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College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Degree Celebration Instructions for Undergraduate Students

These instructions are for undergraduate students participating in degree celebrations in May.

Be prepared for a ceremony of about two hours. Out of respect for all participants, you are required to stay for the entire ceremony. There will be no secure place to leave valuables so bring only what you need.

  • Determine which degree celebration you should attend. See the page below: "Which Degree Celebration is for You?"

  • Please plan to arrive at your ceremony in the EagleBank Arena Parking Lot A dressed in your cap and gown one hour before start time.

  • Find the name of your major and line up with other students and the faculty marshal assigned to your degree program.

  • Fill out a reader card with your name.
    • Write clearly.
    • Write only your name. No nicknames. Nothing else will be read at the ceremony.
    • Add a phonetic spelling, if necessary.
    • Keep this card with you and bring it along when you are cued to go to the stage to be recognized.
  • Turn your cell phone off before processing into the EagleBank Arena.

  • When cued by the staff, proceed into the EagleBank Arena led by your faculty marshal. You will stay in one line and be seated on the floor of the EagleBank Arena with the other students in your major.

  • During the ceremony, move to the stage when cued by the college staff.

  • On stage, hand your card to the faculty reader. Your name will be announced and you walk across the stage to be congratulated by the dean and your department chair or program director.

  • Smile for the photographer!

  • Follow the college staff cues to return to your seat. Remain seated until the end of the ceremony.

  • Recess out when cued by the college staff. You leave after the faculty who are seated on the platform. Students exit from the front to the back.

  • After the recessional, meet your family and friends at a reception for your degree program. The reception locations are in the degree celebration program.

Questions about the College Degree Celebrations?

Contact us at

University Commencement

All students are encouraged to attend the University Commencement. See link to the right.

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