PhD in Psychology

Zitong Sheng, 2017

Zitong Sheng

Zitong received her BS in Psychology at Peking University (Beijing, China) in 2012, and is expecting to earn her Master’s degree at Mason in 2014. She primarily works with Dr. Jose Cortina on a variety of methodology issues, currently focusing on analyzing meta-analytic correlation matrices and fit indices reporting. Currently Zitong is also working on a research grant on cyber-security incident response teams. Her other research interests include leadership, creativity, organizational citizenship behavior, counterproductive work behavior, and work-family issues.



Manuscripts in preparation/ under review:

Sheng, Z., Shi, J., Cortina, J. M., Gong, Y., & Liu, Y. (under review). When and How Does Reward Promote Creativity? A Multilevel Investigation of the Role of Knowledge Sharing and Knowledge Exchange Climate. Manuscript currently under review at Journal of Applied Psychology.

Sheng, Z., Kong, W., Hou, S., & Cortina, J. M. (under review). Analyzing Matrices of Meta-analytic Correlations: Current Practices and Recommendations. Manuscript currently under review at Research Synthesis Methods.

Gilmore, P. L., Sheng, Z., Vu, J., Tetrick, L. E., Buffardi, L. C., Zaccaro, S. J. (in preparation). Toward a stronger motivational theory of innovative performance. Manuscript in preparation.


Conference Presentations

Sheng, Z. (co-chair) & Cortina, J. M. (co-chair) (2014, May). Conducting Analyses on Matrices of Meta-analytic Correlations.

Shore, D., & Sheng, Z. (2014, January). Individual Rewards in Multi-team Settings: A New Perspective on Team Reward Systems. Paper presented at 2014 Israel Organizational Behavior Conference, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Gilmore, P. G., Hu, X., Sheng, Z., Volmer, J., (first authors, in alphabetical order by last name) Behrendt, Weber, (second authors), …Medvin, E. (2014, June). The Moderating Role of National Culture on Transformational Leadership’s Dimensional Impact on Creative Performance. Paper presented at 2014 Human Resource International Conference, Beijing, China.

Zhu, M., Sheng, Z., & Dalal, R. (2014, June). Every Coin Has Two Sides: Exploring the Bright Side of Counterproductive Work Behavior. Paper presented at 2014 Human Resource International Conference, Beijing, China.

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