Kaitlin Cicchetti, Higher Education

    Research Interests: Internationalization of higher education; International branch campuses; Student transitions to college

    Selected Publications

    Cicchetti, K.O. (in press). Home away from home? A case study of student transitions to an international branch campus. Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice.

    Cicchetti, K.O., & Park, M. (2018). Student affairs and offshore branch campuses: A case study of practitioner experiences. Journal of College Student Development, 59, 238-242.

    Alcock, C. Cooper, J., Kirk, J. & Oyler, K. (2009). The tertiary student experience: Review of approaches based on the first cycle of AUQA audits 2002-2007 (Report No. 20). Melbourne, Australia: Australian Universities Quality Agency.

    Oyler, K.L. (2008, January 9). Utilizing parents as a resource: The use of appreciative inquiry in academic advising. The Mentor: An Academic Advising Journal.

  • Jamie L Clark, Sociology and Anthropology

    Research Interests: Paleolithic archaeology, modern human origins, hunter-gatherer lifeways, zooarchaeology

    Selected Publications

    Clark, Jamie L. 2019. The Still Bay and pre-Still Bay fauna from Sibudu Cave: taphonomic and taxonomic analysis of the macromammal remains from the Wadley excavations. Journal of Paleolithic Archaeology. 2:26-73.

    Shimelmitz, Ron, David Friesem, Jamie L. Clark, Iris Groman-Yaroslavski, Lior Weissbrod, Naomi Porat, and Andrew W. Kandel. 2018. The Upper Paleolithic and Epipaleolithic of Sefunim Cave, Israel. Quaternary International. 464:106-125.

    Clark, Jamie L. 2017. The Howieson’s Poort fauna from Sibudu Cave: Documenting continuity and change within Middle Stone Age Industries. Journal of Human Evolution. 107:49-70.

    Clark, Jamie L. and John D. Speth, eds. 2013. Zooarchaeology and Modern Human Origins: Human Hunting Behavior During the Later Pleistocene. Vertebrate Paleobiology and Paleoanthropology Series. Dordrecht: Springer.

  • Keith Clark, English

    Selected Publications

    Navigating the Fiction of Ernest J. Gaines: A Roadmap for Readers. Louisiana State UP, 2020.

    The Radical Fiction of Ann Petry, Louisiana State UP, 2013.

    • Winner, College Language Association Creative Scholarship Award

    Black Manhood in James Baldwin, Ernest J. Gaines, and August Wilson. U of Illinois P, 2002.

    (ed.) Contemporary Black Men's Fiction and Drama. U of Illinois P, 2001.

    “‘A Mighty Queer Place': Textual and Sexual Dis-Ease in Ann Petry’s Country Place,” African American Review (Summer 2016): 93-110.

    • Honorable Mention (2nd place) in African American Review’s Weixlmann Prize Category
    • Nominated, 1921 Prize in American Literature, MLA’s American Literature Association

    “Blues Brothers: Crosscurrents in Fences and A Streetcar Named Desire.” Approaches to Teaching the Plays of August Wilson. Ed. Sandra G. Shannon and Sandra L. Richards. New York: Modern Language Association of America, 2016. 32-44.

    Review of Randall Kenan (ed.), The Cross of Redemption: Uncollected Writings by James Baldwin, Resources for American Literary Study, 35 (September 2012): 714-17

    "Que(e)rying the Prison-House of Black Male Desire: Homosociality in Ernest Gaines' 'Three Men.'" African American Review (Summer 2006): 239-55.

    "Are We Family? Pedagogy and the Race for Queerness." Black Queer StudiesA Critical Anthology. Ed. E. Patrick Johnson and Mae G. Henderson. Durham, NC: Duke UP, 2005. 266-75

    "'From a Thousand Different Points of View': The Multiple Masculinities of Ann Petry's 'Miss Muriel'".  Ann Petry's Short Fiction: Critical Essays. Ed. Hazel Arnett Ervin and Hilary Holladay. Westport, CT: Praeger, 2004. 79-96. 

    (co-ed., with Stephanie Brown). "Black Literary Masculinities." Special section of Callaloo 26.3 (Summer 2003).

  • Chris Clarke, Communication

    Research Interests: health and environmental risk perception, communication. Director, Science Communication Graduate Program; Director, Ph.D. program

    Selected Publications

    Boudet, H., Clarke, C., Bugden, D., Maibach, E., Roser-Renouf, C., & Leiserowitz, A. (2014). “Fracking” controversy and communication: Using national survey data to understand public perceptions of hydraulic fracturing. Energy Policy, 65, 57-67

    Clarke, C., Budgen, D., Hart, P.S., Stedman, R.C,. Jacquet, J.B., Evensen, D.T.N., & Boudet, H. (2016). How geographic distance and political ideology interact to influence public perception of unconventional oil/natural gas development. Energy Policy, 97, 301-309.

    Clarke, C., Holton, A., McKeever, B., & Dixon, G. (2015). The influence of weight-of-evidence messages on (vaccine) attitudes: A sequential mediation model. Journal of Health Communication, 20, 1302-1309.

    Clarke, C., Hart, P.S., Evensen, D.T., Boudet, H., Jacquet, J.B., Schuldt, J.P., & Stedman, R.C. (2015). Public opinion on energy development: The interplay of issue framing, top-of-mind associations, and political ideology. Energy Policy, 81, 131-140

    van der Linden, S. L., Clarke, C. E., & Maibach, E. W. (2015). Highlighting consensus among medical scientists increases public support for vaccines: Evidence from a randomized experiment. BMC Public Health15, 1-5.

  • Elizabeth Clay, Sociology and Anthropology

    Research Interests: Historical archaeology, Caribbean anthropology, Landscape studies, French cultural and postcolonial studies, African Diaspora archaeology, Cultural Heritage

    Selected Publications

    1. Elizabeth C. Clay and James A. Delle. “Household, Village, and Landscape: The Built Environments of Slavery in the Caribbean,” pp. 1-18. In Archaeology of Domestic Landscapes of Slavery in the Caribbean, eds. James A. Delle and Elizabeth C. Clay. Gainesville: University Press of Florida.


    1. Elizabeth C. Clay. “Labor and Landscape on the Periphery: Built Environments of Slavery in Nineteenth-Century French Guiana,” pp. 166-187. In Archaeology of Domestic Landscapes of Slavery in the Caribbean, eds. James A. Delle and Elizabeth C. Clay. Gainesville: University Press of Florida.
  • John Cook, Communication

    Research Interests: Climate communication, cognitive science, psychology, misconception-based learning

    Selected Publications

    Cook, J., van der Linden, S., Maibach, E., & Lewandowsky, S. (2018). The Consensus Handbook. DOI:10.13021/G8MM6P.

    Cook, J., Ellerton, P., and Kinkead, D. (2018). Deconstructing climate misinformation to identify reasoning errors. Environmental Research Letters, 11(2).

    Cook, J., Lewandowsky, S., & Ecker, U. (2017). Neutralizing misinformation through inoculation: Exposing misleading argumentation techniques reduces their influence. PLoS ONE, 12(5): e0175799. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0175799

    Bedford, D., & Cook, J. (2016). Climate Change: Examining the Facts. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO.

    Cook, J., Oreskes, N., Doran, P. T., Anderegg, W. R., Verheggen, B., Maibach, E. W., Carlton, J. S., Lewandowsky, S., Skuce, A. G., Green, S. A., & Nuccitelli, D. (2016). Consensus on consensus: a synthesis of consensus estimates on human-caused global warming. Environmental Research Letters, 11(4), 048002.

    Cook, J. & Lewandowsky, S. (2016). Rational Irrationality: Modeling Climate Change Belief Polarization Using Bayesian Networks. Topics in Cognitive Science, 8(1), 160-179.

    Cook, J., Nuccitelli, D., Green, S. A., Richardson, M., Winkler, B., Painting, R., Way, R., Jacobs, P., & Skuce, A. (2013). Quantifying the consensus on anthropogenic global warming in the scientific literature. Environmental Research Letters, 8(2), 024024+.

  • Bruce D Cooke, Communication

    Research Interests: Digital Video Production & Post-Production; Film Studies

    Selected Publications

    Selected Credits  Co-Producer/Director/Writer   



    America's Haunted Houses (52:00)

    Discovery Channel


    Day After D-Day  (48:00)

    The Military Channel


    FitTeam Power Hour (48:00)

    Discovery Health Channel

    Featuring: USA Womens Olympic soccer team


    Hollywood Haunts(52:00)

    Discovery Channel


    Secret Mission At Dien Bien Phu(48:00)

    Discovery Wings Channel


    The Search For Missing Persons(52:00)

    Discovery Channel


    Stories From The ER(52:00)

    Discovery Channel


    Skeptical Inquirer Science Shorts (5 x 3:00)

    Discovery Science Channel

    Starring: William B. Davis of The X-Files


    American Red Cross Holiday Music Spectacular 

    Doc Features (9 x 3:00)

  • Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera, Institute for Immigration Research

    Research Interests: Mexico-U.S. relations, organized crime, immigration, border security, and human trafficking

    Selected Publications

    Los Zetas Inc.: Criminal Corporation, Energy and Civil War in Mexico. Austin: University of Texas Press (2017).

    Democracy in “Two Mexicos”: Political Institutions in Oaxaca and Nuevo León. New York: Palgrave Macmillan (2013).

  • Tyler Cowen, Economics

    Research Interests: Monetary theory, financial economics, and welfare economics

    Selected Publications


    Average Is Over: Powering America Beyond the Age of the Great Stagnation (Dutton: 2013)

    An Economist Gets Lunch: New Rules for Everyday Foodies (Dutton: 2012)

    The Great Stagnation: How America Ate All the Low-Hanging Fruit of Modern History, Got Sick, and Will (Eventually) Feel Better (Dutton: 2011)

    Modern Principles of Economics, coauthored with Alex Tabarrok (Worth: 2009)

    The Age of the Infovore (aka Create Your Own Economy: The Path to Prosperity in a Disordered World) (Dutton: 2009)

    Discover Your Inner Economist: Use Incentives to Fall in Love, Survive Your Next Meeting, and Motivate Your Dentist (Dutton: 2007)

    Markets and Cultural Voices: Liberty vs. Power in the Lives of Mexican Amate Painters (University of Michigan Press: 2005)

    Creative Destruction: How Globalization is Changing the World’s Cultures (Princeton University Press: 2004)

    Good & Plenty: The Creative Successes of American Arts Funding (Princeton University Press: 2004)

    Market Failure or Success: The New Debate, coeditor (Edward Elgar Publishing: 2004)

    What Price Fame? (Harvard University Press: 2002)

    In Praise of Commercial Culture (Harvard University Press: 2000)

  • Christopher Coyne, Economics

    Research Interests: Austrian economics, development economics, political economy

    Selected Publications


    Perfecting Tyranny: Foreign Intervention and the Loss of Liberty at Home (under contract with Stanford University Press)

    Doing Bad by Doing Good: Why Humanitarian Action Fails (2013, Stanford University Press)

    Media, Development and Institutional Change (2009, Edward Elgar Publishing)

    After War: The Political Economy of Exporting Democracy (2007, Stanford University Press)

    Edited Books

    The Oxford Handbook of Austrian Economics (2015, Oxford University Press) (co-edited with Peter J. Boettke)

    Flaws and Ceilings: Price Controls and the Damage They Cause (2015, London: Institute for Economic Affairs) (with R. Coyne)

    The Handbook on the Political Economy of War (2011, Edward Elgar Publishing) (w R. Mathers)

    For a complete listing of Professor Coyne's publications, please refer to his personal website www.ccoyne.com.

  • Richard T Craig, Communication

    Research Interests: Media ownership, telecommunication/media policy, media political economy, media representation of marginialized groups (race,gender, religion, etc...), popular culture

    Selected Publications

    Craig, R. (2016). “Malice at the Palace”: Criminializing of the Black male body in newspaper sports commentary. Spectrum: A Journal on Black Men. (Forthcoming)

    Hopson, M. C., Castle Bell, G., Craig, R. (2016). Driving While Black (DWB). In J. Stone, R. Dennis, P. Rizova, A. Smith and X. Hou (Eds.) Encyclopedia of Race, Ethnicity and Nationalism. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley-Blackwell. (Forthcoming)

    Hopson, M. C., Castle Bell, G. Craig, R. (2016). Race and crime. In J. Stone, R. Dennis, P. Rizova, A. Smith and X. Hou (Eds.) Encyclopedia of Race, Ethnicity and Nationalism. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley-Blackwell. (Forthcoming)

    Craig, R. (2015).  African Americans and Mass Media: A Case for Diversity in Media Ownership. Lanham, MD:  Lexington Books.

    Craig, R. (2015). “I know what them girls like”: A rhetorical analysis of thug appeal in rap lyrics. Journal of Communication Inquiry. Available online http://jci.sagepub.com/content/early/2015/05/08/0196859915585170.abstract

    Gibson, T., Craig, R., Harper, A., Alpert, J.M. (2015). Covering global warming in dubious times: Science reporters in the new media ecosystem. Journalism: Theory, Practice and Criticism. Available online http://jou.sagepub.com/content/early/2015/01/03/1464884914564845.abstract

    Castle Bell, G., Hopson, M. C., Craig, R., N.W. Robinson (2015). Exploring Black and White accounts of 21st century racial profiling and prejudice: Riding and driving while Black. Qualitative Research Reports in Communication 15(1), 33-42.

     Craig, R. (2013) Review of The Problem of the Future World: W.E.B. Du Bois and the Race Concept at Midcentury. By Eric Porter. Journal of Race and Policy 9(1), 95-97.



  • Timothy W Curby, Psychology

    Research Interests: Social-emotional teaching; Early childhood education; Classroom quality and teacher–student interactions; Quantitative Methods.

    Selected Publications

    Curby, T. W., Zinsser, K. M., Gordon, R., Ponce, E., Syed, G.*, & Peng, F. (in press). Emotion-focused teaching practices and preschool children's social and learning behaviors. Emotion.

    Gordon, R., Peng, F., Curby, T. W., & Zinsser, K. M. (2021).  Using the many-facet Rasch model to improve observational quality measures: An introduction and application to measuring the teaching of emotion skills. Manuscript prepared for a special Issue on Measuring Quality in Early Childhood Education: Past, Present, and Future, Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 55, 149-164https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ecresq.2020.11.005

    Curby, T. W. (2020).  Creating successful early learning environments.  In V. C. Alfonso and G. J. DuPaul's (Eds.) Healthy development in young children: Evidence-based interventions for early education. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

    Curby, T. W., McKnight, P., Alexander, L., Erchov, S. (2019). Sources of variance in end-of-course student evaluations. Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education. doi:10.1080/02602938.2019.1607249

    Curby, T. W., Berke, E., Alfonso, V., Blake, J. J., DeMarie, D., DuPaul, G. J., Flores, R., Hess, R. S., Howard, K. A. S., Lepore, J. C. C., Subotnik, R. F.  (2018). Transition practices into kindergarten and the barriers teachers encounter. In A. Mashburn, J. LoCasale-Crouch, and K. Pears' (Eds.) Kindergarten Transition and Readiness:  Promoting Cognitive, Social-Emotional, and Self-Regulatory Development. Springer.

    Curby, T. W., Johnson, P., Mashburn, A. J., & Carlis, L. (2016). Live versus video observations: Comparing the reliability and validity of two methods of assessing classroom quality. Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment. doi: 10.1177/0734282915627115.

    Curby, T. W., Brown, C. A.*, Bassett, H. H., & Denham, S. A. (2015). Associations between preschoolers' social-emotional competence and preliteracy skills. Infant and Child Development, 24, 549-570. doi:10.1002/icd.1899

  • Nada Dabbagh, Minor in Design Thinking

    Research Interests: Online and blended learning; personal learning environments (PLEs); social media and social learning; pedagogical ecology of technology mediated learning tasks (digital pedagogy); affordance based design/interaction design; case problem generation and representation in problem based learning; supporting student self-regulation in online and blended learning.

    Selected Publications

    Dabbagh, N., Howland, J., & Marra, R. (2019). Meaningful online learning: Integrating strategies, activities, and learning technologies for effective designs. New York, N.Y.: Routledge.

    Dabbagh, N., Benson, A., Denham, A., Joseph, R., Zgheib, G., Al-Freih, M., Fake, H., & Guo, Z. (2016). Learning technologies and globalization: Pedagogical frameworks and applications. SpringerBriefs in Educational Communications and Technology. Cham, Switzerland: Springer.

    Dabbagh, N. & Bannan-Ritland, B. (2005). Online learning: Concepts, strategies, and application. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

    Fake, H., & Dabbagh, N. (2020). Personalized learning within online workforce learning environments: Exploring implementations, obstacles, opportunities, and perspectives of workforce leaders. Technology, Knowledge, and Learning. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1007/s10758-020-09441-x

    Dabbagh, N., Fake, H., & Zhang, Z. (2019). Student perspectives of technology use for learning in higher education. The Iberoamerican Review of Digital Education (RIED)22(1), 127-152.

  • Maria M Dakake, Religious Studies

    Research Interests: Islamic thought, Qur'anic Studies, Shi'ite and Sufi traditions, women's issues

    Selected Publications

    The Study Qur'an (with S.H. Nasr, C. Dagli, J. Lumbard, and M. Rustom), HarperOne, 2015.

    The Charismatic Community: Shi`ite Identity in Early Islam, State University of New York Press, 2007. (Paperback released 2008).

    “Writing and Resistance: The Transmission of Knowledge in Early Shi`ism” in The Study of Shi`i Islam: History Theology, and Law (eds. F. Daftary and G. Miskinzoda), I.B. Tauris, 2013.

    “Sacred Land in Qur’an and Hadith and its Symbolic and Eschatological Significance.” Journal of Scriptural Reasoning, v. 10, no. 1, 2011.

    “Hierarchies of Knowing in Mulla Sadra’s Commentary on the Usul al-Kafi,” Journal of Islamic Philosophy, vol. 6, 2011.

    “‘Guest of the Inmost Heart’: Conceptions of the Divine Beloved among Early Sufi Women.” Journal of Comparative Islamic Studies, vol. 3, no. 1, 2007.

  • Reeshad S. Dalal, Psychology

    Research Interests: Job performance, judgment and decision-making, work situations, personality, job attitudes and job-related mood/emotions, and psychological approaches to the study of cybersecurity.

    Selected Publications

    For publications, see:

    Personal website

    Google Scholar profile

    ResearchGate site

  • John G. Dale, Sociology and Anthropology

    Research Interests: sociology of human rights; political sociology; social movements; global and transnational sociology; science, knowledge, and technology; law and transnational conflict; critical sociology of development; community and urban sociology; comparative and historical sociology; and area specialist in Burma/Myanmar.

    Selected Publications

    Free Burma: Transnational Legal Action and Corporate Accountability, (Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press, 2011).

    Political Sociology: Power and Participation in the Modern World. 5th Edition. Co-author with Anthony M. Orum, (New York and London: Oxford University Press, 2009; Turkish translation in 2016, and Chinese Translation in 2017).

    Dale, John G. and Ashley Mehra. “How Humanitarian Blockchain Can Deliver Fair Labor to Global Supply Chains.” University of Cambridge, The Center for the Study of Global Human Movement (April 30, 2020).

    Dale, John and David Kyle. “The Risky Business of Transformation: Social Enterprise in Myanmar’s Emerging Democracy,” in Melissa Crouch, ed., The Business of Transition: Law Reform, Development and Economics in Myanmar, (Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2017), pp. 81-121.

    Dale, John and David Kyle. 2016. "Smart Humanitarianism: Re-imagining Human Rights in the Age of Enterprise.” Critical Sociology 42 (6): 1-15.

    Dale, John and David Kyle. 2015. “Smart Transitions? Foreign Investment, Disruptive Technology, and Democratic Reform in Myanmar.” Social Research: An International Quarterly, “Special Issue: From Burma to Myanmar: Critical Transitions” Volume 82, No. 2 (Summer): 291-326.

    Dale, John. “Transnational Conflict between Peasants and Corporations in Burma: Human Rights and Discursive Ambivalence under the U.S. Alien Tort Claims Act.” In Mark Goodale and Sally Engle Merry, eds. The Practice of Human Rights: Tracking Law between the Global and the Local, (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007). Pp. 285-319.



  • Jordan Daniels, Philosophy

    Selected Publications

    “Adorno, Benjamin, and Natural Beauty ‘On This Sad Earth.’” Journal of Speculative Philosophy 34/2 (2020): 159-178.

    “Faith and Freedom: Kant at the Boundary of Reason,” in Gerichtshofs der Vernunft Akten des XIII. Internationalen Kant-Kongresses 2019. Eds. Camilla Serck-Hanssen et al. Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, 2020 [Forthcoming].

    “Dolphins in Venice: On Nature, Revenge, and Beauty,” in Philosophy World Democracy 1/1 (2020) [Forthcoming].

    “Freedom in History: Contingency and Historical Inevitability,” in The Routledge Companion to History and Theory, March 2021.

    Review. Amy Allen’s End of Progress: Decolonizing the Normative Foundations of Critical Theory, Journal of World Philosophies 3/2 (2018): 110-113.

  • Doris Bitler Davis, Psychology

    Research Interests: Animal behavior and cognition, especially communication, social hierarchy, and the effects of domestication; the teaching of psychology

    Selected Publications

    Artz, B. and Davis, D. B. (2017).  Green Care: A review of the benefits and potential of animal-assisted care farming.  Animals, 7, 31. doi:10.3390/ani7040031

    Davis, D. B. (2017).  Exam question sequencing effects and context cues.  Teaching of Psychology, 44(3), 263-267.

    Davis, D. B. (December 12, 2016).  In praise of the humble quiz: A compendium of research findings. College Teaching, 7, 1-3. doi 10.1080/87567555.2016.1232695

    Davis, D. B. (2016). Familiarity versus understanding: A formative assessment.  College Teaching, 64(4), 228-229.

    McElroy, P., & Davis, D. B. (2016). Using quizzes to improve exam scores. Innovations in Teaching & Learning Conference Proceedings, 8.

    Davis, D. B. (2015). In their own best interest: Data-based decisions in the classroom.  Innovations in Teaching & Learning Conference Proceedings, 7(1), 90.

  • Shannon N Davis, Sociology and Anthropology

    Research Interests: Sociology of families and intimate relationships, gender ideologies, gender inequality, research methods

    Selected Publications

    Davis, Shannon N. and Theodore N. Greenstein. 2020. Why Who Cleans Counts: What Housework Tells Us About American Family Life. Bristol, United Kingdom: Policy Press. 

    Davis, Shannon N. 2020. “The Work-Family Interface in a Gendered Cultural Context: Cross-national Analysis of Work Stress.”  International Journal of Cross Cultural Management 20(1).  https://doi.org/10.1177/1470595820904111

    Greenstein, Theodore N. and Shannon N. Davis. 2019. Methods of Research on Human Development and Families. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE. 

    Davis, Shannon N. and Sarah E. Wagner. 2019. “Research Motivations and Undergraduate Researchers' Disciplinary Identity.” Student Learning through Mentored Scholarship. https://doi.org/10.1177/2158244019861501

    Morrison, Janet A, Nancy J. Berner, Jill M. Manske, Rebecca M. Jones, Shannon N. Davis, and Pamela W. Garner. 2018. “Surveying Faculty Perspectives on Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity: A Three-Institution Study.” SPUR: Scholarship and Practice of Undergraduate Research 2(1): 43-54. 

    Davis, Shannon N., Sarah Winslow, and David J. Maume, Editors. 2017. Gender in the Twenty-First Century:  The Stalled Revolution and the Road to Equality. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press.

    Winslow, Sarah and Shannon N. Davis. 2016. “Gender Inequality across the Academic Life Course.”  Sociology Compass 10 (5): 404-416.

    Davis, Shannon N., Shannon K. Jacobsen, and Melissa Ryan. 2015.  “Gender, Race, and Inequality in Higher Education: An Intersectional Analysis of Faculty-Student Undergraduate Research Pairs at a Diverse University.”  Race, Gender & Class 22 (3-4): 7-30.

    Davis, Shannon N. and Theodore N. Greenstein.  2009. “Gender Ideology: Components, Predictors, and Consequences.”  Annual Review of Sociology 35:88-105.

  • Robert D. DeCaroli, History and Art History

    Research Interests: Interactions of early South Asian Buddhism with popular religious practice, the origin of the Buddha image and the social, political, religious factors that led to its codification and spread

    Selected Publications

    Image Problems: the Origins and Development of the Buddha's Image in Early South Asia (Seattle:University of Washington Press, 2015)

    “‘The Abode of a Naga King’: Questions of Art, Audience, and Popular Deities at the Ajanta Caves” Ars Orientalis. vol. 40 (2011) 142-161.

    Haunting the Buddha: Indian Popular Religions and the Formation of Buddhism. (New York: Oxford University Press, 2004).

    “Shedding Skins: Naga Imagery and Layers of Meaning in South Asian Buddhist Contexts” in Buddhist Stupas in South Asia. A. Shimada and J. Hawkes eds. (New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2009) 94-113.

    “From the Living Rock: Understanding Images in Early South Asia” in What’s the Use of Art?: Asian Visual and Material Culture in Context. J Mrazek and M Pitelka eds. (Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 2008) 21-45.

    “Reading Bhaja: A Non-Narrative Interpretation of the Vihara 19 Reliefs.” East and West. vol. 50. (2000) 259-280.

  • Albert J Defazio, English

    Research Interests: Hemingway, Composition

    Selected Publications

    The Letters of Ernest Hemingway, 1923-1925, Volume 2. Eds. Sandra Spanier, Albert J. DeFazio, and Robert Trogdon. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2013.

    The Letters of Ernest Hemingway, 1907-1922, Volume 1. Associate Editor. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2011.

    Dear Papa . . .Dear Hotch: The Correspondence of Ernest Hemingway and A. E. Hotchner.  Columbia: U of Missouri P, 2005.

    The Sun Also Rises: Literary Masterpieces.  Detroit:  Gale, 2000. 

  • Timothy Denevi, English

    Research Interests: Nonfiction; Essay

    Selected Publications


    Freak Kingdom PublicAffairs/Hachette, 2018

    Hyper Simon & Schuster, 2014



    "#1264: Timothy Denevi" The Joe Rogan Experience

    "A New Book Describes Hunter. S. Thompson's Prescience" The Atlantic

    "Inside Hunter S. Thompson's Battle Against American Fascism" Rolling Stone

    Book TV Segment on Freak Kingdom, CSPAN


    "QAnon Takes the Capitol: In the Crowd with the Insurrectionists as Trump Call for a Coup" Literary Hub, 2021

    "Trump Says the Quiet Part Loud: The Final Day at CPAC" Literary Hub, 2021

    "Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, and a Dancing Roger Stone: CPAC Day Two" Literary Hub, 2021

    "Cult 45: Day One at CPAC" Literary Hub, 2021

    "Watching Trump's Helicopter Depart a Final Time" Literary Hub, 2021

    "American Brown Shirts in the Streets of the Capital" Literary Hub, 2020

    "Celebrating the Eviction of Donald Trump from the White House" Literary Hub, 2020

    "Election Night in the Capital: Proud Boys, Parties, Protest" Literary Hub, 2020

    "This Week in America Would Make RFK Weep" CNN.com, 2020

    "On the Clearing of Lafayette Square" Literary Hub, 2020

    "Report From Foul Territory: At the White House" Literary Hub, 2019

    "Fascism and Conspiracy Theories at CPAC" Salon, 2019

    "Front and Center at the Michael Cohen Hearing" Literary Hub, 2019

    "Front Row at Michael Bennet's Senate-Floor Dismantling of Ted Cruz," Literary Hub, 2019

    "Fear and Loathing at Richard Nixon's Inauguration," from FREAK KINGDOM Time, 2019

    "Hunter S. Thompson in Chicago, 1968: The Battle for the Democratic Party's Soul," from FREAK KINGDOM  Salon, 2018

    "On American Fascism and the Self-Destruct Button at the Heart of Our Democracy" CNN.com, 2018

    "The Unite the Right Rally in DC: Defining American Fascism in the 21st Century" Salon, 2018

    "The Last Days of Robert F. Kennedy: On the Radical Compassion of an American Icon" Literary Hub, 2018

    "On RFK's Murder and Conspiracy Theories" Salon, 2018

    "Hear the Real Dr. Gonzo Roar" Salon, 2018

    "Backcourt at the US OPEN: On Time, Age, and Politics" Literary Hub, 2017

    "Richard Nixon, Barry Goldwater, and Hunter S. Thompson at the 1964 RNC" The Paris Review, 2017

    "The Temple" The Normal School, 2017

    "At CPAC: The Dark, Orwellian Power of Steve Bannon" Literary Hub, 2017

    "The Future is a Ceiling of Impossible Water" Scoundrel Time, 2017

    "January 20th, 2017: "Jesus Christ at the Inauguration" Literary Hub, 2017

    "On Impulsiveness, Authenticity, and Donald Trump" New York, 2017

    "November 8th, 2016: A Long, Sad Night in Washington, DC" Literary Hub, 2016

    "On Amphetamine, Authority, and Hunter S. Thompson" New York, 2016

    Essays from the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, Literary Hub, 2016
         "On the Road to Cleveland: Trump Speaks to the Werewolf in Us"
         "Tuesday in Cleveland, Republicans Sing 'Shake it Off'"
         "Wednesday in Cleveland: A Full-Blown Roman Circus"
         "Cleveland, Last Days: Trump's Speech, The End"
         "Bernie Bros and Trump Thugs: A Hot Day in Philadelphia"
         "At the Last Day of the DNC: Maybe the World Won't Come to an End"


  • Susanne A Denham, Psychology

    Research Interests: Social and emotional development of children

    Selected Publications

    Denham, S. A., Bassett, H. H., & Miller, S. (2017). Early childhood teachers' socialization of emotion: Contextual and individual contributors. Child and Youth Care Forum. Online, https://doi-org.mutex.gmu.edu/10.1007/s10566-017-9409-y

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    Denham, S. A., Ferrier, D.E., Howarth, G.Z., Herndon, K. J., & Bassett, H. H. (2016). Key considerations in assessing young children’s emotional competence. Cambridge Journal of Education. Online first, http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/0305764X.2016.1146659

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    Denham, S. A. (2015).  Assessment of social-emotional learning in educational contexts.  In The handbook of social and emotional learning, J. Durlak, R. W. Weissberg, and T. P. Gullotta (Eds.). New York: Guilford Press.

  • Richard M. Denholm II, Criminology, Law and Society

    Selected Publications

    Denholm, Richard, M. II.  "An Intelligence Studies Anthology: Foundational Concepts and Case Studies for the 21st Century."  2021 Cognella, Inc.

  • Nicola Di Nino, Modern and Classical Languages

    Research Interests: Italian Modern and Contemporary Literature; Italian Contemporary Cinema; Italian Linguistics, Dialects, and Folklore; Post-Colonial Literature; American-Italian Literature and Culture; Women’s and Gender Studies; Second Language Acquisition and Pedagogy.

    Selected Publications

    Recent volumes


    G.G. Belli, Appunti inediti per poesie romanesche. Edizione critica e annotata a cura di N. Di Nino. Rome: Aracne, 2019, pp. 216.

    Edited Volumes:

    Gibellini, Pietro, and Di Nino, Nicola, eds. La Bibbia nella letteratura italiana. Dall’Illuminismo al Decadentismo. Brescia: Morcelliana, 2009, pp. 416.

    Gibellini, Pietro, and Di Nino, Nicola, eds. La Bibbia nella letteratura italiana. L’età contemporanea. Brescia: Morcelliana, 2009, pp. 577.

    Recent articles in peer-reviewed journals:

    • “Poesia “in riva alla luce”: la tensione spirituale di Antonia Pozzi”, in “Rivista di letteratura religiosa” 2 (2019): 97-111.
    • “Margherita Guidacci. Poesia come lucente attimo”, in “Rivista di Letteratura italiana”, XXXVII, 3, 2019, pp. 129-141.
    • La strega innamorata. Riprese della figura di Armida sulla scena teatrale, in Italica3 (2018): 334-371 (peer-reviewed).
    • “Ti sei preso una cotta per l’America?”. Inediti dal carteggio tra Pier Maria Pasinetti e Michelangelo Antonioni, in Studi Novecenteschi XLV, 95 (gennaio-giugno 2018): 21-50 (peer-reviewed).
    • “De Sica e la polemica sociale: la scena della trattoria in Ladri di biciclette”. Humanitas 3 (2015): 221-27 (peer-reviewed).
    • “«Ma Cristo nun ce vede?». Sul sacro nella Trilogia della guerra di Rossellini e in Ladri di biciclette di De Sica”, in Studi Medievali e Moderni, 1-2 (2014): 127-142 (peer-reviewed).


  • Sabine Doebel, Psychology

    Research Interests: Executive function, cognitive control, self-control, cognitive development, conceptual development

    Selected Publications

    Doebel, S. (in press). Rethinking executive function development. Perspectives on Psychological Science.

    Doebel, S., Michaelson, L. E., & Munakata, Y. (2020). Good things come to those who wait: Delaying gratification likely does matter for later achievement. Commentary on Watts, Duncan, & Quan: ‘Revisiting the Marshmallow Test: A Conceptual Replication Investigating Links Between Early Delay of Gratification and Later Outcomes’. Psychological Science.

    Munakata, Y., Yanaoka, K., Doebel, S., Guild, R., Michaelson, L., & Saito, S. (2020). Group Influences on Children’s Delay of Gratification: Testing the Roles of Culture and Personal Connections. Collabra: Psychology, 6(1), 1.

    Doebel, S. & Munakata, Y. (2018). Group influences on self-control: Children delay gratification and value it more when their in-group delays and their out-group doesn’t. Psychological Science, 29, 738-748.

    Doebel, S. & Zelazo, P. D. (2015). A meta-analysis of the Dimensional Change Card Sort: Implications for developmental theories and the measurement of executive function in children. Developmental Review, 38, 241-268.

  • Sharon P. Doetsch-Kidder, English

    Research Interests: Social movements, race and ethnic studies, theories of genders and sexualities, pedagogy, mindfulness education, and the globalization of liberal arts education

    Selected Publications


    Social Change and Intersectional Activism: The Spirit of Social Movement. Palgrave Macmillan: 2012.

    Refereed Articles:

    "Loving Criticism: A Spiritual Philosophy of Social Change." Feminist Studies 38:2 (Summer 2012)

    "My story is really not mine': An Interview with Latina Trans Activist Ruby Bracamonte" Feminist Studies 37:2 (Summer 2011).

    Other Publications:

    Review of Intersectionality and Social Change by Lynne M. Woehrle, Ed. Mobilization: An International Quarterly 21:4 (December 2016).

    “Feeding People in All Their Hungers: Spiritual Activism in Queer Chicana Feminist Writing.” NWSA Action 16:2 (Spring 2005).

    “Working for Women’s Health in Catholic Higher Education and Working with Women’s Studies: Constraints and Benefits.” Connections: The National Association for Women in Catholic Higher Education 9:1 (2001).

  • Michael Don, English

    Selected Publications

    Partners and Strangers, Carnegie Mellon University Press, 2019

    Short fiction
    "A Temporary Addiction," Hobart, 2019
    "Out and Back," The Cortland Review, 2016
    "To Make Sure She Could Stop," Vol. 1 Brooklyn, 2015


  • Beidi Dong, Criminology, Law and Society

    Research Interests: Violence prevention, youth gangs, firearms, community violence and health, life-course criminology/criminal careers, research design and quantitative methods

    Selected Publications

    Dong, B., White, C., & Weisburd, D. (2020). Poor health and violent crime hot spots: Mitigating the undesirable co-occurrence through focused place-based interventions. American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 58, 799-806

    Dong, B., Morrison, C., Branas, C. Richmond, T., & Wiebe, D. (2020). As violence unfolds: A space-time study of situational triggers of violent victimization among urban youth. Journal of Quantitative Criminology, 36, 119-152.

    Dong, B. & Krohn, M. (2019; online first). Sent home versus being arrested: The relative influence of school and police intervention on drug use. Justice Quarterly. https://doi.org/10.1080/07418825.2018.1561924

    Dong, B., Jacoby, S., Morrison, C. & Wiebe, D. (2019). Longitudinal heterogeneity in handgun carrying behavior among urban American youth: Intervention priorities at different life stages. Journal of Adolescent Health, 64(4), 502-508.

    Dong, B., & Wiebe, D. (2018). Violence and beyond: Life-course features of handgun carrying in the urban United States and the associated long-term life consequences. Journal of Criminal Justice, 54, 1-11. 


  • Isidore K Dorpenyo, English

    Research Interests: Writing and Rhetoric: International technical communication, professional and technical communication, social justice, public intellectualism, rhetoric of technology, technology and elections, politics, biometric technology, and localization.

    Selected Publications

    User Localization Strategies in the Face of Technological Breakdown: Biometric in Ghana’s Elections. Palgrave Macmillan Press. 2019

    Dorpenyo, K.I. “Risky Election, Vulnerable Technology: Localizing Biometric use in Elections for the Sake of Justice.” Technical Communication Quarterly, (2019):1-15

    Guest Editor (special issue): “Technical Communication and Elections Technologies.” Technical Communication, 65.4 (2018)

    “Mapping a Space for Rhetorical-Cultural Analysis: A case of a Scientific Proposal.” Journal of Technical Writing and Communication, 45.3 (2015)

    Bowen, L. M., Arko, K., Beatty, J., Delaney, C., Dorpenyo, I., Moeller, L., ... & Velat, J. “Community Engagement in a Graduate-Level Community Literacy Course.” Community Literacy Journal, 9.1, (2014):18-38.

  • Claude Andre Drolet, Mason Korea

    Research Interests: Career Infusion, Career Related Core Competencies, Communication in Public Administration, Panelology

    Selected Publications

    A Need for Comprehensive Career Guidelines in Korean Education, Australian Journal of Career Development, Vol 25, Num 2

    Adopting a Career Development Culture: A Proposal for Policy Makers, Asian Journal of Cultural Policy, Volume 1, Number 2

    An Evidence Based Model for Career Infusion, paper presented at the 2014 Spring Conference of the Korean Association of General Education.

    Infusing Career Development into the EFL Classroom: A Proposal for University Teachers, Asian       Journal of General Education, Vol 1, Num 1

    Student Voices: Korean Perceptions of Ideal English Teachers, Asian Journal of General Education,       Vol 1, Num 1

    Using Comics in the Development of EFL Reading and Writing, TESOL Review, 2010 Journal

  • Natalia Dudnik, Modern and Classical Languages

    Research Interests: Contemporary German and Austrian literature, gender studies, critical theory, teaching with technology

    Selected Publications

    “Gendering ‘Bare Life’: Marlene Streeruwitz’s Novels Kreuzungen. and Entfernung.Monatshefte für Deutschsprachige Literatur und Kultur 106.3 (Fall 2014): 472-487.

    Rev. of Selektive Emanzipation. Analysen zur Gleichstellungs- und Familienpolitik,
    by Diana Auth, Eva Buchholz and Stefanie Janczyk (eds). Journal of Contemporary European Studies 18 No. 4 (2010): 519-521.

  • Theodore Constantine Dumas, Psychology

    Research Interests: Neural substrates of memory, neural and cognitive development, stress and behavioral control, real-time brain activity focus in a multidisciplinary setting

    Selected Publications

    McHail, D.G., Dumas, T.C. (2020) Hippocampal gamma rhythms during Y-maze navigation in the juvenile rat. Hippocampus. 30(5):505-525.

    Zhou, S., DeFranco, J.P., Blaha, N.T., Dwivedy, P., Culver, A., Nallamala, H., Chelluri, S., Dumas, T.C. (2019) Aversive conditioning in the tardigrade, Dactylobiotus dispar. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Learning and Cognition. 45(4):405-412.

    Keith, R.E., Azcarate, J.M., Keith, M.J., Hung, C.W., Badakhsh, M.F., Dumas, T.C. (2018) Direct intracellular signaling by the carboxy terminus of NMDA receptor GluN2 subunits regulates dendritic morphology in hippocampal CA1 pyramidal neurons. Neuroscience. 396:138-153.

    Valibeigi N., McHail D.G., Carmen L. Kimball C.L., Dumas T.C. Barnes Maze Testing in Juvenile Rats. (2018) Bio-protocol. 8(22):1-12.

    Dumas, T.C., Uttaro, M.R., Barriga, C., Brinkley, T., Halavi, M., Wright, S.N., Ferrante M., Evans, R.C., Hawes, S.L., Sanders, E.M. (2018) Removal of area CA3 from hippocampal slices induces postsynaptic plasticity at Schaffer collateral synapses that normalizes CA1 pyramidal cell discharge. Neuroscience Letters. 678:55-61.

    Sanders, E.M., Nyarko-Odoom, A.O., Zhou, K.C., Nguyen, M.A., Liao, H.H., Keith, M., Pyon, J., Kozma, A., Sanyal, M., McHail, D.G., Dumas T.C. (2018) Separate functional properties of NMDARs regulate distinct aspects of spatial cognition. Learn. Mem. In press.

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    Simon DM, Charkhkar H, St John C, Rajendran S, Kang T, Reit R, Arreaga-Salas D, McHail DG, Knaack GL, Sloan A, Grasse D, Dumas TC, Rennaker RL, Pancrazio JJ, Voit WE. (2017) Design and demonstration of an intracortical probe technology with tunable modulus. J. Biomed. Mater. Res. A. 105(1):159-168.

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    Sanders, E.M., Nguyen, M.A., Zhou, K.C., Hanks, M.E., Yusuf, K.A., Cox, D.N., & Dumas T.C. (2013) Developmental modification of synaptic NMDAR composition and maturation of glutamatergic synapses: Matching postsynaptic slots with receptor pegs. Biol. Bull. 224:1-13.

    Dumas, T.C. (2012) Postnatal alterations in induction threshold and expression magnitude of long-term potentiation and long-term depression at hippocampal synapses. Hippocampus. 22:188-99.

    Dumas, T.C., Gillette, T., Ferguson, D., Hamilton, K. & Sapolsky, R.M. (2010) Anti-glucocorticoid gene therapy reverses the impairing effects of elevated corticosterone on spatial memory, hippocampal neuronal excitability, and synaptic plasticity. J. Neurosci. 30:1712-1720.

    Stoneham, E.M., Sanders, E.M., Sanyal, M., & Dumas, T.C. (2010) Late postnatal maturation of long-lasting activity-dependent synaptic plasticity in the hippocampus. Biol. Bull. 219:81-99.

  • Lisa Eckenwiler, Philosophy

    Research Interests: Bioethics, health care ethics, public health ethics, feminist ethical and political theory

    Selected Publications

    “Care Worker Migration and Transnational Justice,” Journal of Public Health Ethics, Vol. 2, no. 2 (July 2009): 171-183

    with Zahra Meghani, “Care for the Caregivers?: Transnational Justice and Undocumented Non-Citizen Care Workers,” International Journal of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics, vol. 2, no. 1 (Spring 2009): 77-101

    “The WHO Code on the Recruitment of International Health Personnel: We’ve Only Just Begun,” Developing World Bioethics vol. 9, no. 1 (April 1, 2009): ii-v

    Michael Goodyear, Lisa Eckenwiler, and Carolyn Ells, “Mapping a Fresh Course for Helsinki” BMJ 337 (October 17, 2008): 2128

    with Carolyn Ells, Dafna Feinholz, and Toby Schonfeld, "Hopes for Helsinki: Re-thinking Vulnerability," Journal of Medical Ethics vol. 34, no. 10 (October 2008): 765-766

    with Carolyn Ells, Dafna Feinholz, and Toby Schonfeld, "Helsinki through a Feminist Lens," International Journal of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics vol. 1, no. 1 (Spring 2008): 161-177

  • Eric Eisner, English

    Research Interests: 18th and 19th century British literature and culture, esp. Romanticism; lyric poetry; history of reading; literary and cultural theory

    Selected Publications

    “[Byron's] Posthumous Reception and Reinvention to 1900.” Byron in Context. Ed. Clara Tuite. Cambridge University Press, 2020. 289-296.

    "Landon's Local Attachments: Urban Mobility, Literary Memory, and the Professional Woman Writer." Studies in Romanticism 58:1 (Spring 2019) 27-50.

    "Versions of Negative Capability in Modern American Poetry and Criticism." Keats's Negative Capability: New Origins and Afterlives. Ed. Brian Rejack and Michael Theune. Liverpool University Press, 2019. 154-170.

    “Drag Keats: Mark Doty’s ‘Cockney Poetics’.” European Romantic Review 28:3 (2017) 387-393.

    “Reading for the Moment.” “We, Reading, Now” Colloquium, eds. Julie Orlemanski and Dalglish Chew. Arcade: Literature, Humanities, & The World. October 2016.

    "Jane Austen and the Gothic." Teaching Jane Austen. Ed. Devoney Looser and Emily C. Friedman. Romantic Circles. April 2015.

    "Disaster Poetics: Keats and Contemporary Poetry." Wordsworth Circle 44:2-3 (2013) 153-58.

    Ed. and intro. Romantic Fandom. Romantic Circles Praxis Series (2011).

    Nineteenth-Century Poetry and Literary Celebrity. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2009.

    "Elizabeth Barrett Browning and the Energies of Fandom." Victorian Review 33:2 (2007): 85-102. Rpt. in Harold Bloom, ed. Elizabeth Barrett Browning (Bloom's Modern Critical Views). New York: Chelsea House, 2015.

  • Hatim El-Hibri, English

    Research Interests: Film and Media: global media and television studies, Middle East and Arab media studies, visual culture studies, urban studies, critical theory, media history and theory, religion and media, cultural studies

    Selected Publications

    "Disagreement without Dissensus: The Contradictions of Hizbullah's Mediatized Populism" International Journal of Communication, Vol 11 (2017): 4239-4255.


    “Media Studies, the Spatial Turn, and the Middle East.” Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication. Vol 10, 1 (2017): 24-48.


    “The Cultural Logic of Visibility in the Arab Uprisings.” International Journal of Communication, Vol 8 (2014): 835-852.


    “Mapping Beirut: Toward a History of the Translation of Space from the French Mandate through the Civil War (1920-91).” The Arab World Geographer, Vol 12, Nos. 3-4 (2010): 119-135.

  • Heba F. El-Shazli, Ali Vural Ak Center for Global Islamic Studies

    Research Interests: Democratization, Authoritarian Regimes and Transitions, Civil Society and Global Social Movements, Arabic Language and Culture, Islam and Politics, and the Labor Movement in the Middle East

    Selected Publications

    “The Role of the Labor Sector,” in Godson, Roy (editor). Towards Democratic Transitions: The Case of North Africa. National Strategy Information Center (NSIC); First edition (November 17, 2013).

    “The Egyptian Peasant—The Hero of the  Past, the Hope for the Future” – a review of Timothy Mitchell’s Rules of Experts—Egypt, Techno-­Politics, Modernity. SPECTRA: The ASPECT Journal, Volume 2, Number 1, November 2012.

    Senior Editor and Project Manager, The Struggle for Worker Rights in Egypt, The Solidarity Center, February 2010.

  • Sayed Elsisi, Modern and Classical Languages

    Research Interests: Modern Arabic Language and Literature Theories of Modernity Comparative Literature Film Studies Islam in the Middle East Arabian Nights Folkloric Studies

    Selected Publications

    His publications include two authored books: Post-Prose poem – Towards A New Discourse of The Arabic Poetics (2016)- this book was longlisted for Zayid Book Award - and Alluring Text and Playful Reading (in Arabic), in addition to Egypt: Culture and Society a co-authored textbook for the CASA program (2006).

    He also published numerous articles on the Arabic novel and poetry, including: Renaissance buried alive in “The Collar and the Bracelet” (2021),  Arabic Prose Poem: from Modernism to Postmodernism (2015), A wolf in Love Does not Apologize for Preying: a Reading in the poetry of Osama Al Dinasory (2007), Sufi Vision to the Poetic Language in Salah Abdul Sabour’s Poetry (2003), Absence as Strategy in Sa’di Yussuf’s Poetry: An Intertextuality Approach (2001), and The Realism in Conjuncture of the novel al-Ard, (1994).

  • Edgar Endress, Latin American Studies

    Selected Publications

    Personal Projects:

    Article (Portfolio) in Continente Magazine by Victória Ayres / Recife-Brazil ( Excerpt link)

    Springerin Magazine / Exploring-the-World-from-the-Periphery by Dietrich Heissenbüttel /// link

    Book / The-Racial-Imaginary by by Claudia RankineBeth LoffredaCap Max King  /// link

    The Politics of Cultural Programming in Public Spaces
    by Vicki Watts (Editor), Robert W. Gehl (Editor) /// link

    Video in Latin America. A critical history Edited by Laura Baigorri (Madrid: Brumaria, 2008) /// link

    Art Pulse Magazine Dec 2009 – Feb 2010 / Dense local by Lourdes Portillo /// link

    Book / Apremio: apuntes sobre el pensamiento y la creación contemporánea desde el Caribe. by ‪Alanna Lockward


    Collective Projects

    Article in Lak Magazine (Korea) / Wandering Eyes, Curator's View: Mobile Architecture as Social Practice _ Sim So Mi /// link

    Book / Global Activism / Art and Conflict in the 21st Century / Edited by Peter Weibel /// link

    Book-catalog / Theater-of-peace /// link

    Magazine / Roulotte nº 09 /// link

  • Christianne Esposito-Smythers, Psychology

    Research Interests: adolescent suicide, adolescent substance abuse, development of cognitive behavioral prevention and intervention programs for adolescent mental health problems

    Selected Publications

    Selected Manuscripts

    Esposito-Smythers, C., Hadley, W., Curby, T., & Brown, L.K. (2017). Alcohol, self-harm, and HIV prevention among youth in mental health treatment: A randomized controlled pilot trial. Behaviour Research and Therapy. doi: 10.1016/j.brat.2016.11.005. PMC5345345

    Esposito-Smythers, C. Brown, L.K., Wolff, J., Xu, J. Thorton, S., & Tidey, J. (2014). Integrated cognitive-behavioral and contingency management intervention for HIV infected young adults: Results of an open pilot trial. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 46, 244-250. doi: 10.1016/j.jsat.2013.07.008. PMC23988190

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    Donaldson, D., Spirito, A., & Esposito-Smythers, C. (2005). Treatment for adolescents following a suicide attempt: Results of a pilot trial. Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 44, 113-120. doi: 10.1097/00004583-200502000-00003

    Selected Book Chapters

    Esposito-Smythers, C., Rallis, B., Machell, K., Williams, C. & Fischer, S. (in press). Brief interventions for adolescents with substance abuse and comorbid psychiatric problems. In P. Monti, Colby, S, & O'Leary, T. (Eds) Adolescents Alcohol and Substance Abuse: Reaching Teens Through Brief Interventions. New York, NY: Guildford Press.

    Spirito, A., Esposito-Smythers, C., & Wolff, J. (2017). Developing and testing interventions for adolescent suicidal and non-suicidal self-injury. In J. R. Weisz & A.E. Kazdin (Eds.) Evidence-Based Psychotherapies for Children and Adolescents. New York, NY: Guilford Press.

    Esposito-Smythers, C., Perloe, A., Machell, K., & Rallis, B. (2015). Suicidal and non-suicidal self-harm behaviors. In Y. Kaminer (Ed.), Youth Substance Abuse and Co-Occurring Disorders. Arlington, VA: American Psychiatric Publishing.

    Esposito-Smythers, C., Weismoore, J., Zimmermann, R.P., & Spirito, A. (2014). Suicidal behaviors among children and adolescents. In M. Nock (Ed.), Oxford Handbook of Suicide and Self-Injury. New York, NY: Oxford University Press, Inc.





  • Laura A Ewing, English

    Research Interests: Intercultural technical communication, digital communication, professional and technical writing

    Selected Publications

    • “Social media strategy for the military-engaged American Red Cross” #RhetOps, forthcoming 2018.
    • “An Intercultural Analysis of Social Media Advocacy in Disaster Response” Citizenship and Advocacy in Technical Communication: Scholarly and Pedagogical Perspectives with Megan McIntyre, July 2018.
  • Douglas Eyman, English

    Research Interests: Classical and contemporary rhetorical theory, digital rhetoric, digital scholarship and electronic publication, web authoring and design, technical and scientific writing

    Selected Publications

    Digital Rhetoric: Theory, Method, Practice. (2015). University of Michigan Press, Digital Culture Books series, http://www.digitalculture.org/books/digital-rhetoric/

    Play/Write: Digital Rhetoric, Writing, Games. (2016). co-edited with Andrea Davis. Anderson, SC: Parlor Press.

    Text/Design/Code – Advice on developing and producing a scholarly webtext. (2019). In John Gallagher & Danielle DeVoss, (Eds.), Explanation Points: Publishing in Rhetoric and Composition (pp. 206-209). Fort Collins: University of Colorado Press.

    Text, design, code: Digital rhetoric in academic and professional writing. (2018). In Shirley Logan and Wayne Slater, (Eds.), Perspectives on Academic and Professional Writing in an Age of Accountability (pp. 221-233). Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press.

    The rise of multimodal languages in academic publishing. (2018). with Cheryl Ball and Andrew Morrison. In Mary Jane Curry and Theresa Lillis, (Eds.), Global Academic Publishing: Policies, Practices, and Pedagogies (pp. 117-136). Clevedon, UK: Multilingual Matters Publishing.

    Digital rhetoric as evolving field: Traditional and contemporary practices. (2016). Enculturation: A Journal of Rhetoric, Writing, Culture, 23: http://enculturation.net/looking-back-and-looking-forward

    From player to maker: The value of rhetoric in an age of ubiquitous gaming. (2016). PRE/TEXT: A Journal of Rhetorical Theory, 21: 45-57.

    Composing for Digital Publication: Rhetoric, Design, Code. (2014). with Cheryl Ball. Composition Studies, 42.1: 114-117.

    Writing, Rhetoric, and Design: A Virtual Collaboration Case Study. (2010). In Beth Hewett and Charlotte Robideaux, (Eds.), Virtual Collaborative Writing in the Workplace: Computer-Mediated Communication Technologies and Processes (pp. 350-359). Hershey: IGI Press.

    Usability: Methodology and Design Practice for Writing Processes and Pedagogies. (2009). Rhetorically Rethinking Usability: Theories, Practices, and Methodologies (pp. 213-228). Ed. Susan Miller-Cochran and Rochelle Rodrigo. Cresskill: Hampton Press.

    Computer Gaming and Technical Communication: An Ecological Framework. (2008). Technical Communication, 55.3: 242-50.

    Digital Literac(ies), Digital Discourses, and Communities of Practice: Literacy Practices in Virtual Environments. (2007). Cultural Studies of Literacy Practices (pp. 181-95). Ed. Victoria Purcell-Gates. Mahwah: Erlbaum.

  • Catyana Falsetti, School of Integrative Studies

    Research Interests: Urban planning, Sustainable Development, Environmental Justice, Social Justice, Climate Change, Social Equity, Resilience, Placemaking, Policy, Renewable Energy, Waste Management, Human Population, Women's Empowerment

    Selected Publications

    • 2020 - Review: Environmental Health and the U.S. Federal System, by Greenberg, Michael R., and Dona Schneider. Journal of Planning Education and Research. February 11, 2020
    • 2018 - Planning for a Sustainable Future. A spring 2018 collaborative report of Arizona State University’s Project Cities & the City of Apache Junction.
    • 2018 - Understanding Homelessness. A Collaborative Report of Arizona State University’s Project Cities & the City of Apache Junction.                
    • 2018 - Open-source Tools for Dense Facial Tissue Depth Mapping (FTDM) of Computed Tomography Models. Human Biology  
    • 2017 - Forensic Evidence Management: From Scene to Courtroom (Forensic Art Chapter), CRC Press. Boca Raton, Florida       
    • 2016 - Craniofacial Analysis of 3D Computed Tomography (CT) Models and a New Method for Dense Facial Tissue Depth Mapping: A Collaboration Between Forensic Science Researchers and Forensic Art Practitioners. Poster Presented at the Annual Meeting of Forensic Sciences, Las Vegas, NV.  Terrie Simmons-Ehrhardt; Catyana R. Skory Falsetti, MFS; Christopher J. Ehrhardt, PhD    
    • 2016 - Facing Death, A mystery novel                      
    • 2014 - A Multidisciplinary Approach to the Identification of a Missing Victim of a Motorcycle Accident British Association for Human Identification) 11th Scientific Conference, co-authors with Moraitis K, Eliopoulos C, Zorba E, Mitsea AG, Falsetti C, Spiliopoulou    
    • 2012 - National View of Forensic Art - Poster Presentation American Academy of Forensic Sciences, co-authored with Sandra Enslow   
    • 2011 - A Multidisciplinary Approach to the Identification of a Missing Victim of a Motorcycle Accident British Association for Human Identification) 11th Scientific Conference, co-authors with Moraitis K, Eliopoulos, Zorba E, Mitsea AG, Falsetti (nee Sawyer) C, Spiliopoulou                                                                                                                  
  • Shahram Fard, Criminology, Law and Society

  • John Farina, Religious Studies

    Research Interests: Religion and Society, Religion and Law, American Religious History

    Selected Publications

    Dr. Farina was editor-in-chief of the critically acclaimed Paulist Press Classics of Western Spirituality (65 vols.) and general editor of the 25 volume Sources of American Spirituality series.  He edited the 12-volume Spiritual Legacy series for the Crossroad Publishing Company.  His own writing includes An American Experience of God, Hecker Studies and Romantic Religion in Ante-bellum America.  He is the editor of Beauty for Ashes: Spiritual Reflections on the Attack on America (Crossroad, 2001), the winner of the Catholic Press Association award for Best Book in Spirituality 2001 (pb, 2nd).  He is the author of Great Spiritual Masters (Paulist Press 2002), a popular presentation of classical writers for today’s readerand the editor ( with James Salmon, S.J.) of  Teilhard: Essays on the Thought of Teilhard  de Cardin (Summer 2010).  

  • David Farris, Higher Education

    Research Interests: organizational behavior; university governance; organizational citizenship behavior; university committees and teams

    Selected Publications

    • Farris, D. (2018). Organisational citizenship behaviour in university administrative committees. Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management, 40(3), 224–238. 
    • Farris, D., & Zobel, J. (2017). Strategies for Mitigating Risk Associated with University-related International Travel. University Risk Management and Insurance Association Journal. (Accepted for publication Fall 2017).   
    • Farris, D. (2017, June 6). Not another committee: Advice for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of committees. Inside Higher Ed (online). 
    • Farris, D., & McCreight, R. (2014). The Professionalization of Emergency Management in Institutions of Higher Education. Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, 11(1), 73-94. 
    • Farris, D. (2014). The Still Divided Academy: How Competing Visions of Power, Politics, and Diversity Complicate the Mission of Higher Education by Stanley Rothman, April Kelly-Woessner, and Matthew Woessner (review). The Review of Higher Education, 37(3), 411-414. 
    • Farris, D., & Tracy, D. (2013, July 5).  School Shooting Preparedness Requires Complex Training. Emergency Management Magazine (online). 
    • Farris, D. (2012). Leveraging Organizational Structure in Safety and Emergency Preparedness Programs, Journal of Chemical Health and Safety, 19(4), 9-14.
  • Lourdes Fernandez, English

    Research Interests: writing program administration, professional writing, composition

    Selected Publications

    Fernandez, L., Lawrence, H. Y., & Stabile, B. (2020). The Disappearing Accused: Rhetoric, Narrative, and Campus Sexual Assault. Rhetoric Review39(2), 230-245.


    Heidi Y. Lawrence, Lourdes Fernandez, Rachael Graham Lussos, Bonnie Stabile & Melissa Broeckelman-Post. (2019). Communicating campus sexual assault: A mixed methods rhetorical analysis, Technical Communication Quarterly, 28:4, 299-316.


    Rachael Graham Lussos & Lourdes Fernandez. (2018). Assault and accusation without agents: Verb voice in media narratives of campus sexual assault. Journal of Mason Graduate Research (JMGR), 5(2), 108-127.


    Bree A. McGregor & Lourdes Fernandez. (2017). Writing faculty on the Marine Corps base: Building strong classroom communities through engagement and advocacy. Reflections: A Journal of Public Rhetoric, Civic Writing, and Service Learning 16(2), 129-150.


  • Larrie D. Ferreiro, History and Art History

    Research Interests: History of Engineering; History of Science; History of Technology; Naval history; Military history; History of the American Revolution; History of the Scientific Revolution; Latin American history; Naval architecture; Naval ship design; Defense acquisition; Systems engineering; Complex systems management

    Selected Publications

    • Brothers at Arms: American Independence and the Men of France and Spain Who Saved It. Alfred A. Knopf, 2016 (Pulitzer Prize Finalist in History 2017 ; Journal of the American Revolution Book of the Year 2016)
    • Measure of the Earth: The Enlightenment Expedition that Reshaped Our World. New York: Basic Books, 2011 (Physics World Top 10 books of 2011)
    • Ships and Science: The Birth of Naval Architecture in the Scientific Revolution, 1600-1800. Cambridge: MIT Press, 2007 (North American Society for Oceanic History award, best science and technology book, 2007)
    • Technology of the Ships of Trafalgar (editor). Madrid: UPM, 2006
    • Bridging the Seas: The Rise of Naval Architecture in the Industrial Age, 1800-2000. In process
  • Brian Fitzpatrick, English

    Research Interests: Workplace writing, writing transfer, writing in the disciplines, online pedagogy

    Selected Publications

    Fitzpatrick, B. J., & McCaughey, J. (2019). The Archive of Workplace Writing Experiences: Using the Voices of Real-World Writers as a Bridge Between the Classroom and the Conference Room. Double Helix, 7.


  • Kevin M. Flanagan, English

    Research Interests: British film and television, adaptation studies, composition, British cultural studies, film and television directors, media history, arts documentary

    Selected Publications

    Flanagan, Kevin M., War Representation in British Cinema and Television: From Suez to Thatcher, and Beyond  (London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2019). Britain and the World Book Series.

    Flanagan, Kevin M. “The hosted architectural documentary on British television: Ian Nairn and the personalization of place,” Screen 59.1 (Spring 2018): 114-121

    Flanagan, Kevin M. “Videogame Adaptation.” In Thomas Leitch, ed. The Oxford Handbook of Adaptation Studies (New York: Oxford UP, 2017), 441-454

    Flanagan, Kevin M., ed. Ken Russell: Re-Viewing England’s Last Mannerist (Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press: 2009).

  • Jane M Flinn, Psychology

    Research Interests: The role of metals in learning and memory, including their role in Alzheimer's disease and traumatic brain injury (TBI)

    Selected Publications

    Stephen L P Lippi, S.L., Kakalec, P.A., Smith, M.L., Flinn, J.M.. ( 2020) Wheel-running behavior is negatively impacted by zinc administration in a novel dual transgenic mouse model of AD. Frontiers in Neuroscience, section Sleep and Circadian Rhythms.

    Neely, C.L.C., Boggs, K.N., Pedemonte, K.A. Flinn, J.M. (2019). Nest Building Behavior as an Early Indicator of Behavioral Deficits in Mice. J. Vis. Exp. (152), e60139, doi:10.3791/60139

    Neely, C.L.C., Lippi, S.L.P., Lanzirotti, A., Flinn J.M. (2019). Localization of Free and Bound Metal Species through X-Ray Synchrotron Fluorescence Microscopy in the Rodent Brain and Their Relation to Behavior. Brain Sciences. 2019 March 28, 9(4).

    Lippi, S.L,P., Craven, K.M., Hernandez, C, Grant G. Flinn J.M. (2019).Perfusion Alters Free Zinc Levels in the Rodent Brain. J Neurosci Methods.315:14-16.

    Lippi, S.L,P.,  Smith, M.M., Flinn J.M.(2018).   A novel hAPP/htau mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease: Inclusion of APP with tau exacerbates behavioral deficits and zinc administration heightens tangle pathology. Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, in press.

    Craven, K.M.,  W.R., Hernandez C.M.,  Flinn, J.M. (2018). Zinc Exacerbates Tau Pathology in a Tau Mouse Model. J. Alz.Dis.4(2):617-630.

     Neely, C., Lane, C., Torres, J., Flinn, J.  (2018). The effect of gentle handling on depressive-like behavior in adult male mice: Considerations for human and rodent interactions in the laboratory. Behav. Neurol.  Mar 6;2018:2976014.

    Tripona, R.G. , Judit Oláh, J., Nasira, T. ,  Csincsika,L. ,  Lok Li, C. ,  Szunyogh, S., Gonge, H., Flinn,  J.M., Ovádic, J., Imre Lengyel, I.  (2018) Localization of the Zinc Binding Tubulin Polymerization Promoting Protein in the Mice and Human Eye. J.  Trace Elem. Med. and Bio. Available on line Dec 2017.

    Boggs K.N.,   Kakalec, P.A., Smith, M.L., Howell, S.N.,  Flinn, J.M. (2017). Circadian wheel running behavior is altered in an APP/E4 mouse model of late onset Alzheimer's disease. Physiol. and Behav. 182, 137-142.

    Flinn J.M (2016). Amazing Papers in Neuroscience Both Genetic and Environmental Changes Can Enhance Learning and Memory. J.U.N.E. 15(1): R14-16.

    Thompson, R.B., Reffatto,V., Bundy, J.G., Flinn, J.M., Lanzirotti, A., Jones, A.E., McPhailg, D.S., Fearn, S., Boldtd, K.,Ueffingd, M., Ratub, S.S., Pauleikhoff, L., Bird, A.C., Lengyel, I. (2015) Identification of hydroxyapatite spherules provides new insight into sub-retinal pigment epithelial deposit formation in the aging eye.  Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U S A. 112(5):1565 – 70. 

    Maguire L., Wanschura P.B., Battaglia M.M., Howell, S.N., Flinn, J.M.  (2014). Participation In Active Singing Over A 4-Month Period Leads To Cognitive Improvements In A Group of Patients with Dementia. J. Am. Geriatr. Soc. 63(4):815-6. 

    Flinn, J.M., Bozzelli, P.L., Adlard, P.A., Railey, A.M. (2014). Spatial memory deficits in a mouse model of late-onset Alzheimer’s disease are caused by zinc supplementation and correlate with amyloid-beta levels. Frontiers in Aging.  2014, Oct 22; 6:74.  

    Graybeal, J.J.,  BozzelliP.L.,  Graybeal, L.G., McKnightP.E.,  CoxD.N.,  (2014) FlinnJ.M. Human ApoE ε4 alters circadian rhythm activity, IL-1β and GFAP in CRND8 mice.  J. Alzheimers Dis. 2015; 43(3):823-34.  

    Davidson, D., Chrosniak, L D., Wanschura, P. B Flinn, J.M.  (2014) Indications  of   Reduced Prefrontal Cortical Function in Chronically Homeless Adults. J. Comm. Ment. Hlth. 50:548-552. 

    Flinn, J.M.,  Kakalec, P., Tappero, R., Jones,  B.J., Lengyel, L. (2014)  Correlations  in distribution and concentration of calcium, copper and iron with zinc in isolated extracellular deposits associated with age-related macular degeneration. Metallomics.  6 (7):  1223-1228.

    Railey, A.M., Groeber, C.M., Flinn, J.M. (2011) The Effect of Metals on Spatial Memory in a Transgenic Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease. J. Alzheimer’s Dis. 24(2) 375-381

    Railey, A.M., Micheli, T.L.,Wanschura, P.B., Flinn, J.M. (2010). Alterations in fear response and spatial memory in pre- and post- natal zinc supplemented rats: remediation by copper. Physiology and Behavior. 100(2):95-100.

    Linkous, D. H.. Adlard P.A., Wanschura P.B., Conko K.M. and Flinn J.M. (2009).The effects of enhanced zinc on spatial memory and plaque formation in transgenic mice. J, Alzheimer’s Disease. 18(3) 541-551.

    Linkous, D.H., Flinn, J.M., Koh, J.Y., Lanzirotti, A., Bertsch, P., Jones, B.F., Fredrickson, C.J. (2008). Evidence that the ZNT-3 protein controls the total amount of elemental zinc in synaptic vesicles. J. Histochem. and Cytochem. 56(1):3-6.

    Graybeal, J.J.,  Bozzelli, P.L.,  Graybeal, L.G.,  McKnight, P.E.,  Cox, D.N.,  Flinn, J.M. Human ApoE ε4 alters circadian rhythm activity, IL-1β and GFAP in CRND8 mice.   In press,  J . Alz Dis. 

    Flinn, J.M.,  Bozzelli, P.L.,  Adlard,  P.A.,  Railey, A.M. Spatial memory deficits in a mouse model of late-onset Alzheimer’s disease are caused by zinc supplementation and correlate with amyloid-beta levels. In press,  Frontiers in Aging.

    Participation In Active Singing Over A 4-Month Period Leads To Cognitive Improvements In A Group Of Patients With Dementia.  Maguire L., Wanschura P.B., Battaglia M.M., Howell .SN., Flinn J.M.  Accepted in J.Am. Gerontol Soc.

    Davidson, D., Chrosniak, L D., Wanschura, P. B Flinn, J.M.  (2014) Indications of Reduced Prefrontal Cortical Function in Chronically Homeless Adults.  Journal of Community and Mental Health. 50:548-552

    Flinn, J.M.,  Kakalec, P., Tappero, R., Jones,  B.J., Lengyel, L. (2014) Correlations in distribution and concentration of calcium, copper and iron with zinc in isolated extracellular deposits associated with age-related macular degeneration.  Cover article,  Metallomics.  6 (7):  1223-1228.

  • Karen Foltz, English

    Selected Publications

    Foltz, K. (2018). Applications and Beliefs about L2 Teachers' Linguistic Knowledge and Awareness, Arizona State University. ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global International.

  • John Burt Foster, English

    Research Interests: world literature, modern fiction, comparative literature

    Selected Publications

    Heirs to Dionysus: A Nietzschean Current in Literary Modernism. Princeton: Princeton UP, 1981.

    Nabokov's Art Memory and European Modernism. Princeton: Princeton UP, 1993.

    (ed., with Wayne J. Froman) Thresholds of Western Culture: Identity, Postcoloniality, Transnationalism. London: Continuum, 2003.

    (ed., with Wayne J. Froman) Dramas of Culture: Theory, History, Performance. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2008.

    Transnational Tolstoy: Between the West and the World. London: Bloomsbury, 2013.

    "Magical Realism, Compensatory Vision, and Felt History: Classical Realism Transformed in The White Hotel." Magical Realism: Theory, History, Community. Ed. Lois Zamora and Wendy Faris. Durham: Duke UP, 1995. 267-83.

    "Zarathustrian Millennialism Before the Millennium: From Bely to Yeats to Malraux." Why Nietzsche Still? Reflections on Drama, Culture, Politics. Ed. Alan Schrift. Berkeley: U of California P, 2000. 99-117.

    "'Show Me the Zulu Tolstoy': A Russian Classic Between 'First' and 'Third' Worlds." Slavic and East European Journal 45.2 (2001): 260-74.

    "Cultural Encounters in Global Contexts: World Literature as a One-Semester General Education Course." Teaching World Literature. Ed. David Damrosch. New York: Modern Language Association, 2009. 155-64.

    "Three 'Comparative' Autobiographies: Cultural Multiplicity in Mary McCarthy, Wole Soyinka, Edward Said." Beyond Binarism: Identities in Process. Essays in Comparative Literature. Ed. Eduardo F. Coutinho. Rio de Janeiro: Areoplano, 2009. 24-33.

    "Memory in the Literary Memoir," The Memory Process: Neuroscientific and Humanistic Perspectives, eds. Suzanne Nalbantian, Paul Matthews, and James L. McClelland.  Cambridge: MIT Press, 2010. 297-313.

    "Soyinka [Euripides, Nietzsche] Thomas Mann: Intertextual Dialogues across the Twentieth Century," Theatres in the Round: Multi-ethnic, Indigenous, and Intertextual Dialogues in Drama, ed. Dorothy Figueira and Marc Maufort, Bruxelles: Peter Lang, 2011. 211-27

    "Forum on Promoting the Study of Modern Literature Worldwide: The MLA and its Conventions," ed. and introd. John Burt Foster, Jr. Comparative Literature Studies 50.2 (Spring 2013): 191-243.

    “Love Across Borders in Hadji Murad: Variations on a Cross-Cultural Motif in Tolstoy,  Stendhal, and D.H. Lawrence,” Partial Answers 12.2 (2014): 311-29.

  • Robin Foster, History and Art History

    Research Interests: Urban history; material culture studies; historic preservation

    Selected Publications

    Carl Van Doren: A Man of Ideas (Armillary Press, 2018)

    The Age of Sail in The Age of Aquarius; The South Street Seaport and the Crisis of the Sixties (2016)

    "Battle of the Port; Memory, Preservation, and Planning in the Creation of the South Street Seaport Museum" Journal of Urban History (Sept 2013)

  • Elizabeth Freeman, School of Integrative Studies

    Research Interests: Wildlife conservation, behavioral endocrinology, behavioral ecology

    Selected Publications

    Freeman, Elizabeth W., Jordana M. Meyer, John Adendorff, Bruce Schulte, Rachel M.  Santymire. 2014. Scraping behavior of the black rhinoceros is related to age and fecal gonadal metabolite concentrations. Journal of Mammalogy 95:340-348.

    Freeman, Elizabeth W., Jordana M. Meyer, Jed Bird, John Adendorff, Bruce Schulte, Rachel M.  Santymire. 2014. Impacts of environmental pressures on the reproductive physiology of subpopulations of black rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis bicornis) in Addo Elephant National Park, South Africa. Conservation Physiology. 1:doi:10.1093/conphys/cot034

    Freeman, Elizabeth W., Jordana M. Meyer, Sarah Putman, Bruce A. Schulte, Janine L. Brown. 2013. Ovarian cycle activity varies with respect to age and social status in free-ranging elephants in Addo Elephant National Park, South Africa. Conservation Physiology 1:doi:10.1093/conphys/cot025.

    Ganswindt, Andre, Janine L. Brown, Elizabeth W. Freeman, Andrew J. Kouba, Linda M. Penfold, Rachel M. Santymire, Mandi M. Vick, Nadja Wielebnowski, Erin L. Willis, Matthew R. Milnes. 2012. International Society of Wildlife Endocrinologists (ISWE), the future of endocrine measures for reproductive science, animal welfare, and conservation biology. Biological Letters: doi:10.1098/rsbl.2011.1181

    Goodwin, Thomas E., Laura J. Broederdorf, Blake A. Burkert, Innocent H. Hirwa, Daniel B. Mark, Zach J. Waldrip, Randall A. Kopper, Mark V. Sutherland, Elizabeth W. Freeman, Julie A. Hollister-Smith, and Bruce A. Schulte. 2012.  Chemical signals of elephant musth: Temporal aspects of microorganism-mediated modifications. Journal of Chemical Ecology 38:81-87.

    Santymire, Rachel M., Jordana M. Meyer, Elizabeth W. Freeman. 2012. Sleep behavior of the wild black rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis bicornis). Sleep, 35:1569-1574.

    Freeman, Elizabeth W., Jordana M. Meyer, Sarah Putman, Bruce A. Schulte, Janine L. Brown. 2011.  Using a simplified field progestagen method to assess ovarian activity in female African elephants. Biological Conservation 44:2105-2111.

  • Sheryl A Friedley, Communication

    Research Interests: Interpersonal communication, communication and gender

    Selected Publications

    She co-authored the 2003 book titled Communication and Gender, 4th edition and was the editor of the 2005 book titled Interpersonal Communication Theory: A Reader.

  • Samuel L. Frye, School of Integrative Studies

    Research Interests: Local Government, Nonprofit Organizations, Quality Improvement in Human Service Organizations, Neighborhood Change, and the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning.

    Selected Publications

    Frye, Samuel L., and McCarron, Graziella. (in press). Leveraging High-impact, Collaborative Learning in an Undergraduate Nonprofit Studies Course Toward Bolstering Career Readiness. Journal of Nonprofit Education and Leadership.

  • Cynthia Fuchs, English

    Research Interests: Documentary, television, social media, war movies, sports media, black popular cultures, LGBTQ media, horror, action, and science fiction movies and TV, gender and sexuality

    Selected Publications

    PopMatters Editor, Writer, and Contributing Editor 1989-now. 

    "'A Few Brief Moments': Truth and Image in Sports Documentaries." Gender and Genre in Sports Documentaries: Critical Essays. Edited by Zachary Ingle and David M. Sutera. Scarecrow Press 2102. 

    Iraq War Cultures. Co-editor. New York: Peter Lang Publishers (2011).

    "Unsportsmanlike Call." In Media Res. 22 January 2009.

    "'Did anyone ever explain to you what "secret identity" means?': Race and Displacement in Buffy and Dark Angel." Undead TV: Essays on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Edited by Lisa Parks and Elana Levine. Duke University Press 2007.

    "'I'm from rags to riches': The Death of Jay-Z." Medium Cool: Music Videos from Soundies to Cellphones. Edited by Roger Beebe and Jason Mittel. Durham NC: Duke University Press 2007.

    "Un- de- re- classified: Adel Hamad's case goes to YouTube." In Media Res. 21 February 2007. 

    "Too Big." Guernica. Winter 2005. 

    "Taxi Driver: "I got some bad ideas in my head." Film Analysis: A Norton Reader. NYC: W.W. Norton & Company. Edited by Randy Rutsky. New York: Norton. 2005. 

    "'The whole fucking world warped around me': bad kids and contexts." Bad: Infamy, Darkness, Evil, and Slime on Screen. Edited by Murray Pomerance. December 2003.

    Spike Lee: Interviews. Editor. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi. 2002.

  • Al Fuertes, School of Integrative Studies

    Research Interests: Facilitation and dialog, global education, psychosocial trauma healing, conflict resolution, theology of struggle, anti-human trafficking and displacement issues

    Selected Publications

    Fuertes, Al. 2016. "Karen Refugees Describe Peace within the Context of Displacement." Conflict Resolution Quarterly. Vol. 33, Issue 3, Spring, pp. 297-312.

    Fuertes, Al 2016. "Peacebuilders in Mindanao Describe Consciousness and Transformation Towards Effective Practice." Kinaadman, Xavier University.

    Fuertes, Al and Wayland, Mary. 2015. “Cultivating Mindfulness through Meditation in a Classroom Setting from Students' Perspective.” Vol. 7. http://journals.gmu.edu/ITLCP/article/view/632. DOI : http://dx.doi.org/10.13021/G8NK58

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  • Susanne M Furman, Human Factors and Applied Cognition

    Selected Publications

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  • Shannon Fyfe, Philosophy

    Research Interests: philosophy of law, political philosophy, responsibility

    Selected Publications

    International Criminal Tribunals: A Normative Defense, co-authored with Larry May. Cambridge University Press, March 2017.

    “Tracking Hate Speech Acts as Incitement to Genocide in International Criminal Law,” Leiden Journal of International Law, vol. 30, iss. 2, 2017.

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    “Objective and Subjective Blame After War,” co-authored with Amy McKiernan, Essays in Philosophy, vol. 18, iss.  2, art. 6, 2017.

  • Catherine Gallagher, Criminology, Law and Society

    Research Interests: Juvenile Justice; Health outcomes and delivery for vulnerable populations; Suicide, injury, illness and deaths in confinement; Evidence synthesis and big data analytics for healthcare and justice policy

    Selected Publications

    Gallagher, C.A. (2009). The impact of health care for the juvenile justice system.  Georgetown Journal of Poverty Law and Policy, 16(3).

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  • Donald R Gallehr, English

    Research Interests: brain research and the teaching of writing; portfolio assessment; writing and meditation

    Selected Publications

    "What is the Sound of No Hand Clapping? Using the Secularized Zen Koans in the Teaching of Writing." The Spiritual Side of Writing. Ed. Regina Foehr and Susan Schiller. Portsmouth, NH: Boynton/Cook, 1997. 95-104.

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    "Reading Jim Moffett." Journal of the Assembly for Expanded Perspectives on Learning 3 (Winter 1997-98): 2-3.

  • Pamela Watkins Garner, School of Integrative Studies

    Research Interests: Social and emotional development of young children

    Selected Publications

    Davis, S. N., Jones, R. M., Mahatmya, D., & Garner, P. W. (2020). Encouraging or obstructing? assessing factors that impact faculty engagement in undergraduate research mentoring. In Frontiers in Education (Vol. 5, p. 114). Frontiers.

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  • John Garnett, Mason Korea

    Research Interests: agricultural history, history of science and technology, environmental history, global/transnational history, history of Latin America

    Selected Publications

    Dissertation: “Wheat Man’s Burden”: Wheat Rust, Trickle Down Agricultural Economics, and the Origins of the Green Revolution in Mexico (1842-1970)

    Review: “Pumpkin: The Curious History of an American Icon.” Journal of Social History. Volume 48, Issue 4 (Summer 2015).

    Co-author: “Food Systems and the Environment (1950s-present),” in Ed Russell and Sally Fairfax, eds. The Guide to U.S. Environmental Policy (New York: CQ Press, 2014).

  • Charles Lloyd Garrettson, Religious Studies

    Research Interests: Religion and Politics, Christianity, Plato, Taoism, Comparative Religion, Philosophy, Ethics, Philosophical Theology, History

    Selected Publications

    Hubert H. Humphrey and the Politics of Joy

  • Benjamin Gatling, Folklore

    Research Interests: narrative, performance, the ethnography of communication, Persianate oral traditions, Islam, Central Asia and the Middle East

    Selected Publications

    2020. “There Isn’t Belief, Just Believing: Rethinking Belief as a Keyword of Folklore Studies,” Journal of American Folklore 133(529), 307-328.

    2019. “Sufis, Shrines, and the State in Tajikistan,” in “Forum: Sacred Geographies in the Eurasian Space,” eds. Jesko Schmoller and Lili Di Puppo, Journal of Ethnology and Folkloristics 13(2), 155-161.

    2019. “Islam and Cultural Heritage on Tajik Television,” Central Asian Affairs 6(2), 113-132.

    2018. Expressions of Sufi Culture in Tajikistan, University of Wisconsin Press.

    2016. “Historical Narrative, Intertextuality, and Cultural Continuity in Post-Soviet Tajikistan,” Journal of Folklore Research 53(1), 41-65.


  • Heidi Catherine Gearhart, History and Art History

    Research Interests: Art History: medieval European art; medieval art theory; craft and manufacture; museum histories

    Selected Publications


    Theophilus and the Theory and Practice of Medieval Art. University Park, PA: Penn State University Press, 2017.


    Selected Articles

    “Memory, Making, and Duty in the Remaclus Retable of Stavelot.” Gesta 58/2 (Fall 2019) 137–155.

    “From Divine Word to Human Hand: Negotiating Sacred Text in a Medieval Gospel Book.” Word & Image: A Journal of Verbal/Visual Inquiry 32/4 (2016) 430–458.

     “Work and Prayer in the Fiery Furnace: The Three Hebrews on the Censer of Reiner in Lille and a Case for Artistic Labor.” Studies in Iconography 34 (2013) 103–132.

    “Transforming the Natural World: Hierarchies of Material in Theophilus’ On Diverse Arts.” Art and Nature. Laura Cleaver and Kathryn Gerry, eds. London: Courtauld Institute, 2009. 81–94.



    The Busch-Reisinger Museum Visitor Tour, Harvard Art Museums, Harvard University, 2014.

  • C Joseph Genetin-Pilawa, History and Art History

    Research Interests: 19th-Century, Indigenous Histories, Public History, Washington D.C.

    Selected Publications

    The Indians’ Capital City (Under Contract, University of North Carolina Press)

    Crooked Paths to Allotment: The Fight Over Federal Indian Policy after the Civil War (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2012). 

    Beyond “Two Worlds”: Critical Conversations on Language and Power in Native North America, Tribal Worlds series, co-edited with James Buss (State University of New York Press, 2015). 

    “Introduction: Special Forum on Indigenous Histories of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era,” Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era 14(4) (October 2015): 503-511. Co-written with Boyd Cothran (We were also the co-editors of the special forum).

    “‘Friends’ and Fistfights: Federal Indian Policy Debates and Late-Nineteenth Century State Development,” Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era 14(4) (October 2015): 512-520.

    “A Curious Removal: Leta Myers Smart, The Rescue, and The Discovery of America,” The Capitol Dome: A Magazine of History Published by the United States Capitol Historical Society 52(1) (Spring 2015): 2-9.

    “Ely Parker and the Paradox of Reconstruction Politics in Indian Country,” The World the Civil War Made (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press), forthcoming 2015

     “Ely Parker and the Contentious Peace Policy,” Western Historical Quarterly 41 (Summer 2010): 197-217.  

     “’[A]ll intent on seeing the white woman married to the red man’: The Parker/Sackett Affair and the Public Spectacle of Intermarriage,” Journal of Women’s History 20(2) (June 2008): 57-85. 

  • David J. Gerleman, History and Art History

    Research Interests: Abraham Lincoln, American Civil War, Nineteenth Century America and Europe, Military History, Antebellum South, Digital History, Agricultural History

    Selected Publications

    “The Campaign for Island No. 10: February 28-April 8, 1862,” The Essential Civil War Curriculum, (2019), Online: https://www.essentialcivilwarcurriculum.com/island-no.-10.html

    “Bring Our Glorious Flag Triumphantly Back into Texas: Anthony M. Dignowity, Abraham Lincoln, and the Restoration of the Lone Star State,” Our Heritage, 59, 3 & 4, (Spring and Summer 2018), 12-19.

    “Veterinary Care in the Union Cavalry,” (p. 115-134) in Astride Two Worlds: Technology and the American Civil War, ed. Barton C. Hacker. Washington: Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press, 2016.

    Will that Thing Work? Civil War Naval Inventions, ”Civil War Times, 54, 1, (February 2015).

    On Lincoln’s Side: Reelecting a Leader, the Editors of the Papers of Abraham Lincoln, Illinois Historic Preservation Agency, Springfield, IL, 2014. (Co-Editor).

    On Lincoln’s Mind: Leading the Nation to the Gettysburg Address, the Editors of the Papers of Abraham Lincoln, Illinois Historic Preservation Agency, Springfield, IL, 2013. (Co-Editor).

    “French Regimental Flags of the American Revolution, 1777-1783.” Guide Pamphlet. Washington, DC: The Society of the Cincinnati Anderson House Museum. (2001; 2006).



  • Tim Gibson, Communication

    Research Interests: Critical media studies, mass communication theory, and urban communication

    Selected Publications

    Gibson, T.A. (2018). The post-truth double helix: Reflexivity and mistrust in local politics. International Journal of Communication, 12, 3167-3185. Available online here.

    Gibson, T.A. (2017).  Streetcar desires: The death of the Arlington Streetcar and the cultural politics of smart growth development, communication +1, 6, article 7. Available online here.

    Gibson, T.A. (2016). Economic, technological, and organizational factors influencing news coverage of climate change. Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Climate Science. Available online here.

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    Gibson, T.A. (2014). In defense of law and order: Urban space, fear of crime, and the virtues of social control. Journal of Communication Inquiry, 38, 223-242. Available online here.

    Gibson, T.A. (2014). Property outlaws in cyberspace and meatspace? Examining the relationship between online peer production and support for property violations. Triple C: Communication, Capitalism and Critique, 12, 876-890. Available online here.

    Gibson, T.A. (2013). Advertising empire: Reflections on defense contractor ads in Washington, D.C. Liminalities: A Journal of Performance Studies, 9, 4, n.p. Available online here.

    Gehl, R., & Gibson, T.A. (2012).  Building a Blog Cabin in a financial crisis: Circuits of struggle in the digital enclosure. Television & New Media, 13, 48-67. Available online here.

  • Charlotte Gill, Criminology, Law and Society

    Research Interests: Community-based crime prevention, place-based criminology, policing, youth and crime, program evaluation, mixed-methods research, research synthesis

    Selected Publications

    Stokes, Robert J., and Charlotte Gill (Eds.). (2020). Innovations in community-based crime prevention: Case studies and lessons learned. New York, NY: Springer.

    Gill, Charlotte, Julie Hibdon, Cynthia Lum, Devon Johnson, Linda Merola, David Weisburd, Breanne Cave, and Jaspreet Chahal. (2019) "Translational criminology" in action: A national survey of TSA's Playbook implementation at U.S. airports. Security Journal. DOI: 10.1057/s41284-019-00225-2.

    Gill, Charlotte, Rachel Jensen, and Breanne Cave. (2018). Exploring physical force and subject resistance in police encounters with people with behavioral health issues. Victims & Offenders, 13(8), 1106-1131.

    Gill, Charlotte, David Weisburd, Zoe Vitter, Claudia Gross Shader, Tari Nelson-Zagar, and Linda Spain. (2018). Collaborative problem-solving at youth crime hot spots: A pilot study. Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies and Management, 41(3), 325-338.

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    Weisburd, David, David Farrington, and Charlotte Gill (Eds.) (2016). What works in crime prevention and rehabilitation: Lessons from systematic reviews. New York: Springer.

    Gill, Charlotte and David B. Wilson. (2016). Improving the success of reentry programs: Identifying the impact of service–need fit on recidivism. Criminal Justice & Behavior, 44(3), 336-359. 

    Gill, Charlotte, David Weisburd, Cody W. Telep, Zoe Vitter, and Trevor Bennett. (2014). Community-oriented policing to reduce crime, disorder, and fear and increase satisfaction and legitimacy among citizens: A systematic review. Journal of Experimental Criminology, 10(4), 399-428.

  • Lisa Marie Gilman, English

    Research Interests: Folklore, public humanities, performance studies, African Studies, women's and gender studies, politics and culture, ethnographic fieldwork, filmmaking, digital storytelling.

    Selected Publications


    2019. Africa Every Day: Fun, Leisure, and Expressivity on the Continent.  Ohio University Press. (co-edited with Oluwalemi M. Balogun, Melissa Graboyes, and Habib Iddrisu). 

    2019. Folklore and Ethnomusicology Fieldwork Methods Handbook. Indiana University Press. (co-authored with John Fenn).

    2016. My Music, My War: The Listening Habits of U.S. Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Wesleyan University Press.

    2015 UNESCO on the Ground: Local Perspectives on Intangible Cultural Heritage. Indiana University Press. (co-edited with Michael Dylan Foster).

    2009 The Dance of Politics: Performance, Gender, and Democratization in Malawi. Temple University Press.

    Documentary Film

    2011  Grounds for Resistance: Stories of War, Sacrifice, and Good Coffee. Distributed by Films Media Group. A documentary about contemporary G.I. resistance.

  • Michael Gilmore, School of Integrative Studies

    Research Interests: Ethnobiology, community-based conservation, biocultural diversity, sustainable development

    Selected Publications

    O'Bryhim, J. R., E. C. M. Parsons, M. P. Gilmore, and S. L. Lance.  2016.  Evaluating support for shark conservation among artisanal fishing communities in Costa Rica.  Marine Policy 71: 1-9.

    Chen, C., and M. P. Gilmore.  2015.  Biocultural rights: a new paradigm for protecting natural and cultural resources of indigenous communities.  The International Indigenous Policy Journal 6(3): 1-19.

    Young, J. C., and M. P. Gilmore.  2014.  Subaltern empowerment in the geoweb: tensions between publicity and privacy. Antipode 46(2): 574-591. 

    Gilmore, M. P., B. A. Endress, and C. M. Horn.  2013.  The socio-cultural importance of Mauritia flexuosa palm swamps (aguajales) and implications for multi-use management in two Maijuna communities of the Peruvian Amazon.  Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine 9: 1-23.

    Endress, B. A., C. M. Horn, and M. P. Gilmore.  2013.  Mauritia flexuosa palm swamps: composition, structure and implications for conservation and management.  Forest Ecology and Management 302: 346-353.

    Young, J. C., and M. P. Gilmore.  2013.  The spatial politics of affect and emotion in participatory GIS.  Annals of the Association of American Geographers 103(4): 808-823.

    Gilmore, M. P., and J. C. Young.  2012.  The use of participatory mapping in ethnobiological research, biocultural conservation, and community empowerment – a case study from the Peruvian Amazon.  Journal of Ethnobiology 32(1): 6-29.

    Horn, C., Gilmore, M. P., and B. A. Endress.  2012.  Ecological and socioeconomic factors influencing aguaje (Mauritia flexuosa) resource management in two indigenous communities in the Peruvian Amazon.  Forest Ecology and Management 267: 93-103.

  • Leslie Goetsch, English

    Selected Publications

    Back Creek, a novel (Bancroft Press, 2008).

  • Thalia R Goldstein, Psychology

    Research Interests: Developmental Psychology; Social Cognitive Development; Social and Emotional Learning; Play, Pretend, Imagination; Theatre, Drama and The Arts

    Selected Publications

    Thompson, B., & Goldstein, T.R. (2019). Disentangling Pretend Play Measurement: Defining the Essential Elements and Developmental Progression of Pretense. Developmental Review, 52, 24-41. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.dr.2019.100867

    Thompson, B., & Goldstein, T.R. (2019). Children Learn From Both Embodied and Passive Pretense: A Replication and Extension. Child Development, 91, 1364–1374. https://doi.org/10.1111/cdev.13309

    Goldstein, T. R., & Alperson, K. (2019). Dancing bears and talking toasters: A content analysis of supernatural elements in children’s media. Psychology of Popular Media Culture.

    Goldstein, T. R., & Lerner, M. D. (2018). Dramatic pretend play games uniquely improve emotional control in young children. Developmental science21(4), e12603.

    Goldstein, T. R. (2017). Live theatre as exception and test case for experiencing negative emotions in art. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 40. https://doi.org/10.1017/S0140525X17001704

    Goldstein, T. R., Lerner, M. D., & Winner, E. (2017). The arts as a venue for developmental science: Realizing a latent opportunity. Child development88(5), 1505-1512.

    Panero, M.E. Weisberg, D.S, Black, J., Goldstein, T.R., Barnes, J., Winner, E., Brownell, H. (2016). Does reading a single passage of literary fiction really improve theory of mind? An attempt at replication. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 111(5), e46.

    Goldstein, T. R., & Woolley, J. (2016). Ho! Ho! Who? Parent promotion of belief in and live encounters with Santa Claus. Cognitive Development39, 113-127.

    Goldstein, T.R. & Bloom, P. (2015). Characterizing Characters: How children make sense of realistic acting. Cognitive Development, Special Issue: Cognizing the Unreal, 34, 39-50. doi:10.1016/j.cogdev.2014.12.001

    Goldstein, T.R., & Winner, E. (2012). Enhancing empathy and theory of mind. Journal of Cognition and Development, 13, 19-37.

    Goldstein, T.R. & Bloom, P. (2011). The mind onstage: Why cognitive scientists should study acting. Trends in Cognitive Science, 15, 141-142.

    Goldstein, T.R. (2009). Psychological perspectives on acting. Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts, 3, 6-9.

  • Rachael Goodman, Women and Gender Studies

    Research Interests: Trauma counseling, intergenerational trauma, and resilience Immigrant and refugee women and families Counselor training and development Mindfulness practices in counseling and counselor training Community-based participatory research (CBPR) practices and social action

    Selected Publications

    razier, K. N., & Goodman, R. D. (2015). Traumatic stress and educational hegemony: A social justice perspective to promote wellness and achievement among socially marginalized students. The Practitioner Scholar: Journal of Counseling and Professional Psychology, 4(1). Retrieved from http://www.thepractitionerscholar.com/article/view/13400

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  • Stephen Goodwin, English

    Research Interests: fiction; non-fiction; online writing and publishing

    Selected Publications

    Breaking Her Fall. New York: Harcourt, 2003.

    Dream Golf: The Making of Bandon Dunes. New York: Algonquin Books, 2006.

    The Blood of Paradise. Charlottesville: UP of Virginia, 1979.

    "Father's Day," American Scholar, June 2014

    "Best, Tom," Virginia Quarterly Review, Fall 2014

    "Jersey Boy -- Remembering Alan Cheuse," Idaho Review, Fall 2016

    "We Can't Make You Whole Again," American Scholar, June 2018

    Transgressions" and "Vanity" (essays available on Goodwin's website).

  • Nathaniel Greenberg, Modern and Classical Languages

    Research Interests: Film, media, rhetoric, literature and politics

    Selected Publications


    How Information Warfare Shaped the Arab Spring: The Politics of Narrative in Tunisia and Egypt, Edinburgh University Press. 2019.

    Islamists of the Maghreb (Jefrry R. Halverson co-author). London, U.K.: Routledge. 2018.

    The Aesthetic of Revolution in the Film and Literature of Naguib Mahfouz (1952-1967), Lanham M.D: Lexington Books. 2014. reviews: SOAS, IJMES

    Selected Essays

    "Islamic State War Documentaries." The International Journal of Communication. 2020. Read: here

    "Egypt's Post-2011 Embrace of Russian's Style Disinformation." The Middle East Report (MERIP). 2019. Read: here

    "Russia Opens Digital Interference Front in Libya." The Middle East Report Online. 4 Oct 2019. Read: here

    "The Gates of Tripoli: Power and Propaganda in Postrevolutionary Libya." The African Yearbook of Rhetoric. 9. 2019. Read: here

    "Russian Influence Operations Extend into Egypt." The Conversation. 12 Feb 2019. Read: here.

    "Notes on the Arab Boom: Stasis and Dynamism in the Post-revolutionary Arabic Novel." Studies in the Novel. 51.2. 2019. Read: here.

    "Ahmed Khaled Towfik: Days of Rage and Horror in Arabic Science Fiction." Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction. 57.2. 2018. Read: here.

    "Mythical State: The Aesthetics and Counter-Aesthetics of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria." The Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication. 10.2-3. 2017. Read: here.


    "The Secret Organization" (1982), by Naguib Mahfouz. Banipal: Magazine of Modern Arab Literature. 58. 2017.




  • Pamela M. Greenwood, Psychology

    Research Interests: Genetic modulation of cognitive and brain aging, interventions for cognitive aging (behavioral and non-invasive brain stimulation).

    Selected Publications

    Greenwood, P.M. (2020) Far Transfer and Cognitive Training: Examination of Two Hypotheses on Mechanisms, In The Cambridge Handbook of Cognitive Aging, Gutchess & Thomas, Eds., Cambridge University Press.

    Baldwin, C., Lewis, B., Greenwood, P.M.  (2019) Designing Transportation Systems for Older Adults. CRC Press.

    Greenwood, P.M., Schmidt, K., Lin, M.-K., Lipsky, R., Parasuraman, R., Jankord, R.  A functional promoter variant of the human formimidoyltransferase cyclodeaminase (FTCD) gene is associated with working memory performance in young but not older adults. Neuropsychology, 2018 Nov;32(8):973-984. doi: 10.1037/neu0000470. Epub 2018 Jun 21.PMID:29927301.

    Greenwood, P.M., Blumberg, E., Scheldrup, M. Hypothesis for cognitive effects of transcranial direct current stimulation: Externally- and internally-directed cognition. Neurosci Biobehav Rev. 2017 Nov 15. pii: S0149-7634(17)30004-0. doi: 10.1016/

    Foroughi CK, Monfort SS, Paczynski M, McKnight PE, Greenwood PM.  Placebo effects in cognitive training. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2016 Jul 5;113(27):7470-4. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1601243113

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    Rovira, E., Mackie, R.S., Clark, N., Squire, P.N., Pulido, A. Hendricks, M., & Greenwood, P.M. (2017) A Role for Attention During Wilderness Navigation: Comparing Effects of BDNF, KIBRA, and CHRNA4.
    Neuropsychology. http://dx.doi.org/10.1037/neu0000277

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    Strenziok, M., Parasuraman, R., Clarke, E., Cisler, D.S., Thompson J.C., Greenwood P.M. (2014). Neurocognitive enhancement in older adults: Comparison of three cognitive training tasks to test a hypothesis of training transfer in brain connectivity, Neuroimage; DOI: 10.1016/j.neuroimage.2013.07.069.

    Scheldrup, M., Greenwood, P.M., McKendrick, R., Strohl, J., Bikson, M., Alam, M., McKinley, R.A., Parasuraman, R. (2014) Transcranial direct current stimulation facilitates cognitive multi-task performance differentially depending on anode location and subtask. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. Sep 8;8:665. doi: 10.3389/fnhum.2014.00665. eCollection 2014.

    Greenwood, P.M. & Parasuraman, R. (2012) Nurturing the Older Brain and Mind. MIT Press.

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    Greenwood, P.M. (2007). Functional plasticity in cognitive aging: Review and hypothesis. Neuropsychology, 21, 657-673. (Published with open peer commentary).

  • Michele Greet, History and Art History

    Research Interests: Twentieth-century Andean art, Latin American artists in Europe

    Selected Publications


    Transatlantic Encounters: Latin American Artists in Paris between the Wars, Yale University Press, 2018.

     Beyond National Identity: Pictorial Indigenism as a Modernist Strategy in Andean Art, 1920-1960, “Refiguring Modernism: Arts, Literatures and Sciences” series, Penn State University Press, 2009.

    Edited volume:

    Art Museums of Latin America: Structuring Representation (Routledge, Research in Art Museums and Exhibitions series, 2018). Co-editor with Gina M. Tarver

    Journal articles/catalogue essays:

    “Latin American Artists at the Académie Lhote,” Correlating Cultural and Ideological Positions: André Lhote, Paris And His Former International Students, University of Innsbruck Press, 2020.

    “Rómulo Rozo: A Colombian Sculptor in Paris,” Rómulo Rozo ¿Una vanguardia propia? Christian Padilla ed. Bogotá: Proyecto Bachué, 2020.

    "Para Francês Ver: Tarsila do Amaral's Brazilian Landscapes,” in Tarsila do Amaral. Exh. Cat. São Paulo: Museo de Arte de São Paulo Assis Chateaubriand, 2019.

    “Looking South: Lincoln Kirstein and Latin American Art,” in Lincoln Kirstein’s Modern. Exh. Cat. New York: The Museum of Modern Art, 2019.

    “An International Proving Ground: Latin American Artists at the Paris Salons,” special issue: The Americas in the dynamics of global visual culture from 17th to 20th century: circulation / exchange / materiality, Mundo Nuevo Nuevos Mundos (2017) https://nuevomundo.revues.org/70847.

    “Rivera and the Language of Classicism,” in Picasso and Rivera: Conversations Across Time. Exh. Cat. Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 2016.

    “Mapping Cultural Exchange: Latin American Artists in Paris between the Wars.” Circulations in the Global History of Art; Studies in Art Historiography series. Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann, Catherine Dossin, and Béatrice Joyeux-Prunel eds. Ashgate: 2015, 133-147.

    “Devouring Surrealism: Tarsila do Amaral’s Abaporu.” Papers of Surrealism. Issue 11, spring 2015: 1-39. http://www.surrealismcentre.ac.uk/papersofsurrealism/journal11/index.htm

    “Occupying Paris: The First Survey Exhibition of Latin American Art.” Journal of Curatorial Studies Volume 3, Numbers 2+3, June-October 2014: 212-237.

    “From Cubism to Muralism: Angel Zárraga in Paris,” Ángel Zárraga. Retrospectiva, Ex. cat., Mexico City: Museo del Palacio de Bellas Artes (Apr.-Jul. 2014).

    “’Exhilarating Exile’: Four Latin American Women Exhibit in Paris.” Artelogie: Revue de recherches sur les arts, le patrimoine et la littérature de l'Amérique Latine. No. 5, Fall 2013, http://cral.in2p3.fr/artelogie/spip.php?article262

    “César Moro’s Transnational Surrealism.” Journal for Surrealism and the Americas Vol 7, No 1 (2013)19-51.  https://jsa.hida.asu.edu/index.php/jsa/article/view/115/112

     “From Indigenism to Surrealism: Camilo Egas in New York, 1927-1946.” Nexus: New York, 1900-1945: Encounters In The Modern Metropolis. Ex. Cat. New Haven and London: Yale University Press and El Museo del Barrio, 2009.

    “Manifestations of Masculinity: The Indigenous Body as a Site for Modernist Experimentation in Andean Art.” Brújula: revista interdisciplinaria sobre estudios latinoamericanos. Art and Encounters. December 2007, vol. 6 no. 1: 57-74.

    “Pintar la nación indígena como una estrategia modernista en la obra de Eduardo Kingman.” Revista de Historia Procesos, Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar. October 2007, no. 25: 93-119.

    Inventing Wifredo Lam: The Parisian Avant-Garde’s Primitivist FixationInvisible Culture: An Electronic Journal for Visual Culture. Issue 5: Visual Culture and National Identity, Jan 2005.

  • Christopher A. Gregg, History and Art History

    Research Interests: Topography and urbanism of Ancient Rome and Pompeii; gender and sexuality in the Classical world; Roman imperial sculpture

    Selected Publications

    2020    "The memory of a favorite racehorse: a disc of the horse Alumnus

                     from the Yasmina cemetery at  Carthage in the context of other

                     circus-related iconography," in The Journal of Roman Archaeology,

                     Supplement 109, For the Love of Carthage. Edited by J. H. Humphrey.

                     Portsmouth, Rhode Island: 93-114.

    2020    “Pompeii.” In Oxford Bibliographies Online: Classics. Ed. Ruth Scodel. New York:

                   Oxford University Press, Launch date: February/March 2011. 

                   Expanded and updated August 2020.

    2018    Review: Reconstructing the Lansdowne Collection of Classical Sculpture, Volumes 1

                     and 2, by E. Angelicoussis (Munich 2017). In Collections: A Journal for Museum and

                    Archives Professionals 14.1.

    2015   Chapter 5: “Facilities on the Gianicolo.” The Centro at Fifty: The History

                    of the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies, 1965-2015.  

                    Edited by M. Boatwright, M. Maas, and C.Smith: 76-98.


  • Brian Griffiths, School of Integrative Studies

    Research Interests: Environmental sustainability and conservation from social, cultural, economic, and ecological perspectives.

    Selected Publications

    Griffiths, B. M., Bowler, M., Gilmore, M. P., & Luther, D. (2020). Temporal patterns in visitation of mammals and birds at mineral licks in the Peruvian Amazon. Ecology and Evolution. 00:1-13.


    Gilmore, M. P., Griffiths, B. M., & Bowler, M. (2020). The socio-cultural significance of mineral licks to the Maijuna of the Peruvian Amazon: Implications for the sustainable management of hunting. Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine. 16(1):1-10


    Griffiths, B. M., Gilmore, M. P., & Bowler, M. (2020). Predation of a Brazilian porcupine (Coendou prehensilis) by an ocelot (Leopardus pardalis) at a mineral lick in the Peruvian Amazon. Food Webs. 24: e00148.


    Bowler, M. T., Griffiths, B. M., Gilmore, M. P., Wingfield, A., & Recharte, M. (2018). Potentially infanticidal behavior in the Amazon river dolphin (Inia geoffrensis). Acta Ethologica. 1–5.

  • Lisa Gring-Pemble, Institute for Immigration Research

    Research Interests: Social impact, innovation, and entrepreneurship; Rhetorical criticism, argument, persuasion; Political communication and public policy

    Selected Publications

    David Levasseur and Lisa Gring-Pemble. "Not All Capitalist Stories are Created Equal: Mitt Romney's Bain Capital Narrative and the Deep Divide in American Economic Rhetoric," forthcoming in Rhetoric & Public Affairs.

    Duhita Mahatmya and Lisa Gring-Pemble (2014). "DREAMers and Their Families: A Family Impact Analysis of the DREAM Act and Implications for Family Well-Being." Journal of Family Studies 20.1: 79-87.

    Gring-Pemble, Lisa. “Connecting the Classroom to the World”: An Integrative, Interdisciplinary, and Experiential Approach to Learning at George Mason University.” The College Curriculum: A Reader, edited by Joseph Devitis. New York: Peter Lang 2013.

    Gring-Pemble, Lisa. 2012. “It’s We the People . . . , Not We The Illegals”: Extremist Rhetoric in Prince William County, Virginia’s Immigration Debate. Communication Quarterly 60.5: 624-648.

  • Timothy Groseclose, Economics

    Research Interests: Public choice, game theory, sports economics

    Selected Publications

    Left Turn: How Liberal Media Bias Distorts the American Mind and Cheating: An Insider's Report on the Use of Race in Admissions at UCLA.

    He has published articles in several scholarly journals, including the American Economic Review, Quarterly Journal of Economics, American Political Science Review, and American Journal of Political Science.

  • Terry Gudaitis, Criminology, Law and Society

    Selected Publications

    Malin, C., Gudaitis, T., Holt, T., & Kilger, M. (2017). Deception in the Digital Age:  Exploiting and Defending Human Targets.  Academic Press.

    Wiles, J., Gudaitis, T., Jabbusch, J., Rogers, R., & Lowther, S. (2011). Low Tech Hacking: Street Smarts for Security Professionals. Elsevier.

  • Larry D Guerin, Criminology, Law and Society

  • Anna Sophia Habib, English

    Research Interests: multilingual writing, second language writing, translingualism, trauma studies, feminist rhetorics/rhetorical feminism

    Selected Publications

    Mallett, J. Haan & A. Habib (June 2016). Developing Disciplinary Expertise, Bilinguality, Peer Mentorship, and Language Policy: Four Pedagogical Innovations in the Context of a Graduate Pathway Program. In S. Simpson, N. Caplan, M. Cox, T. Phillips (Eds.). Supporting Graduate Student Writers: Research, Curriculum and Program Design. Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press.

    Habib, A., Mallett, K. & Haan, J. (Feb 2015). The Development of Disciplinary Expertise: An EAP and RGS-informed Approach to the Teaching and Learning of Genre at George Mason University. Composition Forum (31). Association of Teachers of Advanced Composition: Penn State University.

    Zawacki, T. & Habib, A. (2014). “Internationalization, English L2 Writers, and the Writing Classroom: Implications for Teaching and Learning.” College Composition and Communication 65:4. 654-662. Print.

    Zawacki, T. & Habib, A. (2014). Negotiating “Errors” in L2 Writing: Faculty Dispositions and Language Difference. In M. Cox & T. Zawacki (eds.) WAC and Second Language Writers: Research towards Linguistically and Culturally Inclusive Programs and Practices. Parlor Press. Perspectives on Writing Series. Web. 



  • Bassam S. Haddad, Ali Vural Ak Center for Global Islamic Studies

    Research Interests: Political Economy of Development, Violence and Terrorism and US Foreign Policy, Syria, Authoritarian Rule

    Selected Publications

    “The Political Economy of Development in Syria, 1970-2010,” in Jens Hanssen and Amal Ghazal, eds. Handbook Of Contemporary Middle East History [Forthcoming, Oxford University Press].

    Critical Voices, Bassam Haddad, and Ziad Abu-Rish, eds. (2015). Tadween Publishing.

    Principal Co-Editor with Rosie Bsheer and Ziad Aburish, The Dawn of the Arab Uprisings: End of an Old Order? (London, Pluto Press, 2012)

    Business Networks in Syria: The Political Economy of Authoritarian Resilience (Stanford University Press, 2012).

    “Syria, Authoritarian Rule, and the Uprising: A Political Science Perspective,” Arab Studies Journal, Vol XXI, No. I [Forthcoming, Winter 2013].

    “Syria’s State Bourgeoisie: An Organic Backbone for the Regime,” Middle East Critique, Vol. 21, Issue 3 (Fall 2012).

    “Syria, The Arab Uprisings, and The Political Economy of Authoritarian Resilience,” Interface Journal, Vol. 4 (1), 2012, pp. 113-130.

    “Syria’s Stalemate: The Limits of Regime Resilience,” Middle East Policy, Vol. XIX, No. 1, Spring 2012, pp. 85-95.

    “The Political Economy of Syria: Realities and Challenges,” Middle East Policy, Vol XVIII, No. 2, Summer 2011, pp. 46-61.

    “The Political Economy of Development in Syria, 1970-2010,” in Jens Hanssen and Amal Ghazal, eds. Handbook Of Contemporary Middle East History (Forthcoming, Oxford University Press). [peer-review testimony]

    “Business Associations and the New Nexus of Power in Syria,” in Paul Aarts and Francesco Cavatorta, eds. Civil Society in Syria and Iran: Activism in Authoritarian Contexts (Forthcoming, Lynne Reiner). [peer-review testimony]

    “Behind the Resilience of the Syrian Regime,” David McMurray and Amanda Ufheil-Somers, eds., The 2011 Arab Uprisings (Forthcoming, Indiana University Press, 2012). [peer-review testimony]

    “Enduring Legacies: The Politics of Private Sector Development in Syria,” in Demystifying Syria, ed Fred Lawson (London: SOAS-School of Oriental and African Studies, London Middle East Institute), pp. 29-55. [peer-review testimony]

    “The Impact of Economic Networks on Economic and Fiscal Change in Syria: Institutional, Legal, and Social Basis of State-Business Networks,” in Networks of Privilege: The Politics of Economic Reform in the Middle East, ed Steven Heydemann (New York: Palgrave-St. Martin’s Press, 2004), pp. 39-78. [peer-review testimony]

  • David W Haines, Sociology and Anthropology

    Research Interests: migration, governance, kinship, information technology, East and Southeast Asia

    Selected Publications

    David Haines, Jayne Howell, and Fethi Keles, eds. Maintaining Refuge: Anthropological Reflections in Uncertain Times. American Anthropological Association, Committee on Refugees and Immigrants. 2017.

    David Haines, Immigration Structures and Immigrant Lives: An Introduction to  the U.S. Experience. Rowman and Littlefield. 2017.

    David Haines, An Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology, 2nd ed. University Press of Colorado. 2017.

    David Haines, Keiko Yamanaka, and Shinji Yamashita, eds. Wind over Water: Migration in an East Asian Context. Berghahn. 2012.

    David Haines, Safe Haven? A History of Refugees in America. Kumarian Press / Lynne Rienner. 2010.

    David Haines, The Limits of Kinship: South Vietnamese Households, 1954-1975. Northern Illinois University: Southeast Asia Publications. 2006.


  • Nancy W Hanrahan, Sociology and Anthropology

    Research Interests: critical theory, cultural sociology, feminist theory, music and the arts

    Selected Publications

    “Digitized Music and the Aesthetic Experience of Difference” in David Arditi and Jennifer Miller, eds., The Dialectic of Digital Culture (Lexington Books: Lanham, New York and London) 2019.

    "Critique and Possibility in Cultural Sociology" (with Sarah S. Amsler) in John R. Hall, Laura Grindstaff, and Ming-cheng Lo, eds., Routledge Handbook of Cultural Sociology second edition (Routledge: New York and London) 2018.

    "Relearning Liberation: Critical Methodologies for the General Crisis" (with Sarah S. Amsler), Berlin Journal of Critical Theory, Volume 2, No 4, October, 2018.  

    "Hearing the Contradictions: Aesthetic Experience, Music and Digitization", Cultural Sociology, Volume 12, No 3, September, 2018.  https://doi.org/10.1177/1749975518776517

    “La Découverte Musicale en Régime Numérique: Personnalisation, Popularité et Possibilité Esthétique,” In Philippe Le Guern, ed.  Ou Va La Musique? Numerimorphose et Nouvelles Experiences d’Ecoute. (Presses des Mines: Paris) 2016.

    Big Data, Little Music”, Public Seminar, March, 24, 2014.

    “’If the People Like it, it Must be Good’: Criticism, Democracy and the Culture of Consensus” Cultural Sociology, Volume 7 No 1, March 2013.

    Music, or the Triumph of Technics?”  January 19, 2012.


  • Robin D Hanson, Economics

    Research Interests: Health economics, political economy

    Selected Publications


    The Elephant In The Brain: Hidden Motives in Everyday Life, with Kevin Simler, Oxford University Press, spring 2017.

    The Age of Em: Work, Love and Life When Robots Rule The Earth, Oxford University Press, June 1, 2016.

    The Hanson-Yudkowsky AI-Foom Debate, with Eliezer Yudkowsky, Berkeley, CA: Machine Intelligence Research Institute. 2013.


    Peer Reviewed Publications

    Are Disagreements Honest?, with Tyler Cowen, Journal of Economic Methodology, to appear.

    Shall We Vote on Values, But Bet on Beliefs?, Journal of Political Philosophy, 21(2):151-178, June, 2013.

    Meet The New Conflict, Same As The Old Conflict, Journal of Consciousness Studies 19(1-2):119-125, 2012.

    Gaming Prediction Markets: Equilibrium Strategies with a Market Maker, with Yiling Chen, Stan Dimitrov, Rahul Sami, Daniel Reeves, David Pennock, Lance Fortnow, Rica Gonen, Algorithmica, 58(4):930-969, 2010.

    On Market Maker Functions, Journal of Prediction Markets 3(1):61-63, April 2009.

    A Manipulator Can Aid Prediction Market Accuracy, with Ryan Oprea, Economica, 76(302):304-314, April, 2009.

    An Experimental Test of Combinatorial Information Markets, with John Ledyard, Takashi Ishikida, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 69:182-189, 2009.


    Book chapters

    Decision Markets As Meta-Policy, pp. 109-112, In Reviving Economic Growth: Policy Proposals from 51 Leading Experts, Ed. Brink Lindsey, Cato Institute, September 29, 2015.

    A Tale Of Two Transitions, in The End of the Beginning: Life, Society and Economy on the Brink of the Singularity, ed. Ben Goertzel, Ted Goertzel, pp. 70-80, Humanity+ Press, May 15, 2015.

    What Will It Be Like To Be An Emulation? pp.298-309 in ed. Russell Blackford, Damien Broderick, Intelligence Unbound: The Future of Uploaded and Machine Minds, Wiley, August 18, 2014.

    Comments on "Intelligence Explosion: Evidence and Import," pp.41-42, and Comments on "Some Economic Incentives Facing a Business that Might Bring About a Technological Singularity," p.159. in Singularity Hypotheses: A Scientific and Philosophical Assessment, ed. Amnon H. Eden, James H. Moor, Johnny H. Søraker, Eric Steinhart, Springer, 2013.


    Other Publications

    First, we will upload brains to computers. Then, those computers will take over the world, Tech Insider, April 30, 2016.

    The "Em" Economy: Imagine a future dominated by brain emulation robots, Angle Journal 13, June 22, 2015. 

    How to Survive a Robot Uprising, Reason 46(11), April 1, 2015.

    Should Earth Shut the Hell Up?, Pascal's Alien Wager, Slow Growth Is Plenty Fast, Adapted Aliens, and Selection Is Coming, Cato Unbound, December 2014.

    Regulating Infinity, Global Government Venturing, pp.30-31, September 2014.

    When the Economy Transcends Humanity, The Futurist, January-February, 2014.

    Who Cares About Forecast Accuracy?, Cato Unbound, July 2011.

  • Mark Harrington, Criminology, Law and Society

    Research Interests: Preventing School Violence, Crime trends, predicting victimization

  • Tamara Harvey, English

    Research Interests: early American literature, early modern women's writing, feminist theory

    Selected Publications


    (co-editor, with Debra Bergoffen, Paula Ruth Gilbert, and Connie L. McNeely). Confronting Global Gender Justice: Women's Lives, Human Rights. London: Routledge, 2011.

    Figuring Modesty in Feminist Discourse Across the Americas, 1633-1700. Aldershot, UK: Ashgate, 2008.

    (co-editor, with Greg O'Brien). George Washington's South. Gainesville: UP of Florida, 2004.


    "Gender," New Histories of American Puritan Literature, eds. Kristina Bross and Abram Van Engen (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2020).

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    "'Taken from her Mouth': Narrative Authority and the Conversion of Patience Boston." Narrative 6.3 (1998): 256-70.

  • Paul Haspel, English

    Research Interests: Chesapeake Bay regional literature and culture; film studies

    Selected Publications

    "Berlin’s Own Rip Van Winkle: The Washington Irving Connection in Wolfgang Becker’s Good Bye, Lenin!Seminar: A Journal of Germanic Studies 53.4 (November 2017).

    “SRSD for RAFT Writing.” Design Principles for Teaching Effective Writing. E-Book. Amsterdam: Brill Editions, 2017.

    “California in Extremis: A West Coast Setting and 1960’s Anxiety in The Birds.” Hitchcock Annual 20 (2015).

    “District of Tomorrow: Science Fiction Films in Washington, D.C.” World Film Locations: Washington, D.C. Ed. Katherine Larsen. Chicago: Intellect Books/University of Chicago Press, 2015.

    “Capital of Fear: The Washington, D.C., Suspense Film.” World Film Locations: Washington, D.C. Ed. Katherine Larsen. Chicago: Intellect Books/University of Chicago Press, 2015.

  • Kirsten Hauser, Criminology, Law and Society

    Research Interests: Criminal law and procedure, legal ethics, trial practice and evidence

    Selected Publications

    Keeping Children out of Double Jeopardy:  An Assessment of Punishment and Megan's Law in Doe v. Poritz.  81 Minnesota Law Review, 501 - 545

  • William S Helton, Psychology

    Research Interests: Vigilance, Response Inhibition, Disaster and Emergency Response, Interaction of Cognitive and Physical Performance, Wearable Interfaces, Working Dogs

    Selected Publications

    Selected Journal Publications Since 2016

    Epling, S.L., Edgar, G.K., Russell, P.N., & Helton, W.S. (in press). Is semantic vigilance impaired by narrative memory demands? Theory and applications. Human Factors.

    Satterfield, K., Harwood, A.E, Helton, W.S., & Shaw, T. (in press). Does depleting self-control result in poorer vigilance performance? Human Factors.

    Melrose, A., Nelson, X.J., Dolev, Y., & Helton, W.S. (in press). Vigilance all the way down: Vigilance decrement in jumping spiders resembles that of humans. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology.

    Nelson, X. J., Helton, W. S., & Melrose, A. (2019). The effect of stimulus encounter rate on response decrement in jumping spiders. Behavioural Processes, 159, 57-59.

    Humphrey, B., Helton, W. S., Bedoya, C., Dolev, Y., & Nelson, X. J. (2018). Psychophysical investigation of vigilance decrement in jumping spiders: overstimulation or understimulation? Animal Cognition, 21(6), 787-794.

    Epling, S. L., Blakely, M. J., Edgar, G. K., Russell, P. N., & Helton, W. S. (2018). Memory impairment during a climbing traverse: implications for search and rescue climbing. Experimental Brain Research, 236(11), 3043-3052.

    Dang, J.S., Figueroa, I.J., & Helton, W.S. (2018). You are measuring the decision to be fast, not inattention: the Sustained Attention to Response Task does not measure sustained attention. Experimental Brain Research, 236, 2255–2262.

    Kemp, S., Chan, M., Chen, Z., & Helton, W.S. (2018). Risk attitude, perceived returns and investment choice in New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Psychology, 47, 23-29.

    Wilson, K. M., de Joux, N. R., Finkbeiner, K. M., Russell, P. N., Retzler, J. R., & Helton, W. S. (2018). Prolonging the response movement inhibits the feed-forward motor program in the sustained attention to response task. Acta Psychologica183, 75-84.

    Head, J., & Helton, W. S. (2018). The troubling science of neurophenomenology. Experimental Brain Research, 236(9), 2463-2467.

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    de Joux, N. R., Wilson, K. M., Russell, P. N., Finkbeiner, K. M., & Helton, W. S. (2017). A functional near-infrared spectroscopy study of the effects of configural properties on sustained attention. Neuropsychologia94, 106-117.

    Helton, W. S., & Russell, P. N. (2017). Rest is still best: The role of the qualitative and quantitative load of interruptions on vigilance. Human Factors59, 91-100.

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  • Katharina Hering, History and Art History

    Research Interests: Digital History, Oral History, Historiography, Archives and Libraries

    Selected Publications

    * “Palatines or Pennsylvania German Pioneers? The Development of Transatlantic Pennsylvania German Family and Migration History, 1890s-1966,” Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, Special issue on Immigration and Ethnicity in Pennsylvania History, vol. 140, no. 3 (October 2016): 305-334.

    * "Voice of the Voteless: The District of Columbia League of Women Voters, 1921-1941," Washington History, vol. 28, no. 1 (Spring 2016): 3-13.

    * ”Provenance Meets Source Criticism,” Journal of Digital Humanities 3, no. 2 (2014), http://journalofdigitalhumanities.org/3-2/provenance-meets-source-criticism/

    * “‘That Food of the Memory which Gives the Clue to Profitable Research’: Oral history as a source for local, regional, and family history in the nineteenth and early twentieth century.” Oral History Review  34, no. 2 (2007): 27-48.

  • Angela Ho, History and Art History

    Research Interests: Renaissance and Baroque Europe

    Selected Publications

    Creating Distinctions in Dutch Genre Painting: Repetition and Invention (Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2017).

    “Exotic and Exclusive. The Pronk Porcelain as Products for the Connoisseur.” NKJ 69 (2019): 175-210.

    “Marketing Workshop Versions in the 17th-century Dutch Art Market.” In Maddalena Bellavitis ed., Making Copies in European Art 1400-1600: Shifting Tastes, Modes of Transmission, and Changing Contexts (Leiden: Brill, 2019).

    “Gerrit Dou’s Enchanting trompe-l’oeil: Virtuosity and Agency in Early Modern Collections.” JHNA 7 (2015).

    “An Invitation to Compare: Frans van Mieris’ Cloth Shop in the Context of Early Modern Art Collecting.” Renaissance Studies 23 (2009): 694-717.

  • Anthony Dyer Hoefer, English

    Research Interests: Literature and culture of the U.S. South; race, religion, and literature; ecocriticism and environmental justice.

    Selected Publications

    “Quarantining Blackness, Writing Whiteness: The Literary and Memorial Geographies of Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina.” South Atlantic Review. 82.2 (2017): 36-58.

    “Violence, Spectacular and Slow: Murder, Ecology, and Genre in Biguenet’s Oyster and Rash’s One Foot in Eden.” Mississippi Quarterly. 68.3-4. (2015): 487-509.

    “A Qualitative Consideration of Current Quantitative Souths.” Society for the Study of Southern Literature Newsletter. 49:1 (2015). Web.

    Apocalypse South: Judgment, Cataclysm, and Resistance in the Regional Imaginary. Columbus: The Ohio State University Press, 2012.

    “A Revision of the Record: The Demands of Reading Josh Neufeld’s A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge.” Comics and the American South, Brannon Costello and Qiana Whitted, editors. University Press of Mississippi. Jackson, MS: University Press of Mississippi, 2012.

  • Mack P. Holt, History and Art History

    Research Interests: Early modern Europe, especially France, the Reformation, the history of wine, the history of the book

    Selected Publications

    The Duke of Anjou and the Politique Struggle During the Wars of Religion (Cambridge University Press, 1986; paperback ed. 2002). Winner of the National Huguenot Society Book Prize, 1987.

    The French Wars of Religion, 1562-1629 (Cambridge University Press, 1995; 2nd edition 2005).

    The Politics of Wine in Early Modern France: Religion and Popular Culture in Burgundy, 1477-1630 (Cambridge University Press, 2018). Winner of the David H. Pinkney Prize awarded by the Society for French Historical Studies, 2019. For a podcast about this book, see:


    (As editor) Society and Institutions in Early Modern France (University of Georgia Press, 1991).

    (As editor) Renaissance and Reformation France, 1500-1650, vol. 4 of The Shorter Oxford History of France (Oxford University Press, 2002).

    (As editor) Alcohol: A Social and Cultural History (Berg Publishers, 2006).

    (As editor) Adaptations of Calvinism in Reformation Europe (Ashgate Publishers, 2007).

  • Amber Holton-Thomas, Higher Education

    Research Interests: Higher education, Federal financial aid policy, Pell Grants, Women in higher education, nontraditional and contemporary students in higher education, critical quantitative methods, critical theory

    Selected Publications

    Hampton, A. E. (2019). Dialogue and Leadership Learning. In Jillian M. Volpe White, K. L. Guthrie, & M.  Torres (Eds.), Thinking with purpose: Facilitating reflection in leadership learning (pp. xx-xx). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.

    Hampton, A. & Perez-Felkner, L. (2018). Getting what they came for? Non-traditional students’ degree attainment.  Paper presented at American Sociological Association, Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA.

    Guthrie, K. & Hampton, A.E. (2016). So just make a difference:  A unique approach to social justice education.  eJournal of Public Affairs.                                              

    Brower, R.L., Cox, B.E., & Hampton, A.E. (2016). No adult left behind: Student affairs practices targeting adult undergraduates. ACPA Developments.

  • Gail Dallas Hook, History and Art History

    Research Interests: British Empire; modern Mediterranean; history of Cyprus

    Selected Publications

    "La Sagrada Familia: Will it ever be finished?" in Faith & Form Journal, June 2020, pp. 21-22

    "The Silk Road" in Lester Kurtz, ed., Encyclopedia of Violence, Peace and Conflict, 3rd edition (forthcoming Spring 2021)

    “The restitution of religious art: When they go, what is left?” in Faith and Form Journal, Spring 2017. An analysis of Byzantine frescoes stolen from Cyprus, sold to the De Menil Museum in Houston, Texas, and returned to Cyprus.

    Protectorate Cyprus: British Imperial Power before World War I (I.B. Tauris, 2015)

    “Mr. Fenech’s Colony: Maltese Immigration in British Cyprus, 1878 to 1950,” in Journal of Cyprus Studies 13 (2007), Eastern Mediterranean University Press, pp. 27-51

  • Jane Hooper, History and Art History

    Research Interests: Global and world history; Indian Ocean history; History of Madagascar

    Selected Publications

    Feeding Globalization: Madagascar and the Provisioning Trade, 1600-1800, Indian Ocean Studies Series, Ohio University Press, June 2017.

