College of Humanities and Social Sciences
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Platform Party

This page provides information for members of the platform party at the college degree celebrations. If you have any questions, please contact us using the link to the right.

Platform party members are the deans, chairs, directors, the guest speaker, and readers.

Check in

  • Platform party members should arrive at EagleBank Arena one hour prior to the ceremony, already dressed in their academic regalia. Please note that there is not a secure place to leave belongings.

  • Platform party checks in near the EagleBank Arena east entrance (administrative offices). The party will line up in the Hospitality Room of the Arena.

  • Dean's office staff will assist in lining up the platform party for the processional.


  • Platform party members process into the EagleBank Arena in two lines behind the graduating students.

  • At the bottom of the stage, the lines will separate to the left and right and walk up the side ramps to the stage, and down the center aisle of the platform. Seating will be from back to front. Name cards will be on the seats.



  • Chairs, be ready to move to the front of the stage as soon as you hear your major or degree program announced.
  • As students' names are read, they cross the stage, are greeted by the dean, and have their picture taken. They continue across the stage toward you, so that you can hand them a faux diploma and shake their hand. Be mindful that some students may not extend their hands due to personal or religious beliefs.


  • When the dean indicates the ceremony is over, everyone should rise and applaud.

  • The dean will exit towards her right. The platform party should follow, in two lines, exiting the seats towards the center aisle from front to back.

  • Staff will be available to cue and direct as needed for both the processional and recessional. We appreciate your patience and cooperation!

  • Join your students at receptions following the ceremony. Reception locations are indicated in the degree celebration program.

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