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Kelly Dunne

Kelly Dunne

Kelly Dunne

Assistant Professor

Kelly Dunne has been with SIS since 1996 and teaches courses in history and childhood studies.  An alumna of the College of William & Mary and George Mason University, her academic interests are in history and education.  To allow students the opportunity to learn the history and culture of places "hands-on", she teaches experiential learning courses in Ireland and New Orleans.  She also mentors students as an active volunteer leader in Gamma Phi Beta sorority. 


MAIS in Liberal Studies, George Mason University
BA in Classical Studies, History minor, College of William and Mary 

Most Active Projects

CHSS Curriculum Committee
University General Education Committee
Academic Procedures Advisory Committee

Honor Committee

Task Force on Multidisciplinary Education

Collaborative for Undergraduate Education


Courses Taught

NCLC 308 The American Landscapes in Fiction, Film, and History

NCLC 312 Images & Experiences of Childhood

NCLC 322 Teacher: An Historical Perspective

NCLC 375 History of Humanity: Food & Drink

NCLC 391 Introduction to Integrative Studies

NCLC 395 New Orleans: History & Culture

NCLC 395/HIST 388 Ireland: History & Culture

NCLC 400 Temptress: Sex & Power in History

NCLC 495/HIST 388 Scotland: History & Culture

NCLC 491 Senior Capstone