    Bibliographical guide, “Madagascar,” Oxford Bibliographies in African Studies, 2015.

    Article, “The Indian Ocean in Transatlantic Slavery,” co-written with David Eltis, Slavery & Abolition, volume 34 (3), 2013.

    Article, "Pirates and Kings: Power on the Shores of Early Modern Madagascar," Journal of World History, volume 20 (2), June 2011.

  • Daniel E Houser, Economics

    Research Interests: Chair of Department Experimental statistics and methods, emotion and individual differences, political economy

    Selected Publications


    "Ethics and advances in economic science: The role of two norms”, with Jingnan Chen and Angelina Christie. In George DeMartino and Deirdre McCloskey (Eds), Handbook on Professional Economic Ethics: Views from the Economics Profession and Beyond. Oxford University Press, 2016.

    "Adaptive Procedures for Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney Tests: Seven Decades of Advances”, with Li Hao. Communications in Statistics: Theory and Methods, 2015.

    "Dissociable Contribution Of Prefrontal And Striatal Dopaminergic Genes To Learning In Economic Games", with Ming Hsu, Eric Set, et al. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2014.

    "Raising the price of talk: An experimental analysis of transparent leadership,” with David Levy, Kail Padgitt, Sandra Peart and Erte Xiao. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2014.

    "House money effects on trust and reciprocity”, with Erte Xiao. Public Choice, 2014.

    2014. “Neural Signatures of Betrayal Aversion: An fMRI Study of Trust”, with Jason Aimone and Bernd Weber. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 7 May, vol. 281 no. 178220132127

    2014. “The Costs of Conflict”, with Adam Smith, Peter Leeson and Ramin Ostad. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 97, 61-71.

    2014 “Experimental Economics and Experimental Game Theory”, with Kevin McCabe. In Paul Glimcher & Ernst Fehr (eds.), Neuroeconomics: Decision Making and the Brain. 2nd edition. Academic Press. 19-34.

    2013 “Analysis of nonstationary dynamics in the financial system”, with Samar K. Guharay, Gaurav S. Thakur, Fred J. Goodman and Scott L. Rosen. Economics Letters, 454-457.

    2013 “High stakes behavior with low payoffs: Inducing preferences with Holt-Laury gambles”, with John Dickhaut, Jason Aimone, Dorina Tila and Cathleen Johnson. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 94, 183-189.

    2013 “Cooperation during cultural group formation promotes trust towards members of outgroups”, with Xiaofei (Sophia) Pan. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 07 July, vol 280, no. 1762, doi:10.1098/rspb.2013.0606

    2013 “Harnessing the benefits of betrayal aversion”, with Jason Aimone. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 89: 1-8. (Lead volume article)

    2013 “The causal effect of market priming on trust: An experimental investigation using randomized control”, with Omar Al-Ubaydli, John Nye, Maria Pia Paganelli, Xiaofei (Sophia) Pan. PLoS ONE 8(3): e55968. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0055968.

    2013 “Temptation at Work,” with Alessandro Bucciol and Marco Piovesan. PLoS ONE, 8(1): e53713. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0053713

    2012 “What you don’t know won’t hurt you: A laboratory analysis of betrayal aversion”, with Jason Aimone. Experimental Economics, 15:4, 571-588.

    2012 “Fairness and Cheating”, with Stefan Vetter and Joachim Winter. European Economic Review, 56:8, 1645-1655.

    2012 “Non-human primate studies inform the foundation of fair and just human institutions”, with Jingnan Chen, Social Justice Research, 25:3, 277-297.

    2012 “Private and Public Decisions in Social Dilemmas: Evidence from Children's Behavior”, with Natalia Montinari and Marco Piovesan. PLoS ONE 7(8):e41568.doi:10.1371/journal. pone.0041568.

    2012 “The life and times of Gordon Tullock,” with Charles Rowley. Public Choice, 152: 3-27

    2012 “Gordon Tullock and Experimental Economics”, with Thomas Stratmann. Public Choice, 152 2012 “Belief elicitation in the presence of naive participants: An experimental study,” with Li Hao, Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 44:2, 161-180.


  • Susan Howard, School of Integrative Studies

    Research Interests: Design-thinking, One Health, global health, sustainability, conservation decision-making, application of social marketing, game-based learning and emerging digital and social technologies for behavior change

    Selected Publications

    Howard, S., Buttke, D.E., Lovejoy, T.E., Clark, K.A., Ashby, E.J., & Aguirre, A.A. (2020). The Loop Trail “Quest”: Use of a choice-based digital simulation, an interactive video, and a booklet to communicate and analyze decision-making of park visitors. Manuscript submitted for publication.

    Howard, S., Livermore, M. (2016) Applications of marketing practices and agent-based modeling to promote the principles of One Health in the C&O Canal National Historic Park. Prepared for the C&O Canal National Historic Park & Wildlife Biology and Public Health Divisions of the National Park Service.

    Howard, S. Mustafa, S. (2016) EcoTEX Academy: STEM in Nature. A prototype for place-based experiential learning. Prepared for the National Park Service Wildlife Biology Division, Office of Public Health and Conservation Stewardship Division.

    Howard, S., Singhal, V., Haider, N., Singh, J, Sharma, Sl, Chowdhury, A. (2013) Mind the gap: Uttar Pradesh Program Review. Prepared for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

    Howard, S. Knapp, C. Adnan, A. (2013) We are the Government: Strategic Communication for Citizen Participation in Local Governance in Bangladesh. Prepared on behalf of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and Tetra Tech.

    Howard, S., (2011) Multi-Media & Training Catalogue. Alive & Thrive Ethiopia.   A compilation of media products produced by a creative team that HDI managed. Prepared for the Alive & Thrive Initiative of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

    Howard, S., (2010) Application of marketing principles to accelerate stunting reduction in Ethiopia. Prepared for the Alive & Thrive Initiative of the Gates Foundation.

    Howard, S. (2009) Media Toolkit with Discussion Guide. A compilation of media products produced by a creative team that HDI managed. Prepared on behalf of the Ministry of Health in Guyana, the National AIDS Programme and USAID.

    Howard, S., (2010) National Plan for Integrated Maternal Neonatal Child Health, Ministry of Health, Government of Pakistan. A strategy paper produced as a result of a high-level ministerial forum in Dubai, UAE.

    Bradley, P., Howard, S., (2008) Innovative Approaches to Mobilizing Communities for Vaccination. UNICEF/Save the Children.



  • Billy Howell, English

    Research Interests: Fiction, Memoir, Political Theory, Psychoanalysis

    Selected Publications

    • "Encroachment." Oklahoma Review 17.2 (2016).
    • "Fragile." Welter (2016).
    • "Remains." Rabbit Catastrophe Review 4 (2012).
    • "Everybody Has to Learn Sometime." Hazard Yet Forward (2012).
    • "How to Leave Your Mother." Florida Review 35.2 (2010).
    • "Rock Shelter." Lumina (2011).
  • Sheri Ann Huerta, History and Art History

    Research Interests: Antebellum U.S. South; Slavery; Legal History; Women and Gender; Transatlantic World; Community Studies; World History

    Selected Publications

    Review of Kimberly M. Welch, Black Litigants in the Antebellum American South. The Historian December 2018, p. 809-810.

    Review of H. G. Jones, with David Southern, Miss Mary's Money: Fortune and Misfortune in a Carolina Plantation Family, 1760-1924. North Carolina Historical Review, July 2015, p. 338-339.

    Review of Heather Andrea Williams, Help Me to Find My People: The African American Search for Family Lost in Slavery. H-SAWH, H-Net Reviews. January, 2015. URL:http://www.h-net.org/reviews/showrev.php?id=42402

    Review of Katy Simpson Smith, We Have Raised All of You: Motherhood in the South, 1750-1835. North Carolina Historical Review, July 2014, p. 360-361.

  • Joy Hughes, Higher Education

    Research Interests: Partnerships, particularly international partnership

    Selected Publications

     “A Security Checklist for ERP Implementations,” with Robert Beer, EDUCAUSE Quarterly, Volume 30, No. 4, 2007.

    “Cybersecurity: Learning the Hard Way,” with Keith Bushey, EDUCAUSE Quarterly, Volume 29, No. 4, 2006.

    ”Business Continuity Planning,” with Keith Bushey, Cathy Hubbs, and Robert Nakles, University Business, September 2006.

    “Information System Security Obligations and Electronic Privacy,” Proceedings, Conference of the National Association of College and University Attorneys, November 9-11 2005.

     “Presidents and Campus Cybersecurity,” with Jack Suess, EDUCAUSE Review, November/December 2005. 

    “A Cybersecurity Symposium: An Opportunity for Collaboration for Researchers, Security Officers and Funding Agencies,” with Anne Agee and Robert Nakles, Working Papers II of the Critical Infrastructure Protection Program, edited by Alexander Woolcut and Cristine Pommerening, George Mason University School of Law, October 2004

    "The National Electronic Library:  The Environment Personified," with Karyle Butcher,  a book chapter in The National Electronic Library:  A Guide to the Future for Library Managers, edited by Gary M. Pitkin, Greenwood Press, 1996.

    “Thoughts on Leadership: An Exchange,” with Karyle Butcher,  College and Research Libraries News, Association of College and Research Libraries, October 1995

    “Building a Team-based, Information Services Organization,” with Charlene Grass,  Building Partnerships: Computing and Library Professionals, Library Solutions Press, 199.

    "Empowering Users as Members of the Computer Center Team," CAUSE/EFFECT, 1993.

    "Applying Change and Organizational Theories in a Library Reorganization," CAUSE/EFFECT, Winter 1991.

    "The Clay Technology Lab:  A Joint Project of the Library, Computer Center, and Educational Technology Center,"  On-CUE, Carnegie Mellon University, September 1997.

    "Computer-Aided-Design,"  On-CUE, Carnegie Mellon University, Spring 1987.


    2013  U.S. Patent No. 8,640,250.  "System and Method for Managing Superior/Subordinate Technology Interactions", with Steve Wattenmaker.

    2013  Information Week Top 500 Innovative IT Organizations in the United States.

    2013  Computerworld Laureate in the Collaboration Category

    2011  Confucius Institute Individual Performance Excellence Award and Medal presented by Confucius Institute Headquarters, People’s Republic of China.

    2008  Named as one of the top 100 IT Leaders in the nation by Computerworld.

    2007  Recognized by the Information Security Executives Association for outstanding national leadership.

    2006  Recognized by the March of Dimes as a “Heroine in Technology.”

    2009, 2006, 2002, and 2000    Virginia Governor’s Award for Innovation in Technology (Awards for Mason’s Virtual Computing Lab, Cybersecurity Program, Technology Across the Curriculum Program, and the Implementation of Finance System).

    2006  Installed in the Rider University Alumni Science Stairway of Fame (Awarded for outstanding executive leadership).

    2004  Principal Investigator on the grant funded SURA Cybersecurity Symposium

    2001  EDUCAUSE National Award for Systemic Progress in Teaching and Learning.  (Awarded to George Mason University for the Technology Across the Curriculum Program.)

    1999  Gault Award (Awarded for outstanding inter-unit collaboration at George Mason University).

    1985  Award of the Four Chaplains, the Four Chaplains Memorial Foundation (Awarded for activities that promote brotherhood and inter-racial understanding).

    Service Activities

    Currently serve on the Board of Technology Goddesses, a national organization that works with Girl Scouts to develop their technology expertise. 

    Have served as the chair of the Microsoft Higher Education Advisory Group, the Chair of the  Cybersecurity Working Group of the Southeastern Universities Research Association and the co-chair of the Educause/Internet2 Security Task Force.

    Served as a member of some 15 advisory boards at the university, state and national levels.

  • Cortney Hughes Rinker, Sociology and Anthropology

    Research Interests: Medical anthropology, aging and end-of-life care, pain management, reproductive health, Islam, technology, gender, Middle East and North Africa, the United States

    Selected Publications

    Actively Dying: The Creation of Muslim Identities through End-of-Life Care in the United States. London: Routledge, 2021.

    “Problematizing Neoliberalism and Development: Creating Citizens (and Future Citizens) through Reproduction and Childrearing in Morocco,” Hespéris-Tamuda, guest edited by Rahma Bourqia and Aomar Boum. 55(4): 151-172, 2020.

    COVID-19 and the Kin Contract: Navigating the Family and the State During the Pandemic.” Anthropology & Aging 41(2), 141-146. Co-authored with M. Aspen Bataille and Loumarie Figueroa Ortiz.

    “Islam, Medicine, and Practice: The Manifestation of Islamic Moral Values in Everyday Aspects of the U.S. Health Care System.” In Treating the Body in Medicine and Religion: Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Perspectives, edited by John Fitzgerald and Ashley Moyse, 137-153. New York: Routledge, 2019. 

    "Religious Apps for Smartphones and Tablets: Reconstructing Authority, Community, and the Nature of Religion," Interdisciplinary Journal of Research on Religion, 12:1-14, 2016. Co-authored with Jesse Roof, Emily Harvey, Elyse Bailey, and Hannah Embler.

    Islam, Development, and Urban Women’s Reproductive Practices. New York: Routledge, 2013.

    "A Place to Belong: Colonial Pasts, Modern Discourses, and Contraceptive Practices in Morocco." In Anthropology of the Middle East and North Africa: Into the New Millennium, edited by Sherine Hafez and Susan Slyomovics, 239-257. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2013.

    "Responsible Mothers, Anxious Women: Contraception, Modernization, and Neoliberalism in Morocco." Arab Studies Journal 21(1): 97-121, 2013. 

    "Stress, Survival, and Success in Academia 2.0: Lessons from Working Inside and Outside of the Academy." Practicing Anthropology 35(1): 40-43, 2013. Co-authored with Sheena Nahm. 

    "Technologies in the Patient Centered Medical Home: Examining the Model from an Enterprise Perspective." Journal of Telemedicine and e-Health 17(6): 1-6, 2011. Co-authored with CAPT R. Marshall, E. Murphy, and SK Mun.

  • Niklas Hultin, Global Affairs

    Research Interests: West Africa, Scandinavia, political and legal anthropology, human rights, law and law enforcement, small arms, information practices, migration, urban studies

    Selected Publications

    2020. “Responding to the Backway: Migration in the Gambia.” In Deadly Waters: Migrant Journeys across the Mediterranean.Veronica Fynn Bruey and Steven Bender, eds. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books [co-authored with Francisca Zanker.]

    2020. “Waiting and Political Transitions: Anticipating the New Gambia.” Critical African Studies. DOI: 10.1080/21681392.2019.1697310

    2019. “Human Flourishing and Conflict in African Human Rights Law.” In Law, Religion, and Human Flourishing in Africa. M. Christian Green, ed. Stellenbosch, South Africa: SUN MeDIA.

    2017. “Bulletproofing: Small Arms, International Law, and Spiritual Security in The Gambia.”. In Politics and Policies in Upper Guinea Coast Societies. Change and Continuity. C. Højbjerg, J. Knörr, and W. P. Murphy, eds. New York: Palgrave

    2017. “Autocracy, Migration, and Gambia's 'Unprecedented' 2016 Election.” African Affairs 116(463):321-340 [co-authored with Baba Jallow, Benjamin N. Lawrance, and Assan Sarr.]

    2015. Leaky Humanitarianism: The Anthropology of Small Arms Control in The Gambia.” American Ethnologist 42(1):68-80.

    2014. Law, Opacity, and Information in Urban Gambia.” Social Analysis 57(3):42-57.

  • Samuel Clowes Huneke, History and Art History

    Research Interests: Modern Europe, Modern Germany, History of Sexuality, Legal History, History of Science and Mathematics

    Selected Publications

    States of Liberation: Gay Men between Dictatorship and Democracy in Cold War Germany (forthcoming, University of Toronto Press)

    "Death Wish: Suicide and Stereotype in the Gay Discourses of Imperial and Weimar GermanyNew German Critique 46.1 (1 February 2019): 127-166. 

    "The Duplicity of Tolerance: Lesbian Experiences in Nazi BerlinThe Journal of Contemporary History 54.1 (first published 3 April 2017): 30-59. 

  • Jessica Hurley, English

    Research Interests: Speculative fiction and sci-fi; environmental humanities; C20/21 multi-ethnic American literatures; postcolonial and Indigenous literatures; science and technology studies; gender and sexuality studies.

    Selected Publications

    Impossible Futures: Fictions of Risk in the Longue DuréeAmerican Literature 89:4 (2017). 

    Complicity, for the Time Being: Nuclear Entanglements from Atoms for Peace to FukushimaComparative Literature Studies 56:4 (Fall 2019).

    Apocalypse. Special issue of ASAP/Journal 3:3 (2018), coedited with Dan Sinykin. 

    An Apocalypse is a Relative Thing: An Interview with N.K. Jemisin. ASAP/Journal 3:3 (2018)

    The Nuclear Uncanny in OceaniaCommonwealth Essays and Studies 41:1 (2018)

    History is What Bites: Zombies, Race, and the Limits of Biopower in Colson Whitehead’s Zone OneExtrapolation 56:3 (2015).


  • Yasemin Irvin-Erickson, Criminology, Law and Society

    Research Interests: Victimization, technology, economic empowerment of vulnerable populations; crime prevention, evidence synthesis

    Selected Publications

    Zolnik, E. J., Malik, A., & Irvin-Erickson, Y. (2018). Who benefits from bus rapid transit? Evidence from the Metro Bus System (MBS) in Lahore. Journal of Transport Geography, 71, 139-149. 

    Irvin-Erickson, Y., La Vigne, N., Levine, N., Tiry, E., & Bieler, S. (2017). What does Gunshot Detection Technology Tell Us About Gun Violence?. Applied Geography 86: 262-273.

    Irvin-Erickson, Y., Lynch, M., Gurvis, A., Mohr, E., & Bai, B. (2017). A Neighborhood-Level Analysis of the Economic Impact of Gun Violence. Urban Institute.

    Levy, J. M., Irvin-Erickson, Y., & La Vigne, N. (2017). A case study of bicycle theft on the Washington DC metrorail system using a routine activities and crime pattern theory framework. Security Journal, 31(1), 226-246.

    Malik, A. A., Mohr, E., & Irvin-Erickson, Y. (2017). Can refugees provide the impetus for urban regeneration? Economic integration, social networks and well-being in Peshawar, Pakistan. Journal of Urban Regeneration & Renewal, 11(1), 30-43.

    La Vigne, N. G., Paddock, E., Irvin-Erickson, Y., Kim, K., Peterson, B. E., & Bieler, S. (2017). A Blueprint for Interagency and Cross-Jurisdictional Data Sharing. Urban Institute

    Irvin-Erickson, Y., & La Vigne, N. (2015). A spatio-temporal analysis of crime at Washington, DC metro rail: Stations’ crime-generating and crime-attracting characteristics as transportation nodes and places. Crime science, 4(1), 14.

  • Allison E Jack, Psychology

    Research Interests: Autism spectrum disorders, fMRI, cerebellum, sex differences, social perception

    Selected Publications

    Jack, A. & Pelphrey, K.A. (2017). Understudied populations within the autism spectrum: Current trends and future directions in neuroimaging research. J Child Psychol Psychiatr, 58: 411-35. doi:10.1111/jcpp.12687

    Jack, A., Keifer, C.M., & Pelphrey, K.A. (2017). Cerebellar contributions to biological motion perception in autism and typical development. Hum Brain Mapp, 38:1914-32. doi:10.1002/hbm.23493 PMCID: PMC5342927 

    Gordon, I.*, Jack, A.* (*Co-first authors), Pretzsch, C. M., Vander Wyk, B., Leckman, J.F., Feldman, R., & Pelphrey, K. (2016). Intranasal oxytocin enhances connectivity in the neural circuitry supporting social motivation and social perception in children with autism. Sci Rep, 6: 35054. doi:10.1038/srep35054

    Jack, A. & Pelphrey, K. A. (2015). Neural correlates of animacy attribution include neocerebellum in healthy adults. Cereb Cortex, 25:4240-47. doi:10.1093/cercor/bhu146 PMCID: PMC4626832

    Jack, A. & Morris, J. P. (2014). Neocerebellar contributions to social perception in adolescents with autism spectrum disorder. Dev Cogn Neurosci, 10:77-92. doi:10.1016/j.dcn.2014.08.001

    Jack, A., Connelly, J.J., & Morris, J.P. (2012). DNA methylation of the oxytocin receptor gene predicts neural response to ambiguous social stimuli. Front Hum Neurosci, 6:280. doi:10.3389/fnhum.2012.00280

    Jack, A., Englander, Z.A., & Morris, J.P. (2011). Subcortical contributions to effective connectivity in brain networks supporting imitation. Neuropsychologia, 49, 3689-98. doi:10.1016/j.neuropsychologia.2011.09.024

  • Mark D Jacobs, Sociology and Anthropology

    Research Interests: Sociology of culture, social theory, social control and juvenile justice, public scandal

    Selected Publications

    “Financial Crises as Symbols and Rituals,” in The Oxford Handbook of the Sociology of Finance, eds. Karin Knorr and Alex Preda. Oxford University Press, 2012.

    “The Cultural Sociology of Human Rights.” Mark D. Jacobs and Lester R. Kurtz, in The Handbook of Sociology and Human Rights, eds. David Brunsma, Keri Iyall Smith, and Brian Gran. Paradigm Publishers, 2012.

    Front Page Economics.  Gerald D. Suttles, with Mark D. Jacobs.  University of Chicago Press,  2010. 

    The Blackwell Companion to the Sociology of Culture.  Co-editor with Nancy Weiss Hanrahan. Malden, MA. and Oxford:  Blackwell, 2005. (Translated into Chinese and Greek.)

    Screwing the System and Making It Work:  Juvenile Justice in the No-Fault Society.  Univ. of Chicago Press, 1990.  (Paperback, 1993;  excerpted in Ralph A. Weisheit and R. Culbertson, eds., Juvenile Delinquency:  A Justice Perspective, 3rd ed., 4th ed.,  Prospect Heights, IL:  Waveland Press.)             

    Culture, Media, and Public Discourse. ed. Mark D. Jacobs and Anna Lisa Tota. Numero monografico, Cultura e Comunicazione - Culture and Communication, Sezione Processi E Istituzioni Culturali Dell'associazione Italiana Di Sociologia (Section on Culture and Communication of the Italian Sociological Association)(n. 3, 2009).

    Debats et Controverses:  “Art from Start to Finish.”  Sociologie de l’art, Nos. 11-12, 2008

    Cultural Sociology and Sociological Publics.  Special Issue of Poetics, vol. 33, no. 1 (2005).  Co-edited with Lynette P. Spillman.

    “Not on a Friday or Saturday Night:  Performance Anxieties of a College Arts Audience”  Journal of Arts Management, Law, and Society 29:4 (Summer 2000).

  • Tania Rachel James, Creative Writing

    Research Interests: Fiction

    Selected Publications

    The Tusk That Did The Damage. New York: Vintage Books, 2015

    Aerogrammes: and Other Stories. New York: Knopf, 2012

    Atlas of Unknowns. New York: Vintage, 2009

  • Rosemary Jann, English

    Research Interests: nineteenth-century British literature, history of science, interdisciplinary and cultural studies

    Selected Publications

    "Breeding, Education, and Vulgarity: George Gissing and the Lower-Middle Classes." Victorian Vulgarity: Taste in Verbal and Visual Culture. Ed. Susan Bernstein and Elsie Michie. Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2009.

    (ed.) Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions, by Edwin Abbott. Oxford: Oxford UP, 2006.

    "Hardy's Rustics and the Construction of Class." Victorian Literature and Culture 28.2 (2000): 411-25.

    "Eliza Burt Gamble: Revising the Descent of Woman." Natural Eloquence: Women Reinscribe. Ed. Barbara Gates and Ann Shteir. Madison: U of Wisconsin P, 1997. 147-63.

    The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Detecting Social Order. New York: Twayne, 1995.

    "Darwin and the Anthropologists: Sexual Selection and Its Discontents." Victorian Studies 37.2 (1994): 287-306. (Repr. in Sexualities in Victorian Britain. Ed. Andrew H. Miller and James Eli Adams. Bloomington: Indiana UP, 1996. 79-95.)

    The Art and Science of Victorian History. Columbus: Ohio UP, 1985.

  • Jang C. Jin, Mason Korea

    Research Interests: East Asian Economies, Economics of Education, North Korean Economy

    Selected Publications

    Jin, Jang C. and Dan-A Kim (forthcoming). “Higher Education in Korea: Recent Changes in School Competitiveness and Research Productivity.” Journal of Asian Public Policy.

    Jin, Jang C. (forthcoming). “The Causes of Disinflation: Central Bank Independence versus Globalization.” World Economics.

    Jin, Jang C. (2019). “Student Evaluation of Teaching in Higher Education: Evidence from Hong Kong.” International Journal of Higher Education 8(5), 95-109.

    Jin, Jang C. (2019). “Research Productivity in Business and Economics: South Korea, 1990-2016.” East Asian Economic Review 23(1), 89-107.


  • Yingji Jin, Mason Korea

    Research Interests: Chinese language, culture, literature, Cross-lingual research between Chinese and Korean, Asian American literature

    Selected Publications

    “The foreign words used in Korean language” Studies of Chinese & Korean Humanities. 24(2008):149~171

    “To improve classroom Chinese teaching effect by using bilingual in Korea” Chinese Language Education and Research. 9 (2009):31~41

    “On Chinese translation of the Korean drama titles” Journal of Chinese Humanities 42 (2009):55~71

    “Analysis of the Chinese new words – On the new words listed in ‘Language Situation in China (2006-2008)’ and popular words on the internet” Studies of Chinese & Korean Humanities. 30 (2010): 277-301

    “Another example of Trans-culture: The use of Chinese characters in Korean advertisement” Korea Journal of Chinese Linguistics. 35 (2011): 429-442

    “Teaching Chinese in English in Korea” The Journal of Chinese Language Teaching and Research (Issued by the Association of Chinese Professors in Korea), Vol 15 (2014): 159~167

  • Devon Johnson, Criminology, Law and Society

    Research Interests: Public opinion on criminal justice issues, race and criminal justice, politics of crime and justice policy, survey methods

    Selected Publications

    Drakulich, Kevin, Kevin Wozniak, John Hagan, and Devon Johnson. 2020. Race and Policing in the 2016 Presidential Election: Black Lives Matter, the Police, and Dog Whistle Politics. Criminology. 58(2): 370-402.

    Johnson, Devon, David B. Wilson, Edward R. Maguire and Belen Lowrey-Kinberg. 2017. Race and Perceptions of Police: Experimental Results on the Impact of Procedural (in)Justice. Justice Quarterly. 34(7): 1184-1212.

    Johnson, Devon, Edward R. Maguire, Stephanie A. Maass and Julie Hibdon. 2016. Systematic Observation of Disorder and Other Neighborhood Conditions in a Distressed Caribbean Community. Journal of Community Psychology.  44(6): 729-746.

    Johnson, Devon, Patricia Y. Warren and Amy Farrell. 2015.  Deadly Injustice: Trayvon Martin, Race, and the Criminal Justice System.  New York: New York University Press.

    Johnson, Devon, Edward R. Maguire, and Joseph B. Kuhns. 2014. Public Perceptions of the Legitimacy of the Law and Legal Authorities: Evidence from the Caribbean. Law and Society Review. 48(4): 947-978.

    Johnson, Devon. 2009. Anger about Crime and Support for Punitive Criminal Justice Policies. Punishment & Society. 11(1): 51-66.

    Johnson, Devon. 2008. Racial Prejudice, Perceived Injustice, and the Black-White Gap in Punitive Attitudes. Journal of Criminal Justice. 36(2): 198-206.

  • Noel D Johnson, Economics

    Research Interests: My research interests include: The historical origins of modern liberal institutions. The relationship between state capacity and economic growth. The impact of environmental shocks on institutional change and economic outcomes. Applied Econometrics with a particular emphasis on spatial data. Identification and Causality.

    Selected Publications

    2016     Franck, R. and Johnson, N. D. (2016). Can public policies lower religiosity? Evidence from school choice in France, 1878-1902. The Economic History Review.
    2016     Anderson, R. W., Johnson, N. D., and Koyama, M. (2016). Jewish persecutions and weather shocks: 1100-1800. The Economic Journal.
    2015     Johnson, N. D., Koyama, M., and Nye, J. V. C. (2015). Establishing a new order: The growth of the state and the decline of witch trials in France. In Greif, A., Kiesling, L., and Nye, J. V. C., editors, Institutions, Innovation, and Industrialization, Princeton University Press
    2014     Johnson, N. D. and Koyama, M. (2014b). Taxes, lawyers, and the decline of witch trials in France. Journal of Law & Economics, 57(1)
    2014     Johnson, N. D. and Koyama, M. (2014a). Tax farming and the origins of state capacity in England and France. Explorations in Economic History, 51:1-20 (Lead Article)
    2014  Johnson, N. D., Ruger, W., Sorens, J., and Yamarik, S. (2014). Corruption, regulation, and growth: An empirical study of the United States. Economics of Governance, 15(1):51-69 
    2014     Franck, R., Johnson, N. D., and Nye, J. V. C. (2014). From internal taxes to national regulation: Evidence from a French wine tax reform at the turn of the twentieth century. Explorations in Economic History, 51:77-93
    2013     Johnson, N. D. and Koyama, M. (2013). Legal centralization and the birth of the secular state. Journal of Comparative Economics, 41(4):959-978 (Lead Article)
    2012     Johnson, N. D. and Mislin, A. (2012). How much should we trust the world values survey trust question? Economics Letters, 116:110-112
    2011     Johnson, N. D. and Mislin, A. (2011). Trust games: A meta-analysis. Journal of Economic Psychology, 32:865-889
    2011     Johnson, N. D. and Nye, J. V. C. (2011). Does fortune favor dragons? Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 78(1-2)
    2011     Johnson, N. D., Lafountain, C. L., and Yamarik, S. (2011). Corruption is bad for growth (even in the United States). Public Choice, 147(3-4):377-393
  • Joyce P. Johnston, English

    Research Interests: Digital intellectual property, online civility, online instructional design, oral response to student writing

    Selected Publications

    "Can Facebook Steal My Stuff? Your Students' Intellectual Property Rights on Social Media." Computers in Libraries. Vol. 40, No. 3. April 2020.  Pp. 32-36. 

    • Republished with permission in the Proceedings of the Innovate Learning Summit 2020. Nov. 2020.
    • Featured article. Reprinted with permission in The Informed Librarian Online, May 2020.

    Intellectual Freedom Blog. American Library Association Office for Intellectual Freedom.  Available http://www.oif.ala.org/oif/ 

    • “Fostering Intellectual Freedom in a Post-Truth Year.” 28 November 2016
    • “Free Speech vs. Campus Safety: The Disinvitation Dilemma.” 21 October 2016
    • “Is Free Basics Internet Access Really Worth It?” 17 October 2016
    • “Turning Undergrads into Independent Learners” 25 August 2016
    • “Facebook Gets One Right: Opening the Internet to the Blind” 31 March 2016
    • “Common Sense Media: Promoting Family Values or Dictating Them?” 28 March 2016

    “A One-Year Review of the Right to be Forgotten; Implications for Academia.”  Proceedings of the World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications 2015. July 2015.  Pp. 110-117. Available:         http://www.editlib.org/pv/151371/

    "The Good, the Bad and the University: Digital Intellectual Property Flashpoints for 2014" in Proceedings for the World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications 2014. 

    Public and Persona: Constructing an Online Voice for Professionals presented at the International Conference of Technology, Knowledge and Society in Bilbao, Spain, and appearing in Volume 7 of the Society's journal in November 2011.

    "The Beginnings of Science Writing in America: The Declaration of Independence as a Report of Experimental Research" in The International of Science in Society 2009.

  • Garett Jones, Economics

    Research Interests: Macroeconomics, economic growth, monetary economics, economics of institutions, behavioral economics, public choice

    Selected Publications

    Anomaly, Jonathan, and Garett Jones (2020). Cognitive Enhancement and Network Effects: how Individual Prosperity Depends on Group Traits. Philosophia.

    Al-Ubaydli, Omar, Garett Jones, and Jaap Weel (2016). Average player traits as predictors of cooperation in a repeated prisoner's dilemma. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics.

    Jones, Garett (2013). The O-Ring Sector and the Foolproof Sector: An Explanation for Skill Externalities. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, lead article.

    Jones, Garett. (2012). Cognitive skill and technology diffusion: An empirical test. Economic Systems.

    Nye, John V.C., Grigory Androuschak, Desirée Desierto, Garett Jones, Maria Yudkevich (2012). 2D:4D Asymmetry and Gender Differences in Academic Performance. PLoS ONE.

    Jones, Garett and Tim Kane (2012). U.S. Troops and Economic Growth: Regression analysis with robustness tests. Defence and Peace Economics.

    Jones, Garett (2011). National IQ and National Productivity: The Hive Mind Across Asia. Asian Development Review.

    Jones, Garett (2010). Speed Bankruptcy: A Firewall to Future Crises. Journal of Applied Corporate Finance.

    Jones, Garett and W. Joel Schneider (2010). IQ in the Production Function: Evidence from Immigrant Earnings, Economic Inquiry.

    Jones, Garett (2008). Are Smarter Groups More Cooperative? Evidence from Prisoner's Dilemma Experiments, 1959-2003. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.

    Hafer, R.W., Joseph Haslag, and Garett Jones (2007). On Money and Output: Is Money Redundant? Journal of Monetary Economics.

    Jones, Garett and W. Joel Schneider (2006). Intelligence, Human Capital, and Economic Growth: A Bayesian Averaging of Classical Estimates (BACE) Approach, Journal of Economic Growth.

  • Rachel Jones, Philosophy

    Research Interests: 19th & 20th century continental philosophy, feminist philosophy, aesthetics

    Selected Publications

    'Dissonance, Resistance, and Perspectival Pedagogies,' in Dissonant Methods: Undoing Discipline in the Humanities Classroom, eds Ada S. Jaarsma and Kit Dobson (University of Alberta Press, 2020).

    'Kant, Hegel and Irigaray: From Chemism to the Elemental,' in Kant and the Continental Tradition: Sensibility, Nature and Religion (in memoriam: Gary Banham), Routledge Studies in Eighteenth-Century Philosophy, eds Sorin Baiasu and Alberto Vanzo (Routledge, 2020), pp. 146-170.

    'Philosophical Métissage and the Decolonization of Difference: Luce Irigaray, Daniel Maximin, and the Elemental Sublime,' Special Issue of Journal of Aesthetics and Phenomenology, 5:2, 2018; 139-156.

    ‘Active Matter and Vital Materiality: Between Irigaray and Bennett’, Special Issue of Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology on 'Irigaray and Ecofeminism', Vol. 46.2, 2015; 156-172.

    ‘Re-Reading Diotima: Resources for a Relational Pedagogy’, Special Issue of Journal of Philosophy of Education: ‘Re-imagining Relationships in Education: Ethics, Politics and Practices’, ed. M. Griffiths et al, Vol 48 Issue 2, 2014; 183-201.

    ‘On the Value of Not Knowing: Wonder, Beginning Again, and Letting Be’, in On Not Knowing: How Artists Think, E. Fischer and R. Fortnum, eds. (London: Black Dog Publishing, September 2013).

    ‘Lyotard and Irigaray on Eros, Infancy and Birth: the Dissymmetrical Horizons of Being Between’, in Jean-François Lyotard: New Encounters, H. Bickis and R. Shields, eds. (Farnham: Ashgate, 2013).

     ‘Adventures in the Abyss: Kant, Irigaray and Earthquakes’, Symposium: Canadian Journal for Continental Philosophy, Volume 17.1, Spring 2013.

     ‘Irigaray and Lyotard: Birth, Infancy, and Metaphysics’, Hypatia, Vol. 27 Issue 1, Winter 2012.

    Luce Irigaray: Towards a Sexuate Philosophy, Key Contemporary Thinkers series (Cambridge: Polity, 2011).

  • Yevette Richards Jordan, History and Art History

    Research Interests: Women’s history, African American history, women’s labor in the global economy, labor history, Pan-Africanism, Cold War

    Selected Publications


    Conversations with Maida Springer: A Personal History of Labor, Race, and International Relations.  Pittsburgh, PA: University of Pittsburgh Press, 2004.

    Maida Springer: Pan-Africanist and International Labor Leader. Pittsburgh, PA: University of Pittsburgh Press, 2000.



    “George McCray and the Making of Transnational Identity in Ghana,” James Miller, ed. Narrative of Expatriation and Return section, The [Oxford] Handbook of the History of African Diaspora (forthcoming, Oxford University Press).


    “Marred by Dissimulation: The AFL-CIO, the Women’s Committee, and Transnational Labor Relations,” American Labor's Global Ambassadors: The International History of the AFL-CIO during the Cold War. (Palgrave Macmillan) (December 2013).


    “The Activism of George McCray: Confluence and Conflict of Pan-Africanism and Transnational Labor Solidarity,” Nico Slate, ed. Black Power Beyond Borders (Palgrave MacMillan, December 2012).


    “Labor’s Gendered Misstep: The Women’s Committee and African Women Workers, 1957-1968,” International Journal of African Historical Studies 44, 3 (December/January 2011-2012): 415-442.


    "Race, Gender, and Anticommunism in the International Labor Movement: The Pan-African Connections of Maida Springer," Journal of Women's History 11, 2 (Summer 1999): 35-59.


    "African and African-American Labor Leaders in the Struggle over International Labor Affiliation," The International Journal of African Historical Studies 31, 2 (1998): 301-334. 

  • Leo Jung, Mason Korea

    Research Interests: Artificial Intelligence in Management and Marketing

    Selected Publications

    Power Balance and Equilibrium Channel Structure in a Gasoline market
    Game-theoretic Analysis of Incentive-based Oil Policy

  • Young A Jung, Modern and Classical Languages

    Research Interests: Korean Literature, Media and Cultural Studies, Migration Studies

    Selected Publications

    Korean Literature and Cultural Studies

    “Mobile Media and Kirogi Mothers: Place Making and the Reimagination of Transnational Korean Family Intimacies” in Mobile Media and Asian Social Intimacies, ed. Jason Vincent A. Cabanes and Cecilia S. Uy-Tioco, Springer, 2020. 

    “Technology and Literature Education” The Studies of Korean Language and Literature, Vol.59: 59-84, Seoul, Korea: The Society of Korean Language and Literature, 2017.

    “Cultural Transnational Activities: The Consumption of Transnational Media” with Dae Young Kim and Gyu Tag Lee in Transnational Communities in the Smartphone Age: The Korean Community in the Nation’s Capital, ed. Dae Young Kim, Lanham, Boulder, New York, and London: Lexington Books, 2017.

     “Cultural Transnationalism: The Cases of the First-Generation and the Second-Generation of Korean-Americans” in Media and Culture, edited by Namil Ahn and Young A Jung, 309-342. Seoul, Korea: Pureunsasang, 2012.

    “The U.S. College Students’ Understanding of Korean Culture through the Reception of Korean Films” in Korean Studies, 36: 85-105, Seoul, Korea: Center for Korean Studies, Korea University, Worin Publishing Co., 2011.

    Korean Language Education

    “A Study on the State of Korean School Instructors and Measures to Develop their Professionalism in the US, Specifically in WAKS’ Case” in Journal of International Network for Korean Language and Culture, 10-2: 247-74. With Chil-Sung Im, Hyuk Suh, Hye Young Shin and Jin Choi, Seoul: The International Network of Korean Language and Culture, 2013.


    Deo Naeun Sueobeul Wihan Self Study (Self-Study Teacher Research by Anastasia P. Samaras) translated into Korean with Chilseong Im, Hyuk Suh, Hiok Jeon, Hye Young Shin, and Jinhee Choi, Seoul: woorihakgyo publishing co., 2014.

    Eoneo Sueop Gwanchal (Classroom Observation Tasks: A Resource Book for Language Teachers and Trainers by Ruth Wajnryb) translated into Korean with Im, Chilseong and Choi, Jinhee, Seoul: Bagijeong, 2013.


    “Soy Bean Paste or Irrationality”, Munyeayoengu (Study on Literary Arts), Munyeayoengu Publishing Co. Seoul, Korea, 2014 Spring

    "Miss Suh, She Can Take Off Again”, Munyeayoengu (Study on Literary Arts), Munyeayoengu Publishing Co. Seoul, Korea, 2009 Winter


  • Deborah Kaplan, English

    Research Interests: Restoration and eighteenth-century British literature, British drama and performance, feminist theory and criticism

    Selected Publications

    Jane Austen among Women. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins UP, 1992. (Chap. 4 repr. in Critical Essays on Jane Austen. Ed. Laura Mooneyham White. New York: Hall, 1998. 13-33; and abridged in the Norton Critical Edition of Pride and Prejudice. Ed. Donald Gray. New York: Norton, 2001. 368-75.)

    "'Adieu Buttock': Censorship Restoration Comedies for the Early Eighteenth-Century Stage." Imagining Selves: Essays in Honor of Patricia Meyer Spacks. Ed. Rivka Swenson and Elise Lauterbach. Newark: U of Delaware P, 2008. 132-54.

    "Learning 'to Speak the English Language': The Way of the World on the Twentieth-Century American Stage." Theatre Journal 49.3 (1997): 301-21.

    "Mass Marketing Jane Austen: Men, Women, and Courtship in Two of the Recent Films." Persuasions 18 (1996): 171-81. (Repr. in Jane Austen in Hollywood. Ed. Linda Troost and Sayre Greenfield. Lexington: UP of Kentucky, 1998. 177-87; and abridged in the Norton Critical Edition of Sense and Sensibility. Ed. Claudia Johnson. New York: Norton, 2002. 402-10.)

    "Representing the Nation: Restoration Comedies on the Early Twentieth-Century London Stage." Theatre Survey 36.2 (1995): 37-61.

  • Seth Kaplan, Psychology

    Research Interests: Employee well-being; Emotions at work; Job attitudes; personality; Individual and team performance in crises and extreme environments; flexible work arrangements; telework; metaperceptions; measurement and statistical issues

    Selected Publications

    Luchman, J., Lei, X., & Kaplan, S. Relative importance analysis with multivariate models: Shifting the focus from independent variables to parameter estimates. In press at Journal of Applied Structural Equation Modeling.

    Henrickson Parker, S., Lei, X., Fitzgibbons, S., Metzger, T., Safford, S., & Kaplan, S. The impact of surgical team familiarity on length of procedure and length of stay:  Inconsistent relationships across procedures, team members, and sites. In-press at World Journal of Surgery.  

    Kaplan, S. Winslow, C., & Luchman, J. (All Authors contributed equally). (2020). What are we working for? Comparing the importance of job features for job satisfaction over the career span. Social Indicators Research, 148, 1021-1037.

    Biskup, M.1, Kaplan, S.1, Bradley-Geist, J., & Membere, A. Just how miserable is work?: A meta-analysis comparing work and non-work affect. Published online at PLOS ONE. https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0212594

    Lei, X., Kaplan, S., Dye, C, & Wong, C. (2019). On the subjective experience and correlates of downtime at work: A mixed-method examination. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 40, 360-381.

    Waller, M.J. & Kaplan, S. (2018). Systematic behavioral observation for emergent team phenomena: Key considerations for quantitative video-based approaches. Organizational Research Methods, 21, 500-515.

    Kaplan, S., Engelsted, J., Lei, X. & Lockwood, K. (2018). Unpackaging manager mistrust in allowing telework: Comparing and integrating theoretical perspectives. Journal of Business and Psychology, 33, 365-382.

    Kaplan, S. & Waller, M.J. (2018). Reliability through resilience in organizational teams. In R. Ramanujam & K. Roberts (Eds.), From high reliability to reliable organizing: A handbook (pp. 90-117). Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press.  

  • Maria Karametou, Women and Gender Studies

    Selected Publications

    Check out "The First Few American Moons" - a shot story by Maria Karametou that received the Second Prize in the Bethesda Literary Competition and is now published in the Bethesda Magazine July - August issue.


  • Matthew B. Karush, History and Art History

    Research Interests: Modern Latin American history: twentieth-century Argentina, cultural history

    Selected Publications

    Musicians in Transit: Argentina and the Globalization of Popular Music (Durham: Duke University Press, 2017). Published in translation as Músicos en tránsito: La globalización de la música popular argentina (Buenos Aires: Siglo XXI, 2019).

    Culture of Class: Radio and Cinema in the Making of a Divided Argentina, 1920-1946 (Durham: Duke University Press, 2012).  Published in translation as: Cultura de clase: Radio y cine en la creación de una Argentina dividida, 1920-1946 (Buenos Aires: Ariel Historia, 2013). 

    The New Cultural History of Peronism: Power & Identity in Mid-Twentieth Century Argentina (Duke University Press, 2010) [edited with Oscar Chamosa]

    Workers or Citizens: Democracy and Identity in Rosario, Argentina (1912-1930), Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 2002.

    Recent Articles and Chapters:

    “The Politics of Tango: A Response to Michael Denning’s Noise Uprising,” Journal of Popular Music Studies 31:4 (2019), 51-66.

    “Música y nación en la Argentina posperonista,” Boletín del Insituto de Historia Argentina y Americana ‘Dr. Emilio Ravignani,’ 50 (2019), 198-222.

    “Reinventing the Latin in Latin Jazz: The Music and Career of Gato Barbieri,” Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies (May 2016).

    “Black in Buenos Aires: The Transnational Career of Oscar Alemán,” in Eduardo Elena and Paulina Alberto, eds., Rethinking Race in Modern Argentina (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2016), 73-98.

     “Populism as an Identity: Four Propositions on Peronism,” in John Abromeit, et.al., eds., Transformations of Populism in Europe, Latin America, and the U.S.: History, Theories and Recent Tendencies (London: Bloomsbury Press, 2015) 197-211.

    “Blackness in Argentina: Jazz, Tango and Race before Perón,” Past & Present 216 (August 2012), 215-45.


  • Todd B. Kashdan, Psychology

    Research Interests: Meaning and purpose in life, psychological strengths, psychological flexibility, social relationships, stress management, and interventions to enhance well-being

    Selected Publications

    Kashdan, T.B., Disabato, D.J., Goodman, F.R., Doorley, J.D., & McKnight, P.E. (in press). Understanding psychological flexibility: A multimethod exploration of pursuing valued goals despite the presence of distress. Psychological Assessment.

    Kashdan, T.B., Disabato, D.J., Goodman, F.R., & McKnight, P.E. (in press). The Five-Dimensional Curiosity Scale Revised (5DCR): Briefer subscales while separating overt and covert social curiosity. Personality and Individual Differences

    Kashdan, T.B., Disabato, D.J., Goodman, F.R., & Naughton, C. (2018). The five dimensions of curiosity. Harvard Business Review

    Rottenberg, J., Devendorf, A.R., Kashdan, T.B., & Disabato, D. (2018). The curious neglect of high functioning after psychopathology: The case of depression. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 13, 549-566.

    Kashdan, T.B., Barrett, L.F., & McKnight, P.E. (2015). Unpacking emotion differentiation: Transforming unpleasant experience by perceiving distinctions in negativity. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 24, 10-16.

    Kashdan, T.B., Farmer, A., Adams, L., Ferssizidis, P., McKnight, P.E., & Nezlek, J.B. (2013). Distinguishing healthy adults from people with social anxiety disorder: Evidence for the value of experiential avoidance and positive emotions in everyday social interactions. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 122, 645-655.

    Kashdan, T.B., & McKnight, P.E. (2013). Commitment to a purpose in life: An antidote to the suffering by individuals with social anxiety disorder. Emotion, 13, 1150-1159.

    Kashdan, T.B., & Rottenberg, J. (2010). Psychological flexibility as a fundamental aspect of health. Clinical Psychology Review, 30, 865-878.


  • Mark N Katz, Russian and Eurasian Studies

    Research Interests: Russian foreign policy, especially toward the Middle East; Transnational revolutionary movements

    Selected Publications

    “When the Friend of My Friends Is Not My Friend: The United States, US Allies, and Russia in the Middle East,” Atlantic Council Issue Brief, May 2019.

    “Syria and the Middle East: Fracture Meets Fracture,” in Anna Ohanyan, ed., Russia Abroad: Driving Regional Fracture in Post-Communist Eurasia and Beyond (Georgetown University Press, 2018).

    “Support Opposing Sides Simultaneously: Russia’s Approach to the Gulf and the Middle East,” Al Jazeera Center for Studies, August 23, 2018.

    "Better Than Before: Comparing Moscow's Cold War and Putin Era Policies toward Arabia and the Gulf," Durham Middle East Paper No. 96/Sir William Luce Fellowship Paper No. 19, Institute for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, Durham University, August 2018.

    “Russia and Israel: An Improbable Friendship,” in Nicu Popescu and Stanislav Secrieru, eds., “Russia’s Return to the Middle East: Building Sandcastles?” Chaillot Paper no. 146, European Union Institute for Security Studies, July 2018.

    “The US-Russia Relationship," in Mika Aaltola et al., eds., Between Continuity and Change: Making Sense of America’s Evolving Global Engagement (Finnish Institute of International Affairs,  Report no. 54, 2018).

    “Putin and Russia’s Strategic Priorities,” in Ashley J. Tellis, Alison Szalwinski, and Michael Wills, eds., Strategic Asia 2017-18: Power, Ideas, and Military Strategy in the Asia-Pacific (The National Bureau of Asian Research, 2017).

    “Fluid Dynamics: Global Great Powers in the 21st Century,” Finnish Institute of International Affairs, Working Paper, no. 100, October 24, 2017.

    “America’s Dilemma: Dealing with Multiple Adversaries Simultaneously,” Finnish Institute of International Affairs, Working Paper, no. 96, June 15, 2017.

    “The Gulf and the Great Powers: Evolving Dynamics,” Middle East Policy, Summer 2017.

    “Saudi Arabia and Russia,” in Neil Partrick, ed., Saudi Arabian Foreign Policy:  Conflict and Cooperation (I.B. Tauris, 2016).

  • David Kaufmann, English

    Research Interests: contemporary poetry; Critical Theory; Visual art and Art History;

  • Kayla Keener, Cultural Studies

    Research Interests: Affect theory, digital media, political economy, labor, critical theory, popular culture

    Selected Publications

    Keener, K. (Forthcoming). Influencing a pandemic: The unmasking and reimagining of digital labor in precarious times.

    Keener, K. (2018). Alternative facts and fake news: Digital mediation and the affective spread of hate in the era of Trump. The Journal of Hate Studies, 14(1), 137-151.

    Keener, K. (2018). Affect, aesthetics and attention: The digital spread of fake news across the political spectrum. In L. Zhang & C. Clark (Eds.), Affect, Emotion, and Rhetorical Persuasion in Mass Communication, New York: Routledge.

  • Sally Keith, English

    Research Interests: poetry

    Selected Publications


    River House. Milkweed Editions (2015)

    The Fact of the Matter. Milkweed Editions (2012)

    Dwelling Song. University of Georgia Press (2004) 

    Design. Center for Literary Publishing (2000)

  • Mills Kelly, History and Art History

    Research Interests: Digital humanities, public digital history, historical pedagogy, Appalachian Studies, modern East Central Europe

    Selected Publications

    Teaching History in the Digital Age, (Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 2013, 2016)

    World History Matters: A Student Guide to World History Online, with Kristin Lehner and Kelly Schrum, (New York: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2009)

    Without Remorse: Czech National Socialism in Late Habsburg Austria, (Boulder: East European Monographs/Columbia University Press, 2007)


    "The A.T. and Race," Journeys. The Magazine of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (Winter 2021): 24-25

    “The Class of ’51,” Appalachia (Spring 2020): 24-33

    “Keynote: Mills Kelly,” in Geschichtsunterricht im 21. Jahrhundert, Thomas Sandkühler, ed. (Berlin: V&R unipress, 2018): 59-66

    “The Politics of Public History Education,” in Public History and School. International Perspectives, Marko Demantowsky, ed., (Berlin: deGruyter, 2018): 207-12

    "True Facts or False Facts: Which Are More Authentic?" in Past Play, Kevin Kee, ed. (University of Michigan Press, 2014): 309-328

  • William G. Kennedy, Center of Excellence in Neuroergonomics, Technology, and Cognition

    Research Interests: Computational cognitive modeling, computational social science

    Selected Publications


    1. Kennedy, W.G., Cotla, C.R., Gulden, T., Coletti, M, and Cioffi-Revilla, C. (2014) Towards Validating a Model of Households and Societies of East Africa. Advances in Computational Social Science: The Fourth World Congress, Chapter 20, pp 315-328, S.H. Chen, I. Terano, H. Yamamoto, C.C. Tai (Eds.) Springer.
    2. Kennedy, W.G. (2011) Modelling Human Behavior in Agent-Based Models. Agent-Based Models of Geographical Systems, Part 2, pp 167-179. M. Batty, A. Heppenstall, and A. Crooks (Eds.) Springer.
    3. Skoggard, I. and Kennedy, W.G. (2013) An Interdisciplinary Approach to Agent-Based Modeling of Conflict in Eastern Africa. Practicing Anthropology 35(1), pp 29-33.
    4. Andrei, A. and Kennedy, W.G. (2013) Agent-Based Models and Ethnography: Combining Qualitative and Computational Techniques with Complexity Theory. Practicing Anthropology 35(1), pp 14-18. (best paper incentive award: MITRE.)
    5. Kennedy, W.G. and Bassett, J.K., (2011) Implementing a "Fast and Frugal" Cognitive Model within a Computational Social Simulation. Second Annual Meeting of the Computational Social Science Society of the Americas, Santa Fe, NM. (9-12 Oct. 2011)
    6. Kennedy, W.G. and Trafton, J.G. (2011) How long is a moment: The perception and reality of task-related absences. International Journal of Social Robotics 3(3), pp 243-252. Springer.
    7. Kennedy, W.G., Bugajska, M.D., Harrison, A.M., & Trafton, J.G. (2009). “Like-Me” Simulation as an Effective and Cognitively Plausible Basis for Social Robotics. International Journal of Social Robotics 1, pp 181-194. Springer.
  • Cynthia A. Kierner, History and Art History

    Research Interests: Colonial and revolutionary America; early republic; Old South; women and gender; disasters in history

    Selected Publications

    Inventing Disaster: The Culture of Calamity from the Jamestown Colony to the Johnstown Flood (2019).

    Virginia Women: Their Lives and Times, 2 vols. (co-editor; 2015-16).

    Changing History: Virginia Women through Four Centuries (coauthor; 2013).

    Martha Jefferson Randolph, Daughter of Monticello: Her Life and Times (2012).

    The Contrast: Manners, Morals, and Authority in the Early American Republic (2007).

    Scandal at Bizarre: Rumor and Reputation in Jefferson’s America (2004).

    Revolutionary America, 1750-1815: Sources and Interpretation(2002).

    “‘The dark and dense cloud perpetually lowering over us’: Gender and the Decline of the Gentry in Postrevolutionary Virginia,” Journal of the Early Republic (2000).

    Beyond the Household: Women's Place in the Early South, 1700-1835 (1998).

    Southern Women in Revolution, 1776-1800: Personal and Political Narratives (1998).

    “Gender, Hospitality, and Sociability in the Southern Colonies,” Journal of Southern History (1996).

    Traders and Gentlefolk: The Livingstons of New York, 1675-1790 (1992).

  • Chul Kim, Mason Korea

    Research Interests: Cryptography, Evaluation Modelling, Blockchain with its applications, Mathematical Aspects of Artificial Intelligence

    Selected Publications

     Life-time summary

    • {Theses}: 2
    • {Patent}: 1
    • {Book in English }: 1
    • {Books in Korean}: 7
    • {Book translated}: 1
    • {Papers in refereed journals}: 7
    • {Papers in refereed conferences}: 6
    • {Papers in refereed journals(in Korean)}: 12
    • {e-paper in Korean}: 2
    • {Papers in refereed conferences(in Korean)}: 18
    • {Non-refereed Papers in Korean}: 10
    • {Contributed presentation in International Meeting}: 16
    • {Research Fund as principal investigator}: 23
    • {Research Fund as co - investigator}: 14
    • {Media}: 10
    • {Invited talks}: 50


  • Dae Young Kim, Sociology and Anthropology

    Research Interests: Immigration, ethnicity, race, Asian American studies, and globalization

    Selected Publications


    Kim, Dae Young.  2018.  Transnational Communities in the Smartphone Age: The Korean Community in the Nation’s Capital.  Lexington Books.

    Kim, Dae Young.  2014.  “Coping with Racialization: Second-Generation Korean-American Responses to Racial Othering,” in Pyong Gap Min (Ed), Younger-Generation Korean Experiences in the U.S. and Canada.  Lexington Books.

    LFB book coverKim, Dae Young.  2013.  Second-Generation Korean Americans: Their Struggle for Full Inclusion.  LFB Scholarly Publishing.

    Kim, Dae Young.  2011.  “The Pursuit of Elite High Schools and Colleges among Second-Generation Korean Americans.”  Development and Society 40(2): 225-259.

  • Sojung Claire Kim, Communication

    Research Interests: Health, Risk, and Environmental Communication, Digital and Social Media, Message Design Evaluation and Misinformation Correction with Eye Tracking Technology

    Selected Publications

    Akerlof, K. L., Bromser-Kloeden, T., Timm, K.*, Rowan, K. E., Olds, J. L., Clarke, C., Rohring, E. B., Cloyd, E. T., Curran, K., Duesterhoeft, E. C., Farooque, M., Goldman, E., Gring-Pemble, L., Hampton, S. E., Kim, S. C., Kotcher, J., Milligan, D., Muñoz Brenes, C. L., Sandoval, C., Sklarew, D., Smith, C., Suhay, E., Tomblin, D., Upperman, C., Wingfield, A., Zhao, X. (2021, available online). Categorizing professionals’ perspectives on environmental communication with implications for graduate education. Environmental Communication. doi: 10.1080/17524032.2020.1862890

    Kim, S. C., Hawkins, R. P., Shah, D. V., Gustafson, D. H., & Baker, T. B. (2020, available online). Understanding how e-Health intervention meets psychosocial needs of breast cancer patients: The pathways of influence on quality of life and cancer concerns. Psycho-Oncology. doi: 10.1002/pon.5512

    Kim, S. C., Vraga, E. K., & Cook, J. (2020, available online). An eye tracking approach to understanding misinformation and correction strategies on social media: The mediating role of attention and credibility to reduce HPV vaccine misperceptions. Health Communication. https://doi.org/10.1080/10410236.2020.1787933

    Vraga, E. K., Kim, S. C., Cook, J., & Bode, L. (2020). Testing the effectiveness of correction placement and type on Instagram. The International Journal of Press and Politics, 25(4), 632-652.

    Vraga, E. K., Kim, S. C., & Cook, J. (2019). Testing logic-based and humor-based corrections for science, health, and political misinformation on social media. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, 63(3), 393-414.

    Cooke, S., & Kim, S. C. (2019). Exploring the “Evil Twin of Global Warming”: Public understanding of ocean acidification in the U.S. Science Communication, 41(1), 66-89.

    Kim, S. C., Shaw, B. R., Shah, D. V., Hawkins, R. P., Pingree, S., McTavish, F. M., & Gustafson, D. H. (2019). Interactivity, presence, and targeted patient care: Mapping e-health intervention effects over time for cancer patients with depression. Health Communication, 34(2), 162-171. doi: 10.1080/10410236.2017.1399504

    Kim, S. C., Namkoong, K., Fung, T. K. F., Heo, K., & Gunther, A. C. (2018). Understanding public opinion change of HPV vaccination controversy: Effects of exemplification and the mediating role of projection. Health Education, 118(5), 402-412. doi.org/10.1108/HE-01-2018-0006

    Asan, O., Kim, S. C., Iglar, P.*, & Yan, A. (2018). Differences in verbal and nonverbal communication between depressed and non-depressed elderly patients. Journal of Communication in Healthcare. doi: 10.1080/17538068.2018.1464261

    Kim, S. C., Cappella, J. N., & Price, V. (2016). Online discussion effects on intention to participate in genetic research: A longitudinal experimental study. Psychology & Health, 31(9), 1025-1046. doi: 10.1080/08870446.2016.1165221

    Kim, S. C., Shah, D. V., Namkoong, K., McTavish, F. M., & Gustafson, D. H. (2013). Predictors of online health information seeking among women with breast cancer: The role of social support perception and emotional well-being. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 18(2), 98-118. doi: 10.1111/jcc4.12002

  • Karen King, Minor in Design Thinking

    Research Interests: Curriculum Design Processes; Leadership and Professional Development; Global Residency Programs and Curriculum; Administration of Higher Education Programs; Case Method Pedagogy

    Selected Publications

    “It Takes a Team – Report on the Development and Implementation of an Active Online Learning Unit Created for a GMU Business Core Class on Business Research - In Response to COVID-19 Crisis” presentation at the BLINC and CABAL Business Libraries in North Carolina and the Capital Area Business Academic Libraries Joint Annual Conference. Co-presenters: Jo Ann Henson, Kelly Bennett, & Dr. Karen M. King. Virginia and North Carolina online virtual conference format. July 2020

    “International Collaboration Among Social Science Scholars” Defense of Dissertation. Doctor of Philosophy in Education, Curry School of Education, University of Virginia.  Committee: Patrick Meyer, Christian Steinmetz, Justin Thompson, Brian Pusser (Chair). University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia. February 2017.

    “Leveraging Our Knowledge and Expertise in the Implementation of Faculty Information Systems (FIS)” presentation at the Asian Pacific Business School Librarians Group, European Business School Librarians Group, and American Business Library Directors Joint International Conference. Singapore School of Business, Singapore, Singapore. May 2016.

    “How to Make Your Projects and Papers Smooth Sailing” presentation at Student Orientation Semester At Sea Summer Voyage, Underway with the MV Explorer on the ocean between South Hampton, United Kingdom and Lisbon, Portugal. June 2014.

    “The Collaboration Between Darden Finance Club to Teach MBA Students about Business Research and Databases: A Qualitative Study” presentation at Bridging the Spectrum Annual Research Symposium, Catholic University of America, School of Library and Information Science, Washington D.C. January 2012.

    “Kindle DX Pilot for the Delivery of Teaching Materials at the University of Virginia's Darden School of Business” presentation at Bridging the Spectrum Annual Research Symposium, Catholic University of America, School of Library and Information Science.  January 2010.

    “The Amazon Kindle DX Pilot at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business: Tech Project Overview and Survey Results” presentation at the Southeastern EduCause Conference, Baltimore, Maryland. January 2010.

  • Ted Kinnaman, Philosophy

    Research Interests: Kant, Hume, modern philosophy.

    Selected Publications

    “The Task of the Critique of Judgment: Why Kant Needs a Transcendental Deduction of the Principle of the Purposiveness of Nature,” American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly LXXV, No. 2 (Spring 2001), 243 - 269.

     “Problems in Kant’s Vindication of Pure Reason,” Journal of the History of Philosophy XXXIX, No. 4 (October 2001), 559 - 580.

     “Symbolism and Cognition in General in Kant’s ‘Critique of Judgment’,” Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie 82, No. 3 (2000), 266 - 96.

  • Jeremy R. Kinney, History and Art History

    Research Interests: Aerospace history and the history of technology

    Selected Publications

    Kinney, Jeremy R. Reinventing the Propeller: Aeronautical Specialty and the Triumph of the Modern Airplane. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2017. (Awarded Smithsonian Institution Secretary's Research Prize, 2018, and the Gardner-Lasser Aerospace History Literature Award from the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 2020)

    Kinney, Jeremy R. The Power for Flight: NASA’s Contributions to Aircraft Propulsion. NASA SP-2017-631. Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 2017.

    Kinney, Jeremy R. “Sports Car Paradise: Racing in Los Angeles,” in LA Sports: Play, Games and Community in the City of Angels, Wayne Wilson and David K. Wiggins, eds. Fayetteville: University of Arkansas Press, 2018. Pgs. 93-107.

    Kinney, Jeremy R. “Racing on Runways: The Strategic Air Command and Sports Car Racing in the 1950s.” ICON: Journal of the International Committee for the History of Technology 19 (2013): 193-215.

  • Jack Kitaeff, Criminology, Law and Society

    Research Interests: Criminal Psychology, police Impersonators, police and forensic psychology, psychological screening, psychology and law

    Selected Publications

    Kitaeff, [in progress for November 2021]. Applied Criminal Psychology. San Diego, CA: Cognella 

    Kitaeff J., ed. (2019). Handbook of Police Psychology, Volume 2. New York, NY: Routledge.

