Faculty Hiring Resources

CHSS Inclusive Search Process

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences has launched a new faculty and postdoctoral teaching and research fellow search process. The college seeks to achieve three interrelated goals with the new process:

  1. Actively pursue evidence-based methods to “increase the proportion of instructional and research faculty to better reflect the diversity of our student body” as articulated in in the university’s strategic plan (goal #8), the CHSS strategic plan (goal #11), and the goals articulated by the university’s Anti-Racism and Inclusive Excellence taskforce and CHSS Inclusive Excellence Plan.
  2. Update and standardize the search process across the College according to effective practices in inclusive I/R faculty hiring.
  3. Create training and reporting structures that support greater mindfulness and transparency in the search process.

CHSS is engaging a multi-pronged approach to achieve these goals with: 

  • A new CHSS faculty search training 
  • The CHSS Faculty Recruitment Guide 
  • Customized conversations and support for each search committee 
  • Updated CHSS Inclusive Faculty Search Plan

On this page, you will find links to the memorandum describing this new process, to the sign-up for the required CHSS faculty search training, the Faculty Recruitment Guide, the Inclusive Search Plan template, and a CHSS Faculty Search Checklist that search committees can use to keep track of where they are in the process.

Please reach out to the Interim Director of Faculty Diversity with any questions (Dr. Xiaomei Cai, xcai@gmu.edu).

CHSS has also curated a faculty hiring guide with resources from research-based effective hiring practices.

Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

The overarching goal of the Postdoctoral Fellowship Program in CHSS is to provide enhanced professional development and research training support to postdoctoral researchers and teaching fellows in CHSS. The learner-centered program offers training, mentoring, and guidance to prepare postdoctoral fellows for careers in and beyond the academy. When appropriate, this program will also seek to recruit and support postdoctoral researchers and teaching fellows who contribute to issues related to diversity and inequality within their respective disciplines or reflect the student body in a way that will enhance a department/programs ability to mentor diverse students.