MA in Economics

Andrew Baxter

Andrew Baxter

Andrew M. Baxter is a Masters of Arts in Economics student at George Mason University. Prior to attending George Mason, Andrew attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst where he studied History and the University of Massachusetts Boston where he studied Economics. Andrew was attracted to Mason’s program because of the courses offered and for the opportunity to work with the Mason professors.

Andrew has appreciated the applied aspects of the program, the perspectives of Mason professors, and the number of external speaking engagements available to students. Since being a student at Mason, Andrew had the opportunity to speak at the Mason Graduate Interdisciplinary Conference and the Association of Private Enterprise Education conference. He has participated in the I.S.E.O. (economics) Summer School in Italy. He has published on his research on immigration, regulation and the regulatory state. Andrew credited the guidance, relationships, and skills he gained during the program to enable him to participate in various opportunities.

Andrew felt that being located close to Washington D.C. exposed him to many opportunities that could not be replicated elsewhere. One of the opportunities made available to Andrew through the benefit of Mason’s location was an internship at the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs at the Office of Management and Budget.

After finishing the program, Andrew plans to work in government, nonprofit or in a consulting role. He has recognized that the program provided him a solid economic foundation that improved his ability to perform quality research.

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