BA in Global Affairs

Thanh Nguyen, 2015

Thanh Nguyen

Thanh Nguyen had a very successful first year at Mason. She singles out her experience in one course, Globalization and Society, as particularly meaningful. "I am grateful that I attended this course because it taught me how to observe, not merely to see....I learaned to step back as a third person to look at the problem."

For her outstanding performance in her first year at Mason, Thanh was awarded a Freshman Academic Achievement Scholarship in spring 2012.  Thanh has built on her first year success in her concentration courses related to Global Economy and Management.  She is studying abroad with the London Semester Internship Program for the fall 2013 term.  In addition to studying Global Affairs, she is minoring in Tourism and Events Management.  Thanh speaks Chinese and Vietnamese. 

Her professor, Vicki Rader, emphasizes Thanh's enthusiasm, "[S]he is every professor's ideal of the highly motivated and exceptionally able student....She was interested in learning. She often shared with the class ... her personal experience when relevant." That experience includes being raised in Vietnam and learning at a relatively late age to navigate American culture and the English language.