2018 Student AwardsCollege of Humanities and Social Sciences

Graduate Awards

Dean's Challenge Scholarship - Graduate

The Dean's Challenge Scholarship was established in 2007 to acknowledge exceptional undergraduate and graduate students who have excelled while making academically challenging choices. The recipients of this award receive a stipend, funded by generous donations from friends of the college, to help with their educational expenses.

Thanks to all of the alumni, faculty, staff, and friends for their continued support of the college and these awards. Your generous support has allowed the dean to continue to make awards to students at all levels.

  • Kristin Carpenter
  • Joshua Catalano
  • L. Caitlin Kanewske
  • Ally Patterson
  • Jennifer Pocai
  • Caitlin Turpyn
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Undergraduate Awards

Dean's Challenge Scholarship - Undergraduate

The Dean's Challenge Scholarship recognizes exceptional undergraduate students who have excelled while making academically-challenging choices.

  • Madeline Brawley
  • Dejza Brower
  • Nikaela Busekrus
  • Isaias Cruz
  • Fatma Gdoura
  • Sonakshi Negi
  • Bennett Shoop
  • Aryelle Young
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Phi Beta Kappa

Phi Beta Kappa is the oldest academic honor society in the United States. Founded in 1776 at the College of William & Mary, the society now includes chapters at nearly 300 colleges and universities. The Omicron of Virginia Chapter at George Mason University installed its first members on April 17, 2013.

  • Suzanne Abribat
  • Rana Aldhobhani
  • Lauren Ammerman
  • Ricardo Angulo
  • Shereen Ayoubi
  • Sabrine Baiou
  • Olivia Bartley
  • Kaitlyn Beisel
  • Emma Beitzel
  • Sierra Bennett
  • Noah Black
  • Shephard Booth-Enoch
  • Enya Calibuso
  • Richard Catherina
  • Selena Chaivaranon
  • Ashley Chapman
  • Demetria Charlifue
  • Kenneth Diaz
  • Claire Dolan-Heitlinger
  • Elina Lukyanava Driscoll
  • Amber Dube
  • Kelley Dugan
  • Allyson Emblom
  • Melissa Fangio
  • Katherine Farley
  • Laurel Ferretti
  • Garrett Fojtik
  • Catherine Franklin
  • Mary Freeman
  • Kira Greer
  • Jacob Grosso
  • Caitlin Herron
  • Camilla Higgins
  • Austin Sage Hooe
  • Sara Huzar
  • Donna Imadi
  • Dillon Jewell
  • Oumama Kabli
  • Lina Kastanos Salamanca
  • Sarah Katzenstein
  • Julia Kauffman
  • Hui Yong Kim
  • Caroline Kittle
  • Bria Lloyd
  • Stefan Lopez
  • Michaela Loughran
  • Curreen Luongo
  • Addison Manor
  • Rachel Martin
  • Diana Mateo
  • Elizabeth Mathews
  • Elena McCoy
  • Aaron McReynolds
  • Nicholas Meyer
  • Alicia Muir
  • Claire Neyland
  • Brianna Nunez-Franklin
  • Whitney Olson
  • Rachel Orga
  • Uma Payne
  • Julie Pramis
  • Lydia Rader
  • Ashlyn Rock
  • Layne Rogers
  • Kelsie Rohler
  • Nasser Samad
  • Kira Stalker
  • Kirsten Van Nortwick
  • Manfred Veizaga Claros
  • Emily Verbiest
  • Chrysanthi Violaris
  • Sarah Wagner
  • Luke Waltermire
  • Ashley Whimpey
  • Kristie Young
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Outstanding Graduate, Human Development and Family Science Program

This award recognizes the work of the outstanding graduate in Mason's Human Development and Family Science program, jointly offered with the College of Education and Human Development.

  • Antania Henderson
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Additional Awards

Mary Roper Award

The Mary Roper Award honors a classified staff member who has shown outstanding service in support of the core goals of the college – improving the quality of the liberal arts experience for all students, increasing the capacity for noteworthy and innovative scholarship and creating and strengthening external relationships. The recipient directly supports the mission of the department or college through his or her work with faculty, students, staff or the greater university community.

The college holds a reception each fall to honor the award recipient as well as other outstanding staff members. This event is open to all members of the College of the Humanities and Social Sciences.

The award is named for Mary Roper, who worked in the Department of Biology and in the dean's office of the College of Arts and Sciences for a total of 14 years.

  • Susan Woods
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