MA in Economics

Jill Bradbury, 2020

Jill Bradbury

What made you interested in studying economics?

I double majored in economics and English as an undergraduate, then got my PhD in English. My scholarship focuses on how people wrote about the economy in eighteenth-century Britain, whether in philosophical treatises, tracts, newspapers, or novels. I always wanted to pursue graduate work in the history of economic thought to enrich my research, but few departments in the US offer that option.


What have you enjoyed about studying economics at Mason?

The emphasis on the human element of economics; the appreciation of uncertainty, ignorance, and the historically specific nature of institutions. The faculty are also good teachers in addition to being good scholars.

What do you like about Mason?

It’s a vibrant campus offering numerous resources for students to supplement graduate work with practical experience.

What are your career goals after graduation?

I’m not the typical student since I already have a career as an English professor. But, I plan to complete a book about eighteenth-century British economic literature that will be significantly influenced by my coursework at Mason.

How do you think your degree will prepare you for your career goals?

I feel much better equipped to evaluate the quantitative components of historical scholarship in my field. The graduate seminars have broadened my thinking and given me new ideas for future projects. I also teach interdisciplinary general studies courses, such as Economics and Dystopian Fiction. The MA core courses have better prepared me to teach the economic content.