Graduate Students

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences offers a wide variety of cost and time-efficient graduate certificates, master's degrees, and more than a dozen doctoral degrees, several of which are nationally ranked. We offer graduate programs online and in person, for both full and part-time students.

All applicants for graduate study at George Mason University must meet the admission standards specified in the Graduate Admission Policies chapter of the university catalog.  Applications are processed by the university’s Office of Graduate Admissions and requirements and admission criteria differ by program.  Please contact departments for specific requirements

To learn more, visit How to Apply or review the FAQ page.

Meet some of our graduate students

  • Anais Flora Akassi Assale

    Anais Flora Akassi Assale

    Accelerated MA in Global Affairs, 2015

    BA in Global Affairs, 2015

  • Abigail Hall Blanco

    Abigail Hall Blanco

    PhD in Economics, 2015

    Austrian economics and political economy. Dissertation: "The Political Economy of Drones". Advisor: Chris Coyne.

  • Suzanne Carmack

    Suzanne Carmack

    PhD in Communication, 2014

    crisis, strategic, organization, family and health communication

  • Zahra Khan

    Zahra Khan

    MA in Sociology, 2015

    South Asian studies, immigration, women and gender issues, and cultural change and social development

  • Elizabeth Malouf

    Elizabeth Malouf

    PhD in Psychology, 2014

    Clinical Psychology concentration in the PhD in Psychology, 2014

  • Lindsey Norcross

    Lindsey Norcross

    Teaching of Writing and Literature concentration in the MA in English, 2014

    MA in English, 2014

  • Masha Stoyanova

    Masha Stoyanova

    MA in Art History, 2014