CHSS Faculty Resources

The College of Humanities and Social Science is committed to helping all faculty flourish as scholars, instructors, and colleagues. The Dean’s Office offers programs, services, and resources to assist faculty in finding meaning and purpose in their work lives by:

  1. Cultivating a shared college value of respect and the importance of equitable workplaces for all faculty type and ranks.
  2. Creating a college collegial culture that supports and values the achievements of a diverse faculty.
  3. Nurturing faculty through their professional career by providing mentorship, leadership development, and resources for career exploration.
  4. Guiding faculty and academic unit heads to support faculty development across their career spans.

To achieve these goals for faculty, CHSS Dean's Office has a variety of program, awards, and resources for faculty. We encourage you to explore our website.

The university provides many different resources for faculty affairs and development. Please go to for a comprehensive list of resources. 

For information on university academic policies and catalog, please visit the website for the Office of the Provost.

For more information on CHSS faculty resources, please email

CHSS hosts Lynbrook Elementary students for campus tour

CHSS hosts Lynbrook Elementary students for campus tour

CHSS was thrilled to host sixth-grade students from Lynbrook Elementary school in Springfield for a tour of Mason’s Fairfax Campus on November 17. While on campus students toured the Mason Innovation Exchange (MIX), saw the bioarcheology lab, and learned more about the humanities and social sciences. 

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