PhD in Economics

Bryan Cutsinger, 2019

Bryan Cutsinger

Bryan Cutsinger is in his third year as an economics doctoral student at George Mason University. Cutsinger completed his undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Colorado – Boulder. His interest in economics began from his desire to gain a better understanding on the 2008 United States recession.

Cutsinger chose George Mason for his graduate studies because of the program’s unique approach to economics and the focus on Austrian, public choice and monetary economics. The program’s influence from James Buchanan and Buchanan’s perspective “dare to be different” appealed greatly to this prospective scholar.

Since his time in the Ph.D. program, Cutsinger has had the opportunity to teach several economics classes enabling him to develop critical teaching skills. Through teaching and classroom discussions Cutsinger has been able to strengthen his own understanding of economic theories. He has found benefit from Mason’s proximity to the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area, which has enabled him to interact with policy makers, attend events with premier guest speakers, and network through Mason’s alumni of practicing local economists.

He found that the program at Mason gives students analytical tools to ask interesting questions. During his time in the program, he has explored his research interests in public choice economics, the gender pay gap and the history of monetary policy during the United States Civil War. Cutsinger attributes his development as a better scholar and the supportive, scholarly environment to the excellent faculty at Mason.

Cutsinger intends to share his passion for economics through a role as a professor at a liberal arts college or a research-focused university. He hopes to continue to find unique ways to show economic reasoning to others.

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