College Degree Celebration Information for All Students

Congratulations on your graduation from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at George Mason University! We invite all spring graduates, bachelor's and master's degree summer graduates, and their families and friends, to attend the college's May degree celebrations. Students completing their degree requirements in the fall, and doctoral candidates graduating in the summer, are encouraged to attend the university's winter graduation.

View the links in the sidebar to learn more about the degree celebrations. If you are graduating in the spring, see the page "Which Degree Celebration is for You?"

The School of Integrative Studies holds a separate spring ceremony for its graduates. It will take place on Wednesday, May 13, 2019, at 10:00 in the Center for the Arts. SIS graduates are also welcome to take part in the college's Humanities and Interdisciplinary Programs degree celebration.

Participating Students

Caps and Gowns

Students participating in a degree celebration or commencement need to wear a cap and gown.

You can purchase them in the University Bookstore. See link below. You must go in person and fill out a form. You cannot order them on the website. 

Order your cap and gown as soon as possible to avoid the shipping charges associated with rush orders.

Undergraduate Students

View specific  Degree Celebration Instructions for Undergraduate Students

Master's and Doctoral Students

View specific  Degree Celebration Instructions for Graduate Students

Requests for Disability Accommodations

View Disability Accommodations at Degree Celebrations 

University Commencement

Questions about the College Degree Celebrations?

Special Information for Fall Graduates

If you plan to complete your degree requirements in the summer or fall, you are welcome to attend the college's spring degree celebration ceremony. You will be able to walk across the stage with your classmates and have your name read. Your name will not appear in the college's spring degree celebration program, but will be included in the university's winter graduation program.