PhD in Criminology, Law and Society

Julie Hibdon, 2011

Julie Hibdon

Dr. Julie Hibdon is an assistant professor in the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.  Prior to this position, she was a Research Associate in the Center for Evidence-Based Crime Policy at George Mason University. She received her Ph.D. in Criminology, Law and Society from George Mason University in 2011.  Dr. Hibdon’s research interests include crime and place, environmental criminology, cognitions of crime places and dangerous places, fear of crime, and policing. 

While at Mason, Dr. Hibdon worked on a number of research projects including the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service Project, an experimental evaluation of  License Plate Recognition (LPR) Technologies for Law Enforcement, an evaluation of a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) airport security strategy, and an evaluation of the impact of technologies on police organizations and practices.

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