MA in Economics

Blake Hoarty, 2020

Blake Hoarty

What made you interested in studying economics?

The funny thing is, during my first economics class at UNC Chapel Hill, I couldn’t stand it! I thought the subject was mundane and full of senseless jargon. I did poorly in the class and hoped to never encounter it again. However, upon graduating college I worked at the Cato Institute, and I noticed how economics serves as a framework to analyze issues that affect our day to day lives. This reinvigorated my passion for economics, hence my decision to study at Mason.

What have you enjoyed about studying economics at Mason?

I have enjoyed working with brilliant scholars and meeting people who come from a variety of different backgrounds.

What kinds of opportunities have been available to you while being at Mason?

I have been blessed enough to work as an MA Fellow at the Mercatus Center. This has presented me with a wonderful opportunity to work with some extremely bright economists. Plus, it has instilled me with the discipline to balance my work and academic lives.

What do you like about Mason?

I love how everyone I have met here has come from a different school and a different background, yet we all get along so well.

What are your career goals after graduation?

Initially, I would like to go into public policy analysis and research – either at a think tank or a university-based research center.

How do you think your degree will prepare you for your career goals?

I am confident my degree will provide me with the proper framework to analyze pertinent public policy issues.