Which Mini Ceremony is for Me?

Which Mini Ceremony is for Me? Image

You will need to show your tickets in order to participate in the Mini Ceremonies. Tickets are being distributed via Eventbrite email to those who registered.

Congratulations to all graduates and their families!

For 2021 graduates, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences will hold two Mini Ceremonies on May 11, 2021, for its bachelor's and master's degree graduates. Please attend the event (see below) that corresponds to your field of study.

For 2020 graduates, two university-wide Mini Ceremonies will take place on May 14 at 1:00 and 4:00 pm.

For questions or concerns, please email chss@gmu.edu. More information about graduation, important deadlines, how to order regalia, and other celebratory items, can be found on the University Graduation page.

CHSS 2021 Mini-Ceremonies, May 11

Morning Ceremony (10:00 am)

  • Art History (BA, MA)
  • Communication (BA, MA)
  • Creative Writing (BFA, MFA)
  • English (BA, MA)
  • Environmental and Sustainability Studies (BA)
  • Foreign Languages (BA, MA)
  • Global Affairs (BA, MA)
  • Higher Education and Student Development (MA)
  • History (BA, MA)
  • Individualized Study (BIS)
  • Integrative Studies (BA, BS)
  • Interdisciplinary Studies (MAIS)
  • Latin American Studies (BA)
  • Middle East and Islamic Studies (MA)
  • Philosophy (BA, MA)
  • Religious Studies (BA)
  • Russian and Eurasian Studies (BA)

Afternoon Ceremony (1:00 pm)

  • Anthropology (BA, MA)
  • Applied Organizational and Industrial Psychology (MPS)
  • Criminal Justice (MS)
  • Criminology, Law and Society (BA, BS, MA)
  • Economics (BA, BS, MA)
  • Psychology (BA, BS, MA)
  • Sociology (BA, MA)