Directors and Contact Information

Applied Developmental Psychology (Psychology: Concentration in the PhD)

Director: Timothy W Curby
Program email:

Clinical Psychology (Psychology: Concentration in the PhD)

Director: Christianne Esposito-Smythers
Program email:

Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience (Psychology: Concentration in the PhD)

Director: Jane M Flinn
Program email:

Communication (PhD)

Director: Xiaoquan Zhao
Contact: Brittany Sanders | 102 Northeast Module, MS 3D6 | 703-993-1090
Program email:

Criminology, Law and Society (PhD)

Director: Allison D. Redlich
Program email:

Cultural Studies (PhD)

Director: Denise Albanese
Contact: Jon Aponte | 703-993-2851
Program email:

Economics (PhD)

Director: Christopher Coyne
Contact: Mary Jackson | D156 Buchanan Hall (formerly Mason Hall), MS MSN 3G4 | 703-993-1135
Program email:

History (PhD)

Director: Sam Lebovic
Contact: Emily Gibson | B354 Robinson Hall B, MS 3G1 | 703-993-1248
Program email:

Human Factors/Applied Cognition (Psychology: Concentration in the PhD)

Director: Carryl Baldwin
Program email:

Industrial/ Organizational Psychology (Psychology: Concentration in the PhD)

Concentration Head: Stephen Zaccaro
Program email:

Linguistics (PhD)

Director: Steven H. Weinberger
Program email:

Psychology (PhD)

Contact: Laura McCloskey Wolfe | 359 Robinson Hall B, MS 3G1 | 703-993-1250
Program email:

Sociology (PhD)

Director: Nancy W Hanrahan
Contact: Farhana Islam | 305 Robinson Hall B | 703-993-5207
Program email:

Writing and Rhetoric (PhD)

Director: Douglas Eyman
Contact: Lisa Corinne DesRochers-Short | A487 Robinson Hall A, MS 3E4 | 703-993-1185
Program email: