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Neuroethics Concentration

Effective Fall 2017, the Interdisciplinary Studies Program will no longer accept applications for the Neuroethics concentration.

The gyri of the thinker

Neuroethics is a burgeoning field that explores the implications of new developments in basic and clinical neuroscience on social and ethical issues. In particular, advances in functional neuroimaging, psychopharmacology, brain implants and brain-machine interfaces raise important social, legal, ethical and policy questions. The program explores emerging ethical questions raised by recent neuroscientific discoveries on genetic and environmental factors that influence human behavior, decision-making, personality traits, and mental states.

The MAIS concentration in neuroethics is a joint program of the Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Program and the Department of Philosophy. The degree is suitable for students interested in doctoral work in neuroscience, cognitive science, clinical bioethics, or the study of law. It also can serve as an entry point for employment into government or private sector industries for ethical and policy related brain science issues.

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