How to Transfer Coursework Completed as a Non-degree Student

University Policy

College Policy

Graduate Transfer Request Form

Students who have completed coursework in graduate non-degree status and wish to apply that coursework to a Mason degree should carefully review the university policies governing transfer of credit.

Students interested in requesting a transfer of credit should complete the Graduate Transfer of Credit Request Form and set up a meeting with their Graduate Program Director. Students should provide the director with a copy of their unofficial transcript available through PatriotWeb.

Once the program director has reviewed and signed the transfer request the form will be forwarded to the CHSS Office of Graduate Academic Affairs for further review. If approved by the Dean, the form will be sent to the Registrar’s Office for processing.

The credits should show on the student’s PatriotWeb transcript approximately one week after the transfer request reaches the Registar’s Office. For newly admitted students, transfer of credit requests will not be processed until after the last day to drop in the first semester of enrollment (approximately six weeks into the semester).