Danny Collier

Danny Collier

Danny Collier

Director of IT and Web Development

Assistant Professor

Danny Collier is a senior application architect and project manager with over twenty years of development and management experience. His projects have included from-scratch content management systems, public sites, e-commerce sites, extranets, and business applications serving for-profit, nonprofit, foundation and higher education clients.

Since 2006 he has been the Director of IT and Web Development for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at George Mason University, where he oversees IT matters across the college and leads application development. Applications include EnrollChat, an open source application for managing enrollment discussion and CHSSWeb, a Ruby on Rails CMS which drives over 70 sites representing the college's departments, programs and centers.

He currently serves as co-chair for the Chosen Names and Pronouns project systems group.

Selected Publications

An Abbreviated Family Dictionary

A Conversation with Danny Collier, creator of An Abbreviated Family Dictionary. Prick of the Spindle Vol 4.2

The Correction. Beltway Poetry Quarterly

Ten Ways to Hypnotize a Chicken. BarrelhouseIssue Thirteen

Introduction by a Noted Scholar, Inside Joke Explained: It's Not Russia, It's Us. The Northville Review

Flexing. Sticking. Father Son Breakfast. From Livorno. The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature

Ouch and His Fortune Gone.... Everyday Genius

Notes for a Family History. New American Writing, Issue 16

Courses Taught

English 101: Composition

English 202: Literature of Disease / Literature of AIDS


MFA, Creative Writing: Poetry, George Mason University, 1994