    Kitaeff, J., ed.  (2012).  Handbook of Police Psychology.  New York, NY: Routledge

    Kitaeff, J.  (2010).  Forensic Psychology.  Upper Saddle River, NJ:  Pearson Prentice-Hall.

    Kitaeff, J., ed.  (2007).  Malingering, Lies, and Junk Science in the Courtroom.  Youngstown, NY: Cambria Press.

    Kitaeff, J.  (2006).  Jews in Blue.  Youngstown, NY:  Cambria Press.

    Kitaeff, J., ed. (2006).  Selected Readings in Forensic Psychology.  Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.

  • Haagen Klaus, Sociology and Anthropology

    Research Interests: --Bioarchaeology, paleopathology, dental anthropology, mortuary analysis -- Forensic anthropology and forensic taphonomy -- Prehistoric and Historic Andean South America; organization of complex societies -- Health, violence, identity, and ethnogenesis -- Theory and methods in bioarchaeology

    Selected Publications

    Klaus, Haagen D.

    2017    Paleopathological Rigor and Differential Diagnosis: Case Studies involving Observation, Description, and Diagnostic Frameworks for Scurvy in Skeletal Remains. International Journal of Paleopathology19: 96-110.


    Klaus, Haagen D., Walter Alva, Steven Bourget, and Luis Chero

    2018    Biological Distance Patterns among the Northern Moche Lords: Dental Phenetic Perspectives on Political Organization in Ancient Peru. Latin American Antiquity29: 1-22.


    Klaus, Haagen D., and Neils Lynnerup

    2019    Abnormal Bone: Considerations for Documentation, Disease Process Identification, and Differential Diagnosis. In:Ortner’s Identification of Pathological Conditions in Human Skeletal Remains, 3rd Edition, edited by Jane E. Buikstra, pp. 59-89. Elsevier, London.


    Klaus, Haagen D., and J. Marla Toyne, editors

    2016    Ritual Violence in the Ancient Andes: Reconstructing Sacrifice on the North Coast of Peru.  Austin: University of Texas Press.


    Klaus, Haagen D., Amanda Harvey, and Mark N. Cohen, editors

    2017    Bones of Complexity: Bioarchaeological Case Studies of Social Organization and Skeletal Biology. Gainesville: University Press of Florida.


    Murphy, Melissa S., and Haagen D. Klaus, editors

    2017    Colonized Bodies, Worlds Transformed: Toward a Global Bioarchaeology of Contact and Colonialism. Gainesville: University Press of Florida.

  • Carrie Klein, Higher Education

    Selected Publications

    Articles: Peer Reviewed or Refereed Journals

    Brown, M.G., & Klein, C. (2020).  Whose data? Which rights? Whose power? A policy discourse analysis of student privacy policy documents. Manuscript under revision, The Journal of Higher Education. DOI: 10.1080/00221546.2020.1770045

    Klein, C., & Lester, J. (Fall 2019). Learning analytics in community colleges: Guidance for leaders. Journal of Applied Research in the Community College, 26(2), 85-96.

    Klein, C., Lester, J., Rangwala, H., & Johri, A. (2019). Student sensemaking of learning analytics dashboard interventions in Higher Education. Journal of Educational Technology Systems, 48(1), 130-154, doi.org/10.1177/0047239519859854

    Klein, C., Lester, J., Rangwala, H., & Johri, A. (2019). Technological barriers and incentives to learning analytics adoption in higher education:  Insights from users. Journal of Computing in Higher Education, 31, 604-625, doi.org/10.1007/s12528-019-09210-5

    Klein, C., Lester, J., Rangwala, H., & Johri, A. (2019). Learning analytics tools in higher education: Adoption at the intersection of institutional commitment and individual action. The Review of Higher Education, 42(2), 565-593, doi.org/10.1353/rhe.2019.0007

    Okahana, H., Klein, C., & Sowell, R. (2018). STEM Doctoral Completion of Under-Represented Minority Students: Challenges and Opportunities for Improving Participation in the Doctoral Workforce. Innovative Higher Education, 43, 237, doi.org/10.1007/s10755-018-9425-3 

    Klein, C. (2016). Negotiating cultural boundaries through collaboration:  The roles of motivation, advocacy and process. Innovative Higher Education, 42, 253, doi.org/10.1007/s10755-016-9382-7 

    Edited Books and Monographs

    Lester, J., Klein, C., Rangwala, H., & Johri, A. (Eds.). (2018). Learning analytics in higher education:  Current innovations, future potential, and practical applications. New York, NY: Routledge.

    Lester, J., Klein, C., Rangwala, H., & Johri, A. (2017). Learning analytics in higher education.  ASHE Higher Education Report Series, 43(5), 9-133.

    Book Chapters

    Klein, C., Lester, J., Rangwala, H., & Johri, A. (in press). Learning analytics for learning assessment: Complexities in efficacy, implementation, and broad use. In K. Webber, & H. Zheng (Eds.), Analytics and data-informed decision making in higher education: Concepts and real-world applications. Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press.

    Klein, C., & Okahana, H. (2020). Doctoral student degree attainment:  How student realities, networks, and perceptions impact timely degree completion. In Tyler, A., Hancock, S., Lewis, C. (Eds.), Seeing The Hidden Minority: Increasing the talent pool through identity, socialization, and mentoring constructs. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.

    Lester, J., Lebron, J., & Klein, C. (2018). Supporting mid-career faculty members: a research and practice agenda. In Baker, V., Lunsford, L. G., Pifer, M., and Terosky, A.L. (Eds.), Success after tenure:  Supporting mid-career faculty. Sterling, VA: Stylus.

    Klein, C., & Hess, R. (2018). Using learning analytics to improve student learning outcomes assessment in higher education: Potential, constraint, & possibility. In Lester, J., Klein, C., Rangwala, H., & Johri, A. (Eds). Learning analytics in higher education:  Current innovations, future potential, and practical applications. New York, NY: Routledge.

    Lester, J., & Klein, C. (2017). Setting the Stage: Broadly Considering Gender Constructions. New Directions for Community Colleges, 2017(179), 11-22.

    Lester, J., Kravitz, D., & Klein, C. (2017). Preparing students for workplace diversity: Some research implications.  In Roberts, R., Burrus, J. Naemi, B., & Mattern, K. (Eds.), Building better students:  Preparation for the workforce, 123-147. Cambridge, MA: Oxford University Press.

    Lester, J., & Klein, C. (2014).  Promoting community college student transfer:  The role of service-learning. In Traver, A. & Katz, Z., (Eds.), Service learning at the American community college (Traver, A. and Katz, Z., Eds). New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan.

    Klein, C., & Lester, J. (2013). Moving beyond awareness and tolerance:  Recommendations and implications for workplace bullying in higher education. In Lester, J., (Ed.), Workplace bullying in higher education. New York, NY: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group.

    Book Reviews

    Klein, C., & Lester, J. (2019, March 29). Book review. [Review of the book The analytics revolution in higher education: Big data, organizational learning, and student success by Jonathan S. Gagliardi, Amelia Parnell, and Julia Carpenter-Hubin (Eds.)]. Teachers College Record, ID Number 22733.

    Klein, C. (2019, Spring). Book review. [Review of the book Community colleges and new universities under neoliberal pressures by J. Levin]. The Review of Higher Education, 42(3), E10-13.

    Lester, J., & Klein, C. (2015). Book review. [Review of the book Change leadership in higher education: A practical guide to academic transformation by J. L. Buller]. The Department Chair: A Resource for Academic Administrators, 26(1). 

    Other Writing

    Klein, C. & Brown, M.G. (2019, April). Ethics at the core. Business Officer Magazine. Washington, DC: National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO).


    Invited Sessions

    Klein, C. (2020, March). The institutional logics of learning analytics in higher education: Implications for organizational and individual outcomes. Invited doctoral consortium presenter. Learning Analytics Knowledge Conference. Frankfurt, Germany.

    Klein, C. (2019, April). Analytics in higher education: Complexities in design, implementation, and efficacy. Invited speaker at the Institute of Higher Education. Athens, GA.

    Klein, C. (2019, March). Analytics and graduate education: Thinking through opportunities and complexities for improving curriculum development and student outcomes. Invited speaker at the Council of Graduate School’s Research and Policy Forum. Washington, DC.  


    Eddy, P., Xueli, W., Amey, M., Lester, J., Klein, C., & Bragg, D. (2018, April). Faculty development to obtain student success:  Learning across National Science Foundation grant projects. Symposium conducted at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA). New York, NY. 

    Lester, J., Klein, C., Rangwala, H., Johri, A., Karypis, G., DeBoer, J., & Knight, D. (2016, April). Learning analytics in higher education: Exploring big data on campus. Symposium conducted at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA). Washington, DC. 

    Research Paper Sessions

    Brown, M. & Klein, C. (2019, April). Whose data? Which rights? Whose power? A policy discourse analysis of student privacy policy documents. Paper presented at the annual conference of the American Educational Research Association (AERA). Toronto, Canada.  

    Klein, C., & Brown, M. (2018, November). A framework for inclusive data justice and care for learning analytics use in higher education. Paper presented at the annual conference of the Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE). Tampa, FL.

    Klein, C., Lester, J., Rangwala, H., & Johri, A. (2017, November). Student sensemaking of learning dashboard interventions: how accuracy, context, personalization, and trust impact interpretation and action. Paper presented at the annual conference of the Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE).  Houston, TX.

    Klein, C., Lester, J., Rangwala, H., & Johri. A. (2017, April). Learning dashboards: How data accuracy, context and trust impact student sensemaking and learning behaviors. Paper presented at the annual conference of the American Educational Research Association (AERA). San Antonio, TX.  

    Lester, J., & Klein, C. (2015, November). Leveraging learning analytics: Barriers and behaviors related to adoption by faculty and staff.  Paper presented at the annual conference of the Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE). Denver, CO.

    Klein, C., & Lester, J. (2014, April). Negotiating cultural boundaries:  How individuals traverse the fragmented terrain of higher education.  Paper presented at the annual conference of the American Educational Research Association (AERA), Annual Conference. Philadelphia, PA. 

  • Daniel B Klein, Economics

    Research Interests: Policy economics, political economy, political culture, economic characterology, Adam Smith, Mercatus affiliation

    Selected Publications


    Author: Knowledge and Coordination: A Liberal Interpretation. Oxford University Press, 2012 (paperback 2013). 

    Co-editor (with F.E. Foldvary): The Half-Life of Policy Rationales: How New Technology Affects Old Policy Issues, a volume about how new technology makes obsolete many of the standard arguments against free enterprise.  New York University Press, 2003. 

    Editor: What Do Economists Contribute?, a volume of previous published articles by R. Coase, T. Schelling, F. Hayek, F. Graham, W. Hutt, I. Kirzner, D. McCloskey, C. Philbrook, and G. Tullock on being an economist; the central theme is that what society most needs from economists is instruction and enlightenment in the basics of the discipline.  New York: New York University Press (softback and hardback), 1999; London: Macmillan (hardback), 1999.  London: Palgrave (softback edition), 2001. [Chinese translation: Law Press, China, 2005.] 

    Editor:  Reputation: Studies in the Voluntary Elicitation of Good Conduct, an interdisciplinary volume of articles, mostly previously published, on the emergence and maintenance of reputation and trust by nongovernmental means.  Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1997. 

    Co-author: Curb Rights: A Foundation for Free Enterprise in Urban Transit  (with A. Moore and B. Reja).  Washington, DC: Brookings Institution, Washington D. C., 1997.  The book argues that curb zones and bus stops are a crucial component of transit services.  Many problems of urban transit can be traced to the commons problem existing at the curb.  Privatizing curb zones in five-year leases would create a foundation for free enterprise in urban transit.  The book won a 1998 Sir Antony Fisher International Memorial Award from the Atlas Foundation.  It has been reviewed in JEL, EJ, SEJ, Trans. Res., JAPA, Regulation, and elsewhere. [Korean translation: Korean Research Institute of Transportation Industries, 2005.]

  • William R Kochen, Psychology

    Research Interests: The effect of stress on the pathology of Traumatic Brain Injuries

    Selected Publications

    Bader, F., Kochen, W. R., Kraus, M., & Wiener, M. (2019). The dissociation of temporal processing behavior in concussion patients: stable motor and dynamic perceptual timing. Cortex119, 215-230.

    Craven, K. M., Kochen, W. R., Hernandez, C. M., & Flinn, J. M. (2018). Zinc exacerbates tau pathology in a tau mouse model. Journal of Alzheimer's Disease64(2), 617-630.

  • Christopher Koper, Criminology, Law and Society

    Research Interests: Firearms, violence, and public policy; police and crime control; technology and organizational change in policing; policy and program evaluation

    Selected Publications

    Koper, Christopher S. 2020. "Assessing the Potential to Reduce Deaths and Injuries from Mass Shootings through Restrictions on Assault Weapons and Other High-Capacity Semiautomatic Firearms.” Criminology and Public Policy. DOI: 10.1111/1745-9133.12485.

    Lum, Cynthia, Christopher S. Koper, David B. Wilson, Megan Stoltz, Michael Goodier, Elizabeth Eggins, Angela Higginson, and Lorraine Mazerolle. 2020. “Body-Worn Cameras’ Effects on Police Officers and Citizens’ Behavior: A Systematic Review.” Campbell Systematic Reviews 16(3): e1112. DOI:  10.1002/cl2.1112.

    Koper, Christopher S. and Cynthia Lum. 2019. “The Impacts of Large-Scale License Plate Reader Deployment on Criminal Investigations." Police Quarterly, DOI: 10.1177/1098611119828039. Published online Feb. 12.

    Koper, Christopher S. William D. Johnson, Jordan L. Nichols, Ambrozine Ayers, and Natalie Mullins. 2018. “Criminal Use of Assault Weapons and High Capacity Semiautomatic Firearms: An Updated Examination of Local and National Sources.” Journal of Urban Health 95(3): 313-321. DOI 10.1007/s11524-017-0205-7.

    Lum, Cynthia and Christopher S. Koper. 2017. Evidence-Based Policing: Translating Research into Practice. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.



  • Olga Kornienko, Psychology

    Research Interests: Adolescent Development, Development of Ethnically Diverse and Immigrant Youth, Psychological Adjustment, Social Networks, Peer Influence, Social Network Analysis, Physiological Processes to Stress, Social Status, and Immunity

    Selected Publications

    Kornienko, O., Schaefer, D. R., Ha, T., & Granger, D. A. (2020). Loneliness and cortisol are associated with social network regulation. Social Neuroscience. doi: 10.1080/17470919.2019.1709540.

    Umaña-Taylor, A. J., Kornienko, O., McDermott, E., & Motti-Stefanidi, F. (2019). National identity development and friendship network dynamics among immigrant and non-immigrant youth. Journal of Youth & Adolescence. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10964-019-01181-1.

    Kornienko, O., Davila, M., & Santos, C. E. (2019). Friendship network dynamics of aggressive and rule-breaking antisocial behaviors in adolescence. Journal of Youth & Adolescence. doi: 10.1007/s10964-019-01109-9

    Kornienko O., Ha, T., & Dishion, T. J. (2019). Dynamic pathways between rejection and antisocial behavior in peer networks: Update and test of confluence model. Development and Psychopathology. doi:10.1017/S0954579418001645 

    Kornienko, O., Schaefer, D. R., Pressman, S., & Granger, D. A. (2018). Associations between salivary secretory immunoglobulin A and social network structure. International Journal of Behavioral Medicine. Advanced online publication. doi: 10.1007/s12529-018-9742-z

    Cheng, J.T., Kornienko, O., & Granger, D. A. (2018). Prestige in a large-scale social group predicts longitudinal changes in testosterone. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology,114, 924-944.  doi:10.1037/pspi0000126.

    Kornienko O., Dishion, T. J., & Ha, T. (2017). Peer network dynamics and the amplification of antisocial to violent behavior among young adolescents in public middle school. Journal of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders. doi: 10.1177/1063426617742345

    Kornienko, O., Agadjanian, V., Menjivar, C., & Zotova, N. (2017). Financial and emotional support in close personal ties among Central Asian migrant women in Russia. Social Networks. doi: 10.1016/j.socnet.2017.04.006

    Santos, C. E., Kornienko, O., & Rivas-Drake, D. (2017). Peer influence on ethnic-racial identity development: A multi-site investigation. Child Development, 88, 725-742. doi: 10.1111/cdev.12789.

    Kornienko, O., Santos, C. E., Martin, C. L., & Granger, K. L. (2016). Peer influence on gender identity development in adolescence. Developmental Psychology, 52, 1578-1592. doi: 10.1037/dev0000200.

    Kornienko, O., Schaefer, D. R., Weren, S., Hill, G., & Granger, D. A. (2016). Cortisol and testosterone associations with social network dynamics. Hormones & Behavior, 80, 92-102. doi: 10.1016/j.yhbeh.2016.01013

    Kornienko, O., Clemans, K. H., Out, D., & Granger, D. A. (2014). Hormones, behavior, and social network analysis: Exploring associations between cortisol, testosterone, and network structure. Hormones & Behavior, 66, 534-544. doi: 10.1016/j.yhbeh.2014.07.009

    Kornienko, O., & Santos, C. E. (2014). The effects of friendship network popularity on depressive symptoms during early adolescence: Moderation by fear of negative evaluation and gender. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 43, 541-553. doi: 10.1007/s10964-013-9979-4

    Kornienko, O., Clemans, K., Out, D., & Granger, D. A. (2013). Friendship network position and salivary cortisol levels. Social Neuroscience, 8, 385-396. doi: 10.1080/17470919.2013.795500

    Martin, C. L.,* Kornienko, O.,* Schaefer, D. R., Hanish, L. D., Fabes, R. A., & Goble, P. (2013). The role of sex of peers and gender-typed activities in young children’s peer affiliative networks: A longitudinal analysis of selection and influence. Child Development, 84, 921-937. doi: 10.1111/cdev.12032. *Equal contributions


  • John Kotcher, Communication

    Selected Publications

    For a list of John's publications, please see his profile on Google Scholar

  • Mark Koyama, Economics

    Research Interests: Economic History

    Selected Publications

    "Persecution and Toleration: The Long Road to Religious Freedom", with Noel D. Johnson, Cambridge University Press. Cambridge 2019. Amazon Website

    “The Economic Impact of the Black Death,” The Journal of Economic Literature, with Remi Jedwab and Noel D. Johnson. 2020, Forthcoming.

    “Negative Shocks and Mass Persecutions: Evidence from the Black Death” with Remi Jebwab and Noel D Johnson. Journal of Economic Growth, vol. 24 (4), December 2019, pp. 345-395.

    “Plague, Politics, and Pogroms: The Black Death, the Rule of Law, and the persecution of Jews in the Holy Roman Empire” with Theresa Finley Journal of Law & Economics, vol 61 (2), May 2018, pp 253-277. 

    "Unified China and Divided Europe” with Chiu Yo Ko and Tuan-Hwee Sng, International Economic Review," vol. 59. 1, February 2018

    “Jewish Communities and City Growth in Preindustrial Europe,” with Noel D. Johnson Journal of Development Economics, vol. 127, July 2017, pp. 339-354  

    “Jewish Persecutions and Weather Shocks, 1100-1800” with Robert Warren Anderson and Noel Johnson.’ Economic Journal, vol. 127, 602, June 2017, pp. 924--958.

    Taxes, Lawyers, and the Decline of Witchcraft Trials in France” with Noel D. Johnson. Journal of Law and Economics, vol. 57,  1, February  2014.  

    Tax Farming and the Origins of State Capacity in England and France” with Noel D. Johnson. Explorations in Economic History vol. 51,1, pp. 1-20 January 2014 


  • Misty Krell, School of Integrative Studies

    Selected Publications

    Owen, J.E., Krell, M., & McCarron, G. (2019). An exploration of civic identity in first-generation college students: Charity to solidarity. Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice.

  • Gary L. Kreps, Communication

    Research Interests: Health communication/promotion, health equity, multicultural relations, social organization, applied research methods, health informatics, communication campaigns, global health, and social change

    Selected Publications

    Kreps, G.L. (2021, in-press).  Health advocacy and health communication for elderly health care consumers:  Rationale and demand. Journal of Elder Policy. 

    Real, F.J., *Rosen, B., Bishop, J.M., McDonald, S., DeBlasio, D., Kreps, G.L., Klein, M., & Kahn, J.A. (2021, in-press).  Usability evaluation of the novel smartphone application, HPV Vaccine: Same Way, Same DayTM, among pediatric residents. Academic Pediatrics

    Acharya, D., Devkota, B., & Kreps, G.L. (2021, in-press). The association between media exposure and enrollment in health insurance in Nepal: Implications for health policy. World Medical and Health Policy.

    Cingi, C.C., Eroğlu, E., & Kreps, G.L. (2021, in-press). Communication with the infected child.  In C. Cingi, Arisoy, S., & N.B. Muluk (Eds.). Pediatric ENT infections.  New York:  Springer Publishers.

    Kreps, G.L. (2021).  The role of strategic communication to respond effectively to pandemics.  Journal of Multicultural Discourses, DOI: 10.1080/17447143.2021.1885417

    Chen, X, Li, M., & Kreps, G.L.  (2021). Acculturation and health literacy among Chinese immigrants in the US. Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities, https://doi.org/10.1007/s40615-021-00979-9

    Rosen, B.L., Real, F.J., Bishop, J.M., McDonald, S.L., Klein, M., Kahn, J.A., & Kreps, G.L.  (2021).  School health service provider perceptions on facilitated interactive role-play around HPV vaccine recommendation. Journal of Cancer Education https://doi.org/10.1007/s13187-020-01949-1

    Cingi, C., Eroğlu, E., & Kreps, G.L. (2021).  Sneezing and nasal discharge as a barrier to communication during adolescence.  In C. Cingi, N.B. Muluk, G. Scadding, & R. Mladina (Eds.) Challenges in rhinology (pp. 121-126). New York:  Springer Publishers.

    Kreps, G.L. (2020).  Afterword: Digital Health Information Control.  In D. Sen & R. Ahmed (Eds.). Privacy concerns surrounding personal information sharing on health and fitness mobile applications, pp. 224-225.  Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

    Kreps, G.L., Neuhauser, L., *Sparks, L., & LaBelle, S. (2020).  Promoting convergence between health literacy and health communication.  In R.A. Logan & E.R. Siegel (Eds.), Health literacy in clinical practice and public health: New initiatives and lessons learned at the intersection with other disciplines. Amsterdam: IOS Press. pp. 526-543.  DOI 10 3233/SHT1200060, ISBN print 978-1-64368-074-3.

    Kreps, G.L (2020). Translating research into practice on a global scale: The Health Information National Trends Survey global research program. In D.S. Anderson (Ed.).  Leadership in Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention: Insights from Long-Term Advocates (pp. 235-238).  New York: Routledge.

    Kim, D.K., & Kreps, G.L. (2020).  An analysis of government communication in the United States during the COVID-19 pandemic: Recommendations for effective government health risk communication. World Medical and Health Policy. Special symposium issue on the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic, DOI:1002/wmh3.363. (.87 impact factor).

    Acharya, D., Adhikari, R., Ranabhat, C., Paudel, R., Bahdur Tapa, P, & Kreps, G.L. (2020). Does intimate partner violence influence the utilization of maternal health services? Research Square, (https://assets.researchsquare.com/files/rs-1513/v1/manuscript.pdf). doi 10.21203/rs.2.10538/v3 (no impact factor listed).

    Kreps, G. L., Neuhauser, L., *Sparks, L., & Labelle, S. (2020). Promoting convergence between health literacy and health communication. Studies in health technology and informatics, 269, 526-543, doi: 10.3233/SHTI200025 (.44 impact factor).

    Kreps, G.L. (2020).  The value of health communication scholarship: New directions for health communication inquiry. International Journal of Nursing Sciences, 7(2s), doi: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ijnss.2020.04.007, special issue on Medicine, Humanity and Media, (.88 impact factor). Pre-print copy of the article is available online at: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2352013220300570?via%3Dihub

    Maguire, L., & Kreps, G.L. (2020).  Hidden factors in diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease.  Journal of Neurology and Neurobiology, DOI: 31487/j.NNB.2020.01.06, available online at: https://www.sciencerepository.org/hidden-factors-in-diagnosing-alzheimer-s-disease_NNB-2020-1-106 (2.13 impact factor).

    Ngenye, L. & Kreps, G.L. (2020).  A review of qualitative methods in health communication research.  The Qualitative Report, 25:3, 631-645, (.62 impact factor). (Full text of this article is available open source at: https://nsuworks.nova.edu/tqr/vol25/iss3/5.

    Acharya, D., Adhikari, R., Kreps, G.L. Gautam, K., Dhakal, K.P., Raikhola, P.S., & Bhattarai, R. (2020).  Educational status of female youth in Nepal: A foundation for health and wellbeing. Where should programmes focus? South Asian Survey, 27(1), 7-18, https://doi.org/10.1177/0971523120907207 (.25 Impact Factor).

    Kreps, G.L. (2020). Engaged communication scholarship: The challenge to translate communication research into practice. In D. O’Hair & M.J. O’Hair (Eds.) Handbook of Applied Communication Research, New York: Wiley, pp. 93-102,  https://doi.org/10.1002/9781119399926.ch6

    Kreps, G.L. (2020). The emerging area of e-health communication research: Using data to enhance the effectiveness of health information systems. In D. O’Hair & M.J. O’Hair (Eds.) Handbook of Applied Communication Research, New York: Wiley Publishers, pp. 971-982, https://doi.org/10.1002/9781119399926.ch53

    Cingi, C.C., Eroğlu, E., & Kreps, G.L. (2020). Role of anosmia on personal communication.  In C. Cingi & N.B. Muluk (Eds.). All around the nose (pp. 247-251).  New York:  Springer Publishers.

    Rosen, B.L., Kreps, G.L., Bishop, J.M., & McDonald, S. (2019).  Quality evaluation tool for clinician online continuing medical education. Health Behavior Research, 2:4, 20 https://doi.org/10.4148/2572-1836.1044 (the official journal of the American Academy for Health Behavior; 586 impact factor).

    Gagen, D.M., & Kreps, G.L. (2019).  An examination of the clarity of government health websites using the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Clear Communication Index.  Frontiers in Communication: Health Communication Section, 4:60. doi: 10.3389/fcomm.2019.00060 (Frontiers Journals have a combined 3.63 impact factor).  (Full text of this original research article is available open source at: https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fcomm.2019.00060/full?&utm_source=Email_to_authors_&utm_medium=Email&utm_content=T1_11.5e1_author&utm_campaign=Email_publication&field=&journalName=Frontiers_in_Communication&id=493873).

    Nambisan, P., Lyytinen, K., Stange, K., Kahana, E., & Kreps, G. L. (2019). A comprehensive digital self-care support system for older adults: A multidisciplinary framework. Innovation in Aging, 3(Suppl 1), S326 (no impact factor listed).

    Terry, M.B., Michels, K.B, Brody, J.G., Byrne, C., Chen, S., Jerry, J., Malecki, K.M., Martin, M.B., Miller, R.L., Neuhausen, S.L., Silk, K., Trentham-Dietz, and the Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Program (BCERP, including Kreps, G.L.). (2019).  Environmental exposures during windows of susceptibility for breast cancer: A framework for prevention research. Breast Cancer Research, 21(96), https://doi.org/10.1186/s13058-019-1168-2 (5.74 impact factor).

    Rosen, B.L., Bishop, J.M., Anderson, R., Real, F.J., Klein, M.D. & Kreps, G.L. (2019).  A content analysis of HPV vaccine online continuing medical education purpose statements and learning objectives. Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics, 15(7-8), 1508-1518 (special focus issue on HPV Vaccines and Associated Cancers), DOI: -1080/21645515.2019.1587273 (HV&I has a 2.229 impact factor). 

    Desens, L., Kreps, G.L, & Su, Y. (2019).  Online social support:  Analysis of an online discussion forum for the significant others of deployed service members. Journal of Veterans Studies, 4(2), pp. 94-111 (no impact factor listed).

    Kreps, G.L., *Burke-Garcia, A., & Wright, K. (2019).  The use of digital communication channels to enhance environmental health literacy.  In S. Finn & L. O’Fallon (Eds).  Environmental Health Literacy (pp. 265-283). New York:  Springer Publications.

    Kreps, G.L. (2018).  Promoting patient comprehension of relevant health information. Israel Journal of Health Policy Research, DOI: 10.1186/s13584-018-0250-z.

    Pan, J., Liu, B., & Kreps, G.L. (2018).  Who says what: Attribution and efficacy in the public discourse of depression in Sina Weibo.  BMC Public Health. 18:772 https://doi.org/10.1186/s12889-018-5701-5.

    Burke-Garcia, A., Kreps, G.L., & Wright, K. (2018). Perceptions about disseminating health information amongst mommy bloggers.  Journal of Medical Internet Research-Research Protocols, doi:10.2196/resprot.7764.

    Rosen, B.L., Bishop, J.M., McDonald, S.L., & Kreps, G.L. (2018).  Quality evaluation of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine web-based educational interventions for clinicians.  Journal of Medical Internet Research-Cancer, (JMIR Cancer 2018;4(1):e3) doi:10.2196/cancer.9114.

    Kreps, G.L., Burke-Garcia, A., & Wright, K. (2018).  The use of digital communication channels to enhance environmental health literacy. In S. Finn & L. O’Fallon (Eds).  Environmental Health Literacy. New York: Springer Publications.

    Cingi, C.C., Eroğlu, E., & Kreps, G.L. (2018). Role of anosmia on personal communication.  In C. Cingi & N.B. Muluk (Eds.).  All around the nose.  New York:  Springer Publishers.

  • Frank Krueger, Center of Excellence in Neuroergonomics, Technology, and Cognition

    Research Interests: Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience: Social Cognition & Prosocial Behaviors

  • Lester R. Kurtz, Sociology and Anthropology

    Research Interests: Nonviolent social movements, Gandhi, sociology of religion

    Selected Publications

    The Encyclopedia of Violence, Peace, and Conflict, Lester R. Kurtz Editor-in-Chief. 3 volumes. Revised Second Edition. Amsterdam: Elsevier. Includes an online version in Science Direct. First edition: San Diego:  Academic Press, 1999. Revised 4-volume Third Edition is in progress.

    The Warrior and the Pacifist: Competing Themes in Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, edited by Lester R. Kurtz. New York: Routledge, 2018.

    The Paradox of Repression and Nonviolent Movements, edited by Lester R. Kurtz and Lee A. Smithey. Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, 2018.

    Gods in the Global Village:  The World's Religions in Sociological Perspective by Lester R. Kurtz. Fourth edition. Thousand Oaks:  Pine Forge Press/Sage. Sociology for the Next Century Series. First edition, 1995. Second edition, 2008. Chinese translation: Beijing: Beijing University Press, 2010. Third edition, 2011. Fourth edition, 2015. 

    Women, War and Violence: Typography, Resistance and Hope, edited by Mariam M. Kurtz and Lester R. Kurtz. 2 volumes. Santa Barbara: Praeger.

    Nonviolent Civil Resistance, edited by Sharon Erickson Nepstad and Lester R. Kurtz. Research in Social Movements, Conflicts and Change Volume 34. Emerald Group Publishing. Paperback edition, 2015.

    Nonviolent Social Movements: A Geographical Approach, edited by Stephen Zunes, Lester R. Kurtz, and Sarah Beth Asher.  Cambridge, MA:  Blackwell Publishers.

    Third World Peace Perspectives, Lester R. Kurtz and Shu-Ju Ada Cheng, Guest Editors. Peace Review:  A Transnational Quarterly 10:1 (1998)

    The Web of Violence:  From Interpersonal to Global, edited by Jennifer Turpin and Lester R. Kurtz.  Champaign-Urbana:  University of Illinois Press, 1997.

    The Nuclear Cage:  A Sociology of the Arms Race by Lester R. Kurtz.  Englewood Cliffs, N.J.:  Prentice-Hall, 1988.

    The Politics of Heresy:  The Modernist Crisis in Roman Catholicism by Lester R. Kurtz.  Berkeley, Los Angeles, and London:   University of California Press, 1986.

    Evaluating Chicago Sociology:  A Guide to the Literature with an Annotated Bibliography, by Lester R. Kurtz.   Foreword by Morris Janowitz.  Chicago:  University of Chicago Press, Heritage of Sociology Series, 1984.  Paperback edition, 1986.

  • Davis Kuykendall, Philosophy

    Research Interests: Early Modern, Metaphysics

    Selected Publications

    "Agent Causation, Realist Metaphysics of Powers, and the Reducibility Objection," Philosophia, 2021.

    "Powerful Substances because of Powerless Powers," Journal of the American Philosophical Association, 2019.

    "Leibniz on Spontaneity, the Eduction of Substantial Forms, and Creaturely Interaction: A Tension," Studia Neoaristotelica, 2019.

  • Lauren E. Kuykendall, Psychology

    Research Interests: Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Worker well-being; worker health; work-life issues; leisure; emotions; positive worker characteristics; work stress and stress management; gender and well-being.

    Selected Publications

    Kuykendall, L., Tay, L., & Ng, V. (2015). Leisure engagement and subjective well-being: A meta-analysis, Psychological Bulletin, 141, 364-403.

    Tay, L., Ng, V., Kuykendall, L., Diener, E. (2014). Demographics and worker well-being: An empirical review using representative data from the United States and across the world. In P. L. Perrewé, J. Halbesleben, & C. C. Rosen (Eds.), Research in Occupational Stress and Well-Being Volume 12, 235-283.

    Tay, L, & Kuykendall, L. (2013). Promoting happiness: Malleability of individual and societal-level happiness. International Journal of Psychology, 48, 159-176.

  • Hyunjin Deborah Kwak, Mason Korea

    Research Interests: Culture, Theory, Social Movements, Criminal Justice, Group Identity, Peace & Conflict, and Emotion

    Selected Publications

    Kwak, Hyunjin Deborah. 2019. “Revisiting Huntington’s Thesis: A Peace Scholar’s Response and Conversations from the Peacebuilding Field.” Christian Scholar’s Review  48 (3): 269-287. 

    Leguro, Myla and Hyunjin Deborah Kwak. 2016. “Unlikely Partners for Conflict Transformation: Engaging the Military as Stakeholders for Peace in Mindanao.” In Civil Society, Peace, and Power. Eds. Davis Cortright, Melanie Greenburg, and Laurel Stone. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield.

    Kwak, Hyunjin Deborah and San Rais. 2016. “Lighting a Candle: Jamila Afghani, Afghanistan.” Pp. 238-281 in Peacemakers in Action, Volume II: Profiles of Religion in Conflict. Ed. Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding, Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.

    Summers-Effler, Erika and Hyunjin Deborah Kwak. 2015. “Weber’s Missing Mystics: Inner-Worldly Mystical Practices and the Micro Potential for Social Change.” Theory and Society 44(3): 251-282.

    Summers-Effler, Erika and Hyunjin Deborak Kwak, “Where are the Missing Mystics of the Revolution?” Open Democracy, Transformation.Ed. Michael Edwards. Posted 2015

  • Harim Kwon, English

    Research Interests: phonetics, laboratory phonology, speech perception, speech production, bi-(or multi-) lingualism

    Selected Publications

    2019    Kwon, H. The role of native phonology in spontaneous imitation: Evidence from Seoul Korean. Laboratory Phonology: Journal of the Association for Laboratory Phonology 10: 10, 1-24. http://doi.org/10.5334/labphon.83

    2017    Kwon, H. Language experience, speech perception, and loanword adaptation: Variable adaptation of English word-final plosives into Korean. Journal of Phonetics 60, 1-19. http://doi.org/10.1016/j.wocn.2016.10.001

  • Soyoung Kwon, Mason Korea

    Research Interests: Comparative Politics, Peace and Security in Northeast Asia, North Korea, Public (sport) Diplomacy

    Selected Publications

    Soyoung Kwon (2019) "A Study of Spots Public Diplomacy Governance System in South Korea", Policy Report,  Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Korea. 

    Soyoung Kwon (2018) "Post-communist Transition Revisited: the North Korean Regime in a Comparative Authoritarian Perspective," Contemporary Chinese Political Economy and Strategic Relations: An International Journal (SCOPUS), Vol. 4, No. 2, July/Aug.

    Roland Wilson and Soyoung Kwon (2018). "The Importance of Position and Power Symmetry in International Relations: the Case of US Foreign Policy towards North Korea," The Korean Journal of Defense Analysis (SSCI), Vol. 30, No. 2

    Soyoung Kwon (2017). "Prospects for Regime Change in North Korea," International Journal of Korean Studies, Vol. 21, No. 2, Fall/Winter. 

    Soyoung Kwon (2015). "A Comparative Study of the Olympic Games in East Asia: the nexus between politics and sports" Journal of Asia-Pacific Studies, Vol. 22, No. 1. 

    Soyoung Kwon and Young Chul Cho (2014) "Legitimacy and Regime Security in North Korea: Pyongyang's Slogan Politics, " East and West Studies, Vol. 26

    Soyoung Kwon and Joon Seok Hong (ed.)(2014). Sports Relations in East Asia: Theory and Practice, Seoul: iSR Press. 

    Glyn Ford and Soyoung Kwon (2008), North Korea on the Brink: Struggle for Survival, London:Pluto Press.(also translated into Japanese and Korean)

    List of Issue Briefs, Policy Papers, Newspaper columns

  • Michelle LaFrance, English

    Research Interests: Feminist research/feminist rhetoric, creative nonfiction, community writing, writing across the curriculum/in the disciplines, ethnography, writing program administration and pedagogy

    Selected Publications

    LaFrance, Michelle. Institutional Ethnography: A Theory of Practice for Writing Studies Researchers. (2019.) Utah State University Press/University of Colorado.

    LaFrance, Michelle and Wardle, Elizabeth. "The 21st Century Feminist WPA," Journal of Writing Program Administration (June 2019). 

    LaFrance, Michelle and Alisa Russell. “Preparing Leaders Familiar with WAC-Contexts: Research Methods Course/Program Review as PhD Student Mentoring Opportunity.” WACJournal (Winter 2018/2019.)

    Corbett, Steven J. and Michelle LaFrance. Peer Review and Peer Response: A Critical Sourcebook. Bedford/St. Martins. (2017.)

    Anicca Cox, Timothy R. Dougherty, Seth Kahn, Michelle LaFrance, and Amy Lynch-Biniek “The Indianapolis Resolution: Responding to 21st Century Exigencies/Political Economies of Composition Labor.” College Composition and Communication, Special Issue: Political Economies. 68.1 (2016): 38-67. 

    LaFrance, Michelle. “An Institutional Ethnography of Information Literacy: Critical Challenges for a First Year Writing Program.” Journal of Writing Program Administration. 39.2 (2016): 105-22.

    LaFrance, Michelle. “Making Visible Labor Issues in Writing Across the Curriculum: A Call for Research.” Forum: Issues about Part-Time and Contingent Faculty. Fall 2015, 18.3. A13-A17. Print.

    Corbett, Steven J., Michelle LaFrance, and Teagan E. Decker, ed. Peer Pressure, Peer Power: Theory and Practice in Peer Review Response for the Writing Classroom. Southlake, TX: Fountainhead Press, 2014. Print.

    Corbett, Steven J., Michelle LaFrance, Cara Lane, and Janice Fournier. “Mapping, Re-Mediating, and Reflecting on Writing Process Realities: Transitioning from Print to Electronic Portfolios in First-Year Composition.” ePortfolio Performance Support Systems: Constructing, Presenting, and Assessing Portfolios in the Academy and Workplace. Ed. Katherine Wills and Richard Rice. Fort Collins: WAC Clearinghouse and Anderson, South Carolina: Parlor Press, 2014. 181-203. Print.

    Benson, Nancy, Steven J. Corbett, Anicca Cox, Will Higgins, Robin Kish, Michelle LaFrance, and Katy Whittingham. “Rethinking First-Year English as First Year WAC: A Writing About Writing Approach.” Double Helix: A Journal of Critical Thinking and Writing 1.1 (September 2013). 1-16. Web.

    LaFrance, Michelle and Melissa Nicolas. “What’s Your Frequency?: Preliminary Results of a Survey on Faculty and Staff Perspectives on Their Work in Writing Centers.” Writing Lab Newsletter 38.5-6. (January/February 2013). 10-13. Print.

    LaFrance, Michelle and Melissa Nicolas. “Institutional Ethnography as Materialist Framework for Writing Program Research and the Faculty-Staff Work Standpoints Project.” College Composition and Communication. 64.1 (2012): 130-150. Print.

    Steven J. Corbett and Michelle LaFrance. “From Grammatical to Global: The WAC/Writing Center Connection.” Praxis: A Writing Center Journal 6.2 (Spring 2009). n.pg. Web.

    Tatum, Clifford and Michelle LaFrance. “The Case of Neoliberalism: Wikipedia as a Distributed Knowledge Laboratory.” E-Research: Transformations in Scholarly Practice. Ed. Nicholas Jankowski. New York: Routledge, 2009. 310-327. Print.

  • Meredith H. Lair, History and Art History

    Research Interests: The Vietnam War, war and American society, veterans, collective memory, consumerism, militarism, conflict tourism, American social history

    Selected Publications

    "The Education Center at The Wall and the Re-writing of History," Public Historian, Winter 2012.

    Armed with Abundance: Consumerism and Soldiering in the Vietnam WarUniversity of North Carolina Press, 2011.

    “Red Coat Theater: Negotiating Identity in Occupied Philadelphia, 1777-78,” in Pennsylvania’s Revolution, Pennsylvania State University Press, 2010.

  • Roger N Lancaster, Cultural Studies

    Research Interests: Gender/Sexuality, Culture and Political Economy, Crime and Punishment, American Studies, Latin America

    Selected Publications

    Sex Panic and the Punitive State (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2011).

    The Trouble with Nature: Sex in Science and Popular Culture (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2003).

    Life is Hard: Machismo, Danger, and the Intimacy of Power in Nicaragua (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1992).

    The Gender/Sexuality Reader: Culture, History, Political Economy, (ed., with Micaela di Leonardo), (NY: Routledge, 1997).

    Thanks to God and the Revolution: Popular Religion and Class Consciousness in the New Nicaragua (NY: Columbia University Press, 1988).

  • Alison Landsberg, History and Art History

    Research Interests: Visual culture, the politics of memory, affective engagements with the past, political subjectivity, Frankfurt School, race in mass culture, politics of aesthetics

    Selected Publications

    “Horror vérité: politics and history in Jordan Peele’s Get Out (2017),” Continuum https://doi.org/10.1080/10304312.2018.1500522

     “Post Post-Racial America: On Westworld, the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture,” Cultural Politics, 14.2 (July 2018): 198-215 https://doi.org/10.1215/17432197-6609074

    “Ghosts on Screen: The Politics of Intertemporality,” in Spectral Spaces and Hauntings: The Affects of Absence ed. Christina Lee (London: Routledge, 2017).

    Engaging the Past: Mass Culture and the Production of Historical Knowledge (New York: Columbia UP, 2015).

     “‘This isn’t usual, Mr. Pendleton, this is history’: Spielberg’s Lincoln and the Production of Historical Knowledge,” Rethinking History, April 2015.

    “Politics and the Historical Film: Hotel Rwanda and the Form of Engagement,” in A Companion to the Historical Film, eds. Robert Rosenstone and Constantin  Parvulescu. Wiley-Blackwell, 2013

    “Cinematic Temporality: Modernity, Memory and the Nearness of the Past,” in  Time, Media, Modernity ed. Emily Keightely, London: Palgrave, 2012.

    “Waking the Deadwood of History: Listening, Language, and the ‘Aural Visceral’” Rethinking History 14.4 (December 2010): 531–549.

    “Memorie riflesse: lo schermo tra vero e falso”: atti del secondo seminario internazionale su Memoria e mass media tenutosi a Trento il 18 novembre 2009. A cura di Daniela Cecchin e Matteo Gentilini. Fondazione Museo storico del Trentino, Trento, 2010 (Collana: Quaderni di Archivio trentino, 26), forthcoming.

    “Memory, Empathy, and the Politics of Identification,” International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society 22.2 (June 2009). To be republished in American Politics and Global Citizenship, ed. Richard Tahvildaran-Jesswein.

    Prosthetic Memory: The Transformation of American Remembrance in the Age of Mass Culture (New York: Columbia UP, 2004).

  • Debra Lattanzi Shutika, English

    Research Interests: Sense of Place, Appalachian Studies, Transnational Migration

    Selected Publications

    Beyond the Borderlands: Migration and Belonging in the United States and Mexico. University of California Press, 2011.

    “The Folklore Detective: Forensic Narrative Analysis” Ethnologies special issue, Crime and Folklore Volume 41, Issue 1, 2019, p. 121–152 , 2020

    In Press:

    “The Mason Idea: Folklore for the 21st Century” In Folklore in the United States and Canada: An Institutional History. Rosemary Zumwalt & Patricia Sawin, eds. Bloomington: Indiana University Press.

    “Disrupting Folklore”  in Advancing Folkloristics. Jesse Fivecoat, Kristina Downs and Meredith McGriff, eds. Bloomington: Indiana University Press.


    “Mala Suerte” (fiction, 4000 words). Diamonds, Denim and Death: Bouchercon Anthology 2019, ed. Rick Ollerman, Down and Out Books, 2019

    “Frozen Iguana” (fiction, 4000 words) Florida Happens: Tales of Mystery, Mayhem, and Suspens from the Sunshine State. Bouchercon 2018 Anthology. Ed. Greg Herren. Three Rooms Press, 2018.

    “Mirrors” (fiction, 1500 words) Abundant Grace: Fiction by Washington Area Women. 7th Edition. Richard Peabody, ed. Paycock Press, 2016.

  • Raymond J Lattanzio, Psychology

    Selected Publications

    Lattanzio, R.J.  (2008). Critical review: prenatal fluoxetine exposure, neonatal toxicity, and developmental outcomes.  Doctoral dissertation, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia.

    Lattanzio, R. J. & Collins, B. D. (2006).  A user-focused evaluation method for the assessment of head-mounted display technology.  Proceedings of the IMAGE 2006 Conference.

    Barnes, M. E., Kordell, G. J., Collins, B. D., & Lattanzio, R. J. (2005). Evaluating Software Interfaces Using a Cognitive-Centered Framework.  Booz Allen Hamilton Science & Technology Journal, 1(1), 49-59.

    Jenness, J. W., Lattanzio, R. J., O’Toole, M., Taylor, N., & Pax, C. (2002).  Voice-activated dialing or eating a cheeseburger: which is more distracting during simulated driving?  Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 46th Annual Meeting.

    Jenness, J. W., Lattanzio, R. J., O’Toole, M., Taylor, N., & Pax, C. (2002).  Effects of manual versus voice-activated dialing during simulated driving.  Perceptual and Motor Skills, 94, 363-379.

    Munro, I., Knizhnik, S., Lowry, J. C., Lattanzio, R. J., Van Hemel, P. E., & Fuller, R. (1998).  User-interface design for large-scale data and information systems: what to do when the sky’s not the limit.  Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 42nd Annual Meeting.

    Lattanzio, R. J. (1997).  The effects of cocaine exposure in “pediatric” age rats on spatial learning with and without the interaction of environmental stressors.  Master’s thesis, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia.

  • Heidi Y. Lawrence, English

    Research Interests: Medical rhetoric, vaccine controversy, professional and technical communication, public rhetoric, rhetoric of science and technology

    Selected Publications


    Lawrence, Heidi Yoston. Vaccine Rhetorics. The Ohio State University Press. In press, available Spring 2020.



    Public Scholarship

    "Vaccine Dissent and the Challenges of Solidarity in a Pandemic" Newsweek, co-authored with Bernice L. Hausman: https://www.newsweek.com/vaccine-dissent-challenges-solidarity-pandemic-opinion-1508501

    "This Doctor is Suggesting COVID-19 Lockdowns are a Conspiracy to Take Away Your Freedom" (quoted in) Buzzfeed, by Anne Helen Petersen: https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/annehelenpetersen/annie-bukacek-montana-coronavirus-covid-lockdown-protests



    Hausman, Bernice, Heidi Y. Lawrence, Susan Marmagas, Clare Dannenberg, and Lauren Fortenbery. “H1N1 Vaccination and Health Beliefs in a Rural Community in the Southeastern United States: Lessons Learned.” Critical Public Health. Accepted August 2018.

    Lawrence, Heidi Y.“When Patients Question Vaccines: Considering Vaccine Communication through a Material Rhetorical Approach.” Rhetoric of Health and Medicine, 1.1-2 (2018): 161-178.

    Lawrence, Heidi Y.,Rachael Graham Lussos, and Jessica Clark. “The Rhetoric of Proposal Writing: Pedagogy, Research, and Real-world Practice.” Journal of Technical Writing and Communication. First Published December 13, 2017. 1-18.

    Lawrence, Heidi Y.“Fear of the Irreparable: Narratives in Vaccination Rhetoric.” Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics 6.3 (Winter 2016): 205-209.

    Scott, Jennifer Bracken, Kristin Kondrlik, Heidi Y. Lawrence,Susan Popham, and Candice Welhausen. “Rhetoric, Ebola, and Vaccination: A Conversation Among Scholars.” POROI: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Rhetorical Analysis and Invention11.2 (Dec. 2015): 1-26.

    Lawrence, Heidi Y.“Healthy Bodies, Toxic Medicines: Vaccination Beliefs and the Rhetorics of Health, Illness, and the Body.” Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine. 87.4 (December 2014): 423-437.

    Lawrence, Heidi Y.,Bernice L. Hausman, and Clare J. Dannenberg. “Reframing Medicine’s Publics: The Local as a Public of Vaccine Refusal.” Journal of the Medical Humanities35.2 (June 2014): 111-129.

    Dannenberg, Clare J., Bernice L. Hausman, Heidi Y. Lawrence, and Katrina M. Powell. “The Moral Appeal of Environmental Discourses: The Implication of Ethical Rhetorics.” Environmental Communication6.2 (Summer 2012): 212-232. DOI: 10.1080/175242032.2012.668856.



    Lawrence, Heidi Y. Review of The Antivaccine Heresy: Jacobson v. Massachusetts and the Troubled History of Contemporary Vaccination in the United States. Nursing History Review (NHR). 26.1 (2018).

    Lawrence, Heidi Y. Review of Vaccinations and Public Concern in History: Legend, Rumor, and Risk Perception. Journal of Business and Technical Communication29.4 (October 2015): 490-495.

  • Susan Lawrence, The Writing Center

    Research Interests: Writing center theory and practice, research methods, discourse analysis

    Selected Publications

    Lawrence, Susan and Terry Myers Zawacki, editors. Re/Writing the Center: Pedagogies, Practices, and Partnerships to Support Graduate Students in the Writing Center. Utah State University Press. In press.

    Lawrence, Susan and Terry Myers Zawacki, editors. Special issue of WLN: A Journal of Writing Center Scholarship, vol. 40, no. 2, March/April 2016. Special issue on writing center support for graduate student thesis and dissertation writers.

    Lawrence, Susan. "The Intertextual Forging of Epideictic Discourse: Construals of Victims in the South Africa Truth and Reconciliation Commission Amnesty Hearings." Rhetoric in Detail: Discourse Analyses of Rhetorical Talk and Text, edited by Barbara Johnstone and Christopher Eisenhart, John Benjamins, 2008, pp. 113-40

    Hayes, John R., Diana M. Bajzak, Susan Lawrence, and Erwin R. Steinberg.  "Developing an Online Writing Tutor: The Interaction of Design Principles and Assessment."  Blurring Boundaries: Developing Writers, Researchers and Teachers: A Tribute to William L. Smith, edited by Peggy O'Neill, Hampton Press, 2007, pp. 169-93

    Flower, Linda, Susan Lawrence, and Desiree Cook, "Tracking a Literate Practice Across the Disciplines: The Rival Hypothesis Stance in Biology and History."  Learning to Rival: A Literature Practice for Intercultural Inquiry, edited by Linda Flower, Elenore Long, and Lorraine Higgins, Lawrence Erlbaum, 2000, pp. 213-25

  • Sam Lebovic, History and Art History

    Research Interests: 20th century culture and politics; U.S. and the world; media history; democracy; civil liberties; political economy; cultural globalization.

    Selected Publications

    Free Speech and Unfree News: The Paradox of Press Freedom in America (Harvard University Press, 2016)

    Awarded 2017 Ellis W. Hawley Prize by the Organization of American Historians (for best book on the political economy, politics, or institutions of the U.S. from the Civil War to the present)

    Awarded 2012 Paul Murphy Prize in the History of Civil Liberties by the American Society for Legal History (in support of book completion)

    “The Conservative Press and the Interwar Origins of First Amendment Lochnerism,” Law and History Review (forthcoming)

    “The Politics of Pluralism: Debating Media Diversity in Australia, c.1976,” Australian Historical Studies 51, no.4 (October 2020): 401-419

    “No Right to Leave the Nation: The Politics of Passport Denial and the Rise of the National Security State,” Studies in American Political Development 34, no.1 (April 2020): 170-193

    “From Censorship to Classification: The Evolution of the Espionage Act,” in Whistleblowing Nation: The History of National Security Disclosures and the Cult of State Secrecy eds. Kaeten Mistry and Hannah Gurman (Columbia University Press, 2020)


  • Eunmee Lee, Mason Korea

    Research Interests: She looks into the language and identity issues among English language learners, and she tries to find ways to empower ELLs through using communicative problem solving tasks.

    Selected Publications

    Lee, E. (2018) Conference proceeding “I love stress-free English speaking!”: Effects of Dialogic Jigsaw Puzzle Activities, Korea TESOL International Conference 2017

    Lee, E. (2017) “I love stress-free English speaking!”: Effects of Dialogic Jigsaw Puzzle Activities, Extended Summaries Korea TESOL PAC 2017, KOTESOL.org



  • Gyu Tag Lee, Mason Korea

    Research Interests: Cultural Studies, Media Criticism, Music Industry, Music Criticism, History of American Popular Music, K-Pop, Hallyu, Media and Society, etc.

    Selected Publications

    Lee, Gyu Tag (2020). "Globalization of K-Pop and Personal Internet Media Platform". In The Empire of Media Platforms: Challenge and Future Prospects미디어 플랫폼 제국의 도전과 대응 (in Korean).

    Lee, Gyu Tag (2020). "BTS: Sincerity as a Brand". In Brand of Brand브랜드의 브랜드 (in Korean).

    Lee, Gyu Tag (2020). K-Pop in Conflict: Between Local and Global Music갈등하는 케이, 팝: 한국적인 동시에 세계적인 음악 (in Korean).

    Lee, Gyu Tag (2019). "Faraway, So Close: Produce 48 and the Cultural-Industrial Collaboration between K-Pop and J-Pop". Korean Journal of Popular Music, Vol.24 , pp. 251-288 .

    Lee, Gyu Tag (2019). "Gen Z, Sincerity, and Nationalism: The Meaning of BTS's Global Success젠지, 진정성, ‘K’: BTS의 성공이 보여주는 것들 (in Korean)". In/Outside: English Studies in Korea, Vol. 47, pp. 208-234.

    Lee, Gyu Tag (2019). "BTS: New Directions for K-Pop’s Ongoing Global Success". East Asia Foundation Policy Debates, No. 116.

    Lee, Gyu Tag (2018). "BTS: New Generation and Emotional Labour방탄소년단: 새로운 세대의 새로운 소통 방식, 그리고 감정노동" (in Korean). Culture and Science, Vol. 93, pp. 278-291.

    Lee, Gyu Tag, Jung, Young-ah and Kim Dae Young (2017). “Cultural Transnational Activities: The Consumption of Transnational Media”. In Transnational Communities in the Smartphone Age: The Korean Community in the Nation’s Capital

    Lee, Gyu Tag and Kim, D.W. (Trans.) (2017). Motown: The Sound of Young America모타운: 젊은 미국의 사운드 (in Korean).

    Lee, Gyu Tag (2016). "K-Pop and the Global Active Audience: The Transnatoinality of Naver Webcast Service ‘V-Live'실시간 인터넷 방송과 케이팝, 그리고 수용자: 네이버 ‘브이앱’을 중심으로" (in Korean). Journal of Arts Management, Vol. 39, pp. 33-65.

    Lee, Gyu Tag (2016). Globalization and Digitalization of Popular Music대중음악의 세계화와 디지털화 (in Korean).

    Lee, Gyu Tag (2016). The K-Pop Age케이팝의 시대 (in Korean).

    Lee, Gyu Tag (Trans.) (2016). The Uses of Literacy교양의 효용 (in Korean).

    Lee, Gyu Tag (2015). "K-Pop Branding and Motown Soul케이팝 브랜딩과 모타운 소울" (in Korean). Korean Journal of Popular Music, Vol. 14, pp. 8-39.

    Lee, Gyu Tag (2011). "Between Globality and Locality: Emerging Korean hip-hop한국 힙합 음악 장르의 형성을 통해 본 대중문화의 세계화와 토착화" (in Korean). Korean Studies, Vol. 36, pp. 59-84.

  • Hyang Lee, Mason Korea

    Research Interests: Language assessment, Task-based language teaching, Teaching pronunciation

    Selected Publications

    Hyang, L. (2018). A Study on Non-Native Pre-Service Teachers’ Scoring Pattern in Korean Speaking Test. Studies in Linguistics 48, pp. 321-340.

    Hyang, L. (2017). An Empirical Study to Rethink the Goals and Components of Teaching Korean Language Pronunciation. Journal of Korean Language Education 28-3, pp. 105-126.

    Hyang L. (2017). A Study on Pronunciation Assessment (Research Book Series), Ewha Womans University Multicultural Center, Jisikkwa kyoyang Press: Seoul, Korea.

    Hyang, L. (2016). A Comprehensive Study on the Language Attitudes of Native Korean Speakers toward Foreign Accented Non-native Korean Speakers. Journal of the International Network for Korean Language and Culture 13-3, pp. 199-229.

    Hyang, L. (2016). Analysis of Examinee Attitudes Toward Computer-Based Speaking Assessment – Analysis of Face Validity through Comparing with Face-to-Face Oral Interview Assessment-. Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language 45, pp. 305-330.



  • Jongdoo Lee, Mason Korea

    Research Interests: Corporate Finance, Investment

    Selected Publications

    Characteristics and Strategic Decision Pattern among Korean Entrepreneurs, Washington Business Research Journal, 2015

    Dynamic Trading Value at Risk: Futures Floor Trading, Journal of Futures Market, 2006

  • Philseok Lee, Psychology

    Research Interests: Psychometrics, Faking Issues in personnel selection, Personality and individual differences, Non-cognitive assessments development, technology-based assessments (e.g., game-based assessments) in I/O

    Selected Publications

    (* indicates GMU student authors)

    Lee, P & Joo, S. (in press). A new investigation of fake-resistance of multidimensional forced-choice measure: An application of differential item/test functioning, Special issue on impression management in Personnel Assessment and Decisions.

    Lee, P., Joo, S., & Stark, S (2020). Detecting DIF in multidimensional forced choice measures using the Thurstonian Item Response Theory model, Organizational Research Methods. 1-33, https://doi.org/10.1177/1094428120959822

    Ng, V., Lee, P., Kuykendall, L., Ringo, H., Stark, S., & Tay, L. (2020). The development and validation of a multidimensional forced-choice format character measure: Testing the Thurstonian IRT approach. Journal of Personality Assessment, 1-14.

    Joo, S., Lee, P., & Stark, S. (2020). Adaptive Testing with the GGUM-RANK Multidimensional Forced Choice Model: Comparison of Pair, Triplet, and Tetrad Scoring, Behavior Research Methods, 52, 761-772

    Choi, S., Heo, W., Cho, S., & Lee, P. (2020) The Links between Job Insecurity, Financial Well-Being, and Financial Stress: A Moderated-Mediation Model. International Journal of Consumer  Studies. 44, 353-360 https://doi.org/10.1111/ijcs.12571

    Heo, W., Cho, S., & Lee, P. (2020) Assessment of Financial Stress: Definition of Financial Stress and a Comprehensive Measurement for Financial Stress, Journal of Financial Therapy.

    Wang, Y., Kim, E., Joo, S. H., Chun, S., Alamri, A., Lee, P., & Stark, S. (2020). Reconsidering Multilevel Latent Class Models: Can Level-2 Latent Classes Affect Item Response Probabilities?. The Journal of Experimental Education, 1-15.

    Lee, P., Joo, S. H., & Fyffe, S.* (2019). Investigating faking effects on the construct validity through the Monte Carlo simulation study. Personality and Individual Differences150, 109491.

    Lee, P., Joo, S., Stark, S., & Chernyshenko, O. (2019). GGUM-RANK statement and person parameter estimation with multidimensional forced choice triplets. Applied Psychological Measurement, 43, 226-240.

    Lee, P., Joo, S., & Lee, S. (2019). Examining stability of personality profile solutions between Likert-type and multidimensional forced choice measure. Personality and Individual Differences, 142, 13-20.

  • Yi-Ching Lee, Psychology

    Research Interests: Human factors in transportation and medical systems; social interactions; intelligent systems; intelligent virtual agents

    Selected Publications

    Lee, Y.-C., Hand, S. H., & Lilly, H. (2020). Are parents ready to use autonomous vehicles to transport children? Concerns and safety features. Journal of Safety Research, 72, 287-297.

    Lee, Y.-C., & Mirman, J. H. (2018). Parents’ perspectives on using autonomous vehicles to enhance children’s mobility. Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, 96: 415-431.  

    Lee, Y.-C., & LaVoie, N. (2018). Instruction-prompted objective behaviors as proxy for subjective measures in a driving simulator. Transportation Research Part F: Psychology and Behaviour, 55, 58-66.

    Lee, Y.-C., & Winston, F. K. (2016). Stress induction techniques in a driving simulator and reactions from newly licensed drivers. Transportation Research Part F, 42, 44-55.

    Ontañón, S., Lee, Y.-C., Snodgrass, S., Bonfiglio, D. J., Winston, F. K., McDonald, C. C., & Gonzalez, A. J. (2014). Case-Based prediction of teen driver behavior and skill. Case-Based Reasoning Research and Development, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, 8765, 375-489.

    Lee, Y.-C., Lee, J. D., & Boyle, L. N. (2009). The interaction of cognitive load and attention-directing cues in driving. Human Factors, 51, 271-280.

    Lee, Y.-C., Lee, J. D., & Boyle, L. N. (2007). Visual attention in driving: the effects of cognitive load and visual disruption. Human Factors, 49, 721-733.

  • Jennifer Leeman, Modern and Classical Languages

    Research Interests: Applied and Sociolinguistics; Spanish in the US; heritage language education; ethnicity, race, and language in censuses; language and racialization

    Selected Publications

    Leeman, J. & Driver, M. (2021) Heritage speakers of Spanish and study abroad: Shifting identities in new contexts. In R. Pozzi, T. Quan, & C. Escalante (Eds.) Heritage Speakers of Spanish and Study Abroad. New York: Routledge, 141-159.

    Fuller, J. & Leeman, J. (2020) Speaking Spanish in the US: The Sociopolitics of Language. Multilingual Matters.  [Spanish language edition under contract]

    Leeman, J. & Serafini, E. J. (2020). “It’s Not Fair”: Discourses of Deficit, Equity, and Effort in Mixed Heritage and Second Language Spanish Classes. Journal of Language, Identity & Education, 1–15. 
    Leeman, J. (2020). The nexus of academic knowledge, political agendas and self-identification in census ethnoracial classification. Language, Culture and Society (2)1 92-99.
    Leeman, J. (2018). Becoming Hispanic: The negotiation of ethnoracial identity in U.S. census interviews. Latino Studies 16(4), 432-460.
    Leeman, J. (2018). Critical language awareness in SHL: Challenging the linguistic subordination of US Latinxs. In K. Potowski (Ed.) Handbook of Spanish as a Minority/Heritage Language, (pp. 345-358). New York: Routledge. 
  • Jaime Lester, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

    Research Interests: Learning Data Analytics: Providing Actionable Insights to Increase College Student Success; Mid-career Faculty; Role of Higher Education Search Firms in Diversifying Leadership

    Selected Publications

    Lester, J., Klein, C., Rangwala H., & Johri, A (2018). Learning Analytics in Higher Education. ASHE Higher Education Report.

    Lester, J., Klein, C., Rangwala H., & Johri, A (Eds.) (2018). Learning Analytics in Higher Education: Current Innovations, Future Potential, and Practical Considerations. Routledge Press.

    Klein, C., Lester, J., Rangwala, H. & Johri, A. (Accepted). Learning Analytics Tools in Higher Education: Adoption at the Intersection of Institutional Commitment and Individual Action. The Review of Higher Education.

    Lester, J. & Kezar, A. (2017). Strategies and Challenges for Distributing Leadership in Communities of Practice. Journal of Leadership Studies, 10(4), 17-34.

    Sweeney, M., Rangwala, H., Lester, J., & Johri, A. (2016). Next-term student performance

    prediction: A recommender systems approach. Journal of Educational Data Mining.

    Lester, J., Struthers, B., & Yamanaka, A. (2016). Gender microaggressions and learning environments: The role of physical space in teaching pedagogy and communication. Community College Journal of Research and Practice, 40(11), 909-926. 

  • Brian Louis Levy, Sociology and Anthropology

    Research Interests: Inequality, Poverty, Mobility; Neighborhoods; Community and Urban Sociology; Race, Class, and Gender; Education; Social Demography; Quantitative Research Methods; Causal Inference

    Selected Publications

    Levy, B. 2019. “Heterogeneous Impacts of Concentrated Poverty During Adolescence on College Outcomes.” Social Forces 98(1): 147-182.

    Levy, B., A. Owens, and R. Sampson. 2019. “The Varying Effects of Neighborhood Disadvantage on College Graduation: Moderating and Mediating Mechanisms.” Sociology of Education 92(3): 269-292.

    Phillips, N., B. Levy, R. Sampson, M.L. Small, and R. Wang. 2019. “The Social Integration of American Cities: Network Measures of Connectedness Based on Everyday Mobility Across Neighborhoods.” Sociological Methods and Research. doi: 10.1177/0049124119852386.

    Levy, B., T. Mouw, and A.D. Perez. 2017. “Why Did People Move During the Great Recession?: The Role of Economics in Migration Decisions.” RSF: The Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences 3(3): 100-125.

    Levy, B. and D. Levy. 2017. “When Love Meets Hate: The Relationship between State Policies on Gay and Lesbian Rights and Hate Crime Incidence.” Social Science Research 61(1): 142-159.


  • Rachel Ann Lewis, Women and Gender Studies

    Research Interests: transnational sexualities; race and immigration; human rights; feminist and queer theory; media and cultural studies; disability studies

    Selected Publications

    “LGBTQ Migration Crises,” forthcoming in Cecelia Menjivar, Marie Ruiz and Immanuel Ness, eds., The Handbook of Migration Crises (Oxford University Press, 2019).

    With Wendy S. Hesford, “Queering Human Rights: The Transgender Child,” forthcoming in Crystal Parikh, ed. The Cambridge Companion to Human Rights and Literature (Cambridge University Press, 2018).

    “And Suddenly I Became a Lesbian!”: Performing Lesbian Identity in the Political Asylum Process,” forthcoming in Bridget Haas and Amy Shuman, eds., Political Asylum and the Politics of Suspicion (Ohio University Press, 2018).

    “Lesbian Cinema Post-Feminism: Ageism, Difference, and Desire,” in E. Ann Kaplan, Patrice Petro, Dijana Jelača, and Kristin Hole, eds.,Routledge Companion to Cinema and Gender (New York and London: Rutledge, 2016).

    With Wendy S. Hesford, “Mobilizing Vulnerability: New Directions in Transnational Feminisms and Human Rights,” in Feminist Formations 28/1. Special issue guest edited by Wendy S. Hesford and Rachel Lewis.

    “Queering Vulnerability: Visualizing Black Lesbian Desire in Post-Apartheid South Africa,” in Feminist Formations 28/1 (2016).

     “‘Gay? Prove It’: The Politics of Queer Anti-Deportation Activism,” Sexualities 17/8 (2014): 958-975. Special issue guest edited by Rachel Lewis and Nancy A. Naples, “Queer Migration, Asylum, and Displacement.”

    “Deportable Subjects: Lesbians and Political Asylum,” Feminist Formations 25/2 (2013): 173-193. Special issue, “Feminists Interrogate States of Emergency.”

    “Towards a Transnational Lesbian Cinema,” Journal of Lesbian Studies 16/3 (2012): 273-290. Special issue, “Global Lesbian Cinema.”

    “The Cultural Politics of Lesbian Asylum: Angelina Maccarone’s Unveiled (2005) and the Case of the Lesbian Asylum-Seeker,” International Feminist Journal of Politics 12/3-4 (2010): 424-443. Special issue, “New Directions in Feminism and Human Rights.”


  • Man Li, Modern and Classical Languages

    Research Interests: Second Language Acquisition and Teaching

    Selected Publications

    Li, M., & DeKeyser, R. (2019). Distribution of Practice Effects in the Acquisition and Retention of L2 Mandarin Tonal Word Production. Modern Language Journal, 103(3), 607-628. https://doi.org/10.1111/modl.12580

    Jiang, N., Li, M., & Guo, T. (2019). A tale of two frequency effects: Toward a verification model of L2 word recognition. Applied Psycholinguistics (First View). https://doi.org/10.1017/S0142716419000481

    Li, M., & DeKeyser, R. (2017). Perception practice, production practice, and musical ability in L2 Mandarin tone-word learning. Studies in Second Language Acquisition, 39(4), 593-620. https://doi.org/10.1017/S0272263116000358

    Li, M., Jiang, N., & Gor, K. (2017). L1 and L2 processing of compound words: Evidence from masked priming experiments in English. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition, 20(2), 384-402. https://doi.org/10.1017/S1366728915000681

    Friginal, E., Li, M., & Weigle, S. (2014). Revisiting multiple profiles of learner compositions: A comparison of highly rated NS and NNS essays. Journal of Second Language Writing, 23(1), 1-16. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jslw.2013.10.001

  • Stephanie L. Liberatore, English

    Research Interests: Creative Nonfiction and Composition

    Selected Publications

    Liberatore, Steph. “Fat Lip.” Cream City Review, vol. 44, no. 2, 2020, pp. 44–49.

    Liberatore, Stephanie L. "Coronavirus Chronicles: Morning Adventures With My Children." Bethesda Magazine, 27 June 2020. https://bethesdamagazine.com/bethesda-beat/coronavirus-chronicles/coronavirus-chronicles-morning-adventures-with-my-children/

    Liberatore, Stephanie L. "I'm a Teacher, But I Gave Up on Homeschooling My Kids." Scary Mommy, 13 May 2020, https://www.scarymommy.com/teacher-gave-up-homeschooling/

    Liberatore, Stephanie L. "Like New Professor, Like Mom." Inside Higher Ed, 20 Jan. 2020, https://insidehighered.com/advice/2020/01/30/being-new-professor-lot-being-mom-opinion.

    Liberatore, Stephanie L. “Sixteen Reasons to Move to San Francisco, or Not.” EDGE, vol. 8, 2014, pp. 39–50.

    Liberatore, Stephanie L. “Under My Father’s Tree.” Hot Metal Bridge, no. 23, 2013, https://hotmetalbridge.org/fathers-tree/.

  • Andrew Light, Philosophy

    Research Interests: International climate policy and governance, environmental policy and ethics, risk analysis, and ethics and emerging technologies

    Selected Publications

    Selected Books

    Environmental Values, with John O’Neill and Alan Holland. (London: Routledge Press, 2008).

    Selected Reports

    An International Climate Agenda for the Next Administration (2020)

    Delivering on America's Pledge: Achieving Climate Progress (New York: Bloomberg Philanthropies 2020)

    Ramping up Governance of the Global Environmental Commons: What Do Theory and History Tell Us? (Washington, D.C.:  World Resources Institute, February 2019).

    Climate Change Impacts, Risks and Adaptation in the U.S.:  Fourth National Climate Assessment (NCA 4), Volume II.  (Washington, D.C.:  U.S. Global Change Research Program, November 2018).  Review Editor for Chapter 29, “Mitigation:  Avoiding and Reducing Long-Term Risks.”

    Strengthening Nationally Determined Contributions to Catalyze Actions That Reduce Short-Lived Climate Pollutants (Washington, D.C.:  World Resources Institute, October 2018).

    Governing Solar Radiation Management (Washington, D.C.: Forum for Solar Radiation Management, October 2018).

    Proposal for a North American Climate Strategy.  (Washington, D.C.:  Center for American Progress and World Resources Institute, June 2016).

    Carbon Market Crossroads: New Ideas for Harnessing Global Markets to Confront Climate Change. (Washington, D.C.: Climate Advisers and Center for American Progress, April 2013).

    40 x 35: A Zero Carbon Energy Target for the World’s Largest Economies. (Washington, D.C.: Center for American Progress, March 2013).

    The U.S. Role in International Climate Finance: A Blueprint for Near Term Leadership. (Washington, D.C.: Alliance for Climate Protection and Center for American Progress, December 2010).

    A Roadmap for U.S.-China Cooperation on Carbon Capture and Sequestration. Washington, D.C.:  Center for American Progress and Asia Society, November 2009.

    Selected Articles and Book Chapters

    "Governing Climate Engineering: A Proposal for Immediate Governance of Solar Radiation Management," with S. Jinnah, et. al., Sustainability,  Volume 11, 2019, pp. 1-9.

    "Climate Diplomacy," in The Oxford Handbook of Environmental Ethics, eds. S. Gardiner and A. Thompson (Oxford: Oxford University Pres, 2016), pp. 487-500 and on-line at www.oxfordhandbooks.com.

    "A Responsible Path: Enhancing Action on Short-Lived Climate Pollutants,” with Gwynne Taraska, in Climate Justice in a Non-Ideal World, eds. C. Heyward, and D. Roser (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016), pp. 169-188.

    Climate Change, Adaptation, and Climate-Ready Development Assistance,” with Gwynne Taraska, Environmental Values, Vol. 23, No. 2, 2014, pp. 129-147.

    An Equity Hurdle in International Climate Negotiations,” Philosophy and Public Policy Quarterly, Vol. 31, No. 1, 2013, pp. 27-34.

    “Valuing Novel Ecosystems,” with Allen Thompson and Eric Higgs, in Novel Ecosystems: Intervening in the New Ecological World Order, eds. R. Hobbs, E. Higgs, and C. Hall (Malden, MA: Blackwell, 2013), pp. 257-268.

    Finding a Future for Environmental Ethics,” The Ethics Forum / Les Ateliers de l’éthique, Vol. 7, No. 3, 2012, pp. 71-80.

    “On the Need for Front Line Climate Ethics,” in The Environment: Philosophy, Science, and Ethics (Topics in Contemporary Philosophy), eds. B. Kabesenche, M. O’Rourke and M. Slater (Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 2012), pp. 277-292.

    The Death of Restoration?” in Ethical Adaptation to Climate Change: Human Virtues of the Future, eds. A. Thompson and J. Bendik-Keymer (Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 2012), pp. 105-122.

    The Moral Journey of Environmentalism: From Wilderness to Place,” in Pragmatic Sustainability: Theoretical and Practical Tools, ed. S. Moore (London: Routledge Press, 2010), pp. 136-148.

    “Does a Public Environmental Philosophy Need a Convergence Hypothesis? in Nature in Common: Environmental Ethics and the Contested Foundations of Environmental Policy, ed. B. Minteer (Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2009).  [Draft text]

  • Lisa Lindley, Women and Gender Studies

    Research Interests: HIV/STD and unintended pregnancy prevention among adolescents and young adults

    Selected Publications

    Austin E, Lindley L, Mena L, Crosby R, Muzny C. Families of choice and non-collegiate sororities and fraternities among lesbian and bisexual African-American women in a southern community: implications for sexual and reproductive health research. Sexual Health. Published online 20 January 2014. http://dx.doi.org/10.1071/SH13145.

    Walsemann K, Lindley L, Gentile D, Welihinda S. Educational attainment by life course sexual attraction: Prevalence and correlates in a nationally representative sample of young adults. Population Research and Policy Review. Published online 19 June 2013. http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s11113-013-9288-3.

    Lindley L, Walsemann K, Carter J. Invisible and at risk: STDs among young adult sexual minority women in the U.S. Perspectives on Sexual & Reproductive Health. 2013; 45(2): 66-73.

    Lindley L, Elkind J, Landi S, Brandt H. Receipt of the HPV vaccine among female college students in the U.S. Journal of American College Health. 2013; 61(1): 18-27.

    Lindley L, Friedman D, Struble C. Becoming visible: Assessing the availability of online sexual health information for lesbians. Health Promotion Practice. 2012; 13(4): 472-480

    Lindley L, Walsemann K, Carter J. The association of sexual orientation measures with young adults’ health-related outcomes. American Journal of Public Health. 2012; 102(6): 1177-1185.

    Coleman J, Lindley L, Annang L, Saunders R, Gaddist B. Development of a framework for HIV/AIDS prevention programs in African American churches. AIDS Patient Care & STDs. 2012; 26(2): 114-124.

  • Preston V.L. Lindsay, Psychology

    Research Interests: Organizational trauma, systems theory, organizational development, organizational change

    Selected Publications

    Burrell, D. N., Lindsay, P. V. L., Cole, C. M., & Sangle, P. (2019). Exploring the Complex Nature of Ethical Cultures in Health Care Organizations. International Journal of Applied Research on Public Health Management (IJARPHM)4(2), 29-46.

    Lindsay, P. V. L., Ayodeji-Ogundiran, A. I., & Hobbs, H. L. (2020). A Real-World Exploration of Green Human Resources and Sustainability Education in Hyper-Connected and Technology-Driven Organizations. International Journal of Smart Education and Urban Society (IJSEUS)11(4), 65-75.

  • Huwymin Lucia Liu, Sociology and Anthropology

    Research Interests: Cultural Anthropology; Political Anthropology; Politics, Economy and Religion; Socialism and Change; Subjectivity and Governance; Civil Society; Life and Death Studies; Ritual Studies; Culture and Emotion; Gender and Masculinity; China and Taiwan

    Selected Publications

    Peer-Reviewed Articles

    2020 "The Civil Governance of Death: The Making of Chinese Political Subjects at the End of Life," in Journal of Asian Studies

    2020. “Ritual and Pluralism: Religious Variations on Socialist Death Rituals in Urban China,” in Critique of Anthropology

    2019. “Market Economy Lives, Socialist Death: Contemporary Commemorations in Urban China,” in Modern China

    2010 “Substance, Masculinity, and Class: Betel Nut Consumption and Embarrassing Modernity in Taiwan,” in Charismatic Modernity: Popular Culture in Taiwan, Marc L. Moskowitz, ed. Pp.131-148. London and New York: Routledge.

    2009 Co-authored (with Joseph Bosco and Matthew West). “Underground Lotteries in China: The Occult Economy and Capitalist Culture,” in Research in Economic Anthropology:Economic Develop, Integration, and Morality in Asia and Americas, Vol. 29, Donald C. Wood, ed. Pp.31-62. Bingley, UK: Emerald Group Publishing.

    Book Reviews and Translations

    2014  Chinese Translator of “Chinese Religious Philanthropy and the Limitation of Social Capital,” written by Robert Weller, in Anthropology of Religion, Beijing, China.       

    2010  Co-author (with Charles Lindholm). Book Review of Crying Shame: Metaculture, Modernity and the Exaggerated Death of Lament(James Wilce). Ethos Journal. Vol. 38, Issue 3.

  • Samaine Lockwood, English

    Research Interests: nineteenth-century American literature; gender and sexuality studies; research methods; queer theory

    Selected Publications

    "Normands cosmopolites dans la Nouvelle-Angleterre régionaliste de Sarah Orne Jewett." Romantisme 181 (2018): 73-84.

    Archives of Desire: The Queer Historical Work of New England Regionalism. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2015.

    "Charlotte Perkins Gilman's Colonial Revival." Legacy 29.1 (2012): 86-114.

    "Shopping for the Nation: Women's China Collecting in Late-Nineteenth-Century New England." The New England Quarterly 81.1 (2008): 63-90.

  • Valencia King Long, African and African American Studies

    Research Interests: Women & Gender Studies; Cultural Equity and Social Justice; Unified Educational Standards; Global reform for the treatment of girls.

    Selected Publications

    Summer 2020 Newsletter 'The Griot'
    Featured Page(s) 13-15: AAAS Professor Interview Series.
    CHSS 2019:
    CHSS 2017:
  • Cindy Lont, Communication

    Research Interests: Video-based production

    Selected Publications

    Dr. Lont has recently published "A Content Analysis of U.S. Print in Rebecca Lind’s Race/Gender/Media: Considering Diversity Across Audiences, Content, and Producers" (2008) and has submitted an article for the Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Journalism titled "Race, Class and Sex on the front pages of Top Three Internet News Sites."

  • Mariely Lopez-Santana, Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

    Research Interests: Comparative welfare states, comparative federalism (including intergovernmental relations, multilevel governance, and decentralization), Europeanization, governance (international and domestic).

    Selected Publications

    For additional publications, please see my CV.

    The New Governance of Welfare States in the United States and Europe: Between Decentralization and Centralization in the Activation Era (forthcoming, SUNY Press).

    "Decentralising the Active Welfare State: The Relevance of Intergovernmental Structures" (with Rossella Moyer) Journal of Social Policy (2012) 41 (4): 769-788. 

    “Soft Europeanization?: The Differential Influence of the European Employment Strategy in Belgium, Spain, and Sweden.” In Heidenreich, M. and Zeitlin, J. (eds.) (2009) Changing European Welfare and Employment Regimes: The Influence of the Open Method of Coordination on National Labour Market and Social Welfare Reforms (EUI/Routledge Studies on the Political Economy of Welfare, Routledge).

    “Having a Say and Acting: Assessing the effectiveness of the European Employment Strategy as an intra-governmental coordinative instrument,” European Integration Online Papers (2009) 13.

    “Framing and Transmitting Change in Employment Policy: Domestic Implications of European Soft Law on Member States,” Journal of European Public Policy (2006) 13 (4): 481-499.

  • Evan Marie Lowder, Criminology, Law and Society

    Research Interests: Justice-involved behavioral health populations, mental health courts and diversion programs, risk assessment, racial disparities, opioid crisis, quantitative research methods

    Selected Publications

    Lowder, E. M., Diaz, C. L., Grommon, E., & Ray, B. R. (2020). Effects of pretrial risk assessments on release decisions and misconduct outcomes relative to practice as usual. Journal of Criminal Justice, 101754. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jcrimjus.2020.101754

    Lowder, E. M., Lawson, S. G., Grommon, E., & Ray, B. R. (2020). Five-county validation of the Indiana Risk Assessment System – Pretrial Assessment Tool (IRAS-PAT) using a local validation approach. Justice Quarterly, 1–20. https://doi.org/10.1080/07418825.2020.1829006

    Lowder, E. M., Lawson, S. G., O’Donnell, D., Sightes, E., & Ray, B. R. (2020). Two‐year outcomes following naloxone administration by police officers or emergency medical services personnel. Criminology & Public Policy, 1745-9133.12509. https://doi.org/10.1111/1745-9133.12509

    Lowder, E. M., Amlung, J., & Ray, B. R. (2020). Individual and county-level variation in outcomes following non-fatal opioid-involved overdose. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. https://doi.org/10.1136/jech-2019-212915 

    Lowder, E. M., Ray, B. R., & Gruenewald, J. A. (2019). Criminal justice professionals’ attitudes toward mental illness and substance use. Community Mental Health Journal. 10.1007/s10597-019-00370-3

  • Cynthia Lukyanenko, English

    Research Interests: child language acquisition, morphology, morphosyntax, language variation, real-time language comprehension

    Selected Publications

    Blanchette, F. & Lukyanenko, C. (2019). Unacceptable grammar? An eye-tracking study of English Negative Concord. Language and Cognition. [link]

    Lukyanenko, C. & Miller, K. (2018). Children's and adults' processing of variable agreement patterns: Agreement neutralization in English. Proceedings of the 42nd Annual Boston University Conference on Language Development. Somerville, MA: Cascadilla Press. [link]

    Lukyanenko, C., & Fisher, C. (2016). Where are the cookies? 2- and 3-year-olds use number-marked verbs to anticipate upcoming nouns. Cognition 146, 349-370. [link]

    Lukyanenko, C., Conroy, A., & Lidz, J. (2014). Is she patting Katie? Constraints on pronominal reference in 30-month-olds. Language Learning and Development 10(4), 328-344. [link]

  • Cynthia Lum, Criminology, Law and Society

    Research Interests: Policing, technology, evidence-based crime policy, translational criminology, crime prevention, evaluation research

    Selected Publications

    Only select publications from 2020-2021 are listed. For full publication list, see Cynthia Lum's C.V.

    Lum, C. Perspectives on Policing. (2021). Annual Review of Criminology, 4, 19-25.

    Koper, C.S., Lum, C., Wu, X., & Hegarty, T. (2021). The Long-Term and System-Level Impacts of Institutionalizing Hot Spot Policing in a Small City. Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice, DOI: 10.1093/police/paaa096.

    Koper, C.S., Wu, X., & Lum, C. (2021). Calibrating police activity across hot spot and non-hot spot areas. Police Quarterly. DOI: 10.1177/1098611121995809.

    Wu, X., Koper, C.S., & Lum, C. (2021). Measuring the impacts of everyday police proactive activities: Tackling the endogeneity problem. Journal of Quantitative Criminology. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10940-021-09496-8.

    Lum, C., Koper, C.S., Stoltz, M., Goodier, M., Johnson, W., Prince, H., & Wu, X. (2020). Constrained Gatekeepers of the Criminal Justice Footprint: A Systematic Social Observation Study of 9-1-1 Calltakers and Dispatchers. Justice Quarterly, DOI: 10.1080/07418825.2020.1834604.

    Lum, C., Maupin, C., & Stoltz, M. (2020). The Impact of COVID-19 on Law Enforcement Agencies (Wave 2). A joint report between the International Association of Chiefs of Police and the Center for Evidence-Based Crime Policy, George Mason University.

    Lum, C., Maupin, C., & Stoltz, M. (2020). The Impact of COVID-19 on Law Enforcement Agencies (Wave 1). A joint report between the International Association of Chiefs of Police and the Center for Evidence-Based Crime Policy, George Mason University.

    Koper, C.S., Lum, C., Wu, X., & Fritz, N. (2020). Proactive policing in the United States: A National Survey. Policing and International Journal (of Strategies and Management). DOI: 10.1108/PIJPSM-06-2020-0086.

    Lum, C., Koper, C.S., Wilson, D.B., Stoltz, M., Goodier, M., et al. (2020). Body-worn cameras’ effects on police officers and citizen behavior: A systematic review. Campbell Systematic Reviews, DOI: 10.1002/cl2.1112.

    Lum, C., Koper, C.S., Wu, X., Johnson, W., & Stoltz, M. (2020). Examining the Empirical Realities of Proactive Policing through Systematic Observations and Computer Aided Dispatch Data. Police Quarterly, DOI: 10.1177/1098611119896081.

    Nagin, D., Koper, C.S., & Lum, C. (2020). Policy Recommendations for Countering Mass Shootings in the United States. Criminology & Public Policy, 19(1).

  • M. Elvira Luna-Escudero-Alie, PhD., CHSS Sandbox Department

    Research Interests: Literature of Mario Vargas Llosa, works by Jorge Luis Borges with a mathematical component, applied linguistics, intersections between philosophy and literature.

    Selected Publications

    Latest publications: 

    • "The Symmetry of Spanish Poetry". October, 2019. Pages 45-48.        Language Magazine, Malibu, CA, October 2019. (Co-author with Stephen Kcenich).
    • “¿En qué momento se había jodido el Perú? A 50 años de Conversación en La Catedral, de Mario Vargas Llosa”. 07/15/2019


    • Hermeneútica existencialista en “Un lugar limpio y bien iluminado” de Ernest Hemingway. 11/05/2019                                        http://critica.cl/filosofia/hermeneutica-existencialista-en-un-lugar-limpio-y-bien-iluminado-de-ernest-hemingway  
    •  Metáforas lingüísticas y estéticas en la poética de Carlos Oquendo de Amat. 01/20/2019                                                            http://critica.cl/literatura/metaforas-linguisticas-y-esteticas-en-la-poetica-de-carlos-oquendo-de-amat
    • La literatura de Vargas Llosa aplicada a la hipótesis de lectura de Stephen Krashen. 03/18/2018                                                           http://critica.cl/literatura/la-literatura-de-vargas-llosa-aplicada-a-la-hipotesis-de-lectura-de-stephen-krashen
    • “Mi amor por ti es mucho más que amor” o el canto a la ternura de Roque Dalton. 01/21/2018                                                    http://critica.cl/literatura/mi-amor-por-ti-es-mucho-mas-que-amor-o-el-canto-a-la-ternura-de-roque-dalton


  • Rachael Graham Lussos, Writing and Rhetoric

    Research Interests: medical rhetoric, health communication, proposal writing, activism, multimodal composition

    Selected Publications

    Lawrence, H. Y., Fernandez, L., Lussos, R. G., Stabile, B., & Broeckelman-Post, M. (2019). Communicating campus sexual assault: A mixed methods rhetorical analysis. Technical Communication Quarterly. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1080/10572252.2019.1621386

    Lussos, R. (2019). Quantifying chronic pain: A mixed-methods analysis of chronic pain sufferers’ public and private discourse. The Journal of Pain, 20(4), S60.

    St.Amant, K. (2018). Contextualized time and kairotic care in health and medicine (R. G. Lussos, Interviewer). Technoculture. Retrieved from https://tcjournal.org/vol8/contextualized-time

    Lussos, R. G. (2018). Have your epideictic rhetoric, and eat it, too. The Journal of Multimodal Rhetorics (JOMR), 2(1).

    Lussos, R. G. & Fernandez, L. (2018). Assault and accusation without agents: Verb voice in media narratives of campus sexual assault. Journal of Mason Graduate Research (JMGR), 5(2).

    Holmes, S. & Lussos, R. G. (2018). Cultivating metanoia in Twitter publics: Analyzing and producing bots of protest in the #gamergate controversy. Computers and Composition.

    Lawrence, H., Lussos, R. G., & Clarke, J. (2017). Rhetorics of proposal writing: Lessons for pedagogy in research and real-world practice. Journal of Technical Writing and Communication (JTWC). Advance online publication.

    Lussos, R. G. (2017). Twitter bots as digital writing assignments. PraxisWiki, 22(2).

    Lussos, R. G. (2017, March). Keith Wailoo. Pain: A Political History. Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2014. $29.95. pp. 284. Paper. ISBN: 9781421413655. [Review of the book Pain: A political history, by K. Wailoo]. World Medical & Health Policy, 9, 1.

    Lussos, R. G. (2016, September). The multiperspectival rhetorical situation as a method for rhetorical analysis and communication development. Proceedings of the 34th ACM International Conference on the Design of Communication. Article No. 46.

  • Karalee Dawn MacKay, Folklore

    Selected Publications

    An article based on her research, titled “Tartans, Kilts and Clans On Tour: Exploring Issues of Mobility, Heritage and Cultural Homecomings at the Gathering 2009” was published by Cambridge Scholars in the edited volume, Exploring Travel and Tourism: Essays on Journeys and Destinations (2012). Upcoming articles include, “American by Birth, Scottish by Blood:” Staging Scottishness at Highland Games and Gatherings in the USA” for an edited volume (Title TBD) with Cambridge Scholars Publishing (2016); and an article with colleague Dr. Natalie Tenner entitled, “From the Classroom to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe: Inspiring Students, Professors and Audiences on an International Journey of Practice and Creation.”

  • James E Maddux, Psychology

    Research Interests: My major scholarly interest is the interface of social, clinical, and health psychology, which is concerned with the ways that theory and research from social psychology can help us understand psychological adjustment, psychological disorders, and health-related behavior. My professional mission is to enhance well-being around the world through the promotion of psychological science.

    Selected Publications

    Maddux, J.E., & Tangney, J. P. (Eds). (2010). Social psychological foundations of clinical psychology. New York: Guilford.

    Maddux, J. E., & Volkmann, J. R. (2010). Self-efficacy and self-regulation. In R. Hoyle (Ed.), Handbook of personality and self-regulation. New York: Wiley-Blackwell.

    Maddux, J.E., & Gosselin, J.T.(2012). Self-efficacy. In M. R. Leary & J. P. Tangney (Eds.), Handbook of self and identity (2nd ed.). New York: Guilford.

    Maddux, J.E., Feldman, D. B., & Snyder, C.R. (2014). Promoting mental health and psychological well-being. In T. Gullotta & M. Bloom (Eds), Encyclopedia of primary prevention and health promotion(2nd ed.). New York: Kluwer/Plenum.

    Maddux, J.E., & Dawson, K. (2014). Promoting physical fitness in adulthood: A focus on exercise. In T. Gullotta & M. Bloom (Eds), Encyclopedia of primary prevention and health promotion (2nd ed.). New York: Kluwer/Plenum.

    Maddux J. E. (2014). Mental health and self-esteem. In W. C. Cockerham, R. Dingwall, & S. Quah (Eds.). Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Health, Illness, Behavior and Society. New York: Wiley-Blackwell.

    Maddux, J. E., & Dawson, K. (2014).  Psychological models of exercise behavior:  How to reduce the information-intention-behavior gap.  In R. Gomes, R. Resende, & A. Albuquerque (Eds.), Positive human functioning from a multdimensional perspective. New York: Nova Science Publishers. 

    Gelo, O. C. G., Vilei, A., Maddux, J. E., & Gennaro, A. (2015). Psychopathology as social construction: The case of anorexia nervosa. Journal of Constructivist Psychology, 28 (2), 105-125.

    Maddux, J.E., & Winstead, B.A. (Eds.) (2016). Psychopathology: Foundations for a contemporary understanding (4th edition.). New York: Routledge.

    Maddux, J. E., & Kleiman, E. (2016). Self-efficacy. In A. Wood & J. Johnson (Eds.), Handbook of positive clinical psychology. New York: Wiley

    Maddux, J. E. (2016). Toward a more positive clinical psychology: Deconstructing the illness ideology and psychiatric diagnosis. In A. Wood & J. Johnson (Eds.), Handbook of positive clinical psychology. New York: Wiley.

    Gomes, A. R., Gonçalves, A. M., Maddux, J. E., & Carneiro, L. (2017). The intention-behavior gap: An empirical examination of an integrative perspective to explain exercise behavior. International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 32(2), 167-172. 

    Maddux, J. E. (in press).  Stopping the madness: Positive psychology and the deconstruction of the illness ideology and the DSM.  In S. J. Lopez, L. M. Edwards, & S. C. Marques (Eds.), Oxford handbook of positive psychology (3rd ed.). New York: Oxford University Press.

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    Maddux, J. E. (Ed.) (in press). Subjective well-being and life satisfaction. New York: Psychology Press/Taylor & Francis.


  • Edward Wile Maibach, Communication

    Research Interests: Climate change communication, public health communication, social marketing

    Selected Publications

    1. Van der Linder, S., Leiserowitz, A. & Maibach, E. (2017) Scientific norms neutralize politicization of facts. Nature Human Behavior. doi:10.1038/s41562-017-0259-2
    2. Van der Linden, S., Maibach, E., Cook, J., Leiserowitz, A. & Lewandowsky, S. (2017) Inoculating against misinformation. (Letter) Science. DOI: 10.1126/science.aar4533
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    5. Weathers, M., Maibach, E., Nisbet, M. (2017) Communicating the public health risks of climate change.  Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Climate Science. DOI: 10.1093/acrefore/9780190228620.013.428.
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    7. Myers, T., Roser-Renouf, C., Maibach, E., Leiserowitz, A. (2017) Exposure to the Pope’s climate change message activated convinced Americans to take certain advocacy actions.  Global Challenges: Climate Change. DOI: 10.1002/gch2.201600019

    8. Maibach, E., Mazzone, R., Myers, T., Seitter, K., Hayhoe, K., Ryan, B., Witte, J., Gardiner, N., Hassol, S., Lazo, J., Placky, B., Sublette, S. & Cullen, H. (2017) TV weathercasters’ views of climate change appear to be rapidly evolving.  Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. doi: 10.1175/BAMS-D-15-00206.1
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    10. Kotcher, J., Myers, T., Vraga, E., Stenhouse, N. & Maibach, E. (2017) Does engagement in advocacy hurt the credibility of scientists? Results from a randomized national survey experiment.  Environmental Communication. DOI: 10.1080/17524032.2016.1275736
    11. Van der Linden, S., Leiserowitz, A., Rosenthal, S. & Maibach, E. (2017) Inoculating the public against misinformation about climate change.  Global Challenges: Climate Change. DOI: 10.1002/gch2.201600008
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    13. Maibach, E., Sarfaty, M., Gould, R., Damle, N. & Armstrong, F. (in press). To avert a sustained worldwide public health disaster, health professionals must convince the world’s leaders to double their carbon pollution commitments: A call to action. In: Health of People, Health of the Planet, and Our Responsibility.  Rome, Italy: Pontifical Academy of Science.
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    18. Hathaway, J. & Maibach, E. (in press) Health implications of climate change: A review of the literature about the perceptions of the public and health professionals. Current Environmental Health Reports.


  • Michael G Malouf, English

    Research Interests: Modernism; Anglophone novel, drama, and poetry, spec. Irish, Caribbean, British literature; literary theory, postcolonialism and cultural studies; history of English.

    Selected Publications


    Transatlantic Solidarities: Irish Nationalism and Caribbean Poetics. Charlottesville: University  of Virginia Press, 2009.


    "The Poe Test: Global English and the Gold Bug." Cambridge Journal of Postcolonial Inquiry 7:1 (January 2020): pp 35–49. DOI: 10.1017/pli.2019.23

    “Behind the Closet Door: Pixar and Petroliteracy.” Petrocultures: Oil, Energy, Culture. Edited by Sheena Wilson, Adam Carlson, and Imre Szeman. Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2017.

    “Shaw in Context: Empire and Nationalism.” Literature in Context: George Bernard Shaw. Ed. Brad Kent. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. Forthcoming 2015.

    “Problems with Paradigms: Irish Comparativism and Casanova’s World Republic of Letters." New Hibernia Review 17:1 (Spring 2013): 48-66.

    "Dissimilation and Federation: Irish and Caribbean Modernisms in Walcott's The Sea at Dauphin." Comparative American Studies 8.2 (2010):

    "Transatlantic Fugue: Self and Solidarity in the Black and Green Atlantics." The Black and Green Atlantic. Ed. David Lloyd and Peter O'Neill. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2009. 149-64.


  • Peter Mandaville, Ali Vural Ak Center for Global Islamic Studies

    Research Interests: Islam, globalization, development, international relations

    Selected Publications

    Islam & Politics, New York & London: Routledge, 2014 (Updated and revised edition of Global Political Islam).

    Global Political Islam, New York & London: Routledge, 2007 (2nd edition, 2011).

    Transnational Muslim Politics: Reimagining the Umma, London: Routledge, 2001 (revised paperback edition, 2003).

    Globalizing Religions, Newbury Park: Sage, 2009 (co-edited with Paul James).

    The Zen of International Relations: IR Theory From East to West, Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2001 (co-edited with Stephen Chan & Roland Bleiker).

    Meaning and International Relations, London: Routledge, 2003 (co-edited with Andrew Williams).

    Transnational conceptions of Islamic community: national and religious subjectivities; Nations & Nationalism, Vol. 17, No. 1, 2011.

    ‘Think Locally, Act Globally: Diasporas & Transnational Politics,’ International Political Sociology, Vol. 4, No. 2, June 2010.

    ‘Muslim Transnationalism and State Responses in the UK After 9/11: Political Community, Ideology & Authority,’ Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, Vol. 35, No. 3, 2009.

    ‘Globalization and the Politics of Religious Knowledge: Pluralizing Authority in the Muslim World,’ Theory, Culture and Society, Vol. 24, No. 2, Spring 2007.

    ‘Islam and International Relations in the Middle East: From Umma to Nation-State’ in Louise Fawcett (ed.), International Relations of the Middle East, Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press, 2nd Edition, 2009.

    ‘Islamic Education in Britain: Approaches to Religious Knowledge in a Pluralistic Society’ in Robert Hefner & Muhammad Qasim Zaman (eds.), Schooling Islam: The Culture and Politics of Modern Muslim Education, Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2007.

    ‘Sufis & Salafis: The Political Discourse of Transnational Islam’ in Robert Hefner (ed.), Remaking Muslim Politics, Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2005.

  • Matthew Mangold, Modern and Classical Languages

    Research Interests: 19th and 20th century Russian literature, Soviet and Russian film, Russian and European culture, medical history, environmental studies, space and place in literature, literary and critical theory, Russian language and culture through media

    Selected Publications

    "Chekhov and Medicine: the Mind-Body Problem" in Chekhov in Context, edited by Yuri Corrigan. Cambridge University Press (forthcoming). 

    “Chekhov’s Environmental Psychology: Medicine and the Early Prose," Slavic Review Winter 2021.

    “Letters, Dreams, and Their Environments” in Chekhov’s Letters, edited by Carol Apollonio and Radislav Lapushin, 247-52. New York: Lexington Books, 2018.

    “Space and Storytelling in Late Imperial Russia: Chekhov, Tolstoy, and the Question of Property,” The Russian Review 76.1 (2017): 72-94.

    “Chekhovskoe nabliudenie: sub”ektivnost’ i ob”ektivnost’ v rannikh proizvedeniiakh Chekhova” in Ckekhovskaia karta mira, edited by A. A. Zhuravleva and V. B. Kataev, 496-504. Moscow: Melikhovo, 2015.

  • Borislava Manojlovic, Mason Korea

    Selected Publications

    • Manojlovic, Borislava. (forthcoming 2019). “Representing Collective Trauma of Korean War: Creative Education as a Peacebuilding Strategy”. In Post-Conflict Hauntings: Transforming Memories of Historical Trauma. Eds. Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela and Jeffrey Prager. Palgrave MacMillan.
    • Manojlovic, Borislava & Andrea Bartoli. (2019). “Practices of Reconciliation and Relational Responsibility”. In Spirituality, Emergent Creativity and Reconciliation, Eds. Vern and Gloria Redekop. Lexington Books.
    • Manojlovic, Borislava. (2018). “Representations of Contentious History Through Art: The Collective Trauma of Guernica”. Cultural and Religious Studies. 6 (11): 630 – 642.
    • Manojlovic, Borislava. (2018). “Peacebuilding through Education: Innovative Ways of Dealing with Conflict”. Journal der ARGE Bildungsmanagement. 4: 44-50.
    • Manojlovic, Borislava. (2017). Education for Sustainable Peace and Conflict-Resilient Communities. Palgrave MacMillan. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Education-Sustainable-Conflict-Resilient-Communities/dp/331957170


  • Ben Manski, Sociology and Anthropology

    Research Interests: Social Movements; Next System Studies; Sociology of Constitutions; Democratization; Civic Engagement; Environmental Sociology; Federalism and Municipalism; Philosophy of Social Science.

    Selected Publications


    Manski, Ben. “The Constitutional Revolution.” Routledge, New York City, (2022).

    Journal Articles

    Collins, Mary and Simone Pulver, Dustin Hill, and Ben Manski. “Characterizing Disproportionality in Facility-Level Toxic Releases in U.S. Manufacturing, 1998-2012.” Environmental Research Letters, Volume 15, No.3, Spring 2020.

    Manski, Ben, Hillary Lazar, and Suren Moodliar. “The Millennial Turns and the New Period: An Introduction.” Socialism and Democracy, Volume 34, No.1, 2020.

    Manski, Ben and Jackie Smith. “Introduction: The Dynamics and Terrains of Local Democracy and Corporate Power in the 21st Century.” Journal of World-Systems Research, Volume 25, Issue 1, Spring 2019.

    Manski, Sarah and Ben Manski. “No Gods, No Masters, No Coders? The Future of Sovereignty in a Blockchain World.” Law & Critique, June 2018.

    Chapters of Books

    Pulver, Simone and Ben Manski. “Corporations and the Environment,” in The Springer Handbook of Environmental Sociology, ed. Beth Caniglia et alia. Springer, NY, NY, 2020.

    Manski, Ben. “Methodological Approaches to Movement Waves and the Making of History,” in The Palgrave Handbook on Social Movements, Revolution, and Social Transformation, ed. Berch Berberoglu. Palgrave Macmillan, NY, NY, 2019.

    Manski, Ben. “Universalize Power: Build the Democracy Movement,” in Welcome to the Revolution: Universalizing Resistance for Social Justice and Democracy in Perilous Times, by Charles Derber. Routledge, NY, NY, 2017.

    Manski, Ben. “Beginning the World Again: Social Movements and the Challenge of Constitutional Change,” in Human Rights Of, By, and For the People: How to Critique and Change the U.S. Constitution, edited by Louis Edgar Esparza, Keri E. Iyall Smith, and Judith Blau. Routledge, NY, NY, 2017.

    Journal Editor

    Manski, Ben and Hillary Lazar, sp. eds. “Seattle+20: Movements at the Millennium.” Socialism and Democracy, Volume 34, No.1, 2020.

    Manski, Ben, sp. ed. “Symposium: Corporate Power and Local Democracy.” Journal of World-Systems Research, Volume 25, Issue 1, Spring 2019.

    Other Selected Publications

    Fletcher, Bill and Ben Manski. “Reflections on Organized Labor, the Black Radical Congress, and Building a United Front.” Socialism and Democracy, 34, No.1, 2020.

    Stockwell, Norman and Ben Manski. “Indymedia and Media Activism at the Turn of the Millennium.” Socialism and Democracy, 34, No.1, 2020.

    Manski, Ben and Suren Moodliar. “Voter Assemblies to Protect the Vote,” in TURNOUT! Mobilizing Voters During an Electoral Emergency, ed. Suren Moodliar et alia. Routledge, NY, NY (2020).

    Manski, Ben and Jill Stein. “The Global Climate Strike: Why We Can't Wait.” Truth Out, Sept. 2014.

    Selected Interviews

    Cobb, David. “Where are the Greens in the Green New Deal? Longtime democracy activist Ben Manski reflects on the history, and possible futures, of a Green New Deal.” The Progressive, Madison, WI, March 23 2019.

    Barrett, Patrick. “An Interview with Ben Manski of the Wisconsin Wave,” in It Started in Wisconsin: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the New Labor Protests, ed. Mari Jo Buhle and Paul Buhle, Verso, Brooklyn, NY, 2012.

    Perl, Jacob. “Megaphone: An Interview with Ben Manski of the Liberty Tree Foundation.” Jewish Currents, Brooklyn, NY, Spring 2012.

  • Cesar A Martinelli, Economics

    Research Interests: Economic theory, game theory, political economy, experimental economics

    Selected Publications

    Electoral Accountability and Responsive Democracy, with John Duggan, Economic Journal, vol. 130 (2020) 675–715

    Cheating and Incentives: Learning from a Policy Experiment, with Susan W. Parker, Ana Cristina Pérez-Gea, and Rodimiro Rodrigo, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, vol. 10 (2018) 298–325

    The Political Economy of Dynamic Elections: Accountability, Commitment and Responsiveness, with John Duggan, Journal of Economic Literature, vol. 55 (2017) 916–984

    A Spatial Theory of Media Slant and Voter Choice, with John Duggan, Review of Economic Studies, vol. 78 (2011) 640–666

    Deception and Misreporting in a Social Program, with Susan W. Parker, Journal of the European Economic Association, vol. 7 (2009) 886–908

    Would Rational Voters Acquire Costly Information?, Journal of Economic Theory, vol. 129 (2006) 225–251


  • Patricia Anne Masters, Sociology and Anthropology

    Research Interests: Gender, social psychology, community, children and youth, family. and qualitative research methods

    Selected Publications

    The Philadelphia Mummers: Building Community Through Play, Temple University Press, 2007 

  • Sara M Mathis, Communication

    Research Interests: Communication Education, Instructional Communication, Critical Theory, Qualitative Methods

    Selected Publications

    Mathis, S. M. (2018). (Ed). Communication 101 Course Text. Ann Arbor, MI: Xanedu Publishing, Inc.

    Mathis, S. M. (2017). Critical thinking and public argument: A community engagement experience. New York, NY: Macmillan.


  • Patricia Mathison, Social Action and Integrative Learning

    Research Interests: Community engagement, leadership development, social justice, counseling, mental health and student development.

    Selected Publications

    Wagner, W. & Mathison, P.E. (2015). Connecting to communities: Powerful pedagogies for leading for social change. In J. Owen (Ed.) Innovative Learning for Leadership Development: New Directions for Student Leadership, 145. (pp. 85-96). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.



  • Charles Kevin Matthews, History and Art History

    Research Interests: Britain, Ireland, 19th and 20th century Europe, Anglo-American relations

    Selected Publications

    “Churchill and the Ulster Unionists: 1918-25", in Robert McNamara (ed.), The Churchills in Ireland, 1660-1965: Connections and Controversies (Irish Academic Press, 2012)

     Fatal Influence: The Impact of Ireland on British Politics, 1920-1925 (Dublin, 2004)

     “Stanley Baldwin’s ‘Irish Question”, The Historical Journal, Vol. 43, 4 (Cambridge, 2000), pp. 1027-49

     Wrote the “Black and Tans and Auxiliaries”, “Michael Collins”, “Eamon de Valera”, “Easter Rising”, and (co-wrote) “Ireland” entries in Spencer C. Tucker (ed.), The Encyclopedia of World War I (Santa Barbara, California, 2005)

     Dr Matthews has also written numerous book reviews for Cercles: Revue pluridiscipline du monde anglophone, History: Reviews of New Books, and H-Net Reviews, as well as opinion columns as a freelance writer for several newspapers, including recently:

    “Winston Churchill was many things — but 'racist' was not one of them”, The Hill (Washington, DC), 15 June 2020

    In September 2019, he was interviewed by TIME magazine about the historical accuracy of the film "Downton Abbey".  The article can be found at:

    “Will the Republicans Take the Fascist Option?”, History News Network, 10 January 2021

  • Carol C. Mattusch, History and Art History

    Research Interests: Classical art and archaeology, rediscovery of antiquity

    Selected Publications

    Pompeii and the Roman Villa, exhibition catalogue (National Gallery of Art, 2009)

    The Villa dei Papiri at Herculaneum: Life and Afterlife of a Sculpture Collection (J. Paul Getty Museum, 2005)

    The Victorious Youth (J. Paul Getty Museum, 1997)

    Classical Bronzes: The Art and Craft of Greek and Roman Statuary (Cornell University Press, 1996)

    The Fire of Hephaistos: Large Classical Bronzes from North American Collections, exhibition catalogue (Harvard University Art Museums, 1996)

    Greek Bronze Statuary: From the Beginnings through the Fifth Century B.C. (Cornell University Press, 1988)

  • Robert I Matz, English

    Research Interests: Early modern literature, Shakespeare and Renaissance drama, gender and sexuality

    Selected Publications

    Two Early Modern Marriage Sermons: Henry Smith’s A Preparative to Marriage (1591) and William Whately’s A Bride-Bush (1623). Edition. Routledge, 2016.

    "The Scandals of Shakespeare's Sonnets."  ELH 77 (2010): 477-508

    The World of Shakespeare's Sonnets: An Introduction.  McFarland, 2008.  Selected as a 2008 Choice Outstanding Academic Title.

    Defending Literature in Early Modern England: Renaissance Literary Theory in Social Context, Cambridge University Press, 2000.

    "Slander, Renaissance Discourses of Sodomy, and Othello," ELH 66 (1999): 261-76.

  • Craig McDonald, Psychology

    Research Interests: Cognitive control, action monitoring, selective attention

    Selected Publications

    Beatty PJ, Buzzell GA, Roberts DM & McDonald CG (2020) Contrasting time and frequency domains: ERN and induced theta oscillations differentially predict post-error behavior. Cognitive, Affective & Behavioral Neuroscience 12: 636-647.

    Beatty PJ, Buzzell GA, Roberts DM & McDonald CG (2018) Speeded response errors and the error-related negativity modulate early sensory processing. NeuroImage 183: 112-120.

    Buzzell GA, Beatty PJ, Paquette NA, Roberts DM & McDonald CG (2017) Error-induced blindness: error detection leads to impaired sensory processing and reduced accuracy at short response-stimulus intervals. Journal of Neuroscience 37(11): 2895-2903.

    Roberts DM, Fedota JR, Buzzell GA, Parasuraman R & McDonald CG (2014) Prestimulus oscillations in the alpha band of the EEG are modulated by the difficulty of feature discrimination and predict activation of a sensory discrimination process. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 26(8): 1615-1628.



  • Hazel M McFerson, African and African American Studies

    Research Interests: Gender, Conflict, Development in Nonwestern Societies, Governance, Conflict and Development in Nonwestern Societies, Comparative Race and Ethnic Relations, Political Development and Social Change in Sub-Saharan Africa

    Selected Publications

    Public Management in Global Perspective," Salvatore Schiavo-Campo and Hazel M. McFerson. M.E. Sharpe, 2008.

    Blacks and Asians: Crossings, Conflict, Commonality, Durham, NC: Carolina Academic Press, 2006.

    Mixed Blessing: The Impact of American Colonial Policy, Administration and Attitudes on Society and Politics in the Philippines. Westport, CT., Greenwood Publishing Group, November 2001. Revised second edition, forthcoming 2010, University of the Philippines/Diliman.

    The Racial Dimension of American Overseas Colonial Policy. Westport, CT. Greenwood Publishing Group.

  • Kathy McGill, History and Art History

    Research Interests: Early American history, with particular interest in Atlantic history, identity, and travel literature

    Selected Publications

    “‘How Easily the World May Be Begun’: British History, American Newness, and National Identity,” Dialectical Anthropology 27:2 (2003).

  • Eric McGlinchey, Ali Vural Ak Center for Global Islamic Studies

    Research Interests: Comparative politics, Central Asian regime change, political Islam, effects of information communication technology on state and society

    Selected Publications

    Chaos, Violence and Dynasty: Patronage Politics in Central Asia (Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 2011)

    Leadership Succession, Great Power Ambitions, and the Future of Central Asia,” Central Asian Affairs 3:3 (July 2016).

    “Foreign Policy Consequences of Homegrown Eurasian Nationalism,” PONARS Eurasia Policy Memo No. 418, (February 2016).

    “Central Asia’s Autocrats: Geopolitically Stuck, Politically Free,” PONARS Eurasia Policy Memo No. 380 (August 2015).

    “Fast Forwarding the Brezhnev Years: Osh in Flames,” Russian History 41:3 (2014).

    "States of Protest in Central Asia," PONARS Eurasia Policy Memo No. 299 (September 2013).

    "Eurasia 2014: Into Thin Air," Central Asia Policy Brief, Central Asia Program, George Washington University Elliot School of International Affairs (June 2013).

     "Central Asia Grows Wobbly," Current History (October 2012).

    "Foreign Policy and Aging Central Asian Autocrats,"  Demokratizatsiya: The Journal of Post-Soviet Democratization 20(3) (Summer 2012)

    "Exploring Regime Instability and Ethnic Violence in Kyrgyzstan," Asia Policy (July 2011).

    "Running in Circles in Kyrgyzstan," The New York Times (Op-Ed, April 10, 2010).

    "Searching for Kamalot: Political Patronage and Youth Politics in Uzbekistan," Europe-Asia Studies (September 2009).

    "Islamic Revivalism and State Failure in Kyrgyzstan," Problems of Post-Communism (May-June 2009).

    “Central Asian Protest Movements,” in A. Wooden and C. Stefes, eds., The Politics of Transition in Central Asia and the Caucasus (Routledge, 2009).

    “Aiding the Internet in Central Asia," Democratization (April 2007), co-author: Erica J. Johnson.

    “Divided Faith: Trapped between State and Islam in Uzbekistan,” in Jeff Sahadeo and Russell Zanca, eds., Everyday Life in Central Asia (Indiana University Press, June 2007).

  • Stamatina McGrath, History and Art History

    Research Interests: Byzantium, Crusades, social history, historiography

    Selected Publications

    Vita of Philotheos of Athos annotated translation in Richard Greenfield and Alice-Mary Talbot Holy Men of Mount Athos: Lives of Saints of the Holy Mountain (Washington, D.C.: Dumbarton Oaks, forthcoming, 2014).

    “Women in Byzantine History in the Tenth and Eleventh Centuries: Some Theoretical Considerations”, Eustratios Papaioannis, Elizabeth Fisher and Denis Sullivan eds., Festschrift in Honor of Alice-Mary Talbot (Leiden: Brill, forthcoming, 2012).

    The Life of Saint Basil the Younger: Critical Edition and Annotated Translation of the Moscow Version by Denis Sullivan, Alice-Mary Talbot and Stamatina McGrath (Washington D.C.: Dumbarton Oaks, forthcoming, 2012).

    “Monastic Onomastics” Alice Mary Talbot and Stamatina McGrath in Monastères, Images, Pouvoirs et Société à Byzance, Publications de la Sorbonne [Byzantina Sorbonensia, 23] (Paris, 2006).

     The History of Leo the Deacon: Byzantine Military Expansion in the Tenth Century by Alice-Mary Talbot and Denis F. Sullivan with the assistance of George T. Dennis and Stamatina McGrath (Washington, D.C.: Dumbarton Oaks, 2005).

    “Elias of Heliopolis: The Life of an Eighth-Century Syrian Christian Saint” in J.W. Nesbitt, ed., Byzantine Authors: Literary Activities and Preoccupations (Leiden: Brill, 2003) 85-107.

    “The Value of the Vita of Elias of Heliopolis as a Historical Source”. Paper presented at the Medieval and Byzantine Studies Lecture Series, The Catholic University of America, January 25, 1998.

    “Onomastics and Patterns of Nomenclature”. Paper presented at the Dumbarton Oaks Colloquium: “Computerized Access to Byzantine Saints’ Lives: Roundtable on the Dumbarton Oaks Hagiography Database Project”, March 28, 1998.

    “The Dumbarton Oaks Hagiography Database Project”. Paper presented at the Twenty-Second Annual Byzantine Studies Conference, October 1996.

    “The Battles of Dorostolon (971): Rhetoric and Reality”, in T. Miller and J. Nesbitt eds. Peace and War in Byzantium, (Washington, D.C.: The Catholic University of America, 1995).

    “The Dumbarton Oaks Hagiography Database of the Eighth, Ninth and Tenth Centuries” [database on-line], A. Kazhdan, A.-M. Talbot et al., Dumbarton Oaks (Washington, D.C., 1995-98).

    “Computer Technology in the Study of Byzantine Texts: A Preliminary Report”. Paper presented at the Eighth Annual Byzantine Studies Conference, October 1992.

  • John David McGrew, Mason Korea

    Selected Publications

    el Harayri, R. (Director, Producer), & McGrew, J. D. (Producer, Animator). (2019). An Unfinished Love [Short Film]. Storytelling Film Solutions.


  • Patrick E McKnight, Psychology

    Research Interests: Research methods and data analysis with a particular interest in measurement.

    Selected Publications

    Please see my Google Scholar page.

  • Robyn Mehlenbeck, Psychology

    Research Interests: adolescent, medical, eating, diabetes

    Selected Publications

    Hames, JL, Bell, DJ, Perez-Lima, LM, Holm-Denoma, JM, Rooney, T, Charles, NE, Thompson, SM, Mehlenbeck, RS, Tawfik, SH., Fondacaro, KM,  Simmons, KT, &  Hoersting, RC.  (2020) Navigating Uncharted Waters: Considerations for Training Clinics in the Rapid Transition to Telepsychology and Telesupervision During COVID-19.  Journal of Psychotherapy Integration.

    Merrigan, J.J., Gallo,S., Fields,J.B., Mehlenbeck,R., & Jones, M.T (2020). Relationship of body composition, cardio-metabolic measures, and fitness assessments in young, obese Latino children. International Journal of Exercise Science.

    Gallo, S., Jones, M.T, Channell Doig, A., Kogan, K., Fields, J., Wonderlich, J., Hansen, A., Lacharite, K. & Mehlenbeck, R. (2019). Feasibility of a multidisciplinary and culturally-adapted pediatric weight Management program for Latino families: results from  the Vidas Activas y Familias Saludables (VALÉ) pilot study. Journal of Nutrition Education & Behavior.

    Rallis, B.A., Esposito-Smythers, C., Disabato, D.J., Mehlenbeck, R.S., Kaplan, S., Geer, L., Adams, R., & Meehan, B. (2018). A brief peer gatekeeper suicide prevention training: Results of an open pilot trial. Journal of Clinical Psychology.

    Breithaupt, L., Rallis, B., Mehlenbeck, R. & Kleiman, E. (2016).  Rumination and Self-Control Interact to Predict Bulimic Symptomatology in College Students.  Eating Behaviors, 22, 1-4.

    Yarbro, J. & Mehlenbeck, R.S. (2015). Financial Analysis of Behavioral Health Services in a Pediatric Endocrinology Clinic.  Journal of Pediatric Psychology, jsv 109.

    Rallis, B.A., Esposito-Smythers, C., & Mehlenbeck, R.S. (2014). Family environment as a moderator of the association between conduct disorder and suicidality. Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment and Trauma, 24(2).


  • Linda M. Merola, Criminology, Law and Society

    Research Interests: Constitutional law, privacy and technology, terrorism, evidence-based courts, survey and experimental methods

    Selected Publications

    Merola, L.M., Lum, C., & Murphy, R. (2019). The impact of license plate recognition technology (LPR) on trust in law enforcement: A survey-experiment. Journal of Experimental Criminology 15(1), 55-64. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11292-018-9332-8

    Merola, L.M. (2016). Talking about NSA Wiretapping and Guantanamo: A systematic examination of the language used by different networks to report post-9/11 policy dilemmas concerning rights. International Journal of Signs and Semiotic Symbols (5)1, 20-34.

    Merola, L.M., Lum, C., Koper, C.S., and Scherer, A. (2016).  Body Worn Cameras and the Courts: A National Survey of State Prosecutors. Report for the Laura and John Arnold Foundation. Fairfax, VA: Center for Evidence-Based Crime Policy, George Mason University.

    Cynthia, C., Koper, C., Merola, L., Scherer, A. & Reioux, A. (2015). Existing and Ongoing Body Worn Camera Research: Knowledge gaps and opportunities. Report for the Laura and John Arnold Foundation. Fairfax, VA: Center for Evidence-Based Crime Policy, George Mason University.

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    Merola, L.M. & Gould, J.B. (2009).  Improving diversity on the state courts: A report from the bench.  Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law: Washington, DC.

    Merola, L.M. (2008).  Emotion and deliberation in the post-9/11 media coverage of civil liberties.  Democracy and Society 5: 5-17.

  • Paul Jarod Michiels, Mason Korea

    Research Interests: Paraphrase, Stasis Theory, Linguistic Noticing, Second Language Writing, Dynamic Written Corrective Feedback, Theories of Learning

    Selected Publications

    Dissertation: “Toward a Paraphrase Pedagogy for Multilingual Writers: Weighing Pedagogical Prescriptions against Instructional and Disciplinary Practice”

  • David J. Miller, Communication

    Research Interests: Media production and criticism, Journalism, Distance Education, Instructional Design

  • Suzanne Lowery Mims, Communication

    Research Interests: Social media and engagement, public relations, writing in the digital age.

    Selected Publications

    PATHWAYS to Public Relations: Student Handbook (2016)

    Principles of Public Relations: Communication 330 Student Handbook & Guide to PR Communication 330, 4th Edition


  • Jerry L Mize, Psychology

    Selected Publications

    Mize, J. L., & Kliewer, W. (2017). Domain-specific daily hassles, anxiety, and delinquent behaviors among low-income, urban youth. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, 53, 31-39. doi: 10.1016/j.appdev.2017.09.003


  • Alexander Monea, English

    Research Interests: Film and Media Studies, Science and Technology Studies, Cultural Studies, AI / Machine Learning, Big Data, Image Recognition, Computer Vision, Eye Tracking

    Selected Publications

    Monea, A. (Forthcoming). Captured Time: Eye Tracking and the Attention Economy. In Volmar, A. & Stine, K. (Eds.) Hardwired Temporalities. Amsterdam, Netherlands: Amsterdam University Press.

    Monea, A. (2019). Race and computer vision. In Sudmann, A. (ed.) The democratization of artificial intelligence: Net politics in the era of learning algorithms (pp. 189–208). Bliefield, Germany: Transcript (distributed by Columbia University Press). (VIEW)

    Monea, A. (2019). From Aristotle to Computational Topoi. In Sundvall, S. (Ed.). Rhetorical Speculations: The Future of Rhetoric, Writing, and Technology. Logan, UT: Utah State University Press.

    Monea, A. (2016). The Graphing of Difference: Numerical Mediation and the Case of Google’s Knowledge Graph. Cultural Studies ↔ Critical Methodologies, 16(5), 452–461. (VIEW)

    Monea, A. & Packer, J. (2016). Media Genealogy and the Politics of Archaeology. The International Journal of Communication, 10, 3141–3159. (VIEW)

  • Kyoko Mori, English

    Research Interests: non-fiction and fiction

    Selected Publications


    Yarn: Remembering the Way Home.  Gemmamedia Book (2010)

    Polite Lies: on Being a Woman Caught between Cultures.  Henry Holt (1998); Fawcett (1999)

    The Dream of Water.  Henry Holt (1994); Fawcett (1995)



    Barn Cat.  Gemmamedia Books (2013)

    Stone Field, True Arrow.  Metropolitan (2000); Picador USA (2001)

    One Bird. Henry Holt (1995); Fawcett (1996)

    Shizuko’s Daughter.  Henry Holt (1993); Fawcett (1994)



    “Pet Grief,” “Yarn,” Harvard Review

    “Cat and Bird,” “Between the Forest and the Well,” Conjunctions

    “Alone in the Garden,” Washingtonian

    “The Pleasure of Letting Go,” Ploughshares

    “Pullovers,” the American Scholar

    “Shawls,” the Missouri Review

  • Christopher Morris, Sociology and Anthropology

    Research Interests: Anthropology of medicine, environmental governance, extractive industries, indigeneity, ethnicity, colonial and postcolonial histories, im/material properties, southern Africa

  • Vivian Motti, Minor in Design Thinking

    Research Interests: Human-Computer Interaction - Assistive Technologies - Wearable Computing - IoT

    Selected Publications

    Chhetri, C., & Motti, V. G. (2019, March). Eliciting Privacy Concerns for Smart Home Devices from a User Centered Perspective. In International Conference on Information (pp. 91-101). Springer, Cham.

    Zheng, H., & Genaro Motti, V. (2018, April). Assisting students with intellectual and developmental disabilities in inclusive education with smartwatches. In Proceedings of the 2018 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (p. 350). ACM.

    Motti, V. G., & Caine, K. (2015, January). Users’ privacy concerns about wearables. In International Conference on Financial Cryptography and Data Security (pp. 231-244). Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg.

  • Star A. Muir, Communication

    Research Interests: Rhetoric and technology, public communication, digital natives

    Selected Publications

    • Muir, S. (2017). Digital natives. In Mike Allen (Ed.), SAGE Encyclopedia of Communication Research Methods (pp. 384-386). Thousand Oaks, CA:  SAGE Publications.
    • Muir, S. (2013). Privacy, identity, and public engagement among Digital Natives. In S.J. Drucker and G. Gumpert (Eds.), Regulating Social Media: Legal and Ethical Considerations (21-43). New York, NY: Peter Lang. 
    • Muir, S. (2012). The gloss and the reality of teaching digital natives: Taking the long view. In S.P. Ferris (Ed.), Teaching, Learning, and the Net Generation: Concepts and Tools for Reaching Digital Learners(19-41). Hershey, PA: IGI Global.
  • Lincoln A. Mullen, History and Art History

    Research Interests: American religious history, digital history, 19th-century U.S. history

    Selected Publications

    American Religious Ecologies. Digital project funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities (2019–).

    Kellen Funk and Lincoln A. Mullen, "The Spine of American Law: Digital Text Analysis and U.S. Legal Practice," American Historical Review 123, no. 1 (2018): 132–164. [Preprint]

    America's Public Bible: Biblical Quotations in U.S. Newspapers (Stanford University Press, under contract). Digital project, winner of the National Endowment for the Humanities 2016 Data Challenge.

    The Chance of Salvation: A History of Conversion in America (Harvard University Press, 2017). Winner of the Best First Book in the History of Religions prize from the American Academy of Religion.

    Mapping Early American Elections. Digital project funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities (2016–2019).

    See the complete list at my website.

  • Erin Quinlivan Murdoch, Psychology

    Selected Publications

    • Pinel, E. C., Long, A. E., Murdoch, E. Q., & Helm, P. (2017). A prisoner of one’s own mind: Identifying and understanding existential isolation. Personality and Individual Differences, 105, 54-63.
    • Swim, J. K., Eyssell, K. M., Murdoch, E. Q., & Ferguson, M. J. (2010). Self-silencing to sexism. Journal of Social Issues, 66, 493-507.
    • Leary, M. R., Twenge, J. M., & Quinlivan, E. (2006). Interpersonal rejection as a determinant of anger and aggression. Personality and Social Psychology Review, 10, 111-132.
    • Quinlivan, E., & Leary, M. R. (2005). Women’s perceptions of their bodies: Discrepancies between self-appraisals and reflected appraisals. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 24, 1061-1085.
  • Robert L Nadeau, English

    Research Interests: 20th-century American literature, science and literature, history of science, economics and the environment

    Selected Publications

    The Environmental Endgame: Mainstream Economics, Ecological Disaster, and Human Survival. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers UP, 2006.

