Faculty Assembly Ad Hoc Committees

Term Faculty Ad Hoc Committee

Committee Charge

The purpose of the Term Faculty Ad Hoc Committee is to review, analyze, and produce models to address the college and department level recommendations in the report. The Term Faculty Ad Hoc Committee offers us an opportunity to strengthen our understanding of and ability to deliver on term faculty needs in the context of the Provost recommendations by:

  • Analyzing the Mason Term Faculty Taskforce Recommendations Report and identify in those areas that impact the college and departments/programs;
  • Prioritize needed areas for change for the college;
  • Research current practices across CHSS and;
  • Review, suggest, and develop policies and practices to implement the recommendations that impact the college.

Committee Members

Justin Ramsdell, Chair (Psychology)

Stephanie Liberatore (English)

Courtney Adams Wooten (English)

Sara Mathis (Communication)

Lance Schmeidler (Communication)

Carrie Bonilla (Modern and Classical Languages)

Terry Gudaitis (Criminology, Law, & Society)

Jason Dunick (Economics)

Samuel Frye (School of Integrative Studies)


New Building Ad Hoc Committee

Committee Charge

The purpose of the CHSS Faculty Assembly Ad Hoc Building Transition Committee is to provide CHSS faculty engagement in decision-making about the new building move-in planning and post-move customization. The Committee offers an opportunity for CHSS faculty to directly strengthen the role of faculty governance in the College by:

  • Seeking and synthesizing faculty concerns and input on the new building opportunities and challenges;
  • Actively engaging with the Dean’s Office to communicate and advocate for faculty needs pre- and post-move and;
  • Sharing accurate information on the building move-in planning with the larger CHSS community.

Committee Members

Zachary Schrag, Co-Chair (History and Art History)

Colleen Sweet, Co-Chair (Modern and Classical Languages)

Shannon Fyfe (Philosophy)

Alison Landsberg (Cultural Studies)

Heidi Lawrence (English)

Lisa Newmark (Criminology, Law and Society)

Esperanza Roman-Mendoza (Modern and Classical Languages)

Joe Scimecca (Sociology and Anthropology)

Kate Sweeney (Communication)

John Turner (Religious Studies)

Matthew West (Global Affairs)