2014 Student AwardsCollege of Humanities and Social Sciences

Graduate Awards

Dean's Challenge Scholarship - Graduate

The Dean's Challenge Scholarship was established in 2007 to acknowledge exceptional undergraduate and graduate students who have excelled while making academically challenging choices. The recipients of this award receive a stipend, funded by generous donations from friends of the college, to help with their educational expenses.

Thanks to all of the alumni, faculty, staff, and friends for their continued support of the college and these awards. Your generous support has allowed the dean to continue to make awards to students at all levels.

  • Saúl Cardona-Luciano
  • Breanne Cave
  • Sukhraj Kaur
  • John Kotcher
  • Paul Michiels
  • Khadija Mosaad
  • Ryan Sheehan
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Undergraduate Awards

Dean's Challenge Scholarship - Undergraduate

The Dean's Challenge Scholarship recognizes exceptional undergraduate students who have excelled while making academically-challenging choices.

  • Philip Abbruscato
  • Maria Curras
  • Julia Douglas
  • Laura Feild
  • Jennifer Nakamura
  • Madison Spagnolo
  • Andrew Weisberg
  • Alan Williams
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First-Sweitzer Scholarship

The First-Sweitzer Scholarship is given to an academically outstanding first-year, full-time student. This renewable award is funded through the generosity of Douglas First and Sandra Sweitzer First.

  • Jessica Sturges
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First Year Academic Achievement Scholarship

The First Year Academic Achievement Award is awarded to first-time freshmen who have excelled academically at George Mason University.

  • Bryce Arritt
  • Athman Athman
  • Caitlin Bitzer
  • Elizabeth Dupuis
  • Nia Emerson
  • Michael Kamel
  • Heather Longfellow
  • Hannah Matangos
  • Chukwuemeka Mbawuike
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Robert R. Thomas, Jr. Scholarship

The Robert R. Thomas Jr. Scholarship is awarded to an undergraduate transfer student with exceptional academic achievements during the first semester at George Mason University.

  • Ryan Hampton
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Scott A. Duane and Jami L. Duane-Brady Scholarship

The Scott A. Duane and Jami L. Duane-Brady Scholarship was established in 2012. It is awarded annually to an undergraduate student who has overcome a challenge to get to or succeed in college. It is funded through the generosity of Jerry D. and Turla E. Duane in memory of their son Scott and in honor of their daughter Jami.

  • Sofia Schersei
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Mary's Scholarship for Homelessness Awareness and Advocacy

Rewards a student's service project and/or academic research work on homelessness awareness and advocacy.

  • Kathryn Thompson
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Dean's Distinction for Public Service, Superior Contribution

To recognize and reward the public service of students within the college, the dean has established the Dean's Distinction for Public Service.

If you are a student who volunteers your time to help improve your community, you are invited to apply for this distinction. The "community" you serve can be local, regional, national, or international.

  • Stephanie Stryker
  • Heleena Winter
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Additional Awards

Mary Roper Award

The Mary Roper Award honors a classified staff member who has shown outstanding service in support of the core goals of the college – improving the quality of the liberal arts experience for all students, increasing the capacity for noteworthy and innovative scholarship and creating and strengthening external relationships. The recipient directly supports the mission of the department or college through his or her work with faculty, students, staff or the greater university community.

The college holds a reception each fall to honor the award recipient as well as other outstanding staff members. This event is open to all members of the College of the Humanities and Social Sciences.

The award is named for Mary Roper, who worked in the Department of Biology and in the dean's office of the College of Arts and Sciences for a total of 14 years.

  • Mary Jackson
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