MA in Sociology

Trevor Falk, 2015

Trevor Falk
While working on his MA in Sociology at Mason, Trevor Falk interned with Congressman Gerry Connolly.
How was his sociological training relevant to his work on Capitol Hill? Here is Trevor's answer:
"Although my time on the Hill has been brief, my application of sociology has been daily. On a regular basis, I am confronted with the need to objectively understand a large quantity of information. My studies at George Mason, more specifically in the Department of Anthropology and Sociology, have given me the tools to address this information and then transcribe it in a way people can comprehend. The work here is fast paced and the people are extremely busy; because of this, the summaries of lengthy documents must be provided in a format less convoluted like Talcott Parsons and more streamlined like C. Wright Mills.
In addition to this, sociology as a study has provided me with the insight into the structural factors that my current employer has been chosen to represent. At school, I study those things that our society responds to and now I am truly integrated into the structure that alters them. A good friend told me before I began this position that I was finally going to “see how the sausage was made,” and he could not have been more correct. This position has pulled me from the great ivory tower and shown me that the divide between academia and practitioners is not in knowledge, but rather in how each goes about presenting their knowledge."