PhD in Criminology, Law and Society

Anne Douds, 2013

Anne Douds

Anne Douds left a ten-year career as a trial lawyer to join the first graduate cohort of the new doctoral program in Justice, Law, and Crime Policy (renamed Criminology, Law and Society in 2010).

Among her accomplishments as a graduate student, Dr. Douds published several articles, gave conference presentations, and assumed a large leadership role in several federally-funded projects. That role included serving as the chair of the Legal Section at a day-long conference on Federal Initiative on Juvenile Justice Health. She also managed a team of researchers to produce a comprehensive presentation on health care civil rights litigation for that conference.  Dr. Douds was appointed to the Justice Work Group of the federal Interagency Coordinating Council on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. She was asked to join a team of researchers at the Fetal Alcohol and Drug Unit at Washington University.

In her dissertation, she examined the judiciary's theoretical and practical roles in juveniles' access to immunization services. Her primary research interests include focus on integrating empirical research into judicial practices and ensuring adequate health care within justice systems. She currently teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses at Penn State in law, legal systems, the prosecutorial process, and qualitative research methods.

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