College of Humanities and Social Sciences
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Term Faculty Development Grants

In order to support the teaching of our teaching term faculty, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences has created a development fund to recognize and assist in the work of faculty who serve a crucial function in educating our students.

Individual faculty members with continuing term appointments may apply.
Consultation with your unit head is recommended prior to applying.

 Funding $35,000 per year:

  • Maximum of $3000 per individual per academic year.
  • Awards will be granted Fall and Spring of each academic year

 Eligible Expenses:

  • Independent research related to teaching assignments
  • Development of teaching skills through seminars and workshops
  • Stipends to support new courses (expenses and/or summer support)


  • One-page request from the term faculty member that outlines and justifies the request, and shows both its intrinsic value and its relationship to the teaching assignment at Mason.
  • CV – maximum 2 pages
  • Confidential recommendation from unit head that addresses the project and its relevance to teaching assignment.
  • Budget request with explanation for each item. If your detailed budget includes wages or faculty stipends, be sure to include budget for the 7.5% fringe benefits.


  • Applications will be accepted for review twice yearly.
  • Deadline for spring review is 1 May
  • Deadline for fall review is 1 December
  • Applications will be reviewed by the Senior Leadership Committee and the Dean
  • Results will be announced within 60 days of deadline
  • Both the chair’s recommendation and the faculty’s application are to submitted electronically to Jenna McGwin, at
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