College of Humanities and Social Sciences
College of Humanities and Social Sciences


Thank you for volunteering to participate in our college degree celebrations as a reader. Dates and times are listed on the right. Instructions are below.

  • The college conducts two degree celebration ceremonies. Please arrive at the EagleBank Arena half an hour prior to the celebration in which you are reading, in regalia. Check in and process in with the platform party (see link below for their instructions).
  • The first student in each major will hand you a sheet with the name of the major printed on it. It will say: "Dean Boehm-Davis, we present candidates for the degree of bachelor of arts/science in . . .." Read this first, and then the name of the student.

  • The students will hand you their name cards as they arrive onstage. Read ONLY the student's name; i.e., no nicknames ("The Boomer"), comments ("Thanks, Mom and Dad" or "I love you Suzie"), double majors, or minors.

  • Since there are two lines of students and two readers, you will have time to lean forward, if necessary, between students, and ask the next student to say his/her name. For difficult names (or even easy ones), this makes it easier to repeat them immediately.

  • Pace things at an even clip so that it moves fairly quickly, but try to keep students from bunching up while waiting to shake the dean's hand (usually this translates into about a three-second count, but may need to be adjusted as you go).

  • Turn the cards over after you read the names and stack them at your podium so they are kept in the correct order. The photographer relies on the reader cards when sending photographs to the students, so keeping them in order is important.
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