Team-Taught Courses

Call for Proposals: Team Taught Courses for AY 2020-2021

The college values interdisciplinary collaboration and wishes to provide faculty support for work across units. Many members of the college faculty have reaffirmed that goal in our strategic planning.  Thus, we would like to support a certain number of team taught courses each year.  

Pairs of faculty members from different academic units in the college who are interested in team teaching in the 2020-2021 academic year are invited to submit a brief application. The application should include a description of the course with a rationale for team-teaching, a syllabus, and CVs of the two faculty members. It should have the full support of the chairs/directors of the two units involved.

Format for team teaching proposal:

  1. Course number and title (attach syllabus)
  2. Names and departments of the two faculty participants (attach CVs)
  3. Description of the proposed team-taught course addressing criteria for evaluation given below

Evaluation criteria:

  • Value of approaching the subject matter of the course from two different disciplines
  • Innovativeness of the approach
  • Extra challenge for the students
  • Demonstration of student interest
  • Enrollment demand for the course

Deadline for courses to be taught in AY 2020-2021: Friday, November 29, 2019

Submit proposals via email to

  • Write in subject line: Team Teaching
  • Include as attachments: Proposal  (see format above), Syllabus, CVs
  • Ask the chairs of the respective departments to each send in a separate email their evaluation of the proposal. This email might address the added value that team teaching brings to the course, the fact that a course with this subject matter can only be taught in this way, or other factors that will help the committee evaluate the proposal.