    The Wealth of Nature: How Mainstream Economics Has Failed the Environment. New York: Columbia UP, 2003.

    (with Minas C. Kafatos). The Conscious Universe: Parts and Wholes in Physical Reality. New York: Springer, 2000.

    (with Minas C. Kafatos). The Non-Local Universe: The New Physics and Matters of the Mind. New York: Oxford UP, 1999.

    S/he Brain: Science, Sexual Politics, and the Myths of Feminism. Westport, CT: Praeger, 1996.

    Mind, Machines, and Human Consciousness. Chicago: Contemporary Books, 1991.

    (with Minas C. Kafatos). The Conscious Universe: Part and Whole in Modern Physical Theory. New York: Springer-Verlag, 1990.

    Nature Talks Back: Pathways to Survival in the Nuclear Age. Washington, DC: Orchises, 1984.

    Readings from the New Book on Nature: Physics and Metaphysics in the Modern Novel. Amherst: U of Massachusetts P, 1981.

  • Lisa Newmark, Criminology, Law and Society

    Research Interests: Justice system's and society's response to victims of crime

    Selected Publications

    Newmark, Lisa, Janine Zweig, Darakshan Raja, and Megan Denver. (2014)  “VAWA 2005 and Sexual Assault Medical Forensic Exams: Policy Implementation and Impacts.”  Washington, DC: Urban Institute.  Research Brief, June 2014.  http://www.urban.org/UploadedPDF/413119-VAWA-Policy-Implementation-and-Impacts.pdf

    Visher, Christy, Adele Harrell, Lisa Newmark, and Jennifer Yahner. (2009) "The Judicial Oversight Demonstration: Culminating Report on the Evaluation." National Institute of Justice Research for Practice report. NCJ 224201.

    Visher, Christy, Adele Harrell, Lisa Newmark, and Jennifer Yahner. (2008) "Reducing Intimate Partner Violence: An Evaluation of a Comprehensive Justice System-Community Collaboration." Criminology and Public Policy. Vol. 7, No. 4, (November 2008), pp. 495-523.

    Newmark, L. (2006). The Role of Compensation in the Victim Support System. Networks, Vol. 21, Nos. 1-2. Washington, DC: National Center for Victims of Crime.

  • Vias C Nicolaides, Mason Korea

    Research Interests: Leadership, Team dynamics, Employee attendance behaviors, Research methodology, Meta-analysis, Multilevel and Longitudinal Modeling, Data Science

    Selected Publications

    Cheung, H., Goldberg, C. B., Konrad, A. M., Lindsey, A., Nicolaides, V., & Yang, Y. (2020). A meta-analytic review of gender composition influencing employees’ work outcomes: implications for human resource development. Human Resource Development International, 1-28.

    Hook, G., Crist, J., Nicolaides, V., Wrigglesworth, A., Kiffer, J., & Muir, J. (2019). GMU Korea: Challenges And Innovations. In Innovations in Teaching & Learning Conference Proceedings (Vol. 11, pp. Building-2903).

    Nicolaides, V. C. (2016). Predicting Daily Attendance Behaviors: A Theory of Planned Behavior Approach (Doctoral dissertation).

    Hermida, R., Luchman, J. N., Nicolaides, V., & Wilcox, C. (2015). The issue of statistical power for overall model fit in evaluating structural equation models. Computational Methods in Social Sciences3(1), 25.

    Mascitelli, A. N., Rojahn, J., Nicolaides, V. C., Moore, L., Hastings, R. P., & Christian‐Jones, C. (2015). The behaviour problems inventory‐short form: reliability and factorial validity in adults with intellectual disabilities. Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities28(6), 561-571.

    Nicolaides, V. C., LaPort, K. A., Chen, T. R., Tomassetti, A. J., Weis, E. J., Zaccaro, S. J., & Cortina, J. M. (2014). The shared leadership of teams: A meta-analysis of proximal, distal, and moderating relationships. The Leadership Quarterly25(5), 923-942.

    Kaplan, S., Cortina, J., Ruark, G., LaPort, K., & Nicolaides, V. (2014). The role of organizational leaders in employee emotion management: A theoretical model. The Leadership Quarterly25(3), 563-580.



  • Anne M. Nicotera, Communication

    Research Interests: Health communication, nursing communication, communicative/interactive constitution of organization, race and gender, diversity, and culture and organizations

    Selected Publications

    Stenhouse, N., A. Harper, X. Cai, S. Cobb, A. Nicotera, and E. Maibach (2016). Conflict about climate change at the American Meteorological Society: Meteorologists' views on a scientific and organizational controversy. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. doi:10.1175/BAMS-D-15-00265.1.

    Nicotera, A.M. (2015). Damned if I do and damned if I don’t: How structurational divergence strips actors of agency and what to do about it. [Forum essay]. Management Communication Quarterly, 29, 493-498.

    Kim, W., Nicotera, A.M., & McNulty, J. (2015). Nurses’ perceptions of conflict as constructive or destructive. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 71, 2073-2083.

    Nicotera, A.M., Zhao, X., Mahon, M., Peterson, E., Kim, W., & Conway-Morana, P. (2015). Structurational divergence theory as explanation for troublesome outcomes in nursing communication. Health Communication, 30, 371-384.

    Nicotera, A.M., Mahon, M.M., & Wright, K.B. (2014). Communication that builds teams: Assessing a nursing conflict intervention. Nursing Administration Quarterly, 38, 248-260.

    Nicotera, A.M., & Mahon, M.M. (2013). Rocks and hard places: Exploring the impact of structurational divergence in nursing. Management Communication Quarterly, 27, 90-120.

    Nicotera, A.M., Steele, J., Catalani, A., & Simpson, N. (2012). Conceptualization and test of an aggression competence model. Communication Research Reports, 29, 12-25.

  • Donielle Nolan, School of Integrative Studies

    Research Interests: Greenhouse Management, Integrated Pest Management, Hydroponics, Urban Agriculture, Permaculture, Sustainable Agriculture, Composting, Microgreens

    Selected Publications

    Nolan, D. 2018. Master’s Thesis: Effects of Seed Density and Other Factors on the Yield of Microgreens Grown Hydroponically on Burlap. Virginia Tech. College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. https://vtechworks.lib.vt.edu/handle/10919/86642?show=full

    Nolan, D., et al. 2019. Evaluating the Yield of Helianthus annuus Microgreens When Treated with Sodium Hypochlorite and Other Factors. George Mason University. Aspiring Scientists Summer Internship Program. College of Science. https://journals.gmu.edu/index.php/jssr/article/view/2665 


  • Daniel Normandin, English

    Research Interests: Renaissance and early modern English literature; New World travel and contact narratives; early modern history writing and antiquarianism; early modern Ireland; ecocritical and geocritical approaches to literature; postcolonialism

    Selected Publications

    "Mourning Memory in Cymbeline,” in Memory and Affect in Shakespeare's England, ed. Jonathan Baldo and Isabel Karremann (forthcoming from Cambridge University Press, 2022)

    “Ripping Up Ancestries: Indigeneity and Genealogy in The Faerie Queene” (forthcoming in Modern Philology, 2021)

    “Marvell’s Maps: Reading Empire through Microcosm at Nun Appleton” (Early Modern Literary Studies 21.2 (2020))

  • Robert J. Norris, Criminology, Law and Society

    Research Interests: Social change and legal reform, legal process and decision-making, public opinion, wrongful convictions, criminal admissions

    Selected Publications

    Mullinix, Kevin J., Toby Bolsen, and Robert J. Norris. (2020). The feedback effects of controversial police use of force. Political Behavior. Online first, doi: 10.1007/s11109-020-09646-x.

    Norris, Robert J., James R. Acker, Catherine L. Bonventre, and Allison D. Redlich. (2020). Thirty years of innocence: Wrongful convictions and exonerations in the United States, 1989-2018. Wrongful Convictions Law Review 1: 2-58.

    Norris, Robert J., Jennifer N. Weintraub, James R. Acker, Allison D. Redlich, and Catherine L. Bonventre. (2020). The criminal costs of wrongful convictions: Can we reduce crime by protecting the innocent? Criminology and Public Policy 19: 367-388.

    Norris, Robert J. and Kevin J. Mullinix. (2020). Framing innocence: An experimental test of the effects of wrongful convictions on public opinion. Journal of Experimental Criminology 16: 311-334.

    Norris, Robert J., Catherine L. Bonventre, and James R. Acker. (2018). When Justice Fails: Causes and Consequences of Wrongful Convictions. Durham, NC: Carolina Academic Press. 

    Norris, Robert J. (2017). Exonerated: A History of the Innocence Movement. New York, NY: NYU Press. 

  • Andrew Novak, Criminology, Law and Society

    Research Interests: Death penalty, comparative constitutional law, Sub-Saharan Africa, international criminal law

    Selected Publications

    With Daniel Pascoe, ed. Executive Clemency: Comparative and Empirical Perspectives (Routledge: 2020).

    Transnational Human Rights Litigation: Challenging the Death Penalty and Criminalization of Homosexuality in the Commonwealth (Springer: 2019).

    The African Challenge to Global Death Penalty Abolition: International Human Rights Norms in Local Perspective (Intersentia: 2016).

    Comparative Executive Clemency: The Constitutional Pardon Power and the Prerogative of Mercy in Global Perspective (Routledge: 2015).

    The International Criminal Court: An Introduction (Springer: 2015).

    The Global Decline of the Mandatory Death Penalty:  Constitutional Jurisprudence and Legislative Reform in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean (Ashgate Law: 2014).

    The Death Penalty in Africa:  Foundations and Future Prospects (Palgrave Macmillan: 2014).


  • Michael O'Malley, History and Art History

    Research Interests: 19th and 20th century US, cultural history, history of technology

    Selected Publications

    Face Value: The Entwined History of Race and Money in America (Chicago 2012)

    With James Cook And Lawrence Glickman, The Cultural Turn in US History: Past, Present, and Future (Chicago 2009)

    Keeping Watch: A History of American Time (Viking/Penguin edition 1990: Smithsonian press edition 1995)


    Selected Articles and Book Chapters

    "Money and the Everyday: Paper Money, Nationalism and Community in the Antebellum US," in Federico Neiburg and Nigel Dodds ed, A Cultural History of Money in the Age of Empire (London, 2019)

    "The Ten Dollar Founding Father: Hamilton. Money, and Federal Power," in Renne Romano and Clair Bond Potter eds., Historians on Hamilton (new Brunswick, NJ 2018)

    "Dark Enough as It Is: Eddie Lang and the Minstrel Cycle," in Journal of Social History, Volume 52, Issue 2, Winter 2018, Pages 234–259, https://doi.org/10.1093/jsh/shy024

    With Roy Rosenzweig, “Brave New World or Blind Alley: American History on the World Wide Web,” in Journal of American History, (June 1997)

    “Specie and Species: Race and the Money Question in 19th Century America,” and “Response to Nell Irvin Painter,” both in American Historical Review 99 (April 1994)


    Digital publications

    “Free Silver and the Constitution of Man: The Money Debate and Immigration at the Turn of the Century,” in Common-Place (Vol. 06, No. 03, April 2006)

    With Roy Rosenzweig and the American Social History project, Who Built America? V. II (CD-Rom edition) December 1999

  • Kara Oakleaf, English

    Selected Publications

    "Inked." Fiction, Heavy Feather Review, 2020.

    "Rumors of Ice." Fiction, Booth, 2020.

    "On Fire." Fiction, Matchbook, 2019.

    "The Mermaids Grow Old." Fiction, Pithead Chapel, 2019.

    "The Magician." Fiction, Wigleaf, 2018.

    "View of the End of the World from the Holiday Inn Express - Salina." Fiction, Jellyfish Review, 2018.

    "Gravity, Reduced." Fiction, SmokeLong Quarterly, 2017.

    "Baby In Light." Fiction, Postcard Poems and Prose, 2017.

    "Origin Story." Nonfiction, Tahoma Literary Review, 2016.

    "The Astronauts' Baseball League." Fiction, Monkeybicycle, 2016.

  • Hironao Okahana, Higher Education

    Research Interests: Higher Education Policy, Finance, & Data; Diversity & Inclusiveness in Graduate Education; Career Pathways & Labor Market Outcomes of Master’s and Doctoral Education

    Selected Publications

    Okahana, H. (forthcoming). Suggestions for improving the IPEDS collection of graduate students data. (NPEC 2018). U.S. Department of Education. Washington, DC: National Postsecondary Education Cooperative.

    Okahana, H., & Zhou, E. (2018). Graduate enrollment and degrees: 2007 to 2017. Washington, DC: Council of Graduate Schools.

    Okahana, H., Klein, C., Allum, J., & Sowell, R. (2018). STEM doctoral completion of underrepresented minority students: Challenges and opportunities for improving participation in the doctoral workforce. Innovative Higher Education, 43(4), 237-255. doi: 10.1007/s10755-018-9425-3.

    Okahana, H., & Zhou, E.  (2018). International graduate applications and enrollment: Fall 2017. Washington, DC: Council of Graduate Schools.

  • Amaka Okechukwu, Sociology and Anthropology

    Research Interests: Social Movements, Race and Ethnicity, Political Sociology, Urban Sociology, Qualitative Methods, Black Politics, Ethnography, Oral History

    Selected Publications

    For the latest updates on my work, please visit my website AmakaOkechukwu.com 


    Okechukwu, Amaka (2019). To Fulfill These Rights: Political Struggle Over Affirmative Action and Open Admissions (Columbia University Press)

    • Eduardo Bonilla-Silva Outstanding Book Award, Division of Racial and Ethnic Minorities, Society for the Study of Social Problems 2020
    • Ida B. Wells-Barnett Book Award, Association of Black Sociologists 2020
    • Reviewed in: American Journal of Sociology
    • Author Meets Critic, Eastern Sociological Society 2020
    • Author Meets Critic, Association of Black Sociologists 2019


    Okechukwu, Amaka (2021) “Watching and Seeing: Recovering Abolitionist Possibilities in Black   Community Practices of Safety and Security” Du Bois Review: Social Science Research  on Race

    Okechukwu, Amaka (2020). “Confronting Scale: A Strategy of Solidarity in Urban Social Movements, New York City and Beyond” City & Community. 19:1060-1083  (Early View Oct 2019)

    Okechukwu, Amaka (2014). “Shadows of Solidarity: Identity, Intersectionality, and Frame Resonance” Research in Social Movements, Conflicts, and Change, 37:153-180

    Book Reviews

    Okechukwu, Amaka. (Forthcoming) “Undermining Racial Justice: How One University Embraced Inclusion and Inequality” Journal of African American History         

    Okechukwu, Amaka. (2021) “Rethinking Diversity Frameworks in Higher Education  Contemporary Sociology. 50(1): 37-39

    Okechukwu, Amaka (2014). “The Challenge of Blackness: The Institute of the Black World and Political Activism in the 1970s” Issues in Race and Society. 2:1 1. (104-107)

    Manuscripts In Preparation

    Okechukwu, Amaka “Urban Social Hauntings: Disappearing Gravestone Murals in Gentrifying Brooklyn” (Conditional Accept at Environment and Planning D: Society and Space)

    Okechukwu, Amaka “Insider Knowledge Production: Oral History and Qualitative Methods”

    Okechukwu, Amaka. Saving Our City: Grassroots Resistance to the Urban Crisis in Brooklyn (Book Manuscript)

    Public Writing

    Okechukwu, Amaka (2020, November 30). Prop 16's Defeat and the Future of Affirmative Action. Inside Higher Ed.                                                                                

    Okechukwu, Amaka (2020, February 12). Amaka Okechukwu on the Path to Affirmative Action in Higher Education. Columbia University Press Blog

    Okechukwu, Amaka (2020, Jan). Racial Tug of War: The Enduring Conflict Over Affirmative Action. The Sociologist. p. 3-5

    Recently Quoted In

    Ruiz-Goiriena, Romina; Yancey-Bragg, N’dea; and Ryan W.Miller (2021,Jan 7). “’We feared for our safety’: After Capitol riots, Black, Latino Americans worry about more violence in DC” USA TODAY.

    Digital Humanities Projects

    Black Belt Brooklyn: Mapping Community Building and Social Life during the Urban Crisis



  • James L Olds, Center of Excellence in Neuroergonomics, Technology, and Cognition

    Research Interests: Role of signal transduction in memory storage

    Selected Publications

    Olds J.L., Anderson M.D., McPhie, D.L., Staten L.D. and Alkon D.L. Imaging of Memory-Specific Changes in the Distribution of Protein Kinase C in the Hippocampus
    Science. 245:866-869 (1989)

    Devan, B. D., Petri, H. L., Mishkin, M., Stouffer, E. M., Bowker, J. M., Yin, P. B., Buffalari, D. M., & Olds, J. L. (2002). A room with a view and a polarizing cue: Individual differences in the stimulus control of place navigation and passive latent learning in the water maze. Neurobiology of Learning and Memory 78 (1):79-99 JUL 2002.

    Devan, B.D., Stouffer, E.M., Petri H.L., Mcdonald, R.J. and Olds J.L. (2003) Partial Reinforcement Across Trials Impairs Escape Performance but Spares Place Learning in the Water Maze. Behavioral Brain Research 141:91-104.

  • Kristina Marie Olson, Modern and Classical Languages

    Research Interests: Medieval and Renaissance studies, Dante, Boccaccio, Petrarch, medieval chronicles, historiography, gender studies

    Selected Publications

    (See attached CV for complete list.)


    Edited Volumes

    • Approaches to Teaching Dante’s Divine Comedy. Second edition. Edited with Christopher Kleinhenz. Series: Approaches to Teaching World Literature. New York: Modern Language Association, 2020.
    • Boccaccio 1313-2013. Edited with Francesco Ciabattoni and Elsa Filosa. Ravenna: Longo Editore, 2015.
    • Open City: Seven Writers in Post-War Rome. Edited with William Weaver. South Royalton, VT: Steerforth Press, 1999.

    Selected Articles

    • Lectura Boccaccii, 4.5: Lisabetta da Messina.” In The Decameron Day Four in Perspective, ed. Michael Sherberg. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2020, pp. 86-106.
    • “Conceptions of Women and Gender in the Comedy.” In Approaches to Teaching Dante’s Divine Comedy, second edition. Edited by Christopher Kleinhenz and Kristina Olson. Series: Approaches to Teaching World Literature. New York: Modern Language Association, 2020, pp. 110-119.
    • “Legacies of Greed and Liberality: Angevin Rulers in Dante and Boccaccio,” Studi sul Boccaccio XLVII (2019): 181-201.
    • “The Ethical and Sartorial Geography of the Far East: Tartar Textiles in Boccaccio’s Decameron and Esposizioni, Le Tre Corone. Rivista internazionale di studi su Dante, Petrarca, Boccaccio VI (2019):125-139.
    • "Shoes, Gowns, and Turncoats: Reconsidering Cacciaguida’s History of Florentine Fashion and Politics." Dante Studies: The Annual Publication of the Dante Society of America 134 (2016): 26-47.
    • "Uncovering the Historical Body of Florence: Dante, Forese Donati, and Sumptuary Legislation." Italian Culture 33:1 (March 2015): 1-15.


  • Jessica Marie Otis, History and Art History

    Research Interests: British history, early modern history, history of science and mathematics, digital history

    Selected Publications

    Matt Burton, Matthew J. Lavin, Jessica Otis, and Scott B. Weingart, “Digits: Two Reports on New Units of Scholarly Publication,” Journal of Electronic Publishing 22, no. 1 (April 2020), doi: 10.3998/3336451.0022.105.

    John Ladd, Jessica Otis, Christopher N. Warren, and Scott Weingart, “Exploring and Analyzing Network Data with Python,” Programming Historian (September 2017).

    Jessica Otis, “‘Set Them To the Cyphering Schoole’: Reading, Writing and Arithmetical Education, circa 1540-1700,” Journal of British Studies 56, no. 3 (July 2017), doi: 10.1017/jbr.2017.59

    Jessica Marie Otis, “‘Sportes and Pastimes, done by Number’: Mathematical Games in Early Modern England,” in Playthings in Early Modernity: Party Games, Word Games, Mind Games, ed. by Allison Levy (Medieval Institute Publications: 2017).

    Christopher N. Warren, Daniel Shore, Jessica Otis, Lawrence Wang, Mike Finegold, and Cosma Shalizi, “Six Degrees of Francis Bacon: A Statistical Method for Reconstructing Large Historical Social Networks,” Digital Humanities Quarterly 10, no. 3 (2016), http://www.digitalhumanities.org/dhq/vol/10/3/000244/000244.html.

    For my full publications and presentations list, see my website www.jessicaotis.com

  • Julie E. Owen, School of Integrative Studies

    Research Interests: leadership and intersectional identity development; liberatory pedagogy and research methods

    Selected Publications

    Owen, J. E. (2019). Women's Leadership Development in College: Counter-Narratives and Critical Considerations. Sterling, VA: Stylus.

    Pigza, J. & Owen, J. E. (2019). Companion Manual to Women's Leadership Development in College: Counter-Narratives and Critical Considerations. Sterling, VA: Stylus.

    Owen, J., Hassell-Goodman, S., & Yamanaka, A. (2017). Culturally-relevant leadership learning: Identity, capacity, and efficacy. Journal of Leadership Studies, 11 (3), 48-54. DOI: 10.1002/jls.21545

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    Jenkins, D., & Owen, J. E. (2016). Who teaches leadership? A comparative analysis of faculty and student affairs leadership educators and implications for leadership learning. Journal of Leadership Education, 15 (2), 98-113.

    Owen, J.E. (2016). Fostering critical reflection: Moving from a service to a social justice paradigm. In W. Wagner & Pigza, J. (Eds.), Service and Leadership. New Directions for Student Leadership Vol. 6. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

    Owen, J. E. (Ed.). (2015). Innovative learning for leadership development. New Directions for Student Leadership Vol. 1. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

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    Owen, J. E. (2012). Findings from the Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership Institutional Survey: A National Report. Washington, DC: National Clearinghouse for Leadership Programs.

    Komives, S. R., Dugan, J., Owen, J. E., Slack, C., & Wagner, W. (Eds). (2011). The handbook for student leadership development [2nd edition]. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

  • Suleyman Ozeren, Criminology, Law and Society

    Research Interests: Terrorism & counterterrorism, online extremism, cybercrime, cyberterrorism, countering violent extremism (CVE), international security, the Middle East, the Kurdish issue, and conflict resolution.

    Selected Publications

    • Goldstone, A. J., Alimi, E., Ozeren, S., & Cubukcu, S. (Eds.) (2021). From Territorial Defeat to Global ISIS: Lessons Learned. IOS Press Publication, Amsterdam

    • Ozeren, S., & Cubukcu, S. (2021). ISIS at the Crossroads: Regional and Global Implications. In J. Goldstone, E. Alimi, S. Ozeren, and S. Cubukcu (eds). From Territorial Defeat to Global ISIS: Lessons Learned. IOS Press Publication, Amsterdam

    • Ozeren, S., Hekim, H., Elmas, M.S., & Canbegi, H.I. (2018). An Analysis of Propaganda and Recruitment Activities of ISIS Targeting Turkish Speaking Population. International Annals of Criminology, Cambridge University Press, https://doi.org/10.1017/cri.2018.14

    • Ozeren, S. (2009). “Cyberterrorism and Cybercrime: Vulnerabilities and International Cooperation”. VDM Publishing House Ltd, Saarbrücken, Germany. https://www.amazon.com/Cyberterrorism-Cybercrime-Vulnerabilities-International-Cooperation/dp/3639200373

    • Ozeren et al. (2016). "ISIS in Cyberspace: Findings From Social Media Research".  Global Policy and Strategy, 2016. 

    • Ozeren, S., Sever, M, Sözer, M. A., & Yilmaz, K. (2014). Whom do they recruit? Profiling and recruitment in the PKK/KCK. Studies in Conflict and Terrorism, 37:322-347.
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    • Ozeren, S., Güneş, I. D., & M. D. Al-Badayneh (eds) (2007). Understanding Terrorism: Analysis of Sociological and Psychological Aspects, IOS Press Publication, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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    • Ozeren, S., & Loper, K. (2005). “National Level of Efforts to Counter Cyber crime and Cyberterrorism: United States Case”. The Second Symposium on Cybercrime, Ankara, Turkey.

  • John N Paden, Ali Vural Ak Center for Global Islamic Studies

    Research Interests: Relations between Muslim sub-cultures in Nigeria

    Selected Publications

    Faith and Politics in Nigeria: Nigeria as a Pivotal State in the Muslim World (2008).

    Religion and Political Culture in Kano (winner of the Herskovits Prize).

    The African Experience (four volumes).

    Black Africa: A Comparative Handbook.

    Understanding Black Africa: Data and Analysis of Social Change and Nation Building.

    Values, Identities, and National Integration: Empirical Research in Africa.

  • Eric Pankey, English

    Research Interests: Poetry Writing, Modern and Contemporary Poetry

    Selected Publications

    Crow-Work  (Milkweed Editions 2015)

    Augury (Milkweed Editions 2017)

    Vestiges:Notes, Responses, & Essays 1988-2018 (Parlor Press 2019)

    Owl of Minerva (Milkweed Editions 2019)

    Alias: Prose Poems (Free Verse Editions 2020)




  • Eunkyoung Park, Higher Education

    Research Interests: College student access and success, quantitative research methodology, survey research, higher education policy, financial aid and college scholarship, institutional research, assessment, international comparative education

    Selected Publications

    Park, E. (2017).  Innovative cases in higher education: KU Leuven. KEDI Brief, 5. Korean Educational Development Institute.

    Taylor, J.L., Borden, V.H.M., & Park, E. (2015). State dual credit policy: A national perspective. New Directions for Community Colleges, 169, 9-19.

    Hur, J., Park, E., Park, H., Kim, J., Park, H., & Lim, H. (2014). A Study on international cooperation network: International organization and government-funded education research institutes. Korean Research Development Institute.

    Yoon, J., Park, E., Joo, H., Lee, So. & Park, S. (2014). Research on Korean higher education for enhancing Korea-Australia education and research collaborations. Korean Research Development Institute.

    Namkung, J., Ryu, B., Park, E., Su, W., Numano, T., Hashimoto, A., June, E., & Kim, J. (2014). Analysis on student learning among Korea, China, and Japan. Korean Research Development Institute.

    Park, E., & Hossler, D. (2014). Understanding student college choice. In D. Hossler & B. Bontrager (Eds), The handbook of strategic enrollment management (pp. 49-76). Jossey-Bass.

    Park, E. (2014). International organizations’ work in the field of education (in Korean). Educational Development, 41(3), 47-53.

    Miller, A., Smith, E., Park, E., & Engle, J. (2014). Blurring boundaries: Transforming place, policies, and partnerships for postsecondary education attainment in metropolitan areas. Washington, DC: Institute for Higher Education Policy.

    Cunningham, A.F., Park, E., & Engle, J. (2014). Minority serving institutions: Doing more with less. Washington, DC: Institute for Higher Education Policy.

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    Shapiro, D., Dundar, A., Chen, J., Ziskin, M., Park, E., Torres, V., & Chiang, Y. (2012). Completing college: A national view of student attainment rates. National Student Clearinghouse Signature Report 4. Washington, DC: National Student Clearinghouse.

  • Eunkyung Park, Mason Korea

    Research Interests: Korean language, Korean Culture, Media Studies

    Selected Publications

    Younghoon, K., Jihey, H., Eunkyung, P., Jungsik, J., Seungyun, C. (2017). Korean Culture Textbook for Multicultural Background Students. National Institute for Lifelong Education. 

  • Sun-Young Park, History and Art History

    Research Interests: 19th-century Europe, modern France, architectural and urban history, cultural historiography and methods

    Selected Publications

    Ideals of the Body: Architecture, Urbanism, and Hygiene in Postrevolutionary Paris, Culture, Politics, and the Built Environment Series (Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 2018).

    • Reviewed in American Historical Review, Architectural History, European History Quarterly, H-France Reviews, Journal of Architectural Education, Journal of Modern History, Journal of Social History, Nineteenth-Century French Studies, Perspective: Actualité en histoire de l’art, Social History of Medicine, The Journal of Urbanism

    “From Outcast to Citizen: Disability, Education, and Architecture in Postrevolutionary Paris,” Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians 79, no. 2 (June 2020), 171-91.

    “Conversion, Renovation, Restoration: The Paris Deaf Institute, 1760-1840,” Future Anterior 16, no.1: Disability and Preservation (Summer 2019), 69-84.

    “Hygienic Promenades: The Montagnes Russes as Medical and Urban Artifacts,” Historical Reflections/Réflexions historiques 44:3 (Winter 2018): 29-49.

    “Designing for Disability in 19th-Century Paris,” Log 42: Disorienting Phenomenology (Winter/Spring 2018): 80-90.

    “Soldaten formen: Körperkultur im Paris des frühen 19. Jahrhunderts,” in Krieg in der industrialisierten Welt, ed. Thomas Kolnberger, Benoît Majerus, and M. Christian Ortner (Vienna: Caesarpress, 2017), 429-450.

  • Andrew H Peterson, Philosophy

    Research Interests: Bioethics, Philosophy of Neuroscience, Consciousness

    Selected Publications

    1. Peterson A, Aas S, Wasserman D. (Forthcoming). What justifies the allocation of health care resources to patients with disorders of consciousness. AJOB-Neuroscience.
    2. Peterson A, Mintz K, Owen AM. (Forthcoming). Unlocking their voices: Decision making, autonomy, and disorders of consciousness. Cambridge Handbook to Brain Reading and The Law. 
    3. Largent EA, Peterson A. (2021) Supported decision making in the U.S. and abroad. Journal of Health Care Law and Policy 23(2):271-296.
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    5. Goldstein CE, Peterson A. (2020) Is it unethical to publish data from Chinese transplant research?
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  • Matthew S. Peterson, Psychology

    Research Interests: Visual attention, eye movements, working memory, attentional control, brain plasticity, and cognitive training

    Selected Publications

    Rabbit, L.R., Roberts, D.M., McDonald, C.G., & Peterson, M.S. (2017). Neural activity reveals perceptual grouping in working memory. International Journal of Psychophysiology, 113, 40-45.

    Azarian, S.B., Buzzell, G.A., Esser, E.G., Dornstauder, A., & Peterson, M.S. (2017). Averted body postures facilitate orienting of the eyes. Acta Psychologica, 175, 28-32.

    Azarian, S.B., Peterson, M.S., & Esser, E. (2016). Evidence from the eyes: Threatening postures hold attention. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 764-770

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    Blumberg, E.J., Peterson, M.S., & Parasuraman, R. (2015) Enhancing Multiple Object Tracking Performance with Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation; A Causal Role for the Anterior Intraparietal Sulcus. Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience

    Blumberg, E. J., Foroughi, C. K, Scheldrup, M. R., Peterson, M. S., Boehm-Davis, D. A., & Parasuraman, R (2015, in press) Reducing the Disruptive Effects of Interruptions with Noninvasive Brain Stimulation. Human Factors

    Azarian, S.B., Esser, E., & Peterson, M.S.  (2015). Watch out! Directional threat-related postures cue attention and the eyes. Cognition and Emotion


    * supervised graduate students



  • Elizabeth Phillips, Psychology

    Research Interests: Human-robot interaction, human-like robots, autonomous and adaptive systems, human-human teams, applications for augmented and virtual reality, diversity in robotics

    Selected Publications

    Rothstein, N., de Visser E. J., and Phillips, E. (2021). Perceptions of infidelity with sex robots. Proceedings of the 2021 ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction ‘HRI

    Kim, B., Wen, R., Zhu, Q., Williams, T., and Phillips, E., (2021). Robots as moral advisers: The effects of deontological, virtue, and Confucian ethics on encouraging honest behavior. Proceedings of the ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction, Alt.HRI

    Hetrick, R., Amerson, N., Kim, B., Rosen, E., de Visser, E. J., & Phillips, E. (2020). Testing workload and usability of virtual reality interfaces for the control of robots. IEEE Systems and Information Engineering Design Symposium.

    Zhao, X., Phillips, E., and Malle., B.F (2020). Appearing human: The landscape of humanlike robots and its impact on human inferences of machine intelligence. Academy of Management Annual Meeting.

    Yitzhak, S., Rosen, E., Chien, G., Phillips, E., Tellex, S., & Konidaris, G. (2019) End-user programming using mixed reality. International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), Montreal, Canada.

    Phillips, E., Zhoa, X., Ullman, D., & Malle, B.F. (2018). What is human-like?: Decomposing human-like appearance using the Anthropomorphic RoBOT (ABOT) Database. Proceedings of the 2018 ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction ‘HRI (pp.105-113). ACM



  • Christy L Pichichero, Modern and Classical Languages

    Research Interests: Early Modern and Revolutionary Literature, History, and Art of the French Empire; War and Culture; Critical Race and Critical Mixed Race Studies; Human Rights and Social Justice; Multiculturalism; Theater; Film Theory; Digital Humanities; Medical History; History of Emotion; Women’s Writing and History; History of News and Information Networks; Critical Pedagogy; Inclusive Pedagogy and Curricular Design; Student/Faculty Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Wellbeing; Faculty Recruitment, Retention, and Mentoring; Grad Student Recruitment and Mentoring, Academic and Community Activism, Academe and Politics.

    Selected Publications


    The Military Enlightenment: War and Culture in the French Empire from Louis XIV to Napoleon (Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2017).

    Finalist for the Kenshur Book Prize for best interdisciplinary book in eighteenth-century studies, 2017.



    “Critical Race Studies and the Multicultural French Enlightenment,” Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture – forthcoming.

    “Language, Poetry, and Rhetoric: 1650-1800” in A Cultural History of Ideas in the Age of Enlightenment, eds. Sophia Rosenfeld and Peter Struck (under contract with Bloomsbury Press) – forthcoming.

    “Pierre Corneille and Military Drama: Power, Potlatch, Mérite,” Modern Language Notes, Volume 132, Number 4 (September 2017), 1090-1117.

    “Words of the ‘Wise Captain’:
Corneille, Le Cid, and Fidelity,” Renaissance Drama, Volume 43, Number 1 (Spring 2015), 27-52.

    “Moralizing War: Military Enlightenment in Eighteenth-Century France” in France and Its Spaces of War: Experience, Memory, Image, eds. Daniel Brewer and Patricia Lorcin (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2009), 13-27 – peer-reviewed.

    “Le Soldat Sensible: Military Psychology and Social Egalitarianism in the Enlightenment French Army,” French Historical Studies, Volume 31, Number 4 (Fall 2008), 553-580.


    “Thinking about Caring: Culture, Methods, History,” The Bloomington Workshop Proceedings, Number 4 (2016), 108-112.


    Co-editor (with Emily Marker), H-FRANCE SALON: Structural Racism in French and Francophone Culture and History (3-part volume, in progress, vol. 1 2019, vol. 2 2020, forthcoming).

    Co-editor (with Dena Goodman, Sara Maza, Cathy McClive, Paris Spies-Gans), H-FRANCE SALON: The Tallahassee Report: Rethinking Graduate Education in Old Regime, Enlightenment, and Revolutionary French History (2018).

  • Robert A Pierce, History and Art History

    Research Interests: Historical and social contexts of creativity and innovation

    Selected Publications

    IB Business Management Course Companion, with Martin Muchena and Loykie Lominé. Oxford: Oxford University Press (2014).

    Ritratti: La dimensione individuale nella storia, with Silvana Seidel Menchi (Eds.).  Rome: Edizioni di storia e letteratura (2008).

    Pier Paolo Vergerio the Propagandist. Rome: Edizioni di storia e letteratura (2003)

  • Brian W. Platt, History and Art History

    Research Interests: Japan, East Asia

    Selected Publications

    “Imperialism and Civil War in mid-19th Century East Asia,” in Peter Stearns, ed., The American Civil War in Global Context (Richmond, Virginia, The Virginia Sesquicentennial of the American Civil War Commission, 2015).

    Burning and Building: Schooling and State Formation in Japan, 1750-1890 (Harvard, 2004). 

    “Japanese Childhood, Modern Childhood: The Nation-State, Schooling, and 19th-Century Globalization,” Journal of Social History, vol. 38, no. 1 (Summer 2005)

    “Chiiki to kokumin kokka no keisei: Meiji kyōiku kara mite” (“The Local in the Nation State”). In William Steele and Kawanishi Hide, eds., Approaches to Japanese Local History (Tokyo: Yamakawa Shuppansha, 2005).

  • Dennis Pluchinsky, Criminology, Law and Society

    Research Interests: Terrorism, radicalization, terrorist surveillance, the Global Jihad Movement, al-Qaeda, terrorist tactics and target selection, counter-terrorism policies and programs

    Selected Publications

    Book chapter “Typology and Anatomy of Terrorist Operations,” in David Kamien, editor, The McGraw-Hill Homeland Security Handbook (N.Y: McGraw-Hill, 2006)

    Book chapter “Ethnic Terrorism: Themes and Variations” in The Politics of Terror, edited by Andrew Tan (London: Routledge, 2006).

    Article “Evolution of The U.S. Government’s Annual Report on Terrorism: A Personal Commentary, Studies in Conflict and Terrorism (January –February 2006, Volume 29, Issue 1), pages 91-98.

    Article “The Migration of Terrorist Tactics, Techniques, and Creativity (TTC),” Revue de L’Electricite, Et De L’Electonique (Paris), Number 10, November 2007, pp. 37-43.

    Article – “Global Jihadist Recidivism: A Red Flag,” in Studies in Conflict and Terrorism, March 2008 issue.

  • Jacquelyn Poapst, Communication

    Research Interests: critical legal communication, biopolitics, semiotics

    Selected Publications

    Jacquelyn Poapst, Legal Lacuna, Sovereignty, and Deference: A Radical Critique of Liberalism and the Chevron Doctrine, PhD Dissertation, proquest

    Jackie Poapst, From the Closet to Saint Patrick's Cathedral: Acts of Rage and Opacity within Queer Social Movements, M.A. Thesis, proquest

    Jackie Poapst & Allison Harper, Debate Like a Girl: An Analysis of the George Mason Celebration of Women in Debate Tournament, Presented at Penn State Communication Conference and published in the Penn State Communication Journal, 2014



  • Thomas H Polk, English

    Selected Publications

    Thomas Polk. "Material Contexts of Writing Assignment Design." WAC Journal 30 (2019). https://wac.colostate.edu/docs/journal/vol30/polk.pdf

    Thomas Polk. "Something Larger than Imagined: Developing a Theory, Building an
    Organization, Sustaining a Movement." WAC Journal 31 (2020). https://wac.colostate.edu/docs/journal/vol31/polk.pdf

    Thomas Polk, Alisa Russell, & Allie Sockwell Johnston. "Opportunity/Exploitation." XChanges 15.1 (2020). http://www.xchanges.org/media/blogs/xchanges/15_1/polk-russell-johnston_opportunity-exploitation_15-1.pdf

    Thomas Polk. “A Review of the MLA Handbook, Eighth Edition.” Across the Disciplines 13.2 (2016). http://wac.colostate.edu/atd/reviews/mla2016.cfm

  • Vivek Prasad, Global Affairs

    Research Interests: Environmental Policy and Governance, Climate Change, Adaptation, Mitigation, Natural Resource Management, Environmental Sustainability, and Global Warming

  • Louis Price, Criminology, Law and Society

    Research Interests: Investigations, Interviewing, and Interrogation

    Selected Publications

    Critical Intelligence, Communication, and Response – Formatting Lessons of the Recent Terrorist Attacks to Future Threats (April 2006) Critical Incident Analysis Group, University of Virginia.  Contributing presenter and quoted in publication. 

    Defeating Terrorist Networks Joint Integrating Concept (May 2009) Principal Contributing Author

    Concept of Operations for Personnel Recovery (February 2012) Principal Contributing Author

  • Mittie T Quinn, Psychology

    Selected Publications

    Quinn, M. (2010).  Assessing and intervening with children with speech and language disorders. In D. C. Miller (Ed.), School neuropsychology: Guidelines for effective practice, assessment, and evidence-based intervention (pp. 551-579). Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley & Sons.

    Quinn, M. (2007, February). Culturally Competent Interventions.  Workshop Presentation, Illinois Association of School Psychologists Annual Convention, Springfield, IL.


    Quinn, M. (2004, April). Assessing Cultural Influences: School Psychologists’ Perspectives.  Symposium Presentation, NASP Annual Convention, Dallas, TX.


    Quinn, M. ” Developing Cultural Hypotheses in Special Education: Puzzlement or Pathology?” Mini-Skills Workshop presented at NASP Convention, Chicago, IL: February 27, 2002.


    Quinn, M. “Qualitative Research and School Psychology: Odd Couple or Perfect Match.” Paper presented at AERA Convention, New Orleans: April 2, 2002.


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    Seligman, L. & Quinn, M. (1998) Selecting Effective Treatments for Childhood Mental Disorders. In Seligman, L. Selecting Effective Treatments-Revised (1998). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass Inc.

  • Marian Quintana, Modern and Classical Languages

    Selected Publications

    “Current Issues in Bilingual Education of PreK-12 Students.” Texas Journal of Urban Education (Spring 2006): 66-72.

    El Senor de las lluvias y el viento. Panama, 2003

    Puntos de Partida: Hands-on the Worldwide Web. Mc-Graw Hill 2000.

    Communicating in Spanish I: Virtual Exercises. Mc-Graw Hill 2000

    Spanish at Work I. Mc-Graw Hill 2000.

  • Lisa M. Rabin, Modern and Classical Languages

    Research Interests: Film history, film reception, "useful" film, Latin American film and other forms of mass media, Latin American literature, service-learning.

    Selected Publications

    Rabin, Lisa. Screening ‘Good Neighbors’: The Educational Uses of Julien Bryan’s Latin American Shorts Along the US Circuits of 16mm, 1940-1947. TMG Journal for Media History 23.1-2 (2020): 1–34. doi: http://doi.org/10.18146/tmg.589

    Rabin, Lisa. and Kridel, Craig. “Cinema for Social Change: The Human Relations Film Series of the Harlem Committee of the Teachers Union, 1936-1950.” In Educating Harlem: Schools and the Referendum on the American Dream (digital edition), eds. Ansley Erickson and Ernest Morrell. New York: Columbia UP, 2019. doi: https://doi.org/10.7916/4vf3-zv07. 

    Rabin, Lisa. “A Social History of US Educational Documentary: The Travels of Three Shorts, 1945-1958.” Film History: An International Journal (Bloomington: U of Indiana P.) 29:3 (2017).

    Rabin, Lisa.  The Social Uses of Classroom Cinema: A Reception History of the ‘Human Relations Film Series’ at Benjamin Franklin High School, East Harlem, 1936-1955.  The Velvet Light Trap 72 (2013): 58-70.

    Rabin, Lisa.  The Normals, the Questionables, and the Delinquents: East Harlem Youth and the Movies, 1931-1934. Illuminace: The Journal of Film Theory, History and Aesthetics, 28.1 (January 2015).

    Rabin, Lisa.  Service-Learning/Aprendizaje-servicio as a global practice in Spanish.  Invited book chapter in Manel LaCorte (ed.), The Routledge Handbook of Hispanic Applied Linguistics (New York: Routledge, 2014).

    Rabin, Lisa. & Leeman, Jennifer. "Critical Service-Learning and Literary Study in Spanish."  In Service Learning and Literary Studies, editors Roberta Rosenberg and Laurie Grobman. New York: Modern Language Association,

    Rabin, L. “The Film Text as Cultural Matrix in The New Cinema History,” to be given at the History of Movie Exhibition and Reception Annual Conference. Virtual (hosted by University of Maynooth, Dublin, Ireland). May 25-28, 2021.


    Rabin, L. “From Developmentalism to Difference: Julien Bryan’s World Films in International and Ethnic Studies Classrooms 1960-1980,” to be given at the Society for Cinema and Media Studies Annual Conference. Virtual. March 19, 2021.

    Leeman, J., Rabin, L., & Román-Mendoza, E.  (2012).  Identity and Social Activism in Heritage Language Education.  Modern Language Journal 95.4: 481-495.

  • Cesar J. Rebellon, Criminology, Law and Society

    Research Interests: Criminological Theory, Juvenile Delinquency, Peer Networks, Quantitative Methods, Social Psychology

    Selected Publications

    • Rebellon, Cesar J., Rick Trinkner, Karen T. Van Gundy, and Ellen S. Cohn. 2019. No Guts, No Glory: Do Adolescent Peers Reward Risk Taking with Popularity? Deviant Behavior, 40(12):1464-1479.
    • Rebellon, Cesar J. and Paul Anskat. Crime, Deviance, and Social Control: Travis Hirschi and His Legacy. 2018. The Wiley Handbook of the History and Philosophy of Criminology, edited by Ruth A. Triplett. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.
    • Rebellon, Cesar J. and Murray A. Straus. 2017. Corporal punishment, social concern, and crime: An international analysis. International Journal of Behavioral Development, special issue: Family and Cultural Contexts of Parental Discipline and Children’s Adjustment, edited by Jennifer Lansford, 41(4):503-513.
    • Rebellon, Cesar J., Michelle E. Manasse, Robert Agnew, Karen T. Van Gundy, and Ellen S. Cohn. 2016. The Relationship between Gender and Delinquency: Assessing the Mediating Role of Guilt. Journal of Criminal Justice, 44:77-88.
    • Rebellon, Cesar J., J.C. Barnes, and Robert Agnew. 2015. A Unified Theory of Crime and Delinquency: Foundation for a Biosocial Criminology. The Routledge Handbook of Biosocial Criminology, pp. 3-22. Matthew J. Delisi and Michael G. Vaughn (Eds). Routledge.
    • Rebellon, Cesar J., Michelle E. Manasse, Karen T. Van Gundy, and Ellen S. Cohn. 2014. Rationalizing Delinquency: A Longitudinal Examination of the Reciprocal Relationship between Delinquent Attitudes and Behavior. Social Psychology Quarterly, 77(4):361-386.
  • Prabhavati C. Reddy, Religious Studies

    Research Interests: <p><em>South Asian Religions, Hinduism and Buddhism, Sanskrit literature, and Indian Art History</em></p>

    Selected Publications

    • Hindu Pilgrimage: Shifting Patterns of Worldview of Srisailam in South India. Routledge Hindu Studies Series, Routledge and Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies, 2014 and 2017.
    • "Bathukamma: The Folk-Song Tradition of the Flower Goddess of Telangana in South India," in The Goddess, ed., Mandakranta Bose, The Oxford History of Hinduism Series, Oxford University Press, 2018.
    • “Srisailam” in Brill's Encyclopedia of Hinduism, Ed., Knut A. Jacobsen, Vol. 6, 2017.
    • "Who has Privileged Authority and Who has Acquired Authority to Speak for Hinduism in America?" In Deepak Sarma, ed. Authority and Its Challenges in Hindu Texts, Translations, and Transnational Communities, (Deepak Heritage Books: 2009).
    • “The Narrative Art of Srisailam Prakara, A Visual Purana,” Artibus Asiae (2008)LXVIII:1, 57-99.
    • “Vishnu’s Universe in Ritual Space: The Abhisheka Consecration of Penn Hills’ Sri Venkatesvara,” Journal of Ritual Studies (2006) 20:2, pp.1-18, figures and plates
  • Allison D. Redlich, Criminology, Law and Society

    Research Interests: Guilty pleas, interrogations and confessions, wrongful convictions, mental health courts, and experimental criminology

    Selected Publications

    Scherr, K., Redlich, A.D., & Kassin, S.M. (2020). Cumulative disadvantage: The compounding effect of innocents’ decision-making from interrogations to the courtroom. Perspectives on Psychological Science.

    Luna, S. & Redlich, A.D. (2020). The decision to provide discovery: An examination of policies and guilty pleas. Journal of Experimental Criminology.

    Edkins, V. & Redlich, A.D. (2019) (Eds.). A system of pleas: Social science’s contribution to the real legal system. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

    Redlich, A.D., Nirider, L., & Shteynberg, R. (2019). Pragmatic implication in the interrogation room: A comparison of juveniles and adults. Journal of Experimental Criminology.

    Lavoie, J., Dickerson, K. L., Redlich, A. D., & Quas, J. A. (2019). Overcoming disclosure reluctance in youth victims of sex trafficking: New directions for research, policy, and practice. Psychology, Public Policy, & Law.


  • Priscilla M Regan, Women and Gender Studies

    Research Interests: Information and communication privacy policy, digital government, public policy process.

    Selected Publications

    Legislating Privacy: Technology, Social Values, and Public Policy. (University of North Carolina Press, 1995).

    “The Liberal State and the Surveillance State: Politics of Information Privacy Policy,” in Political Science as Public Philosophy: Essays in Honor of Theodore J. Lowi, Benjamin Ginsberg and Gwendolyn Mink (eds). New York: W.W. Norton & Co., 2010 forthcoming.

    “Global Privacy Issues,” in The International Studies Compendium Project: International Communication, ed. by Robert A. Denemark and Nannette Levinson. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley/Blackwell Publishing Co., 2010.

    “Federal Security Breach Notifications: Politics and Approaches,” Berkeley Technology Law Journal. 24(3) 2009: 1101-1130.

    “Blogs as Public Forums for Agency Policymaking,” Issues in Governance Studies No. 26 (August, 2009): 1-14. With Julianne Mahler.

    “State Opposition to REAL ID,” Publius: The Journal of Federalism 39(3) 2009: 476-505. With Christopher J. Deering.

    “The United States,” in Global Privacy Protection, ed by James Rule and Graham Greenleaf. London: Edward Elgar, 2008.

    “Crafting the Message: Controlling the Content of Agency Websites.” Government Information Quarterly (July 2006), Vol. 24, No.3, pp. 505-521. With Julianne Mahler.

  • E Shelley Reid, English

    Research Interests: faculty development, composition and rhetoric, writing program administration, writing pedagogy education

    Selected Publications


    Reid, E. Shelley. “Defining Dispositions: Mapping Student Attitudes and Strategies in College Composition.” Contemporary Perspectives on Cognition and Writing, edited by Patricia Portonova, J. Michael Riffenberg, and Duane Roen, WAC Clearinghouse Press, 2017, pp. 291-312.

    Reid, E. Shelley. “On Learning to Teach: Letter to a New TA.” WPA: Writing Program Administration 40.2 (Spring 2017): 129-145.

    Reid, E. Shelley. “Peer Review for Peer Review’s Sake: Resituating Peer Review Pedagogy.” Peer Pressure, Peer Power: Collaborative Peer Review and Response for the Writing Classroom. Ed. Steven J. Corbett, Michelle LaFrance, and Teagan Decker. Southlake, TX: Fountainhead Press, 2014. 217-231.

    Reid, E. Shelley, Heidi Estrem, and Marcia Belchier.“The Effects of Writing Pedagogy Education on Graduate Teaching Assistants’ Approaches to Teaching Composition.” WPA: Writing Program Administration 36.1 (Fall 2012): 32-73.

    Winner, the Kenneth Bruffee Award for Best Article in WPA: Writing Program Administration, 2012-2013.

    Estrem, Heidi, and E. Shelley Reid. “What New Writing Teachers Talk About When They Talk About Teaching.” Pedagogy 12.3 (Fall 2012): 447-478.

    Selected for and reprinted in The Best of the Independent Rhetoric and Composition Journals 2013. Ed. Steve Parks et al. Lafayette, IN: Parlor Press, 2015. 292-329.

    Reid, E. Shelley. “Ten Ways To Think About Writing: Metaphoric Musings for College Writing Students.” Writing Spaces: Readings on Writing, Volume 2. Ed. Charlie Lowe and Pavel Zemliansky. West Lafayette, IN: Parlor Press, 2010. 3-23. <http://writingspaces.org/volume2 >

    Reid, E. Shelley. “Teaching Writing Teachers Writing: Difficulty, Exploration, and Reflection.” College Composition and Communication 61.2 (December 2009): 376 [W197-W221].

    Reid, E. Shelley. “Mentoring Peer Mentors: Program Design and Mentor Education in the Composition Program.” Composition Studies 36.2 (Fall 2008): 51-80.


  • Daniel A Reilly, Criminology, Law and Society

    Selected Publications

    Working the Scene Published in 2008 Textbook

    Finding the Truth with Criminal Investigations Suspect, Subject, Defendant published in 2019

    The books were written by Mr. Reilly to provide detailed instruction for Criminal Justice students especially those interested in pursuing a career in Law Enforcement.

  • Keith D Renshaw, Psychology

    Research Interests: Anxiety, stress/trauma reactions, and interpersonal relationships, with a particular focus on romantic relationships.

    Selected Publications

    * denotes student under my supervision

    Renshaw, K. D., Allen, E. S., Fredman, S. J., *Giff, S. T., & Kern, C. (2020). Partners’ motivations for accommodating posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms in service members: The Reasons for Accommodation of PTSD Scale. Journal of Anxiety Disorders, 71, Article 102199.

    *Giff, S. T., Renshaw, K. D., & Allen, E. S. (2019). Post-deployment parenting in military couples: Associations with service members’ PTSD symptoms. Journal of Family Psychology, 33, 166-175.

    *Campbell, S. B., & Renshaw, K. D. (2018). Posttraumatic stress disorder and relationship functioning: A comprehensive review and organizational framework. Clinical Psychology Review, 65, 152-162.

         † Authors contributed equally to this manuscript, and are regarded as co-first authors.

    *DiMauro, J., Renshaw, K. D., & Blais, R. K. (2018). Sexual vs. non-sexual trauma, sexual satisfaction and function, and mental health in female veterans. Journal of Trauma and Dissociation, 19, 403-416.

  • Jonathon Repinecz, Modern and Classical Languages

    Research Interests: Modern African literatures and cultures; Modern francophone literatures and cultures; Intersections of literature and anthropology; Genocide studies; Folklore and oral literature; Postcolonial theory; Wolof (advanced reading) and Swahili (beginner).

    Selected Publications


    Subversive Traditions: Reinventing the West African Epic.  Michigan State University Press (2019). Winner of the American Comparative Literature Association Helen Tartar First Book Award.


    "Senegalese Wrestling between Nostalgia and Neoliberalism." Prepublished at African Studies Review (2020).

    “‘The Facets of our Diglossia’: Native Speakers as Multilingual Storytellers.” Critical Multilingualism Studies 5.2 (2017): 178–207. Part of a special issue entitled “Legitimate Speakers in Contested Spaces,” co-edited with Livi Yoshioka-Maxwell.

    “‘This is Not a Pipe’?: Reflexivity, Fictionality, and Dialogism in Sembène’s Films.” Journal of African Cinemas 8.2 (2016): 181-197.

    The Tales of Tomorrow: Toward a Futurist Vision of Wolof Tradition.”  Journal of African Cultural Studies 15.1 (2015): 56-70. Part of a special issue dedicated to literatures in African languages. 


  • Sarah E Rickless (formerly Baker), English

    Selected Publications


    Uncovering Challenges and Pedagogical Complications in Dissertation Writing and Supervisory Practices: Findings from a Multi-method Study of Doctoral Students and Advisers. Rogers, Paul, Zawacki, Terry Myers, & Baker, Sarah E. in Graduate Writing Support: Research, Pedagogy, and Program Design. Eds. Steve Simpson, Michelle Cox, Nigel Caplan, & Talinn Phillips. University of Michigan Press, 2015 (in press)

    Voices at the Table: Balancing the Needs and Wants of Program Stakeholders to Design a Value-added Writing Assessment Plan. Zawacki, Terry Myers, Reid, E. Shelley, Zhou, Ying, & Baker, Sarah E. (2009, December 3). Across the Disciplines [Special issue on Writing Across the Curriculum and Assessment], http://wac.colostate.edu/atd/assessment/zawackietal.cfm

    Written Communication Assessment Update 2007-10, In Focus (Mason Office of Institutional Assessment), 2010

    Reviews: The Academic Writer’s Workbook, Sage Publications (2011); Bedford Guide for Writing Tutors, Fourth Edition, Bedford/St. Martins (2008)


    Blurring the Lines: What the National Writing Project Model Can (Continue To) Teach College WAC, International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference, 2016 (forthcoming)

    Using Theory Shifting to Construct a Sustainable Program Narrative, International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference, 2014

    Pilot Writing Fellows Program for Business Communication and Multilingual Writers, International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference, 2014

    The Shifting Landscape of Graduate Student Writing in and across Disciplines, Writing Research Across Borders Conference, 2014

    Narratives of Leadership in Internationalized Higher Education, NAFSA Region VIII Conference, 2013

    Symbiosis Under Scrutiny: The Strength of WAC Agency, International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference, 2010

    Sustaining Faculty Integration of New Technologies: The TAC/WAC Learning Communities at George Mason University, Educause Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference, 2009

    A Wiki on Every Desktop, International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference, 2008

    “Will My Story Bring Change…?” Reflections by Non-Native Student-Writers Help Reinvent the U.S. Academy, Conference on College Composition and Communication, 2008

    Visual Praxis across the Disciplines, George Washington University Graduate Symposium, 2007

  • Suzanne Rigdon, English

    Selected Publications

    "A Breathing Thing," JMWW. 

    "Notes on a Whiteboard," Atlas & Alice.

    "Night by the Neva, in St. Petersburg," Coldnoon Magazine. 

    "TheMystery.Twine" Runner up and Honorable Mention, 2018 Grove Atlantic’s TheMystery.doc Contest

    "The Solitary Life of Martin Trencher," Bartleby Snopes

    "The Six and Eight," The Northern Virginia Review (Pushcart Prize Nomination)


  • Marguerite Rippy, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

    Research Interests: Classic cinema, Orson Welles and the origins of "truthiness" in performance, transindigenous adaptations of Shakespeare, and performing gendered and racialized sexualities from Shakespeare to Hollywood.

    Selected Publications

    Orson Welles and the Unfinished RKO Projects: A Postmodern Perspective. Southern Illinois UP, 2009.

    “Orson Welles” in Great Shakespeareans: (Volume XV) Welles, Kurosawa, Kozintsev, Zeffirelli. Mark Thornton Burnett, Marguerite Rippy, and Ramona Wray. Bloomsbury 2013. 7-53

    “The Death of the Auteur: Orson Welles, Asadata Dafora, and the 1936 Macbeth.” Orson Welles in Focus: Texts and Contexts. Indiana UP, 2018.

    “More Moor, Less Venice: Africa Talks Back to Othello in Not Now, Sweet Desdemona and IagoShakespeare en devenir 12 (2017). Online.

    “Welles ‘Voodoo’ Macbeth: Neither Vodou nor Welles?” Shakespeare Bulletin 32 (Winter 2014): 687-92.

  • John H Riskind, Psychology

    Research Interests: Cognitive-behavioral research, treatment, and theory of anxiety, mood, and related disorders.

    Selected Publications

    Riskind, J. H., Black, D., & Shahar, G. (2010). Cognitive vulnerability to anxiety in the stress generation process: Interaction between the looming cognitive style and anxiety sensitivity. Journal of Anxiety Disorders, 24, 124-128

    Riskind, J. H., Tzur, D., Williams, N., Mann, B., & Shahar, G. (2007). Short-term predictive effects of the looming cognitive style on anxiety disorder. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 45, 1765-1777.

    Riskind, J. H., & Alloy, L. B. (2006). Cognitive Vulnerability to Psychological Disorders: Theory, Design, and Methods. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 25. 705-725

    His papers have appeared in Behavior Research and Therapy, the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Cognitive Therapy and Research, Archives of General Psychiatry, Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, Social Cognition, Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, Journal of Abnormal Psychology, Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, and others.

  • Jennifer Ritterhouse, History and Art History

    Research Interests: 20th century U.S.; U.S. South; African American history; women and gender; children and childhood

    Selected Publications

    Discovering the South: One Man's Travels Through a Changing America in the 1930s, University of North Carolina Press, 2017. Winner of a 2017 Family History Book Award from the North Carolina Society of Historians. Companion website: www.discoveringthesouth.org

    Growing Up Jim Crow: How Black and White Southern Children Learned Race, University of North Carolina Press, 2006. Received Honorable Mention for the 2007 Outstanding Book Awards from the Gustavus Myers Center for the Study of Bigotry and Human Rights.

     "Sarah Patton Boyle: A White Activist, the Black Pragmatist Who Taught Her, and the Long and the Short of the Civil Rights Movement," in Virginia Women: Their Lives and Times, vol. 2, ed. by Cynthia Kierner and Sandra Treadway, University of Georgia Press, 2016.

    "Woman Flogged: Willie Sue Blagden, the Southern Tenant Farmers Union, and how an impulse for story led to a historiographical corrective," Rethinking History: The Journal of Theory and Practice, January 2014.

    "Dixie Destinations: Rereading Jonathan Daniels's A Southerner Discovers the South," Southern Spaces: An Interdisciplinary Journal about Regions, Places, and Cultures of the American South and Their Global Connections (www.southernspaces.org), May 2010.

    “The Etiquette of Race Relations in the Jim Crow South,” in Manners in Southern History from the 1860s to the 1960s, edited by Ted Ownby. University Press of Mississippi, 2007.

    “Reading, Intimacy, and the Role of Uncle Remus in White Southern Social Memory,” Journal of Southern History, August 2003.

    Remembering Jim Crow: African Americans Tell About Life in the Segregated South. Co-edited as part of the Behind the Veil project (http://cds.aas.duke.edu/btv/). New Press, 2001.

    The Desegregated Heart: A Virginian’s Stand in Time of Transition, by Sarah Patton Boyle. Edited with an introduction and selected correspondence, University Press of Virginia, 2001.

    “Speaking of Race: Sarah Patton Boyle and the ‘T.J. Sellers Course for Backward Southern Whites,’” in Sex, Love, Race: Crossing Boundaries in North American History, edited by Martha Hodes. New York University Press, 1999.

  • Stephen Robertson, History and Art History

    Research Interests: digital history, history of sexuality, history of New York City, legal history

    Selected Publications

    Playing the Numbers: Gambling in Harlem Between the Wars (with Shane White, Stephen Garton & Graham White) [Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2010]

    Crimes Against Children: Sexual Violence and Legal Culture in New York City, 1880-1960 [Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2005]

    “The Pinkertons and the Paperwork of Surveillance: Reporting Private Investigation in the United States, 1865-1940,” in Private Security and Modern States: Historical and Comparative Perspectives, ed David Churchill, Dolores Janiewski and Pieter Leloup (Routledge, 2020)

    Constrained but not contained: Patterns of everyday life and the limits of segregation in 1920s Harlem,” The Ghetto in Global History: 1500 to the Present, ed Wendy Z. Goldman and Joe William Trotter, Jr. (Routledge, 2017)

    Searching for Anglo-American Digital Legal History,” Law and History Review 34, 4 (November 2016): 1047-69

    The Differences between Digital Humanities and Digital History,” Debates in the Digital Humanities 2016, ed Matt Gold and Lauren Klein (University of Minnesota Press, 2016), 289-307

    Digital Mapping as a Research Tool: Digital Harlem: Everyday Life, 1915-1930,” American Historical Review 121, 1 (February 2016): 156-166

    Harlem in Black and White: Mapping Race and Place in the 1920s,” Journal of Urban History 39, 5 (September 2013): 864-880 (with Shane White and Stephen Garton) 

  • Laurie O. Robinson, Criminology, Law and Society

    Research Interests: Crime and public policy, federal role in supporting translational criminology and criminal justice innovation, policing, public management and strategic leadership in criminal justice

    Selected Publications

    Robinson, L., “Five Years after Ferguson: Reflecting on Police Reform and What’s Ahead,” ANNALS, AAPSS, 687. January 2020. DOI: 10.1177/0002716219887372.

    Robinson, L., “Policing in the U.S.: From the Kerner Legacy Looking Forward,” in Fred Harris and Alan Curtis (eds.), Healing our Divided Society – Investing in America Fifty Years After the Kerner Report. Temple University Press. (2018).

    Robinson, L., Ramsey C. The Future of Policing Reform: The Way Forward? Public Administration Review, Vol. 77, Iss. 2. March/April 2017. DOI: 10.111/puar.12736.

    Lum, C., Koper, C., Gill, C., Hibdon J., Telep, C., & Robinson, L. An Evidence-Assessment of the Recommendations of the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing: Implementation and Research Priorities. Alexandria, VA: International Association of Chiefs of Police. (2016).

    Robinson, L. & Abt, T., “Evidence-informed Criminal Justice Policy: Looking Back, Moving Forward,” in Thomas Blomberg, Julie Mestre Brancale, Kevin Beaver and William Bales, (eds.), Advancing Criminology and Criminal Justice Policy. Routledge. (2016)

    Davis, E. & Robinson, L., "Modeling Successful Research-Practitioner Partnerships," Translational Criminology (Fall, 2014).

    Robinson, L., "An Introduction to Fidelity," Advancing Practice (May 2014).

    Braga, A., Robinson, L., & Davis, E., "Encouraging a Broader Set of Criminologists to Form Research Partnerships with Police Departments," The Criminologist, Vol. 38, No. 4 (July/August 2013).

    Robinson, L., "Bridging the Gap between Science and Criminal Justice Policy: The Federal Role," Translational Criminology (Spring 2013).

    Robinson, L., "Federal Leaders: Larger Role on Reentry," Advancing Practice (April 2013). 

    Robinson, L., Foreword to From Juvenile Delinquency to Adult Crime: Criminal Careers, Justice Policy and Prevention.  Loeber, Rolf, and Farrington, David, eds.  New York: Oxford University Press (2012).

    Robinson, L., "Bringing Science to the Forefront of Criminal Justice Policy," The Criminologist," Vol. 37, No. 2 (March/April 2012). 

    Robinson, L., "Exploring Certainty and Severity: Perspectives from a Federal Perch," Criminology and Public Policy, Vol. 10, Issue 1 (February 2011).

    Robinson, L., “Restoring Federal Leadership on Crime Policy,” Federal Sentencing Reporter, Vol. 20, No. 5 (June, 2008).

    Robinson, L., “Commentary on McCoy -- Problem-Solving Courts,” American Criminal Law Review, Vol. 40., No. 4 (Fall, 2003).

    Robinson, L., “Sex Offender Management: The Public Policy Challenges,” in Robert A. Prentky, Eric S. Janus, Michael C. Seto, (Eds.), Sexually Coercive Behavior: Understanding and Management, Ann. NY. Acad. Sci., Vol. 989 (2003). 



  • Paul M. Rogers, English

    Research Interests: My primary research interests revolve around the development of writing abilities across the lifespan, longitudinal studies of writing, writing instruction and feedback, the relationship of writing to knowledge production and social progress, and international writing research.

    Selected Publications

    Co-Edited Volumes

    Bazerman, C., Russell, D., & Rogers, P.M., et al (2020). Knowing Writing: Writing Research Across Borders. Fort Collins, Colorado: The WAC Clearinghouse.

    Plane, S., Bazerman, C. & Rogers, P.M. (2017). Writing Research from Multiple Perspectives, Paris, France: Centre de Recherche sur les Médiations and Fort Collins, Colorado: The WAC Clearinghouse.

    Bazerman, C., Dean  C., Early J., Lunsford, K., Null S., Rogers P. & Stansell A. (Eds.), (2012). Advances in International Writing Research: Cultures, Places, and Measures. West Lafayette, IN: Parlor Press. 

    Zawacki, T. & Rogers, P.M (Eds.). (2011). Writing across the curriculum: A critical sourcebook. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin's.

    Bazerman, C., Krut, R., Lunsford K., McLeod S., Null, S., Rogers P. & Stansell A. (Eds.), (2010). Traditions of writing research. Oxford, UK: Routledge.

    Journal Articles and Book Chapters

    Rogers, P.M., Marine, J., Parsons, S. & Ives, S. (Accepted) The Student Scorecard: Accounting for the Social and Cognitive Elements of Formative Writing Assessment. Assessment in Education.

    Rogers, P.M. (2017). Crossing the borders of professional practice through initiative, interaction, and participation. In A. Davis & S. Webb (Eds.), Metamorphosis: The effects of professional development on graduate students. Southland, TX: Fountainhead Press.

    Rogers, P.M., Zawacki, T. & Baker. S. (2016) Uncovering Challenges and Pedagogical Complications in Dissertation Writing and Supervisory Practices: Findings from a Multi-method Study of Doctoral Students and Advisers. In Simpson, S., Cox, M., Caplan, N., & Phillips, T. (Eds.) Supporting Graduate Student Writers: Research, Pedagogy, Program Design. Ann Arbor, MI: U of Michigan Press.

    Lucas, N. and Rogers, P. (2016) The Well Being University. In Harward, D. (Ed.) Well-Being and Higher Education: A Strategy for Change and the Realization of Education’s Greater Purposes.  Washington, D.C. Briding Theory to Practice.

    Rogers, P. & Lucas, N. (2016) The Time is Right to Prioritize Well-Being in Higher Education. Bridging Theory to Practice Newsletter. Winter. Bridging Theory to Practice Newsletter.  Washington, D.C. http://www.bttop.org/news-events/feature-time-right-prioritize-well-being-higher-education

    Rogers, P. (2014). Why Curricular Advances in Social Entrepreneurship Education Matter. Social Entrepreneurship Education Resource Handbook. Washington D.C.: AshokaU.

    Rogers, P.M., and Walling, O. (2011). Writing and knowledge making: Insights from an historical perspective. In Starke-Meyerring, D., Paré, A., Artemeva, N., Horne, M., & Yousoubova, L., (Eds.). Writing in knowledge societies. West Lafayette, IN: Parlor Press and WAC Clearinghouse. 259-273.

    Rogers, P.M. (2011). Evolving integration and differentiation in cognitive and socio-cultural-historical writing research. In V.W. Berninger (Ed.). Past, Present, and Future Contributions of Cognitive Writing Research to Cognitive Psychology. East Sussex, UK: Psychology Press. 585-590.

    Zawacki, T. and Rogers, P.M. (2011). A history of inquiry: The resilience of writing across the curriculum. In T. Zawacki, & P.M. Rogers (Eds.),Writing across the curriculum: A critical sourcebook. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s. 1-10.

    Rogers, P.M., Whitney, A., Bright, A. Cabe, R., Dewar, T & Null, S. (2011). Rejoining the learning circle: When inservice providers conduct research. English Education 43(2). 171-192.

    Rogers, P.M. (2010). The contributions of North American longitudinal studies of writing in higher education to our understanding of writing development. In C. Bazerman, R. Krut, K. Lunsford, S. McLeod, S. Null, P.M. Rogers and A. Stansell (Eds.), Traditions of Writing Research. Oxford, UK: Routledge. 365-377.

  • Rebekah P Rogers, School of Integrative Studies

    Selected Publications

    Selected Publications & Presentations:

    Rogers, R. (2019). Burnout and Motherhood: Finding Your Authentic-Self. Presentation at Columbia Baptist Church, Mothers of Preschoolers, Falls Church, VA.


    Rogers, R. (2018). Servant-Leadership throughout the Bible. Presentation at Columbia Baptist Church, Falls Church, VA.


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    Rogers, R. (2015). The Female Emergency Medicine Physician as an Authentic Self-Leader. Gonzaga University.


    Rogers, R. (2015). Avoiding Burnout for Physicians and Physicians-in-training—Are Men and Women Different. Presentation at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, Winston-Salem, NC.


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    Rogers, R. (2012). Leadership Communication Styles: A Descriptive Analysis of Healthcare Professionals. Journal of Healthcare Leadership, 4, p. 47-57.


  • Johannes Rojahn, Psychology

    Research Interests: Intellectual and developmental disabilities, especially [1] challenging behaviors and other forms of psychopathology (assessment, applied behavior analysis, epidemiology) and [2] socio-emotional development and social adaptation. For free access to the Behavior Problems Inventory (BPI-01 and BPI-S) see below.

    Selected Publications

    An, X., Rojahn, J., Curby, T. W., & Ding, Y. (2015). Psychometric Properties of the Chinese Behavior Problems Inventory-01 in Children and Adolescents with or at Risk for Intellectual Disabilities. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 36, 256–263

    Barnard-Brak, L., Rojahn, J., Richman, D.M., Chesnut, S.R., Wei, T. (2015).  Stereotyped behaviors predicting self-injurious behavior in individuals with intellectual disabilities. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 36, 419–427.

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    Morse, R. S., Rojahn, J., & Smith, A. C. M. (2014). Effects of behavior problems, family functioning, and family coping on parent stress in families with a child with Smith-Magenis syndrome. Journal of Developmental and Physical Disabilities, 26, pagination specified. doi: 10.1007/s10882-014-9367-3.

    Schroeder, S. R., Rojahn, J., An, X., Mayo-Ortega, L., Oyama-Ganiko, R., & LeBlanc, J. (2014). The Parental Concerns Questionnaire: A brief screening instrument for potentially severe behavior problems in infants and toddlers at-risk for developmental delays. Journal of Developmental and Physical Disabilities, 26, 237-247.

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    VanDerhei, S., Rojahn, J., Stuewig, J., & McKnight, P. E. (2013). The effect of shame-proneness, guilt-proneness, and internalizing tendencies on non-suicidal self-injury. Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior. DOI: 10.11 22/sltb.12069.

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    Rojahn, J., Barnard-Brak, L., Richman, D., Dotson, W., Medeiros, K., Wei, T., & Abby, L. (2013). Behavior Problems in Individuals with Cornelia de Lange Syndrome: Population-Specific Validation of the Behavior Problem Inventory-01. Journal of Developmental and Physical Disabilities. DOI: 10.1007/s10882-012-9329-6.

    Baraldi, G., Rojahn, J., Saebra, A., Carreiro, L., & Triquero Veloz Teixeira, M. C. (2013). Tradução, adaptação e validação preliminar da versão brasileira do Behavior Problems Inventory (BPI-01) (Translation, adaptation, and validation of the preliminary version of the Behavior Problems Inventory [BPI-01]). Trends in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, 35 (3), 198-211.

    Rojahn, J., Schroeder, S. R., Mayo-Ortega, L., Oyama-Ganiko, R., LeBlanc, J., Marquis, J, & and Berke, E. (2013). Validity and Reliability of the Behavior Problems Inventory, the Aberrant Behavior Checklist, and the Repetitive Behavior Scale-Revised among Infants and Toddlers at Risk for Developmental Disabilities: A Multi-Method Assessment Approach. Research in Developmental Disabilities. 34, 1804-1814.  DOI: 10.1016/j.ridd.2013.02.024.

  • Esperanza Roman-Mendoza, Modern and Classical Languages

    Research Interests: E-learning, Distance Education, Applied Linguistics, Spanish for Heritage Speakers, Globalization, Learning Analytics

    Selected Publications

    • Román-Mendoza, E. (2018). Aprender a aprender en la era digital
      Tecnopedagogía crítica para la enseñanza del español LE/L2. London: Routledge. Intro chapter available here.
    • Hernández Muñoz, N. y Román-Mendoza, E. (2018). Aprende conmigo: exigencias de la era digital para las buenas prácticas en la enseñanza de segundas lenguas." Círculo de lingüística aplicada a la comunicación 76, 31-48.
    • Román-Mendoza, E. (2018). “Tecnologías educativas". En J. Muñoz-Bassols, E. Gironzetti & M. Lacorte (Eds.), The Routledge Handbook of Spanish Language Teaching. Metodologías, contextos y recursos para la enseñanza del español L2. (pp. 547-564). London: Routledge.
    • Román Mendoza, E. (2016). "Engaging students in curriculum development: the case of an undergraduate course in digital humanities." Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Technological Ecosystems for Enhancing Multiculturality, pp. 965-969 
    • Hernández Gil de Lamadrid, C., & Román Mendoza, E. (2015): “A Technology-Enhanced Self-Study of Reversible Mentorship in a Modern Language Program.” In A. Samaras, & K. J. Pithouse-Morgan (Eds.), Polyvocal Professional Development: Enacting dialogic professional learning through self-study. (pp. 93-110). Rotterdam, The Netherlands: SensePublishers.
    • Román Mendoza, E. (2014). Tecnología y enseñanza del español en los Estados Unidos: hacia un mayor protagonismo del alumno como gestor de su propio aprendizaje. Journal of Spanish Language Teaching, 1(2), 187-204. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/23247797.2014.970362Click here to download complete accepted manuscript.
    • Samaras, A. P., Karczmarczyk, D. Smith, L., Woodville, L., Harmon, L., Nasser, I., Parsons, S., Smith, T., Borne, K., Constantine, L., Roman-Mendoza, E., Suh, J., & Swanson, R. (2014). The Shark in the Vitrine: Experiencing our Practice from the Inside Out with Transdisciplinary Lenses. Journal of Transformative Education, 12(4), 368-388. doi:10.1177/1541344614551637
    • Román Mendoza, E. (2014). Prólogo. En E. Martín y J. Hernández Ortega (Eds.), Pedagogía audiovisual. Monográfico de experiencias docentes multimedia. Madrid: Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. http://eciencia.urjc.es/handle/10115/12522
    • Román Mendoza, E. (2013). Los medios sociales en los cursos online abiertos y masivos (MOOC): un camino hacia la innovación a través de la disrupción y la colaboración. En Creus, A., Sánchez-Navarro, J. y Aranda, D. (eds.). Educación, medios digitales y cultura de la participación. (pp. 153-176). Barcelona: UOC Press.
    • Román Mendoza, E. (2013). Tecnología y aprendizaje de lenguas extranjeras: De dónde venimos y hacia dónde vamos. Boletín Scopeo, 88. Online at  http://scopeo.usal.es/tecnologia-y-aprendizaje-de-lenguas-extranjeras-de-donde-venimos-y-hacia-donde-vamos/
    • Román Mendoza, E. (2012). Tecnología educativa y mentoría reversible: nuevos planteamientos en la formación inicial y permanente del profesorado. In M. Estebanell Miguell, P. Cornellà Canals & D. Codina Regàs (Eds.) XX Jornadas Universitarias de Tecnología Educativa (pp. 267-272). Girona: GreTICE. ISBN: 978-84-8458-409-4. (2012). Also available at www.udg.edu/Portals/9/Publicacions/novetats/2012/JUTE2012.pdf
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    • Ruipérez, G., Aguirre, B., García, J. C. and Román, E. Primer Plano 3. Madrid: Edelsa, 2002.
  • Arthur Romano, Mason Korea

    Research Interests: Violence Prevention, Conflict Resolution Education and Training, Multi-Cultural Education, Diversity Training, Experiential Education

    Selected Publications


  • Karen E Rosenblum, Sociology and Anthropology

    Research Interests: Global and American social problems from an economic perspective; comparative stigma

    Selected Publications

    Co-author/editor, The Meaning of Difference: American Constructions of Race, Sex and Gender, Social Class, Sexual Orientation, and Disability, 7th edition (2015)


  • Christine Rosenfeld, Cultural Studies

    Research Interests: Occupation, settler colonialism, colonialism, biopolitics, indigeneity, aboriginality, cultural loss and preservation, Hawai`i, cultural and environmental resources, landscape, resource extraction

    Selected Publications

    Rosenfeld, Christine. (2016). More Than Merely Transcription: An Analysis of Metatasks and Twitter Chat. Collections: A Journal for Museum and Archives Professionals, 12(2), 199 – 206.

    Ferriter, Meghan, Christine Rosenfeld, Dana Boomer, Carla Burgess, Siobhan Leachman, Victoria Leachman, Heidi Moses, Felicia Pickering, Megan Shuler. (2016). We Learn Together. Collections: A Journal for Museum and Archives Professionals, 12(2), 207 – 226.  

    Ferriter, Meghan and Christine Rosenfeld.  (2016). Introduction and Afterward to Focus Issue: Exploring the Smithsonian Institution Transcription Center. Collections: A Journal for Museum and Archives Professionals, 12(2), 81 – 86.  Contributor and co-editor of special issue.

  • Katherine E Rowan, Communication

    Research Interests: Risk and crisis communication, science communication, public relations.

    Selected Publications

    Principal investigator.  Science communication education for VASG Fellows.  Funded, Virginia Sea Grant, 2013-2017, $56,000.

    Co-principal investigator, National Science Foundation, Enabling TV meteorologists to provide viewers with climate change-related science education based on ISE “best practices.” 2009-2011, $1 million.

    Rowan, K. E., Kotcher, J., Walsh-Thomas, J., Baldwin, P., Trowbridge, J., Thaker, J. T., Witte, J., Klinger, B. A., Cohen, L., Tresch, C., & Maibach, E. W. (in press).  Best practices of “innovator” TV meteorologists who act as climate change educators.  In D. O’Hair (Ed.), Risk and Health Communication in an Evolving Media Environment.  London:  Routledge.

    Jacobsen, K. H., Aguirre, A. A., Bailey, C. L., Baranova, A. V., Crooks, A. T., Croitoru, A., Delamater, P. L., Gupta, J., Kehn-Hall, K., Narayanan, A., Pierobon, M., Rowan, K. E., Schwebach, J. R., Seshaiyer, P., Sklarew, D. M., Stefanidis, A., & Agouris, P. (2016).  Lessons from the Ebola outbreak: Ten action items for emerging infectious disease preparedness and response.  Ecohealth, 13 (1), 200-212.

    Akerlof, K. L., Rowan, K. E., La Porte, T., Batten, B. K., Ernst, H., & Sklarew, D. M. (2016).  Risky business: Engaging the public on sea level rise and inundation, Environmental Science and Policy, 66, 314-323.

    Rowan, K. E. (2015).  Why some health risks upset us and others do not:  Risk perception and risk communication.  Spectra, magazine of the National Association of Communication, March, 51 (1). 

    Akerlof, K. L., Rowan, K. E., Fitzgerald, D., & Cedeno, A. Y. (2012). Communicating climate projections in U. S. media: Politicization of model uncertainty. Nature Climate Change, 2, http://www.nature.com/nclimate/journal/vaop/ncurrent/full/nclimate1542.html

    Rowan, K. E., Botan, C. H., Kreps, G. L., Samoilenko, S., & Farnsworth, K. (2009). Risk communication education for local emergency managers: Using the CAUSE Model for research, education, and outreach (pp. 168-191). In R. Heath & H. D. O’Hair (Eds.), Handbook of crisis and risk communication. New York: Taylor & Francis.

    Rowan, K. E. (2003). Informing and explaining skills: Theory and research on informative communication. In J. O. Greene & B. R. Burleson (Eds.), The handbook of communication and social interaction skills (pp. 403-438). Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum.

  • Ellen Rowe, Psychology

    Research Interests: Areas of assessment and measurement with children.

    Selected Publications

    Rowe, E. W., Kingsley, J. M., & Thompson, D. F. (2010). Predictive ability of the General Ability Index (GAI) versus the Full Scale IQ among gifted referrals. School Psychology Quarterly.

    Rowe, E. W., Kim, S., Baker, J. A., Kamphaus, R. W., & Horne, A. M. (2010). Student personal perception of classroom climate: Exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses. Educational and Psychological Measurement.

    Rowe, E. W., Perna, A. M., & Kamphaus, R. W. (2008). Behavioral measures of personality in children. In G. J. Boyle, G. Matthews, & D. H. Saklofske (Eds.), Handbook of personality theory and testing: Vol. 2. Personality measurement and assessment. London: Sage.

  • Danielle S. Rudes, Criminology, Law and Society

    Research Interests: Organizational change, community corrections (probation/parole), prisons, law &amp; society, prisoner reentry, problem-solving courts, implementation studies, street-level bureaucrats, and qualitative methods

    Selected Publications

    Rudes, D.S., Magnuson, S., Portillo, S., & Hattery A. (2020). Sex Logics: Negotiating the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) Against Its’ Administrative, Safety and Cultural Burdens. Punishment & Society.

    Rudes, D.S., Viglione, J., Sheidow, A.J., McCart, M.R., Chapman, J.E., & Taxman, F.S. (2020). Juvenile Probation Officers’ Perceptions on Youth Substance Use Varies from Task-Shifting to Family-Based Contingency Management. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment.

    Magnuson, S., Kras, K. R., Aleandro, H., Rudes, D. S., & Taxman, F. S. (2020). Using Plan-Do-Study Act and Participatory Action Research to Improve Use of Risk Needs Assessments. Corrections, 5(1), 44-63.

    Rudes, D.S. & Magnuson, S. (2019). Scapegoating Culture: Misunderstanding Organizational Culture as the Problem in Carceral Institutions and Beyond. Sociology Compass.

    Kras, K. R., Dmello, J., Butterfield, A.E., Meyer, K.S. & Rudes, D.S. (2019). Attitudes Toward Punishment, Organizational Commitment and Cynicism: A Multi-Level Analysis of Staff Responses in a Juvenile Justice Agency. Criminal Justice & Behavior

    Rudes, D. S. & Viglione, J. (2017). Gendered adherence: Correctional officers andtherapeutic reform in a reentry facility. The Prison Journal, 97(4), 496-519.  

    Viglione, J., Lerch, J., Rudes, D.S., & Taxman, F (2016). Big stick management: Tickets as discipline within a correctional reentry facility. Criminal Justice and Behavior, 44(2), 163-193.

    Viglione, J., Rudes, D.S., & Taxman, F.S. (2016). Probation officer use of client-centered communication strategies in adult probation settings. Journal of Offender Rehabilitation.

    Mitchell, S. G., Willet, J., Monico, L.B., James, A., Rudes, D.S., Viglione, J. Schwartz, R., Gordon, M.S., & Friedmann, P.D. (2016). Community Correctional Agents’ Views of Medication-Assisted Treatment: Examining their Influence on Treatment Referrals and Community Supervision Practices. Substance Abuse, 37(1). DOI: 10.1080/08897077.2015.1129389).

    Kras, K. R., Rudes, D.S., & Taxman, F.S. 2015. Managing Up and Down: Community Corrections Middle Managers Role Conflict and Ambiguity during Organizational Change. Journal of Crime and Justice, 3, 1-15. (DOI: 10.1080/0735648X.2015.1085889).

    Viglione, J., Rudes, D.S.  & Taxman, F.S. 2015. Misalignment in Supervision: Implementation of Risk/Needs Instruments in Probation. Criminal Justice & Behavior, 42(3), 263-85.

  • Deborah E. Rupp, Psychology

    Research Interests: - Workplace Bias and Employment-Related Legal Issues - Organizational Justice, Behavioral Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Humanitarian Work Psychology - Emotions in the Workplace, Emotional Labor - The Assessment Center Method, Technology in Assessment, Legal Issues in Assessment - Cross-Cultural Issues Related to Workplace Justice and Assessment - The Science of Organizational Science, Research Ethics, and Integrity

    Selected Publications

    * Selected publications by topic area. See CV link (on right) for full list.

    Legal Issues (Employment; Soft Law; Social Responsibility)

    Strah, N., Rupp, D. E., & Morris, S. (in press). Job analysis and job classification for addressing pay inequality in organizations: Adjusting our methods within a shifting legal landscape. Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives in Science and Practice.

    Rupp, D.E., Song, Q., Strah, N. (2020). Addressing the so-called validity-diversity trade-off: Exploring the practicalities and legal defensibility of pareto-optimization for reducing adverse impact within personnel selection. Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 13, 246-271.

    Thornton, G. C., Rupp, D. E., Gibbons, A., & Vanhove, A. J. (2019). Same-gender and same-race bias in assessment center ratings: Statistical significance and practical importance. International Journal of Selection and Assessment, 27, 54-71.

    Conley, J. M., Smeehuijzen, L., Williams, C. A., & Rupp, D. E. (in press). Can soft regulation prevent financial crises?: The Dutch Central Bank's supervision of behavior and culture Cornell International Law Review.

    Smeehuijzen, L., Conley, J. M., Rupp, D. E., & Williams, C. A. (2018). To catch a frisbee: A study of behavior and culture supervision by Dutch National Bank. Dutch Journal of Financial Law, 10, 469 – 476.

    Monteith, M., Burns, M.D., Rupp, D.E., Mihalec-Adkins, B. (2015). Out of work and out of luck? Layoffs, system justification, and hiring decisions for people who have been laid off. Social Psychological and Personality Science, 7, 77-84.

    Mulder, L., Rupp, D. E., & Arie D. (2015). When snacking is sinful: (Counter) moralizing obesity in the public discourse differentially affects food choices of those with high and low perceived body mass. Psychology & Health, 30, 233-251.

    Santuzzi, A. M., Waltz, P. R., Rupp, D. E., Finkelstein, L. M. (2014). Invisible disabilities: Unique challenges for employees and organizations. Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice, 7, 204-219.

    Rupp, D. E., & Williams, C. A. (2011). The efficacy of regulation as a function of psychological fit: A re-evaluation of hard and soft law in the age of new governance. Theoretical Inquires in Law, 12(2), 581-602.  

    Aguilera, R., Williams, C., Conley, J., & Rupp, D. E. (2006). Corporate governance and social responsibility: A comparative analysis of the UK and the US. Corporate Governance: An International Review, 14, 147-158.

    The Psychology of Corporate Social Responsibility

    McWilliams, A., Rupp, D. E., Seigel, D. S., Stahl, G., & Waldman, D. A. (2019). The Oxford Handbook of Corporate Social Responsibility: Psychological and Organizational Perspectives. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.

    Jones, D. A. & Rupp, D.E. (2018). Social responsibility IN and OF organizations: The psychology of corporate social responsibility among organizational members. In, Ones, D. S., Anderson, N., Viswesvaran, C., Sinangil, H. K. (Eds.), The Handbook of Industrial, Work and Organizational Psychology (pp. 333-350), London, UK: Sage.

    Opoku-Dakwa, A., Chen, C., & Rupp, D. E. (2018). Corporate social responsibility and experienced meaningfulness at work: A multi-level theory. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 39, 580-593.

    Rupp, D. E., Shao, R., Skarlicki, D., Paddock, L., Kim, T., & Nadisic, T(2018). Corporate social responsibility and employee engagement: The moderating role of self-determination and individualism. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 39, 559-579.

    Farooq, O., Rupp, D. E., & Farooq, M. (2017). The multiple pathways through which internal and external corporate social responsibility influence organizational identification and multifoci outcomes: The moderating role of cultural and social orientations. Academy of Management Journal, 60, 954-985.

    Thornton, M. A. & Rupp, D. E. (2016). The joint effects of justice climate, group moral identity, and corporate social responsibility on the prosocial and deviant behaviors of groups. Journal of Business Ethics, 137, 677-697.

    Rupp, D. E. & Mallory, D. B. (2015). Corporate social responsibility: Psychological, person-centric, and progressing. Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior, 2, 211-236.

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    Rupp, D. E., Williams, C., Aguilera, R. (2011). Increasing corporate social responsibility through stakeholder value internalization (and the catalyzing effect of new governance): An application of organizational justice, self-determination, and social influence theories, In M. Schminke (Ed.). Managerial Ethics: Managing the Psychology of Morality. Routledge/Psychology Press (pp.71-90).

    Aguilera, R., Rupp, D. E., Williams, C., & Ganapathi, J. (2007). Putting the S back in corporate social responsibility: A multi-level theory of social change in organizations. Academy of Management Review, 32, 836-863.

    Organizational Justice

    Pandey, N. & Rupp, D.E. (in press). Reconsidering assumptions about organizational justice through the lens of culture and moral philosophy. In M. Gelfand & M. Erez (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Culture and Organizations. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

    Lavelle, J.J., Harris, C.M., Rupp, D.E., Herda, D.N., Young, R.F., Hargrove, M.B., Thornton-Lugo, M., & McMahan, G.C. (2018). Multifoci effects of injustice on targets of counterproductive work behaviors and the moderating roles of symbolization and victim sensitivity. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 39, 1022-1039.

    Rupp, D.E., Shapiro, D. L., Folger, R., Skarlicki, D. S., & Shao, R. (2017). A critical analysis of the conceptualization and measurement of organizational justice: Is it time for reassessment? Academy of Management Annals, 11, 915-959.

    Rupp, D. E., Shao, R., Jones, K., & Liao, H. (2014). The utility of a multifoci approach to the study of organizational justice: A meta-analytic investigation into the consideration of normative rules, moral accountability, bandwidth-fidelity, and social exchange, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 123, 159-185.

    Shao, R., Rupp, D. E., Skarlicki, D. P., Jones, K. S. (2013). Employee justice across cultures: A meta-analytic review. Journal of Management, 39, 263-301.

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    Rupp, D. E. (2011). An employee-centered model of organizational justice and social responsibility. Organizational Psychology Review, 1, 72-94.

    Guo, J., Rupp, D. R., Weiss, H., & Trougakos, J.  (2011). Organizational justice: A person-centric approach. In S. Gilliland, D. Steiner, & D. Skarlicki (Eds.),  Emerging Perspectives on Organizational Justice and Ethics (Research in Social Issues in Management, Vol. 7, pp. 3-32). Information Age Publishing.

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    Research Practices, Methods, and Ethics

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  • Donald H. Russell, Minor in Design Thinking

    Research Interests: Contemporary art practices; art and society

    Selected Publications

    Editor, Provisional Research Journal

  • Amelia Rutledge, English

    Research Interests: medieval literature, science fiction, fantasy, literature and the arts, children's literature

    Selected Publications

    "'Justice Is Not Healing': J. R. R. Tolkien’s Pauline Constructs in ’Finwë and Míriel.'" Tolkien Studies 9.1 (2012): 59–74. 

    "The Flowers of Love, Death, and Redemption: Wagnerian Motifs in Oscar Wilde's 'The Fisherman and His Soul' and 'The Nightingale and the Rose.'" The Oscholars: An Electronic Journal for the Exchange of Information on Current Research, Publications and Productions concerning Oscar Wilde and His Worlds (2009). Special "Fairy Tales" issue.

    "Reconfiguring Nurture in Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials." Children's Literature Association Quarterly 33.2 (2008): 119-34.

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    "Robin McKinley's Deerskin: Challenging Narcissisms." Marvels and Tales 15.2 (2001): 168-82.

  • ChangGyo Ryu, Mason Korea

    Research Interests: Chinese classics, Aesthetics, Chinese classical literature, Humanity, Mind, Life, Language Teaching, Teaching Methods

    Selected Publications


    1. Jingan Collection 静庵文集, Translated with Commentary, Seoul: ZMANZ, 2014.
    2. The Completed Poems of the Tang Dynasty Poetess Yu Xuanji , Translated with Commentary, Seoul: Seoul National University Press, 2013.
    3. The Completed Poems of the Tang Dynasty Courtesan Xue Tao, Translated with Commentary, Seoul: Seoul National University Press, 2012.
    4. Wang Guowei, An Critical Biography. Daegu: Youngnam University Press, 2005. *Excellent Academic Book of 2007 by the NAS (The National Academy of Sciences), Republic of Korea
    5. Wang Guowei’‘s Ren Jian Ci Hua, Translated with Commentary, Seoul: Somyong Press, 2004.
    6. Studies of Chinese Literature in the U.S.A, Seoul: HyunHak Press, 2003.



    1. “The Words about Words in The Book of Songs”, The Chung Kuk Mun Hak Journal of Chinese Literature (Published by The Society for Chinese Language & Literature, Seoul, Korea.), No. 97 (Nov. 2018)
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    7. “What Makes Shangguan Waner Successful”, The Chung Kuk Mun Hak Journal of Chinese Literature (Published by The Society for Chinese Language & Literature, Seoul, Korea.) Vol. 51 (May. 2007), *Excellent Article of 2007 by The Society for Chinese Language & Literature, Seoul, Korea.
  • Rashmi Sadana, Sociology and Anthropology

    Research Interests: Urban space and design, social mobility and infrastructure, language politics and ideologies, cultural identity formation, ethnography and literature, postcolonial theory, globalization, India

    Selected Publications


    English Heart, Hindi Heartland: The Political Life of Literature in India. Berkeley:University of California Press, 2012. Available open access as a downloadable PDF.

    The Cambridge Companion to Modern Indian Culture, co-edited with Vasudha Dalmia. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2012.

    Book cover Book cover 2


    "Regarding Others: Metro Crowds, Metro Publics, Metro Mobs." In Crowds: Ethnographic Encounters, edited by Megan Steffen, pp. 91-103. London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2020.

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    "The City as Literary Field," Public Books, October 2012.

    "The Metro and the Street," Seminar, Issue 636, August 2012: pp. 16-21.

    Four-part series on the Delhi Metro, The Wall Street Journal, India Real Time. May 30-June 2, 2012. 

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  • Sergei A Samoilenko, Communication

    Research Interests: crisis communication, political communication, public relations, reputation management, risk communication, strategic communication

    Selected Publications

    Shiraev, E., Keohane, J., Icks, M., & Samoilenko, S. A. (2021). Character assassination and reputation management: Theory and applications. London/New York: Routledge.

    Minielli, M., Lukacovic, M., Samoilenko, S. A., Finch, M. with Uecker, D. (2021). Media and public relations research in post-socialist societies. Lanham, MD, Lexington Press.

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    Chiluwa, I.E., & Samoilenko, S.A. (2019). Handbook of research on deception, fake news, and misinformation online. Hershey, PA: IGI Global. This edited volume was selected as a core reference title by IGI Global International Publisher in 2019 and 2020.

  • Kristin Samuelian, English

    Research Interests: British literature and culture of the long nineteenth century, nineteenth-century British novel, materialist approaches to literature.

    Selected Publications

    The Moving Body and the English Romantic Imaginary. Routledge, 2021.

    Royal Romances: Sex, Scandal, and Monarchy in Print, 1780-1821. Palgrave MacMillan, 2010.

    Emma, by Jane Austen.  Edited with an introduction, explanatory notes, and selected contemporary documents. Broadview Press, 2004, 2022 (forthcoming).  A Broadview Literary Texts edition.

    “The Politics of Extraction: Blackwood’s and The Imperial.” Using and Abusing Romantic Periodicals: 12 Case Studies from Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine. Eds. Nicholas Mason and Tom Mole. Edinburgh UP, 2020.

    “Nationalism, restoration, and Romantic ballet: Thackeray, Taglioni, and the good old (English) plan.” Nineteenth-Century Contexts 41.5 (November 2019).

    "Dancing in Time and Place: Figuring Englishness in Romantic Periodicals." ELH 83:3 (Fall 2016).

    “Periodicals” (coauthored with Mark Schoenfield, Vanderbilt University).  Handbook to Romanticism Studies. Ed Joel Faflak and Julia M. Wright. Oxford: Blackwell Press, 2012. 

    “Managing Propriety for the Regency: Jane Austen Reads the Book.” Studies in Romanticism (Summer 2009).

  • Ingrid Sandole-Staroste, Sociology and Anthropology

    Selected Publications


    A Handbook of Conflict Analysis and Resolution, coedited with Dennis Sandole, Sean Byrne, and Jessica Senehi. London and New York: Routledge (Taylor & Francis Group) (2009)

    Women in Transition: Between Socialism and Capitalism. Westport Connecticut and London: Praeger (2002).

    Conflict Management and Problem Solving: Interpersonal to International Applications, coedited with Dennis J.D. Sandole. London: Frances Pinter Publishers, and New York: New York University Press`(1987).

    Selected articles/book chapters

    “Peacebuilding in Fragile African States: The Case for Private Sector Involvement.” co-writtten with Dennis Sandole. Conflict Trends, vol. 3 (2014).

    “Revisiting the Link between Feminist and Human Needs Theories in Conflict Resolution” In Kevin Avruch and Christopher Mitchell (eds.) “Beyond Basic Needs: Linking Theory and Practice. London and New York: Routledge (Taylor & Francis) (2013).

    Book Review of Women and States: Norms and Hierarchies in International Society," by Ann E. Towns. Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press. Social Forces (12 December 2012 – online publication).

    “Gender Mainstreaming”: An Essential Tool in Conflict Analysis and Resolution.” In Dennis Sandole, Sean Byrne, Jessica Senehi and Ingrid Sandole-Staroste (eds.) A Handbook of Conflict Analysis and Resolution, Routledge (Taylor & Francis) (2009).

    “The Fragility of Women’s Human Rights in Tajikistan.” Journal for Central Asian Studies, Summer. (2008)


  • Catherine E. Saunders, English

    Research Interests: 19th-century American literature, with particular focus on works by women and African-Americans and the novel; American antislavery literature; digital humanities; open educational resources; writing in and about the disciplines.

    Selected Publications

    "The Silencing of Contingent Faculty Voices in Secret Presidential Searches." With Virginia Hoy and Deborah M. Sánchez.  Academe Blog.  23 April 2020. 

    “Louisa Jacobs and African American Women’s Mutual Support in the Post-Reconstruction Era.” Review of Mary Maillard, ed., Whispers of Cruel Wrongs: The Correspondence of Louisa Jacobs and Her Circle, 1879-1911.  Resources for American Literary Study Vol 40, 2018.

    Poetic Representations of African-American Soldiers.”  Teaching the Literatures of the American Civil War, ed. Colleen Glenney Boggs.  New York: MLA, 2016. 

    “Emily Clemens Pearson.”  Legacy: A Journal of American Women Writers 29.2 (Summer 2012): 300-317 (profile and reprint of Pearson’s sketch “Old Delia”).


  • James E Savage, English

    Research Interests: multilingual education, metacognition, language justice, memory and media, qualitative research

    Selected Publications

    Cohen, R., Darrah, E. Opatosky, D., Savage, J. Stevens, S. The metacognitive student: How to teach academic, social, and emotional intelligence in every content area. Bloomington, IN: Solution Tree Press. Forthcoming April, 2021.

  • Jessica Scarlata, Film and Media Studies

    Research Interests: global and transnational cinema; incarceration and security; diaspora and migration; violence and human rights; colonialism; Indian, Irish, and Latin American film; race, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality

    Selected Publications

    Rethinking Occupied Ireland: Gender and Incarceration in Contemporary Irish Film. Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, 2014.

    “Outside/In: Performance and Belonging in Loins of Punjab Presents . . .South Asian Popular Culture, 11(1) :1-14 (2013).

    “Othello Nightmares: Time, Race, and Tragedy in Fred Wilson’s September Dream,” Art-in-Sight 28 (Fall 2005).

    “Carnivals and Goldfish: History and Crisis in The Butcher Boy.”  Literature and Film: A Reader. Ed. Robert Stam and Alessandra Raengo. Oxford: Blackwell Press, 2004, 233-251.

  • Benjamin M. Schneider, History and Art History

    Research Interests: 20th Century U.S. History, U.S. and the World, Military History, War Crimes, The World Wars, Imperial Japan

    Selected Publications

    Making Killers: Hate Training and the U.S. Army's War in Europe, 1942-1945. Journal of Contemporary History, April 2020.

    Review of Stephen A. Bourque, Beyond the Beach: The Allied War Against France, in The Strategy Bridge, June 2018.

    Review of Kenneth D. Alford, American Crimes and the Liberation of Paris: Robbery, Rape and Murder by Renegade GIs, 1944-1947, in H-War, January 2018.

    Review of Walter M. Hudson, Army Diplomacy: American Military Occupation and Foreign Policy after World War II, in H-War, March 2017.

  • Zachary Schrag, History and Art History

    Research Interests: Post-1945 US history, urban history, history of technology, public policy, human subjects regulations, riot control

    Selected Publications

    The Fires of Philadelphia: Citizen-Soldiers, Nativists, and the 1844 Riots Over the Soul of a Nation, under contract to Pegasus Books.

    The Princeton Guide to Historical Research. Princeton University Press, forthcoming, 2021.

    Ethical Imperialism: Institutional Review Boards and the Social Sciences, 1965-2009. The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2010.

    The Great Society Subway: A History of the Washington Metro. The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2006.


  • Kelly Schrum, Higher Education

    Research Interests: scholarship of teaching and learning, online learning, scholarly digital storytelling, digital humanities

    Selected Publications

    Schrum, K., Majury, N., & Simonelli, A.L. (forthcoming, 2021). Authentic and transformative learning through scholarly digital storytelling across disciplines and borders. Teaching and Learning Inquiry, 9(2).

    Schrum, K. (forthcoming, 2021). Scholarly digital storytelling: Enhancing academic research and digital literacy. In Hays, L. & Kammer, J. (eds). Teaching digital literacy: A faculty guide to integrating digital skills with disciplinary content. Sterling, VA, Stylus Publishing.

    Schrum, K., Lukes, L., Reid, E.S., & *Mitchell Osborn, H. (2020). Building Bridges: Cultivating SoTL at a research university. ETH Learning and Teaching Journal 2(2), 358-362. learningteaching.ethz.ch/index.php/lt-eth/article/view/164/88

    Sleeter, N., Schrum, K., Swan, A., & Broubalow, J. (2019). “Reflective of my best work”: Promoting inquiry-based learning in a hybrid graduate history course. Arts and Humanities in Higher Education.

    Swan, A., *Sleeter, N., & Schrum, K. (2019). Teaching hidden history: A case study of dialogic scaffolding in a hybrid graduate course. International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. doi.org/10.20429/ijsotl.2019.130107

    Schrum, K., *Sleeter, N., *Tường Vy Sharpe, C., & Pellegrino, A. (2018). Teaching hidden history: Student outcomes from a distributed, collaborative, hybrid history course. The History Teacher, 51(4).


  • Vanessa Meikle Schulman, History and Art History

    Research Interests: Nineteenth- and twentieth-century visual culture of the United States; periodical studies; history of technology

    Selected Publications


    Work Sights: The Visual Culture of Industry in Nineteenth-Century America (University of Massachusetts Press, 2015).

    Selected Articles

    "Visuality in Literary Magazines," forthcoming in The Routledge Companion to the Literary Magazine, 2022.

    "J.J. Woodward, the Philadelphia Centennial, and Medical Imaging in Nineteenth Century America," forthcoming in AMEDD Journal2022. Winner of the Spurgeon H. Neel writing award from the Army Medical Foundation.

    "The Pleasure of the Parlor: Mocking the Home Guard in Civil War Visual Culture," Studies in American Humor 7, no. 1 (Spring 2021): 105-127.

    "Visualizing Race at the Polling Place: Thomas Waterman Wood's American Citizens," American Art 33, no. 3 (Spring 2019): 24-51.

    “‘The Books We All Read’: The Golden Age of Children’s Book Illustration and American Soldiers in the Great War,” The Lion and the Unicorn 41 (2017): 204-230.

    “Alph-Art, B Movies, Cast Corpses: Death by Sculpture and Hergé’s Middle Ground,” in The Comics of Hergé: When the Lines Are not so Clear, ed. Joe Sutliffe Sanders (Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 2016), 62-76.

    “Managing Subjects, Manufacturing Citizens: Picturing Sites of Social Control in Nineteenth-Century America.” Early Popular Visual Culture 12.2 (May 2014): 104-126.

    “Definite Indeterminacy: Blindness in the Civil War Imagery of Ambrose Bierce and Winslow Homer,” Invisible Culture 19 (Fall 2013): ivc.lib.rochester.edu

    “Making the Magazine: Visuality, Managerial Capitalism, and the Mass Production of Periodicals, 1865-1890,” American Periodicals 22.1 (Spring 2012): 1-28.

  • Jonathan F Schulz, Economics

    Research Interests: Cultural Economics, Economic History, Experimental Economics

    Selected Publications

    The Church, intensive kinship, and global psychological variation (2019). Science, 366, 6466 (with D. Bahrami-Rad, J. Beauchamp, & J. Henrich)

    The Moral Machine Experiment (2018). Nature, 563, 59-64 (with E. Awad, S. Dsouza, R. Kim, J. Henrich, A. Shariff, J.-F. Bonnefon, & I. Rahwan)

    Intrinsic Honesty and the Prevalence of Rule Violations across Societies (2016). Nature, 531, 496‑499 (with S. Gächter)

    Affect and Fairness: Dictator Games under Cognitive Load (2014). Journal of Economic Psychology 41, 77-87 (with U. Fischbacher, C. Thöni, & V. Utikal)

  • Michele S. Schwietz, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

    Research Interests: Internationalization of the Academic Profession, Qualitative and Ethnographic Research, Higher Education Administration

    Selected Publications

    Internationalization of the Academic Profession:  Faculty Attitudes, Beliefs and Involvement at Public Universities in Pennsylvania, 2008.  VDM Publishing House Ltd., Mauritius.

    Book Review:  Minorities in Higher Education, 1997.  Journal of College Student Development, 38,6, 678-681.  [Publication under the name of Michele Sanchez]

    Book Review:  A Darker Shade of Crimson:  Odyssey of a Harvard Chicano, 1995.  Journal of College Student Development, 36, 6, 608-609.  [Publication under the name of Michele Sanchez]

  • Randolph Scully, History and Art History

    Research Interests: colonial and revolutionary America, race, gender, religion, Southern history, Virginia history

    Selected Publications

    Religion and the Making of Nat Turner’s Virginia: Baptist Community and Conflict, 1740-1840 (University of Virginia Press, 2008). Winner of the Frank S. and Elizabeth D. Brewer prize from the American Society of Church History.

     “‘I Come Here Before You Did and I Shall Not Go Away’: Race, Gender, and Evangelical Community on the Eve of the Nat Turner Rebellion,” Journal of the Early Republic 27:4 (Winter 2007): 661-684.

     “‘Somewhat Liberated’: Baptist Discourses of Race and Slavery in Nat Turner’s Virginia, 1770-1840,” Explorations in Early American Culture 5 (2001): 328-371.

  • Linda J Seligmann, Sociology and Anthropology

    Research Interests: informal economies and markets, agrarian issues, gender relations, quinoa, culture and food, Latin America, Andean region, Peru; transnational and transracial adoption, U.S., anthropological theory and methods

    Selected Publications


    2021  Quinoa: Food Politics and Agrarian Life in the Peruvian Andean Highlands.  Under contract, Univ. of Illinois Press.

    2018  The Andean World (co-edited with Kathleen Fine-Dare). London: Routledge.

    2015  La vida en las calles: Cultura, poder, y economía entre las mujeres de los mercados del Cuzco. Lima: IEP.  [transl. of Peruvian Street Lives]

    2013  Broken Links, Enduring Ties:American Adoption across Race, Class, and Nation. Stanford:Stanford University Press.

    2004  Peruvian Street Lives:Culture, Power, and Economy among Market Women of Cuzco. Urbana:University of Illinois Press, ("Interpretations of Culture in the New Millennium" series). Cited as an Anthony Leeds Honor Book.

    2001 Women Traders in Cross-Cultural Perspective: Mediating Identities, Marketing Wares (edited volume). Stanford:Stanford University Press.

    1995 Between Reform and Revolution: Political Struggles in the Peruvian Andes, 1969-1991. Stanford: Stanford University Press.


    2019   “Innovations in Ethnographic Methods.” (with Brian P. Estes).  American Behavioral Scientist, pp. 1-22. (in press).

    2014 “Between Story-Telling and Critical Analysis: Going Native and Crossing Borders.” Anthropology and Humanism 39(1):10-17.

    2013 “Occupying the Center:  Handicraft Vendors, Cultural Vitality, Commodification, and Tourism in Cusco, Peru.” (with Daniel Guevara). Built Environment Special Issue, “Marketplaces as an Urban Development Strategy.” 39(2): 203-23.

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    2008 “Agrarian Reform and Peasant Studies:The Peruvian Case.” In A Companion to Latin American Anthropology, Deborah Poole, ed.  Pp. 325-351. Oxford:Blackwell Publishing.

  • Eunhee Seo, Mason Korea

    Research Interests: SFL-based Second Language (L2) writing pedagogy, discourse analysis, and teacher education

    Selected Publications

    Seo, E. (2019). Lexicogrammar as a Meaning-Making Resource: A Systemic Functional Approach to Second Language (L2) Writing Pedagogy in Cross-Border Education. Korean Journal of Applied Linguistics, 35(4), 153-191.

    Seo, E. (2016). Engineering Students’ Writing Performance in a College-Level Writing Class: An Appraisal Investigation. Studies in English Education, 21(2), 1-37.

    Seo, E. (2014). Investigating ESL Students’ Timed Essays for Mainstream Composition Class Placement: Insights from Appraisal Theory. Korean Journal of Applied Linguistics, 30(4), 167-203.

    Seo. E. (2013). “Ideological Becoming” of U.S. versus International Teaching Assistants (TAs): Bakhtinian Analysis of TAs’ Voice in a TV Production Studio Lab. Korean Journal of Applied Linguistics, 29(4), 171-219.

  • Ellen Johnson Serafini, Modern and Classical Languages

    Research Interests: Instructed Second Language Learning; Learner Individual Differences; Task-based Language Teaching; Critical Language Pedagogy; Heritage Language Education; Bilingual Education.

    Selected Publications

    Leeman, J. & Serafini, E. J. (Forthcoming). "It's not fair": Discourses of deficit, equity, and effort in mixed HL/L2 Spanish classes. Journal of Language, Identity & Education.

    Serafini, E. J. (2020). Further exploring the dynamicity, situatedness, and emergence of the self: The key role of context. Studies in Second Language Learning and Teaching, 10(1), 133-157.

    Serafini, E. J., Rozell, N. & Winsler, A. W. (2020). Academic and English language outcomes for DLLs in Miami as a function of school bilingual education model: The role of two-way immersion and home language support. International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, https://doi.org/10.1080/13670050.2019.1707477. 

    Serafini, E. J. (2020). Exploring the dynamics of interlocutor IDs and language learner selves during a short-term experience abroad. In L. Gurzynski-Weiss (Ed.), Cross-theoretical explorations of interlocutors and their individual differences (pp. 209-243). John Benjamins (Language Learning & Language Teaching series).

    Serafini, E. (2019). Further situating learner possible selves in context: A proposal to replicate Henry & Cliffordson (2013) & Lasagabaster (2016). Language Teaching.

    Serafini, E. J., Rozell, N., & Winsler, A. (2018). Long-term outcomes of bilingual education models: What does the research tell us? Teachers’ Hub.

    Sanz, C. & Serafini, E. J. (2018). La cognición y las lenguas no nativas: El papel de las diferencias individuales en el aprendizaje de lenguas extranjeras con especial atención a la memoria operativa. In E. Ortiz-Preuss & I. Finger (Eds.), A dinâmica do processamento bilíngue, (pp. 233-267). Pontes Editores.

    Serafini, E. J. (2017). Exploring the dynamic long-term interaction between cognitive and psychosocial resources in adult second language development at varying proficiency. Modern Language Journal, 101(2), 369-390.

    Serafini, E. J. & Sanz, C. (2016). Evidence for the decreasing impact of cognitive ability on second language development as proficiency increases. Studies in Second Language Acquisition, 38, 607-646.

    Leeman, J. & Serafini, E. J. (2016). Sociolinguistics in heritage language education: Promoting critical translingual competence. In Fairclough, M. & Beaudrie, S. (Eds.), Innovative Approaches in HL Pedagogy: From Research to Practice (pp. 56-79). Washington, DC: Georgetown University Press.

    Torres, J. & Serafini, E. J. (2016). Micro-evaluating learners' task-specific motivation in a task-based Business Spanish course. Hispania, 99, 289-304.

    Serafini, E. J. & Torres, J. (2015). The utility of needs analysis for non-domain expert teachers in designing task-based Spanish for the Professions curricula. Foreign Language Annals, 48, 447-472.

    Grey, S., Cox, J., Serafini, E. J., & Sanz, C. (2015). The role of individual differences in the study abroad context: Cognitive capacity and language development during short-term intensive language exposure. The Modern Language Journal, 99, 137-157.

    Serafini, E. J., Lake, J., & Long, M. H. (2015). Needs analysis for specialized learner populations: Essential methodological improvements. English for Specific Purposes, 40, 11-26.


  • Padmanabha Seshaiyer, Minor in Design Thinking

    Research Interests: Computational mathematics; computational data science; scientific computing; computational biomechanics; design and systems thinking; entrepreneurship; STEM education.

    Selected Publications

    Mathematical modeling, analysis, and simulation of the spread of infectious diseases, such as Zika

    Use of Technology to Manage Stimulus Cues and Reduce Drug Relapse: A STEAM-H Initiative

    Quantification of biomechanical properties to predict rupture potential of intracranial saccular aneurysms

    Investigating mathematical modeling, experiential learning, and research through professional development and an integrated online network for elementary teachers

  • Eric Setzekorn, History and Art History

    Research Interests: Chinese History, Military History, the Cold War

    Selected Publications

    Book: The Rise and Fall of an Officer Corps: The Republic of China Military, 1942-1955, University of Oklahoma Press, 2018

    Journal Articles:

    -"China’s Pundits in Uniform: Military Officers and Guiding Public Opinion," Political and

    Military Sociology, forthcoming, 2019

    -Qing Dynasty Warfare and Military Authority: Discipline and the Ethnic Cleansing of

    1860’s Shaanxi, Journal of Chinese Military History, Fall 2018.

    -Structural Dissonance: The Failed U.S.-PRC Defense Relationship, 1979-1989, Journal of Military and Strategic Studies, October 2018

    -"Military Engagement with a Responsible Stakeholder:  The Taft Administration and Qing Imperial China." Journal of American-East Asian Relations, Spring 2018

    -“The Office of Naval Intelligence in World War I: Diverse Threats, Divergent Responses,” Studies in Intelligence, Summer 2017

    -“Eisenhower’s Mutual Security Program and Congress: Defense Assistance for Cold War Asia,” The Society for History in the Federal Government, Spring 2017

    -“Chinese Military History and Qing Dynasty Imperialism, 1644-1911,” The International Bibliography of Military History, Spring 2016

    -“The Contemporary Utility of 1930s Counterintelligence Prosecution under the United States Espionage Act,” The International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence, Spring 2016

    -“Jiang Baili: A Frustrated Military Intellectual in Republican China,” Journal of Chinese Military History, Spring 2016

    -“Eisenhower’s Mutual Security Program: Taiwan as a ‘Strategic Bargain,” Journal of American-East Asian Relations, Spring 2016

    -“Chinese Imperialism, Ethnic Cleansing and Military History, 1850-1877,” Journal of Chinese Military History, Spring 2015.

    -“Target Taiwan: Bombing Japan’s Model Colony,” U.S. Military History Review, January 2015.

    -“U.S. Open Source Intelligence in Japan and the 1921 Washington Naval Conference,” The International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence, Summer 2014.

    -“Military Reform in Taiwan: The Lafayette Scandal, National Defense Law and All-Volunteer Force,” The American Journal of Chinese Studies, April 2014.

    -“The First China Watchers: British Intelligence Officers in China, 1878-1900”  Intelligence and National Security, April 2013.

  • Julia Madeleine Shadur, School of Integrative Studies

    Research Interests: Social-emotional development, emotion regulation, parenting, family systems, substance use, children of substance-dependent caregivers

    Selected Publications

    Shadur, J., & Hussong, A.M. (in press). Conceptualization and measurement of parent emotion socialization among mothers in substance abuse treatment. Journal of Child and Family Studies.

    Shadur, J., Ninnemann, A., Lim, A., Lejuez, C.W., & MacPherson, L. (in press). The prospective relationship between distress tolerance and cigarette smoking expectancies in adolescence. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors.

    Shadur, J., & Lejuez, C.W. (2015). Adolescent substance use and comorbid psychopathology: Emotion regulation deficits as a transdiagnostic risk factor. Current Addiction Reports (Topical Collection on Transgenerational Considerations in Addictions), 2(4)354-363. doi: 10.1007/s40429-015-0070-y

    Shadur, J.M., Hussong, A.M., & Haroon, M. (2015). Negative affect variability and adolescent self-medication: The role of the peer context. Drug and Alcohol Review, 34(6), 571-580, doi: 10.1111/dar.12260.

    Shadur, J., & Hussong, A.M (2014). Friendship intimacy, close friend drug use, and self-medication in adolescence. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 31(8), 997-1018.

  • Tyler H. Shaw, Psychology

    Research Interests: Vigilance or sustained attention, Human-Computer interaction, trust in automation, team performance.

    Selected Publications

    Harwood, A.E., Greenwood, P.M., & Shaw, T. H. (2017). Transcranial Doppler Sonography Reveals Reductions in Hemispheric Asymmetry in Healthy Older Adults During Vigilance. Frontiers in Ageing Neuroscience. doi: 10.3389/fnagi.2017.00021.

    Shaw, T. H., Nguyen, C., Satterfield, K., Ramirez, R., & McKnight, P. (2016). Cerebral Hemovelocity reveals differential resource allocation strategies for extraverts and introverts during vigilance. Experimental Brain Research234, 577-585.

    Walliser, J.C., de Visser, E.J., Shaw, T.H. (2016). Application of a system-wide trust strategy when supervising multiple autonomous agents. Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, USA, 60.

    Mckendrick, R., Shaw, T. H., Saqer, H.,  de Visser, E., Kidwell, B., & Parasuraman, R. (2014). Team performance in networked supervisory control of unmanned air vehicles: Effects of automation, working memory, and communication content. Human Factors, 56, 463-475.

  • Eric B Shiraev, Psychology

    Selected Publications

    History of Psychology (2/e). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage

    Personality Theories. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage

    Character Assassination throughout the Ages (with Martijn Icks). New York: Palgrave

    Counting Every Vote: The Most Contentious Elections in American History (with Robert Dudley). Dulles, VA: Potomac Books

    The Soviet Union: Internal and External Perspectives on Soviet Society (with V. Shlapentokh and E. Carroll) New York: Palgrave


  • Jerome Short, Psychology

    Research Interests: Well-being; exercise; sleep; physical health and longevity; social support; self-compassion; mental health apps; and help-seeking.

    Selected Publications

    *Denotes students under my supervision.

    *Disabato, D. J., Short, J. L., *Lameira, D. M., *Bagley, K. D., & *Wong, S. J. (2018). Predicting help seeking behavior: The impact of knowing someone close who has sought help. Journal of American College HealthDOI:10.1080/07448481.2018.1440568 Download article.

    *Disabato, D. J., Kashdan, T. B., Short, J. L., & Jarden, A. (2017). What predicts positive life events that influence the course of depression? A longitudinal examination of gratitude and meaning in life. Cognitive Therapy and Research, 41(3), 444-458. Download article.

    *Disabato, D. J., Goodman, F. R., Kashdan, T. B., Short, J .L., & Jarden, A. (2016). Different types of well-being? A cross-cultural examination of hedonic and eudaimonic well-being. Psychological Assessment, 28(5), 471-482. Download article.

    *Machell, K.A., Kashdan, T.B., Short, J.L., & Nezlek, J.B. (2015). Relationships between meaning in life, social and achievement events, and positive and negative affect in daily life. Journal of Personality, 83(3), 287-298. Download article.

    *Wagner, D.C., & Short, J.L. (2014). Longitudinal predictors of self-rated health and mortality in older adults. Preventing Chronic Disease, 11:130241, 1-8. Download article.

    *Erb, S.E., Renshaw, K.D., Short, J.L., & Pollard, J.W. (2014). The importance of college roommate relationships: A review and systemic conceptualization. Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice, 51(1), 43-55. Download article.

    Short, J.L. (2012). Psychological fitness for older adults: A pilot intervention. Seniors Housing & Care Journal, 20(1), 71-84. Download article.

  • Amber G Shriver, Psychology

    Research Interests: Relationship between Executive Functioning and Weight Management in Early Childhood; Educational Trajectories of Children with Emotional Disability (ED)

    Selected Publications

    • Bock, A., Cartwright, K., Gonzalez, C., O'Brien, S., Robinson, M. F., Schmerold, K., Shriver, A., & Pasnak, R. (2015). The role of cognitive flexibility in pattern understanding. Journal of Education and Human Development.
    • Bowles, S. V., Pollock, L. D., Moore, M., Wadsworth, S. M., Cato, C., Dekle, J. W., Meyer, S. W., Shriver, A., et. al. (2015). Total force fitness: The military family fitness model. Military Medicine.
  • Blake Silver, Sociology and Anthropology

    Research Interests: Higher education; inequality and mobility; culture; race, class, and gender; parent and family involvement in education; transition to adulthood; research methods; second-generation immigrant students

    Selected Publications

    Recent Articles and Book Chapters:

    Silver, Blake R. 2020. “Inequality in the Extracurriculum: How Class, Race, and Gender Shape College Involvement.” Sociological Forum, 35(4), 1290-1314.

    Silver, Blake R. 2020. “How First-Year College Women Construct Identity through Co-Curricular Involvement.” Journal of Women and Gender in Higher Education, 13(3), 233-250.

    Henderson, Lora, Blake R. Silver, Leslie Booren, Sara Rimm-Kaufman, and James Wyckoff. 2020. “Fostering Faculty Diversity by Supporting Access to Graduate Study in Education.” Journal of College Student Development, 61(5) 663-666.

    Silver, Blake R., Tharuna Kalaivanan, Lily Krietzberg, and Jordan Hawkins. 2020. “Distance, Alignment, and Boundaries: How Second-Generation Immigrant Seniors Negotiate Parental Involvement.” Journal of College Student Development, 61(5) 558-573.

    Roksa, Josipa, Blake R. Silver, Denise Deutschlander, and Sarah Whitley. 2020. “Navigating the First Year of College: Siblings, Parents, and First-Generation Students’ Experiences.” Sociological Forum, 35(3) 565-586.

    Silver, Blake R. 2020. “On the Margins of College Life: The Experiences of Racial and Ethnic Minority Men in the Extracurriculum.” Journal of Contemporary Ethnography, 49(2): 147-175.

    Silver, Blake R. 2020. “Social Class and Habitus at the End of College: Cultural Similarity and Difference among Graduating Seniors.” Sociological Focus, 53(2): 190-206.

    Roksa, Josipa, and Blake R. Silver. 2019. “‘Do-It-Yourself’ University: Institutional and Family Support in the Transition Out of College.” Review of Higher Education, 42(3): 1051-1071.

    Arum, Richard, Josipa Roksa, Jacqueline Cruz, and Blake R. Silver. 2018. "Student Experiences in College." In Barbara Schneider (Ed.), Handbook of the Sociology of Education in the 21st Century, pp. 385-403. Springer.

    Silver, Blake R. and Josipa Roksa. 2017. "Navigating Uncertainty and Responsibility: Understanding Inequality in the Senior-Year Transition." Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice, 54(3): 248-260.

    Silver, Blake R. and Rick C. Jakeman. 2016. "College Students’ Willingness to Engage in Bystander Intervention at Off-Campus Parties." Journal of College Student Development, 57(4): 472-476.

    Silver, Blake R. and Rick C. Jakeman. 2014. "Understanding Intent to Leave the Field: A Study of Student Affairs Master’s Students’ Career Plans." Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice, 51(2): 170-182.

  • Heung Gweon Sin, Mason Korea

    Research Interests: Simulation, supply chain management, intelligent transportation system, and transportation modelling

    Selected Publications

    Sin, H. and Nam, D., A Study on Ergonomic Traffic Sign focused on Spatial Compatibility, Journal of The Korea Institute of Intelligent Transportation Systems, Volume 16, No. 2, pp. 83-91, 2017.

    Sin, H. and Joo, Y., Development of urban disaster evacuation model using Cube Avenue, Spatial Information Research, Issue 3, pp. 513-521, June 2017.

    Ko, J., Kim, D., Sin, H., and Lee, S., The efficiency of vehicle monitoring locations for a voluntary travel demand management program, Transport, Volume 29, Issue 3, pp. 324-331, 2014.

    Sin, H. and Joo, Y., A Study on Prototype Model for Mesoscopic Evacuation Using Cube Avenue Simulation Model, Journal of Korea Spatial Information Society, Vol. 21, No.5, pp. 33-41, October 2013.

    Sin, H. and Nam, D., Optimum Speed Simulation for Electronic Toll Collection, Journal of Institute of Internet Broadcasting and Communication, Volume 13, No. 3, pp. 87-92, 2013.

  • Jason A. Smith, Center for Social Science Research

    Research Interests: race/ethnicity, media policy, media sociology, representation, civil society

    Selected Publications

    Edited books and journal issues

    Jenny Davis, Jason A. Smith, and Barry Wellman (eds). 2018. “Communication, Information Technology, and Media Sociology as a Transfield.” in Information, Communication, & Society, 21(5). Link

    Jason A. Smith and Bhoomi K. Thakore (eds). 2016. Race and Contention in Twenty-First Century U.S. Media. New York: Routledge. Link

    Jason A. Smith, Mark Lloyd, and Victor Pickard (eds). 2015. “Communication in Action: Bridging Research and Policy,” in the International Journal of Communication, 9. Link

    Articles and chapters

    Jason A. Smith and Randy Abreu. 2019. “MOU or an IOU? Latina/os and the Racialization of Media Policy.” Ethnic & Racial Studies, 42(4). Link

    Roberta Spalter-Roth, Jean Shin, Jason A. Smith, Amber C. Kalb, Kyle K. Moore, Ismail Cid-Martinez, and Jermaine Toney. 2019. “’Raced’ Organizations and the Academic Success of URM Faculty Members in Sociology.” Sociology of Race & Ethnicity, 5(2). Link

    Randy Abreu and Jason Smith. 2014. “Public or Industry Interest? Debating the UHF Discount.” International Journal of Media & Cultural Politics, 10(1). Link


    Jason A. Smith. 2019. Why Race Forward Corporate Language in not Enough. SSN Key Findings Brief. Scholars Strategy Network. Link

  • Rick W. A. Smith, Sociology and Anthropology

    Research Interests: Genomics; Epigenomics; Ancient DNA; Power and Social Inequality; Settler Colonialism; Ancient Urbanism and Imperialism; Feminist, Queer, and Indigenous Science Studies. Primary geographic foci include the American South, Texas, Mesoamerica, and the Andes.

