PhD in Cultural Studies

Lisa Daily

Lisa Daily

Lisa received a BA from Eckerd College majoring in both East Asian Studies and an individualized major in the Creative Arts, which coupled visual art with creative writing. Prior to returning to school for a Master’s degree, she managed and taught at several art studios in Florida and California. Her Master’s degree sought to incorporate a more rigorous social scientific background and she put together an individualized study within the University of South Florida’s Liberal Arts: Social and Political Thought concentration. Having taken classes from a wide-range of departments, she finished an MLA degree with a thesis entitled, “Constructing a New Nationalism from Below: The Dalit Movement, Politics, and Transnational Networking.”

Lisa currently teaches courses for Global Affairs and Cultural Studies. Her dissertation critically engages with the contemporary proliferation of “conscious capitalism” as an ideological and material reconfiguration of global capitalism that seeks to harness privatized solutions for ‘public benefit.’ Her dissertation works most materially, examining the ethical commodities that circulate not only as objects of economic value, but also as a collection of images and texts that disseminate meaning, fusing ethical narratives to the commodity-form and capitalism more broadly.

Having moved every few years her entire life, Lisa continues to have a love of travel. She is also an avid animal-lover, crafter, cook, and television-watcher.

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