MA in Economics

Joe Brunk

Joe Brunk

Joe Brunk is a Master’s of Economics student at George Mason University. Prior to pursuing his graduate studies, Brunk studied Economics at Denison University in Ohio. George Mason’s proximity to Washington D.C. greatly appealed to Brunk as it would allow for him to have more interactions with policy makers and influencers.

Brunk is a MA Fellow at the Mercatus Center, which has enabled him to participate in several research projects regarding financial institutions and small businesses. He was able to assist a small regulatory technology start-up company by researching banking culture with viewpoints from the regulators and the individual banks. In his role as an MA Fellow, Brunk has frequently interacted with the scholars at the Mercatus Center and was able to further research his interests.

He has enjoyed the topics covered in courses as well as his interactions with other Mason students, Brunk has enjoyed being able to learn more other students backgrounds, interests and career goals.

After the conclusion of the program, Brunk is interested in pursuing a career in public policy.  Brunk credits the program for greatly preparing students for careers. He has found that the program gives students real-world skills needed to succeed in many different roles, allowing students to approach any situation and find a solution. Brunk found that programs’ mix of theory and real-world practices was particularly helpful as it gives students a framework to apply solutions.

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