    Selected Publications

    Smith RWA. In press. Imperial Terroir: Toward A Queer Molecular Ecology of Colonial Masculinities. Current Anthropology. [invited by Wenner-Gren]

    Salas L, Peres L, Smith RWA, Thayer ZM, Liang L. In press. Optimizing methods in epigenetics: How can we more accurately and rigorously study disparities and underrepresented populations? Epigenomics. [Invited by Epigenomics]

    Smith RWA, Springs L, Reynolds AW, Bolnick DA. In press. Making Kin in a Postgenomic World: Indigenous Belonging after the Genome. In: Daniels: In and Beyond the Law. Nathalie Kermoal and Chris Andersen, eds. Edmonton: University of Alberta Press.

    Tung TA, Smith RWA, Creanza N, Monroe C, Bolnick DA, Kemp BM. 2020. Constrained Agency while Negotiating Spanish Colonialism: A Bioarchaeological, Isotopic, and Ancient DNA Study of the Vinchos Cave Mummies, Ayacucho, Peru. Bioarchaeology International.

    Smith RWA and Bolnick DA. 2019. Situating Science: Doing Biological Anthropology as a View from Somewhere. In: Vital Topics Forum – How Academic Diversity is Transforming Scientific Knowledge in Biological Anthropology. American Anthropologist 121(2):465-467.

    Smith RWA and Archer SM. 2019. Bisexual Science. In: Vital Topics Forum – How Academic Diversity is Transforming Scientific Knowledge in Biological Anthropology. American Anthropologist 121(2):491-492.

    Bolnick DA, Smith RWA, Fuentes A (eds.). 2019. Vital Topics Forum – How Academic Diversity is Transforming Scientific Knowledge in Biological Anthropology. American Anthropologist 121(2):464.

    Smith RWA. 2019. Fifty Years in the Fight for Indigenous Sovereignty: From Alcatraz Island to Elizabeth Warren (1969-2019). Anthropology News 60(2):3-5. [invited] [top 5 article of 2019]

    Smith RWA, Monroe C, Bolnick DA. 2015. Detection of Cytosine Methylation in Ancient DNA from Five Native American Populations Using Bisulfite Sequencing. PLoS ONE 10(5): e0125344.

  • Robert F Smith, Psychology

    Research Interests: The effects of adolescent drug consumption, especially nicotine.

    Selected Publications

    J. Brielmaier, C.G. McDonald, R.F. Smith. Effects of acute stress on acquisition of nicotine conditioned place preference in adolescent rats: A role for corticotropin-releasing factor 1 receptors. Psychopharmacology, 2012, 219(1) 73-82.


    Daniel G. Ehlingera,*, Hadley C. Bergstroma,1, Craig G. McDonalda, Robert F. Smitha. Nicotine induces persistent dendrite remodeling in the insular cortex. Neuroscience Letters, 2012 May 10; Vol. 516 (1), pp. 89-93.


    Laura L. Locklear, Craig G. McDonald, Robert F. Smith, Karl J. Fryxell, Adult Inbred Mice Voluntarily Progress to Nicotine Dependence in an Oral Self-Selection Assay. Neuropharmacology, 2012, 63, 582-92.


    Tracey Wheeler, Laura N Smith, Susan E Bachus, Craig G McDonald, Karl J Fryxell, Robert F Smith. (2013) Low-dose adolescent nicotine and methylphenidate have additive effects on adult behavior and neurochemistry. Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior, 103(4),723-34.


    Adriana M Falco; Craig G McDonald.; Susan E Bachus; Robert F Smith. Developmental alterations in locomotor and anxiety-like behavior as a function of D1 and D2 mRNA expression. Behavioural Brain Research, 2014, 260(1), 25-33.


    Adriana, M. Falco, Craig G. McDonald, Robert F. Smith. 2014. Anxiety status affects nicotine- and baclofen-induced locomotor activity, anxiety, and single-trial conditioned place preference in male adolescent rats. Developmental Psychobiology 56(6), 1352-64.

  • Suzanne E. Smith, History and Art History

    Research Interests: African American, 20th century Cultural History, History of Death in America, American Popular Music, African American Religious History

    Selected Publications

    "African American Religious Identities in the Twentieth Century,” The Oxford Handbook of Religion and Race in American History, Paul Harvey and Kathryn Gin Lum, Editors (Oxford University Press, March 2018).

    "Tuning into the 'Happy Am I' Preacher: Researching the Radio Career of Elder Lightfoot Solomon Michaux," Sounding Out! Sound Studies Blog, March 5, 2015.

    To Serve the Living: Funeral Directors and the African American Way of Death (The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2010).

    Dancing in the Street: Motown and the Cultural Politics of Detroit (Harvard University Press, 1999).

    “‘Where Did Our Love Go?’: Contemplating the Life and Death of Motown and the Motor City,” Michigan Quarterly Review, (Fall 2010).

     “To Serve the Living: The Public and Civic Identity of African-American Funeral Directors” in Public Culture: Diversity, Democracy, and Community in the United States. Marguerite S. Schaffer, Editor (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2008).

     “‘Laid Out in Big Mama’s Kitchen’: African Americans and the Personalized Theme Funeral,” in American Behavioral History. Peter N. Stearns, Editor (New York University Press, 2005).

     “‘Boogie Chillen’: Uncovering Detroit’s African American Cultural History.” Michigan Historical Review 27:1 (Spring 2001): 93-107.

  • Byunghwan Ben Son, Global Affairs

    Research Interests: International & Comparative political economy, Exchange rates, Economic crisis, Democratization, Asian Politics

    Selected Publications

    2014. "Inequality and Democratic Support," Journal of Politics. 76-139-151. (with Jonanthan Krieckhaus, Nisha Bellinger, and Jason Wells). 

    2015. "Economic Coercion and Currency Crises in Target Economies," Journal of Peace Research. 52: 448-462. (with Dursun Peksen) 

    2016. "Policy Choices in Hard Times: the case of democratization and currency devaluation," International Political Science Review. 37: 453-469.

    2016. "Are the Poor the Weak Link?: Economic Crisis, Income Level, and Democratic Support in South Korea." Journal of East Asian Studies. 16: 219-237.

    2018. "Democratization and Currency Crises in Latin America," Journal of International Relations and Development. 21: 442-463. (with Jonathan Krieckhaus)

    2018. "The Mysterious Overvaluation of KRW in the 1990s," The Pacific Review. 31(5): 573-597.

    2019. "Political Parties and Foreign Direct Investment Inflows Among Developing Countries" Political Studies. 67: 712-731. (with Nisha Bellinger)

    2020. "Democracy and Reserves" Foreign Policy Analysis. 16(3): 417-437.

    2020. "Interpersonal Trust and Confidence in Labor Unions: the case of South Korea," Journal of East Asian Studies. Forthcoming. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1017/jea.2020.5.

    2020. "Doi Moi and Vietnamese Threat Perception of Chinese Economic Growth," Japanese Journal of Political Science. Forthcoming. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1017/S1468109920000067.

  • Garry Sparks, Religious Studies

    Research Interests: Study of Christianities, Religions of Latin America, Theories of Religion, Native American Religions

    Selected Publications


    Rewriting Maya Religion: Domingo de Vico, K'iche' Intellectuals, and the Theologia Indorum (University Press of Colorado, 2019). Reviewed in the International Journal of Latin American Religions (Nov. 2020) and Latin American Antiquity (March 2021).

    The Americas' First Theologies: Early Sources of Post-Contact Indigenous Religion (Oxford University Press, 2017). Reviewed in Reading Religion of the American Academy of Religion (Jan. 2018), The Americas (Oct. 2018), Rivista di storia del christianeismo (Jan. 2019), Anthropos (2019), and Religious Studies Review (Dec. 2019).

    Book Projects

    Pastoral Fieldnotes: Edition and Commentary of a Sixteenth-century Missionary Handbook from the Maya Highlands, with Frauke Sachse (University Press of Colorado and Library of Congress Press, in process).

    Articles and Chapters

    “Books and/as Idols: Affective Discourse in Early Colonial Dominican and Maya Writings.” The Transatlantic Bartolomé de las Casas: Lascasian Heritage, Indigenous Cultures, Scholastic Thought, and Historical Reception. Edited by Rady Roldán-Figueroa and David Thomas Orique (Leiden, The Netherlands: Brill, forthcoming).

    “Mendicants and Mesoamericans.” Encyclopedia of Global Middle Ages (Bloomsbury/Arc-Humanities Press, forthcoming 2021).

    “Chapter 89: Modes of Interpretation of Indigenous Religious Ethics (of the Americas).” In The Encyclopedia of Religious Ethics, Vol. II. Edited by William Schweiker, Maria Antonaccio, Elizabeth Bucar, and David Clairmont (Oxford, UK: Wiley-Blackwell, 2021).

  • Sharon Spradling, School of Integrative Studies

    Research Interests: Conservation, Sustainability, Geographic Information Sciences, Biogeography, Medical Geography, Entomology

    Selected Publications

    Coleman, Russell E., Burkett, Douglas A., Sherwood, Van, Caci, Jennifer, Spradling, Sharon L., Jennings, Barton T., Rowton, Edgar, Gilmore, Wayne, Blount, Keith, White, Charles E., and Putnam, John L.  (2007) Impact of Phlebotomine Sand Flies on U.S. Military Operations at Tallil Air Base, Iraq:  2. Temporal and Geographic Distribution of Sand Flies.  Journal of Medical Entomology, Vol. 44, no. 1

    Coleman, Russell E., Burkett, Douglas A., Putnam, John L, Sherwood, Van, Caci, Jennifer B., Jennings, Barton, T., Hochberg, Lisa P., Spradling, Sharon L., Rowton, Edgar D., Blount, Keith, Ploch, John, Hopkins, Grady, Raymond, Jo-Lynne W., O’Guinn, Monica L., Lee, John S., and Weina, Peter J.  (2006) Impact of Phlebotomine Sand Flies on U.S. Military Operations at Tallil Air Base, Iraq:  1. Background, Military Situation, and Development of a “Leishmaniasis Control Program”.  Journal of Medical Entomology, Vol. 43, no. 4

  • Richard Todd Stafford, Cultural Studies

    Research Interests: Cultural study of science and technology, culture and political economy, environment and culture, visual culture

    Selected Publications

    (2019) "Response to Caroline West’s 'From Company Town to Post-Industrial: Inquiry on the Redistribution of Space and Capital with a Universal Basic Income'," Lateral 8.1. https://doi.org/10.25158/L8.1.11

    (2015) "The politics of space in Joe Sacco's representations of the Appalachian coalfields" in The Comics of Joe Sacco: Journalism in a Visual World ed. Daniel Worden (University of Mississippi Press).

    (2011) "Towards an epistemological theory of comics journalism: Case studies in Joe Sacco's war reportage" Public Knowledge Journal (now-defunct online grad student journal out of Virginia Tech) 3.1.4

  • Kevin Stagl, Psychology

    Research Interests: Kevin researches human performance, teamwork, multiteam performance, maximal performance, leadership, learning, and adaptation in high-stakes settings. He also studies the assessment, selection, training, and development practices and technology required to cultivate and sustain these phenomena.

    Selected Publications

    The 56 journal articles, book chapters, technical reports, and presentations he has coauthored are since cited 3,800+ instances. His findings and lessons learned appear in the Journal of Applied Psychology, Leadership Quarterly, Organizational Frontiers Series, International Journal of Training & Development, International Review of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and Human Factors, including:

    Stagl, K. C., Sheehan, J., Fowlkes, J., Shrader, D., Rosopa, P. J., & Jentsch, F. (2010, August). Engineering the evolution of expertise: Enhancing unmanned aircraft system operator and crew effectiveness. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, Denver, CO.

    Stagl, K. C. (2010, April). Training unmanned aircraft systems vehicle and sensor operators. In K. C. Stagl (Chair), Technology and training for transcendent unmanned systems operations. Paper presented at the meeting of the Society for Modeling & Simulation International, Orlando, FL.

    Stagl, K. C., Santarelli, T., Pepe, A., Paulus, J., Silveus, I., & Kolodney, S. (2010). Development and evaluation of the haptics-based Combat Medic trainer suite: Learning design plan. CHI Systems, Contract W91CRB-08-R-0073.

    Salas, E. & Stagl, K. C. (2009). Design training systematically by following the science of training. In E. A. Locke (Ed.), The Blackwell handbook of principles of organizational behavior (pp. 43-59). Malden, MA: Blackwell.

    Klein, C., Stagl, K. C., Salas, E., Parker, C. & Van Eynde, D. F. (2007). Returning to flight: Simulation-based training for the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Mission Management Team. International Journal of Training & Development, 11, 132-138.

    Burke, C. S., Stagl, K. C., Klein, C., Goodwin, G. F., Salas, E., & Halpin, S. M. (2006). What types of leadership behaviors are functional in teams? A meta-analysis. Leadership Quarterly, 17, 288-307.

    Burke, C. S., Stagl, K. C., Salas, E., Pierce, L. & Kendall, D. (2006). Understanding team adaptation: A conceptual analysis and framework. Journal of Applied Psychology, 91, 1189-1207.

  • Peter N. Stearns, History and Art History

    Research Interests: Modern European and American and comparative social history, history of emotions, world history

    Selected Publications

    Select Publications since 2000:

    • With Katie Barclay and Sharon Crozier-de Rosa, eds., Sources in World History (2020)
    • With Michael Adas and others, World Civilizations AP edition (2020)
    • With Michael Adas and others, World Civilizations 8th ed (2020)
    • Ed., Death in Modern History (2020)
    • With Marcus Collins, Why Study History? (2020)
    • Industrial Revolution in World History, 5th ed (2020)
    • 2019 Globalization in World History 3rd ed (2019)
    • Time in World History (2019)
    • 2018 Culture Change: exploring cases, causes and consequences (2018)
    • Peacebuilding through Dialogue (2018)
    • Tolerance in World History (2017)
    • Sexuality in World History, 2nd ed. (2017)
    • A History of Shame (2017)
    • Globalization in World History, 2nd ed. (2016)
    • The Industrial Turn in World History (2016)
    • Childhood in World History, 3rd ed. (2016)
    • The Civil War in Global Perspective (2015)
    • Gender in World History, 3rd ed. (2015)
    • Guiding the American University: Challenges and Choices (2015)
    • Peace in World History (2014)
    • Doing Emotions History (2013)
    • Satisfaction Not Guaranteed: Dilemmas of Progress in Modern Society (2012)
    • Globalization in World History (2010)
    • Educating Global Citizens in Colleges and Universities:  Challenges and Opportunities (2009)
    • From Alienation to Addiction: The History of American Work in Global Context (2008)
    • Revolutions in Sorrow: American Death Experience and Policy in Global Context (2007)
    • American Fear: The Causes and Consequences of High Anxiety (2006)
    • Anxious Parents: a 20th Century History (2003)
    • Fat History (2002)
  • Paula P Steele, English

    Research Interests: Writing,Teaching, and Learning

    Selected Publications

    Has anyone remarked on the misspelling of Publications in this section header? Just curious?

  • Lucia Stillerova, Psychology

    Selected Publications

    Stillerova, L., Troxler, J.R., Curby, T. W., & Roth, A. (2019). Teachers’ perception of children’s kindergarten readiness in Slovakia. International Journal of School and Educational Psychology.  doi:10.1080/21683603.2019.1700859

    Stillerova, L., Tavassolie, T., Curby, T. W., & Brock, L. L. (2017, August). How negative climate in first grade classrooms affects student-teacher relationships. Poster was presented at the annual American Psychological Association convention 2017. Washington, DC

  • Peter Streckfus, English

    Research Interests: Poetry

    Selected Publications


    Errings. Fordham University Press (2014)

    The Cuckoo. Yale University Press (2004)


    "Little Songs," The Adroit Journal

    "An Allegory," Bennington Review

    "Prologos," Prodigal

    "from Flood Myth," Blackbox Manifold

    "Patrimony," "Heather Green," "Earth and Water," CURA

    "The Lake and the Skiff," The Volta

    "Time Ghazal." The New Republic

    "Bildungsroman." The New Republic

    "Purgatorio." The Academy of American Poets


    "On 'An Allegory.'" Poetry Daily

    "The New Mixed Form: An Introduction." The Volta

    "On Czelsaw Milosz’s The Separate Notebooks." At Length

    "Three Questions." Poets on Teaching: A Sourcebook

  • Jeffrey B Stuewig, Psychology

    Research Interests: Developmental psychopathology, the moral emotions of shame and guilt, family violence, evaluation, and more generally centering around the topic of risk and antisocial behavior.

    Selected Publications

    Herrera, V. M. & Stuewig, J. (in press). Gender differences in pathways to delinquency: The impact of family relationships and adolescent depression.  Journal of Developmental and Life-Course Criminology

    Stuewig, J., Tangney, J., Kendall, S., Folk, J., Meyer, C. R., & Dearing, R. (2015). Children’s proneness to shame and guilt predict risky and illegal behaviors in young adulthood. Child Psychiatry and Human Development, 46(2), 217-227.

    Tangney, J. P., Stuewig, J., & Martinez, A. G.  (2014). Two faces of shame: The roles of shame and guilt in predicting recidivism. Psychological Science,25(3), 799-805.

    Stuewig, J., Tangney, J. P., Heigel, C., Harty, L. & McCloskey, L. A. (2010). Shaming, Blaming, and Maiming: Functional links among the moral emotions, externalization of blame, and aggression. Journal of Research in Personality, 44(1), 91-102.

    Tangney, J. P., Mashek, D., & Stuewig, J. (2007). Adventures at the social-clinical-community-criminology interface: The GMU Inmate Study. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 26(1), 1-21.

    Stuewig, J., & McCloskey, L. (2005). The impact of maltreatment on adolescent shame and guilt: Psychological routes to depression and delinquency. Child Maltreatment, 10, 324-336.

  • Christian Rafael Suero, Sociology and Anthropology

    Research Interests: Sociology of education, well-being, labor, race, and class.

    Selected Publications

    Smith, Pocratsky, Kiss, and Suero. 2018. "Programming Content: Industry, Feminism, and Netflix's Serialized Exposition of Jessica Jones". Netflix at the Nexus. (Editing

  • Hongmei Sun, Modern and Classical Languages

    Research Interests: modern Chinese literature and culture, Chinese myth and folklore, cross-cultural Traditional Chinese medicine, comparative literature, translation studies

    Selected Publications

    Transforming Monkey: Adaptation and Representation. Manuscript forthcoming with University of Washington Press, 2018.

    “Becoming a Ruin: Breaking into The First Emperor’s Necropolis,” Frontiers of Literary Studies in China, 11: 2 (2017), 352–374.

    “Time travel and chronotope: The Lost Empire and The Forbidden Kingdom as adaptations of Journey to the West,” Asia Pacific Translation and Intercultural Studies, 3:2 (2016), 175–187.

  • Colleen A Sweet, Modern and Classical Languages

    Research Interests: Language teaching and methodology, Latin American Colonial Literature, Critical approaches to literary analysis.

    Selected Publications

    Co-authored with Sufumi So: “Polyglot Performances: Showcasing Language Learning on Stage” The Language Educator, April 2012: 38-40.

     The Bolivia Reader by Mark Goodale and Sinclair Thompson et. Al, Duke UP, 2018. Translation work (Spanish-English).

    Co-authored with Sonia Balasch-Rodríguez, Lisa Rabin, and Alexia Vikis: Español abierto: Español y cultura en perspectiva. COERLL: The University of Texas at Austin.  

  • Derek Sweetman, School of Integrative Studies

    Research Interests: Peace and Conflict Resolution, Social Movements and Resistance, Systemic Violence, Systemic Transformation, Nonviolence

  • June P Tangney, Psychology

    Research Interests: * Moral emotions (e.g., shame, guilt, empathy) * Values and virtues (e.g., humility, forgiveness, self-compassion) * Self control generally, and emotion regulation specifically * Borderline Personality Disorder * Brief interventions for jail inmates * Motivational Interviewing * Mindfulness-based Interventions * Values Affirmations * Restorative Justice-themed Interventions * Reducing Substance Misuse * Reducing HIV risk behavior

    Selected Publications

    *Graduate Student Co-Author **Undergraduate Student Co-Author

    *Adams, L. M., Stuewig, J., & Tangney, J. P.  (in press).  Relation of Borderline Personality features to pre-incarceration HIV risk behaviors of jail inmates: Evidence for gender differences? Personality Disorders: Theory, Research, and Treatment.


    *Folk, J. B., Blasko, B. L., Warden, R., *Schaefer, K., *Ferssizidis, P., Stuewig, J., Tangney, J. P. (in press).  Feasibility and acceptability of the impact of crime group intervention with jail inmates. Victims and Offenders.


    *Folk, J., Mashek, D., Stuewig, J., & Tangney, J. P. (in press). Connectedness to the criminal community and the community at large prospectively predicts post-release outcomes among felony offenders. European Journal of Social Psychology.


    *Moore, K., Stuewig, J., & Tangney, J. P.  (in press).  The effects of stigma on inmates’ post-release functioning: A longitudinal mediational model.  Deviant Behavior.


    Tangney, J. P., Stuewig, J., *Folk, J. B., & *Blalock, D. V. (in press).  Evil persons or evil deeds? What we’ve learned about incarcerated offenders.  In A. Miller (Ed.), The social psychology of good and evil:  Understanding our capacity for kindness and cruelty, 2nd Edition. New York:  Guilford Press.


    **Becker, A., *Mandell, A. R., Tangney, J. P., Chrosniak, L. D., & Shaw, T. H.  (2015).  The effects of self-control on cognitive resource allocation during sustained attention:  A transcranial Doppler investigation.  Experimental Brain Research, 1-9. doi:10.1007/s00221-015-4291-z


    Caudy, M. S., *Folk, J. B., Stuewig, J. B., *Wooditch, A., Martinez, A., *Maass, S., Tangney, J. P., & Taxman, F. S. (2015). Does substance misuse moderate the relationship between criminal thinking and recidivism? Journal of Criminal Justice43, 12-19. doi: 10.1016/j.jcrimjus.2014.11.001.


    Stuewig, J., Tangney, J., Kendall, S., *Folk, J., Meyer, C. R., & Dearing, R. (2015). Children’s proneness to shame and guilt predict risky and illegal behaviors in young adulthood. Child Psychiatry and Human Development, 46, 217-227.  doi: 10.1007/s10578-014-0467-1.

    Tangney, J. P. (2015). Psychology of self-conscious emotions. In J. D. Wright (Ed.), International encyclopedia of the social & behavioral sciences (2nd ed., Vol 21, pp. 475-480). Oxford: Elsevier.


    Martinez, A. G., Stuewig, J., & Tangney, J. P. (2014). Can perspective-taking reduce crime? Examining a pathway through empathic-concern and guilt-proneness.  Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 40, 1659-1667. doi: 10.1177/0146167214554915.

  • Nick Tatum, Communication

    Research Interests: Instructional Communication, Communication Technology, Quantitative Methods

    Selected Publications

    Tatum, N. T., & Frey, T. K. (In Press). (In)flexibility during uncertainty? Conceptualizing instructor strictness during a global pandemic. Communication Education.

    Frisby, B. N, Sidelinger, R., & Tatum, N. T. (2019). Alumni recollections of interactions with instructors and current organizational identification, commitment, and support of the university. Communication Reports, 32, 161-172.

    Sidelinger, R., & Tatum, N. T. (2019). Instructor humor as a moderator of instructors’ inappropriate conversations and instructional dissent. College Teaching, 67, 120-129.

    Dragojevic, M., Tatum, N. T., Beck, A. C., & McAninch, K. (2018). Effects of accent strength expectancy violations on language attitudes. Communication Studies, 70, 133-150.

    Kaufmann, R., & Tatum, N. T. (2018). Examining direct and indirect effects of classroom procedural justice on online students’ willingness to talk. Distance Education, 39, 373-389.

    Tatum, N. T., Olson, M. K., & Frey, T. K (2018). Noncompliance and dissent with cell phone policies: A psychological reactance theoretical perspective. Communication Education, 67, 226-244.

    Tatum, N. T., Martin, J., & Kemper, B. (2018). Chronemics in instructor-student e-mail communication: An experimental examination of student evaluations of instructor response speeds. Communication Research Reports, 35, 33-41.

    Kaufmann, R., & Tatum, N. T. (2017). Do we know what we think we know? On the importance of replication in instructional communication research. Communication Education, 66, 479-481.

    Dragojevic, M., Giles, H., Beck, A. C., & Tatum, N. T. (2017). Foreign accent strength, processing fluency, and group prototypicality: Implications for language attitudes. Communication Monographs, 84, 385-405.

    Frey, T. K., & Tatum, N. T. (2016). Hoverboards and “hovermoms”: Helicopter parents and their influence on Millennial students’ rapport with instructors. Communication Education, 65, 359-361.

  • Art Taylor, English

    Research Interests: short stories; crime, mystery, and suspense fiction; book reviews.

    Selected Publications


    • On The Road with Del & Louise: A Novel in Stories, Henery Press, Fall 2015: winner, Agatha Award, Best First Novel, 2015; finalist, Anthony Award and Macavity Award, Best First Novel, 2016
    • Murder Under the Oaks: Bouchercon Anthology 2015 (editor), Down & Out Books, Fall 2015: winner, Anthony Award for Best Anthology or Collection, 2016



    • “A Close Shave,” Morning of the Killers, edited by E.A. Aymar and Sarah M. Chen(Down & Out Books,forthcoming)
    • “Hard Return,” Crime Travel, edited by Barb Goffman (Wildside Press, December 2019, forthcoming)
    • “Better Days,” Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, May/June 2019
    • “English 398: Fiction Writing Workshop: Notes from Class & A Partial Draft by Brittany Wallace, Plus Feedback, Conference & More,” Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, July/August 2018: finalist, Edgar Award for Best Short Story, 2019; finalist, Agatha Award for Best Short Story, 2018
    •  “Sunday Morning, Saturday Night,” Down & Out: The Magazine, Spring 2018
    • “Fairy Tales,” Black Cat Mystery Magazine, Fall 2017
    • “A Necessary Ingredient,” Coast to Coast: Private Eyes from Sea to Shining Sea, Down & Out Books, 2017: finalist, Agatha Award for Best Short Story, 2017; finalist, Anthony Award for Best Short Story, 2018; finalist, Macavity Award for Best Short Story, 2018
    • “The Great Detective Reflects,” Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, November 2016
    • “Parallel Play,” Chesapeake Crimes: Storm Warning, Wildside Press, 2016: winner, Agatha Award for Best Short Story, 2016; finalist, Anthony Award for Best Short Story, 2017; winner, Macavity Award for Best Short Story, 2017; finalist, Thriller Award for Best Short Story, 2017
    • “Commission,” Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, May 2015
    • “The Odds Are Against Us,” Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, November 2014: winner, Agatha Award, Best Short Story, 2014; winner, Anthony Award, Best Short Story, 2015; finalist, Macavity Award, Best Short Story, 2015
    • “Premonition,” Chesapeake Crimes: Homicidal Holidays. Wildside Press, 2014: finalist, Agatha Award, Best Short Story, 2014
    • “Precision,” Gargoyle, Summer 2014
    • “Ithaca 37,” Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, September/October 2013
    • “The Care and Feeding of Houseplants,” Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, March/April 2013: winner, Agatha Award, Best Short Story, 2013; winner, Macavity Award, Best Short Story, 2014; finalist, Anthony Award for Best Short Story, 2014
    • “When Duty Calls,” Chesapeake Crimes: This Job Is Murder, Wildside Press, 2012: Derringer Award, Best Long Story, 2013; finalist, 2012 Agatha Award for Best Short Story and 2013 Macavity Award for Best Short Story; reprinted in The Crooked Road, Volume 3 (2013)
  • Daniel H Temple, Sociology and Anthropology

    Research Interests: bioarchaeology, developmental stress, life history theory, hunter-gatherers, mortuary practices, biodistance analysis, children and childhood, biomechanics and activity reconstruction, diet, resilience theory and new materialism

    Selected Publications

    Daniel H. Temple (2019) Bioarchaeological evidence for adaptive plasticity and constraint: Exploring life history trade-offs in the human past. Evolutionary Anthropology 28: 34-46.

    Daniel H. Temple, Christopher Stojanowski (2018) Hunter-Gatherer Adaptation and Resilience: A Bioarchaeological Perspective. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 404 pp.

    Daniel H. Temple (2018) Exploring linear enamel hypoplasia as an embodied product of childhood stress among Late/Final Jomon period foragers. In: Agarwal SC, Beuchesne PD, editors. Children and Childhood in the Past. Gainesville: University Press of Florida. p 239-261.

    Daniel H. Temple (2016) Chronology and periodicity of linear enamel hypoplasia mmong Late/Final Jomon period foragers: Evidence from incremental microstructures of enamel. Quaternary International 405: 3-10 (Invited Contribution).

    Daniel H. Temple (2014) Plasticity and constraint in response to early-life stressors among Late/Final Jomon period foragers from Japan: evidence for life history trade-offs from incremental microstructures of enamel. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 155: 537-545

    Daniel H. Temple, Alan H. Goodman (2014) Bioarcheology Has a “Health” Problem: Conceptualizing Stress and Health in Bioarcheological Research. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 155: 186-191.




  • James C Thompson, Psychology

    Research Interests: Examining how we recognize human movement and make sense of other peoples' actions and how this can be applied in specialized settings such as surveillance and in conditions in which human movement recognition may be impaired.

    Selected Publications

    Wheaton KJ, Thompson JC, Syngeniotis A, Abbott DF, Puce A. (2004) Viewing the motion of human body parts activates different regions of premotor, temporal, and parietal cortex. Neuroimage 22:277-88.

    Thompson JC, Clarke M, Stewart T, Puce A. (2005) Configural processing of biological motion in human superior temporal sulcus. J Neurosci. 25:9059-66.

  • Rebecca Jean Thompson, Psychology

    Research Interests: Occupational Health and Well-being; Work-family dynamics; Personality and Individual Differences

    Selected Publications

    Kossek, E. E., Thompson, R. J., Lawson, K., M., Hammer, Bodner, T., Almeida, D., Hurtado, D., Moen, P., L. B., Buxton, O. M., Berkman, L. F., & Perrigino, M. B. (2019). Caring for the elderly at work and home: Can a randomized organizational intervention improve psychological health? Journal of Occupational Health Psychology. 24(1), 36-54. DOI: 10.1037/ocp0000104

    Tracy, J. K., Falk, D., Thompson, R. J., Scheindlin, L., Adetunji, F., & Swanberg, J. E. (2018). Managing the Cancer-Work Interface: The Effect of Cancer Survivorship on Unemployment. Cancer Management and Research. 10, 6479-6487. doi: 10.2147/CMAR.S180649

    Kossek, E. E., Thompson, R. J., & Lautsch, B. A. (2015). Balanced flexibility: Avoiding the traps. California Management Review, 57, 5-25. https://doi.org/10.1525/cmr.2015.57.4.5

    Thompson, R. J., Payne, S. C., & Taylor, A. B. (2015). Flexible Work Arrangements: Attraction to Flextime, Flexplace, or Both? Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology. 88, 726-749. https://doi.org/10.1111/joop.12095 

    Berry, C. M., Kim, A., Wang, Y., Thompson, R. J., & Mobley, W. (2013). Five-factor-model employment-oriented personality measures and sex-based differential prediction of performance. Applied Psychology: An International Review, 62, 13-43. https://doi.org/10.1111/j.1464-0597.2012.00493.x

    Thompson, R. J., Payne, S. C., Horner, M. T., & Morey, L. C. (2012). Why borderline personality features adversely affect job performance: The role of task strategies. Personality and Individual Differences, 52, 32-36. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.paid.2011.08.026

  • Andrew Daniel Thrasher, Religious Studies

    Research Interests: Comparative theology and Philosophy; Philosophical Theology; Secularism; Asian Philosophy and Religion; Systematic Theology;

    Selected Publications

    "The Lion King, Re-Imagining Righteousness, and Religious Pluralism" July 2019 on popcultureandtheology.com: https://popularcultureandtheology.com/2019/07/31/the-lion-king-re-imagining-righteousness-and-religious-pluralism/

    Contributor, Raimon Panikkar: A Companion to his Life and Thought, ed. Peter Phan and Young-chan Ro (James Clarke & Co., 2018).

    "Dr. Strange and Modern Re-enchantment," in Theology and Marvel, ed. Greg Stevenson (Forthcoming).

    "Valar Morghulis: Late Modern Imaginaries of Death and Nihilism in Game of Thrones," in Theology and Game of Thrones, ed. Matthew William Brake (Forthcoming).

  • Toni-Michelle C Travis, African and African American Studies

    Research Interests: American government on the racial/gender dimensions in elections, Virginia Politics, urban politics

    Selected Publications

    Democratic Destiny and the District of Columbia, co-authored with Ronald Walters in 2010

    Uneven Roads: An Introduction to U.S. Racial and Ethnic Politics, co-authored with Dianne Pinderhughes, Todd Shaw, and Louis DeSipio in 2014

    The Meaning of Difference, co-authored with Karen Rosenblum in 2015

  • Meg H. L. Tucker, Communication

    Research Interests: Interpersonal communication, organizational communication, identity, small group communication, social and digital media

    Selected Publications

    Tucker, M., Byrnes-Loinette, K., & Bodary, D. (2018). Articulating and utilizing communication student learning outcomes in community collegesCommunity College Journal of Research and Practice, 42(3), 218-221.

    Tucker, M. (2015). Transitions and decisions: Academic advising behaviors of undergraduate transfer students. Doctoral Dissertation.

  • Jonathan M Turk, Higher Education

    Research Interests: College student success and completion; community colleges; higher education policy; advanced quantitative methods

    Selected Publications

    Turk, J. M., & Taylor, M. (2019). Institutional research in support of student success at our nation's most diverse and inclusive institutions. New Directions for Institutional Research2019(184), 75-90. 

    Turk, J. M. (2019). Estimating the impact of developmental education on associate degree completion: A dose-response approach. Research in Higher Education, 60(8), 1090-1112.

    Turk, J. M. & González Canché, M. S. (2019). On-campus housing’s impact on degree completion and upward transfer in the community college sector: A comprehensive quasi-experimental analysis. The Journal of Higher Education, 90(2), 244-271.

  • John Turner, Religious Studies

    Research Interests: American Religion; Mormonism; History of Colonial New England

    Selected Publications

    The Knew They Were Pilgrims: Plymouth Colony and the Contest for American Liberty (Yale University Press, 2020).
    The Mormon Jesus: A Biography (Harvard University Press, 2016).
    Brigham Young: Pioneer Prophet (Harvard University Press, 2012).
    Bill Bright and Campus Crusade for Christ  (University of North Carolina Press, 2008).
  • Gwen M Udell, Criminology, Law and Society

    Research Interests: Crime analysis, intelligence analysis, criminal investigative analysis, criminal profiling, crime mapping, criminal behavior, serial offenders, applied criminal psychology, crime and place, understanding terrorism, fundamentals of crime analysis, intelligence analysis techniques

    Selected Publications

    Mrs. Udell is a member of the International Association of Crime Analysts Publication Committee.

    Mrs. Udell is an Editorial Board Member of the Forensic Science and Crime Research journal. 


  • Eskil Ullberg, Mason Korea

    Research Interests: Markets in patents

    Selected Publications

    2019    “Economic efficiency and field-of-use pricing of SEP licenses under FRAND terms”, Queen Mary Journal of Intellectual Property.

    2018    “The need for a global market in patents”, OpEd for ProjectSyndicate, with Edmund Phelps (Nobel Laurate 2006) , https://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/integrated-global-patent-market-by-edmund-s--phelps-and-eskil-ullberg-2018-08?barrier=accesspaylog . Republished as “The world is abandoning the Inventor. This is what needs to change”,World Economic Forum, 2018, https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2018/08/the-need-for-a-global-patent-market/

    2016    “Coordination of Inventions and Innovations through patent markets with prices: An Experimental Investigation of Price Signals and Search Behavior”, Journal of the Knowledge Economy, 2016, DOI: 10.1007/s13132-016-0418-0

    2009     “From Personal to Impersonal Exchange in Ideas – Experimental Study of Trade in Organized Markets for Patents”, Industrial PhD Thesis, 2009, Principal advisor: Björn Hårsman, Opponent: Tom Hazlett, GMU 

    2002     “Risk Management: From Portfolio Strategy to Value Creating System Strategy”, Geneva Papers on risk and insurance. July 2002, with Rodriguez, Stormby

  • Gregory Unruh, School of Integrative Studies

    Research Interests: Sustainable Business Strategy and Social Innovation

    Selected Publications

    Unruh, Gregory, Understanding Carbon Lock-in, Energy Policy, September, 2000.

    Unruh, Gregory, Escaping Carbon Lock-in, Energy Policy, February, 2002.

    Unruh, Gregory, Join the Global Elite, Harvard Business Review, May, 2013

    Unruh, Gregory, The Sweet Spot of Sustainability Strategy, MIT Sloan Management Review, Fall, 2013

    Angel Cabrera & Unruh, Gregory, Being Global: How to Think, Act and Lead in a Transformed World, Harvard Business School Press, 2012.

    Unruh, Gregory, Earth, Inc.: Using Nature’s Rules to Build Sustainable Profits, Harvard Business School Press, 2010.

    Unruh, Gregory, Wining the Green Frenzy, Harvard Business Review, November 2010.

    Unruh, Gregory, Growing Green: Three Smart Paths to Developing Sustainable Products, Harvard Business Review, June 2010.

    Unruh, Gregory, The Biosphere Rules, Harvard Business Review, February 1, 2008

  • James Van de Velde, Criminology, Law and Society

    Research Interests: • Cyber Issues/Network Warfare • Military Strategy/National Security Affairs • Counter Proliferation • Counter Terrorism Analyst • WMD Analyst • Nuclear Weapons Arms Control/Deterrence • Northeast Asia Politics • Afghanistan/Syria/al Qaida Analyst • Interrogator/Strategic Debriefer

    Selected Publications


    • Cyberspace and the Era of Persistent Confrontation, October 2019




    • “Top Ten Statements Regarding Jihadist Use Of The Internet Designed Specifically To Upset Millennials!” (forthcoming)
    • “When Does Election Interference Via Cyberspace Violate Sovereignty? Violations of Sovereignty, ‘Armed Attack,’ Acts of War, and Activities ‘Below the Threshold of Armed Conflict’ via Cyberspace” (forthcoming), for the proposed anthology, Democracy in the Crosshairs: Cyber Interference, Dark Money, and Foreign Influence, Center for Ethics and the Rule of Law, University of Pennsylvania Law Center
    • “What Comes After ‘Persistent Engagement?’ ‘3G’ (‘Gates,’ ‘Guards,’ and ‘Guns’),” The Cipher Brief, August 28, 2019


    • “Time to Fight Back Against China's Massive Intellectual Property Theft,” The American Thinker, January 18, 2019


    • “Cyber's Future is Cloudy With a Chance of Persistent Authoritarianism,” The Cipher Brief, August 22, 2018


    • “Make Cyberspace Great Again Too!,” Real Clear Defense, July 23, 2018


    • “The Shortsightedness of Obama-Era Cyberspace Operations Policy,” The Cipher Brief, June 21, 2018


    • “Why Cyber Norms Are Dumb and Advance Russian Interests,” The Cipher Brief, June 6, 2018


    • “Trump Effect Comes to Afghanistan,” Real Clear Defense, May 12, 2018



    • “Russia is at ‘Info War’ With the United States,” The Cipher Brief, November 17, 2016


    • “Go Ahead. Let Japan and South Korea Go Nuclear,” The National Interest, October 1, 2016


    • “’War in Peace:’ Cyberspace and the Era of Persistent Confrontation,” The American Interest, September 5, 2016


    • “How to Defeat ISIS: Crash Their Comms,” The American Interest, June 10, 2015


    • “Syria’s Future is Sectarian Division,” Small Wars Journal, May 2, 2014


    • “Syria’s Deepening Hell,” The American Interest, May/June 2013


    • “Ending al-Qaeda,” (cover story) The American Interest, July/August 2011



  • Ricardo F Vivancos-Pérez, Modern and Classical Languages

    Research Interests: Latina/o/x Studies, Chicana/o/x Studies, 20th & 21st C. Latin American Studies, 20th & 21st C. Iberian Studies, Transatlantic Studies, Migration Studies, Gender & Sexuality Studies, LGTBQ Studies, Comparative Literary Studies, Panhispanic Cultural Studies, Translation Studies, Editing & Publishing

    Selected Publications



    Radical Chicana Poetics. New York and London, Palgrave Macmillan, 2013. 

    Look inside the book at http://www.amazon.com/Radical-Chicana-Poetics-Literatures-Americas/dp/1137343575/

    Editor of Journal Special Dossier

    “Transdisciplinary Approaches to Gloria Anzaldúa’s Thought.” Cuadernos de ALDEEU, vol. 34, Spring 2019, pp. 109-280.

    Articles and Book Chapters (Selected)

    Sobre crítica y críticos de Juan Luis Alborg: ‘Una novela de la crítica’ de un emigrante intelectual en Estados Unidos.” Recepción y canon de la literatura española en el siglo XX: Juan Luis Alborg, edited by José Lara Garrido and Belén Molina. Biblioteca Nueva. Forthcoming.

    “Carta-sueño a Sor Juana.” Aztlan: A Journal of Chicano Studies, vol. 44, no. 2, Fall 2019, pp. 173-82.

    “Vicente Blasco Ibáñez en la Convención Republicana de 1920: Artículos periodísticos norteamericanos recuperados.” Journal of Blasco Ibáñez Studies, vol. 4, 2016-2017, pp. 177-202.

    “Toward a Transnational Nos/otr@s Scholarship in Chican@ and Latin@ Studies.” Spanish Perspectives on Chicano Literature: Literary and Cultural Essays, edited by Jesús Rosales and Vanessa Fonseca, Ohio State UP, 2017, pp. 58-70.

    “Desarraigo y deseo de comunidad en la narrativa de Roberto Ruiz.” Nueva York en español: Intersecciones hispánicas en EE UU, edited by Tina Escaja and Marta Boris Tarré. ALDEEU, 2017, pp. 279-95.

    [With Sarah Pérez-Kriz] “Using Diagrammatic Drawings to Understand Fictional Spaces: Exploring the Buendía House in Gabriel García Márquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude.Diagrammatic Representation and Inference, edited by Mateja Jamnik, Yuri Uesaka, and Stephanie Elzer Schwartz, Springer, 2016, pp. 187-93.

    “Gloria Anzaldúa and the Coyolxauhqui Imperative.” Crossing the Borders of Imagination, edited by María del Mar Ramón Torrijos, Instituto Franklin de Estudios Norteamericanos, 2014, pp. 175-84.

    “Parallax Views on Human Rights: Portillo’s Experiment Al más allá.” Global Studies Review, vol. 8, no. 3, Fall/Winter 2013. 

    “On Being a Spanish Immigrant, a Feminist, and a Writer in the United States: An Interview with Concha Alborg." Confluencia: Revista Hispánica de Cultura y Literatura, vol. 27, no. 2, Spring 2012, pp. 191-99.

    “¿Primavera Hispana 2011?: Youth, Indignation, and Human Rights in the Hispanic World.” Global Studies Review, vol. 7, no. 2, Summer 2011.

    “Marjorie Agosín’s Poetics of Memory: Human Rights, Feminism, and Literary Forms.” Confronting Global Gender Justice: Women’s Lives, Human Rights, edited by Debra Bergoffen, Paula R. Gilbert, Tamara Harvey, and Connie L. McNeely, Routledge, 2011, pp. 112-25.

    “El deseo de comunidad en la escritura  del desplazamiento español en Estados Unidos: Carlos Blanco Aguinaga y Víctor Fuentes.” El Exilio Republicano de 1939 y la Segunda Generación, edited by Manuel Aznar Soler and José Ramón López García, Renacimiento, Biblioteca del Exilio, 2012, pp. 683-90.

    “United in Differences: U.S. Latino Collective Cultural Experiences.” The American Mosaic: The Latino American Experience. ABC-CLIO, 2010. Web. 1 Sept. 2010. http://latinoamerican2.abc-clio.com/

    “Feminismo, traducción cultural y traición en Malinche de Laura Esquivel.” Journal of Mexican Studies, vol. 26, no. 1, Winter 2010, pp. 111-27.

    “El desplazamiento y la crítica: novelistas españoles del exilio y de la emigración intelectual en los Estados Unidos.” Contra el olvido: El exilio español en Estados Unidos, edited by Sebastiaan Faber and Cristina Martínez-Carazo, Instituto Franklin, 2009, pp. 101-26.

    “Siguiendo el ‘rastro’ del cuerpo femenino: Margo Glantz y el pensamiento feminista contemporáneo.” Realidades y fantasías / Realities and Fantasies, edited by Sara Poot-Herrera, U Autónoma Metropolitana de la Ciudad de México-U.C. Mexicanistas, 2009, pp. 365-82.

    “Apuntes de Don Luis Leal sobre la función del crítico.” One Hundred Years of Loyalty. In Honor of Luis Leal, edited by María Herrera-Sobek, Francisco A. Lomelí, and Sara Poot-Herrera, UCSB, UC-Mexicanistas, UNAM, 2007, pp. 965-77.

    Una lectura queer de Manuel Puig: Blood and Sand en La traición de Rita Hayworth.” Revista Iberoamericana, vol. 72, nos. 215-6, 2006, pp. 633-50.

  • David M Wallace, Psychology

    Research Interests: Leadership Leader Development Leadership Development Leader/ship Development Assessment Leader Coaching Organizational research and statistical methods in I/O Psychology

    Selected Publications

    Wallace, D. M., Torres, E. M. & Zaccaro, S. J. (Accepted for publication) Just what do we think we’re doing? Exploring learning outcomes of leader development. The Leadership Quarterly.


    Wallace, D. M., Zaccaro, S. J., & Hedrick, K. N. (2020). Coaching leaders for continuous learning. In M. London (Ed.), Oxford Handbook of Lifelong Learning (2nd ed.). Oxford University Press.


    Ledford, A. & Wallace, D. M. (In Press) A history of leadership.  In Wray, R., Ledford, A., Mustin, J., LeClair, T. (Eds.). Saltwater Leadership, 2nd Edition. Naval Institute Press.


    Wallace, D. M., Luning, C. R., Ledford, A., Rosenstein, J. E., & Cyr-Roman, B. (2020). A culture of respect: Leader development and preventing destructive behavior.  Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice, 13(2), 225-229.


    Green, J. P., Dalal, R. S., Swigart, K. L., Bleiberg, M. A., Wallace, D. M., & Hargrove, A. K. (2019). Personality consistency and situational influences on behavior. Journal of Management, 45, 3204–3234.https://doi.org/10.1177/0149206318781950


    Green, J. P., Wallace, D. M., & Hargrove, A. K. (2016). Exploring workplace resilience through a personality strength lens.  Industrial Organizational Psychology: Perspectives from Science and Practice, 9, 447–452. http://doi.org/10.1017/iop.2016.37

  • Laura E Wallace, Psychology

    Research Interests: social change, attitudes, persuasion, social motivation, growth and fixed mindsets, intergroup relations, belief strength, organizational influences, uncertainty

    Selected Publications

    Wallace, L. E., Wegener, D. T., & Petty, R. E. (2020). Consuming information from sources perceived as biased versus untrustworthy: Parallel and distinct influences. Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, 5(2), 137-148.

     Wallace, L. E., Wegener, D. T., & Petty, R. E. (2020). Influences of source bias that differ from source untrustworthiness: When flip-flopping is more and less surprising. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 118(4), 603–616.

    Wallace, L. E., Wegener, D. T., & Petty, R. E. (2020). When sources honestly provide their biased opinion: Bias as a distinct perception with independent effects on credibility and persuasion. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 46(3), 439-453. 

    Wallace, L. E., Patton, K. M., Luttrell, A., Sawicki, V., Fabrigar, L. R., Teeny, J. T., MacDonald, T. K., Petty, R. E., and Wegener, D. T. (2020). Perceived knowledge moderates the relation between subjective ambivalence and the “impact” of attitudes: An attitude strength perspective. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 46(5), 709-722. 

    Philipp-Muller, A., Wallace, L. E., & Wegener, D. T. (2020). Where does moral conviction fit?: A factor analytic approach examining antecedents to attitude strength. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 86, 1-12.

  • Janine Wedel, Cultural Studies

    Research Interests: Anthropology of Public Policy, Influence Elites, Corruption, Central and Eastern Europe, Foreign Aid, Governance, Privatization of Policy, Social Networks

    Selected Publications

    UNACCOUNTABLE: How Elite Power Brokers Corrupt our Finances, Freedom, and Security. New York, NY: Pegasus Press, October 2014, http://janinewedel.info/Unaccountable-Flier.pdf, http://janinewedel.info/books.html.

    CONFRONTING CORRUPTION, BUILDING ACCOUNTABILITY: Lessons From the World of International Development Advising (with Lloyd J. Dumas and Greg Callman), New York, N.Y.: Palgrave, 2010.

    SHADOW ELITE: How the World’s New Power Brokers Undermine Democracy, Government, and the Free Market. New York, N.Y.: Basic Books, 2009, http://janinewedel.info/books.html. Paperback: March 2011. Huffington Post Book Club Selection.

    PRYWATNA POLSKA (THE PRIVATE POLAND). With updated introduction: “The Private Poland, A Quarter Century Later.” Warsaw, Poland: Wydawnictwo Trio, 2007.

    COLLISION AND COLLUSION: The Strange Case of Western Aid to Eastern Europe. 2nd edition, New York, N.Y.: Palgrave, 2001.
    Winner, 2001 Grawemeyer Award for Ideas Improving World Order

    COLLISION AND COLLUSION: The Strange Case of Western Aid to Eastern Europe 1989-1998. 1st edition, New York, N.Y.: St. Martin’s, 1998.

    THE UNPLANNED SOCIETY: Poland During and After Communism. Edited, translated, annotated, and introductions. New York, N.Y.: Columbia University Press, 1992.

    THE PRIVATE POLAND: An Anthropologist’s Look at Everyday Life. New York. N.Y.: Facts on File, 1986.

  • stvn h. weinberger, English

    Research Interests: phonetics, phonology, second language acquisition, speech accents, alien language

    Selected Publications

    Ioup, G., & Weinberger, S. (Eds.). (1987). Interlanguage Phonology. New York: Newbury House Publishers.

    Newmeyer, F., & Weinberger, S. (1988). The Ontogenesis of the Field of Second Language Learning Research. In S. Flynn & W. O’Neil (Eds.), In Linguistic Theory and Second Language Acquisition. Dordrecht: Reidel.

    Weinberger, S. (2012). What Causes Foreign Accents? In R. Rickerson & B. Hilton (Eds.), The 5-minute Linguist (2nd ed.). London: Equinox.

    Weinberger, S. (2014). The Speech Accent Archive. George Mason University. http://accent.gmu.edu

    Weinberger, S., & Kunath, S. (2012a). Foreign Accent Identification. In M. Wrembel, K. Malgorzata, & K. Dziubalska-Kolaczyk (Eds.), Achievements and perspectives in the SLA of speech: New Sounds 2010 (Vol. 2). Frankfurt: Peter Lang.

    Weinberger, S., & Kunath, S. (2012b). The Speech Accent Archive: Towards a Typology of English Accents. In J. Newman, H. Baayen, & S. Rice (Eds.), Corpus-Based Studies in Language Use, Language Learning, and Language Documentation. New York: Rodopi.

  • David Weisburd, Criminology, Law and Society

    Research Interests: Police innovation, geography of crime (crime and place), experimental criminology, statistics and research methods, white collar crime

    Selected Publications

    Weisburd, David and Anthony A. Braga (Eds.). (2019). Police Innovation: Contrasting Perspectives (Revised Second Edition). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

    Weisburd, David, and Malay K. Majmundar (Editors). (2018). Proactive Policing: Effects on Crime and Communities.  Washington DC: The National Academies Press.

    Weisburd, David, Breanne Cave, Matt Nelson, Clair White, Amelia Haviland, Justin Ready, Brian Lawton, Kathleen Sikkema. (2018)  Mean Streets and Mental Health: Depression and PTSD at Crime Hot Spots. American Journal of Community Psychology 61:285-295.

    Weisburd, D., Farrington, D., and Gill, C. (2017). What works in crime prevention and rehabilitation: An assessment of systematic reviews. Criminology and Public Policy 16 (2):415-449.

    Weisburd, David, Anthony Braga, Elizabeth Groff, and Alese Wooditch.  (2017) Can Hot Spots Policing Reduce Crime in Urban Areas? An Agent-Based Simulation. Criminology 55 (1):137-173.

    Weisburd, David, John Eck, Anthony Braga, Cody Telep, Breanne Cave, Kate Bowers,Gerben Bruinsma, Charlotte Gill, Elizabeth Groff, Joshua Hinkle, Julie Hibdon, Shane Johnson, Brian Lawton, Cynthia Lum, Jerry Ratcliffe, George Rengert, Travis Taniguchi, Sue-Ming Yang.  (2016). Place Matters: Criminology for the 21st Century. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

    Weisburd, David, Elizabeth Groff and SueMing Yang. (2012), The Criminology of Place: Street Segments And Our Understanding of the Crime Problem.  Oxford: Oxford University Press.

    Weisburd, David and Alex Piquero.  (2008) How Well Do Criminologists Explain Crime?: Statistical Modeling in Published Studies.  Crime and Justice Vol 17:453-502.

    Weisburd, David, Laura Wyckoff, Justin Ready, John E. Eck, Joshua C. Hinkle, and Frank Gajewski. (2006) Does Crime Just Move Around the Corner?: A Controlled Study of Spatial Displacement and Diffusion of Crime Control Benefits. Criminology 44(3): 549-591

    Weisburd, David, Stanton Wheeler, Elin Waring and Nancy Bode. (1991). Crimes of the Middle Classes: White Collar Offenders in the Federal Courts. New Haven: Yale University Press.

  • Stefan Wheelock, English

    Research Interests: late eighteenth century/early nineteenth century black antislavery writing with a particular emphasis on slave narrative autobiography, early black polemic, and their contributions to Atlantic political and intellectual currencies

    Selected Publications

    Barbaric Culture and Black Critique: Black Antislavery Writers, Religion, and the Slaveholding Atlantic.  Charlottesville VA: University of Virginia Press, 2015.

    “Dividing a Nation; Uniting a People: African-American Literature and the Abolitionist Movement.” Cambridge History of African-American Literature.” Eds. Maryemma Graham and Jerry W. Ward, Jr.  (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2011, pp. 66-90).

    “The Problem of Historical Consciousness in the Relation of African-American Studies to  Modernity.” A Companion to African-American Studies.  Eds. Lewis R. Gordon and Jane Gordon.  (Malden MA: Blackwell Press, 2006, pp. 377-399).



    Interview on Early Black Intellectual Resistance. “With Good Reason.” (Interviewer, Sarah McConnell). Virginia Foundation for the Humanities/ National Public Radio. Summer 2019.

    Interview for book, Barbaric Culture and Black Critique. (Interviewer, Adam McNeil). “New Books in African American Studies.”  Fall 2018.


  • Lawrence H White, Economics

    Research Interests: Theory and history of banking and money

    Selected Publications

    Books authored:

    The Clash of Economic Ideas (Cambridge U. Press, 2012)

    The Theory of Monetary Institutions (Basil Blackwell, 1999)

    Free Banking in Britain (Cambridge U. Press, 1984; 2nd ed., Institute of Economic Affairs, 1995)

    Competition and Currency (NYU Press, 1989)

    Books edited:

    Renewing the Search for a Monetary Constitution (co-editor; Cato Institute, 2015)

    Friedrich A. Hayek, Capital and Interest (U. Chicago Press, 2015)

    Friedrich A. Hayek, The Pure Theory of Capital (U. Chicago Press, 2007)

    The History of Gold and Silver, 3 vols. (Pickering and Chatto, 2000)

    Free Banking, 3 vols. (Edward Elgar, 1993)

    Recent articles:

    “Positively Valued Fiat Money after the Sovereign Disappears: The Case of Somalia" (with William J. Luther), Review of Behavioral Economics 3, Issue 3-4 (2016): 311-34.

    “The Market for Cryptocurrencies,” Cato Journal 35 (Spring-Summer 2015): 383-402.

    “The Merits and Feasibility of a Commodity Standard,” Journal of Financial Stability 17 (April 2015): 59-64. 

    “Has the Fed Been a Failure?” (with George Selgin and William D. Lastrapes), Journal of Macroeconomics 34 (September 2012): 569-96. 

  • Martin Wiener, Psychology

    Research Interests: Cognitive Neuroscience, Time Perception, Space Perception, Datasharing

    Selected Publications

    Wiener, M., Michaelis, K., & Thompson J. (2016) Distance Reproduction is Influenced by Prior Stimulus History via the hippocampus and retrosplenial cortex. Human Brain Mapping, 37(9), 3172–3187.

    Wiener, M., & Thompson, J. (2015). Repetition Enhancement and Memory Effects for Duration. NeuroImage, 113, 268-278.

    Wiener, M., Kliot, D., Turkeltaub, P.E., Hamilton, R.H., Wolk, D., & Coslett, H.B. (2012). Parietal influence on temporal encoding indexed by simultaneous transcranial magnetic stimulation and electroencephalography. Journal of Neuroscience, 32(35), 12258-12267

    Wiener, M., Lohoff, F.W., & Coslett, H.B. (2011). Double dissociation of dopamine genes and timing in humans. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 23(10), 2811-2821.

    Wiener, M., Turkeltaub, P., & Coslett, H.B. (2010). The image of time: a voxel-wise meta-analysis. NeuroImage, 49(2), 1728-1740.

  • Gregg Wilhelm, English

    Selected Publications

    Clash by Night, Gerry LaFemina and Gregg Wilhelm, eds. (CityLit Press, 2015) ANTHOLOGY

    “Leaning Into Purple Lines,” “Sakura,” “Thief River Scrap,” “Tight with Hemingway,” and “Coyotes at Dawn” Beltway Poetry Quarterly. Summer 2019. POETRY

    “Thief River Scrap” and “Jutting Out.” Gargoyle. No. 65. 40th Anniversary Edition 2017. POETRY

    “Ephebiphobia Rainfall.” Loch Raven Review. Vol. 1 2016. SHORT STORY

    “Jutting Out (Patapsco) and “Arithmetic of an Argument.” The Light Ekphrastic (Baltimore LED Project). Spring 2015. POETRY

    “Black Infiniti: A Used Car Proves the Vehicle For a Local Poet’s Legacy.” City Paper. 28 May 2008: 20.  NONFICTION

  • Jacquelyn Williamson, History and Art History

    Research Interests: Ancient Egypt, The Amarna Period, Gender, Religion

    Selected Publications

    Book Manuscripts:

    Nefertiti’s Sun Temple: A New Cult Complex at Tell el-Amarna, Harvard Egyptology Series (September 2016)

    Refereed Journal Articles:

    ‘Death and the Sun Temple: New Evidence for Private Mortuary Cults at Amarna’ Journal of Egyptian Archaeology 101, 2017 (not yet in press).

    ‘Alone before the God: Gender, Status, and Nefertiti’s Image’ Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt 51, 2015, 179-192.

    ‘Two Names, One Compound: the rwd ʿnḫw ỉtn and the Sunshade of Re at Kom el-Nana’ Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt 49, 2013, 143-152.

    Popular Books:

    Ancient Egypt in 30 Seconds, Ivy Press, East Sussex, United Kingdom, 2015 (consultant and ghost writer)

  • James Willis, Criminology, Law and Society

    Research Interests: Police organizations, police reform, police decision making, police technology, punishment in an historical context

    Selected Publications

    Willis, James J. and Heather Toronjo. (2019). “Translating Police Research into Policy: Some Implications of the National Academies Report on Proactive Policing for Policymakers and Researchers.” Police Practice and Research: An International Journal.

    Koen, C. Marthinus, James J. Willis, and Stephen. D. Mastrofski (2018). "The effects of body-worn cameras on police organisation and practice: a theory-based analysis." Policing: An International Journal of Research and Policy. https://doi.org/10.1080/10439463.2018.1467907

    Willis, James J., Christopher Koper, and Cynthia Lum. (2017). “The Adaptation of License Plate Readers for Investigative Purposes: Police Technology and Innovation Re-Invention.” Justice Quarterly http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/07418825.2017.1329936

    Willis, James J. and Stephen D. Mastrofski (2017). “Understanding the Culture of Craft: Lessons from Two Police Agencies.” Journal of Crime and Justice 40: 84-100.

    Mastrofski, Stephen D., Tal Jonathan, Shomron Moyal, and James J. Willis (2016) "Predicting Procedural Justice in Police-Citizen Encounters." Criminal Justice and Behavior 43: 119-39.

  • David B Wilson, Criminology, Law and Society

    Research Interests: Crime prevention, juvenile delinquency, and correctional treatment programs, meta-analysis, quantitative research methods

    Selected Publications

    Wilson, D. B., Olaghere, A., & Kimbrell, C. S. (2019). Implementing juvenile drug treatment courts: A meta-aggregation of process evaluations. Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, 0022427819826630.

    Wilson, D. B., Brennan, I., & Olaghere, A. (2018). Police-initiated diversion for youth to prevent future delinquent behavior. Campbell Systematic Reviews14.

    Johnson, D., Wilson, D. B., Maguire, E. R., & Lowrey-Kinberg, B. V. (2017). Race and perceptions of police: Experimental results on the impact of procedural (in) justice. Justice Quarterly34(7), 1184-1212.

    Mitchell, O., Wilson, D.B., Eggers, A., & MacKenzie, D. L. (2012). Assessing the effectiveness of drug courts on recidivism: A meta-analytic review of traditional and non-traditional drug courts. Journal of Criminal Justice, 40(1), 60-71.

    Kochel, Tammy, Wilson, David B., & Mastrofski, Stephen. (2011) Effect of Suspect Race on Officers' Arrest Decisions. Criminology, 49(2), 473-512.

    Wilson, David B. (2010). Meta-analytic methods for criminology and criminal justice. In A. Piquero & D. Weisburd (eds.), Handbook of Quantitative Criminology (pp. 181-208). New York: Springer.

    Wilson, D. B., McClure, D., & Weisburd, D. (2010). Does Forensic DNA Help to Solve Crime? The Benefit of Sophisticated Answers to Naive Questions. Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice, 26(4), 458-469.

    Wilson, David B. (2009). Missing a critical piece of the pie: Simple document search strategies inadequate for systematic reviews. Journal of Experimental Criminology, 5(4), 429-440.


  • Roland B Wilson, Mason Korea

    Research Interests: Peace and Conflict Studies Center Asia (PACSC Asia) Co-Director, and Conflict Analysis and Resolution Program Coordinator (아시아 평화 분쟁 연구센터 센터장/평화와 분쟁 해결 학부 주임교수)

    Selected Publications

    Key Theories, Terms and Concepts in Dispute and Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies, Roland B. Wilson Editor, May 2019 (English and Thai)

    A Need to Expand the Understanding and Use of this Diverse Peacemaking Tool, Roland B. Wilson, Journal der ARGE Bildungsmanagement, Universitätsinstitut für Beratungs- und Managementwissenschaften an der Fakultät Psychologie der Sigmund Freud Privatuniversität, June 2018                                                                 

    The Importance of Position and Power Symmetry in International Relations: The Case of U.S. Foreign policy towards North Korea, Roland B. Wilson and Soyoung Kwon, North Korean Review, Spring 2018

    The Growing Danger of Historical Distortionism in East Asia: China’s Northeast Asia Project, Roland B. Wilson and Youngmi Choi, Journal of Democracy and Human Rights, Vol 17, No 3, Fall 2017

  • Andrew Wingfield, School of Integrative Studies

    Research Interests: Fiction and nonfiction writing, sustainability studies

    Selected Publications


    Wingfield, A. 2010. Right of way: stories. Washington, D.C. Washington Writers Publishing House.

    Wingfield, A. 2005. Hear him roar: a novel. Logan, UT. Utah State University Press.

    Recent Nonfiction

    Wingfield, A. and M.P. Gilmore. 2019. Three days of masato. ISLE: Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment. DOI: 10.1093/isle/isz084

    Wingfield, A. 2017. Back to Middle Earth. Carve Fall 2017.

  • Martin M. Winkler, Modern and Classical Languages

    Research Interests: Teaching and research interests: Greek and Roman literature, classical mythology, Roman history, the classical tradition; classical literature, history, and myth on film.

    Selected Publications


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