2008 Student AwardsCollege of Humanities and Social Sciences

Graduate Awards

Dean's Challenge Scholarship - Graduate

The Dean's Challenge Scholarship was established in 2007 to acknowledge exceptional undergraduate and graduate students who have excelled while making academically challenging choices. The recipients of this award receive a stipend, funded by generous donations from friends of the college, to help with their educational expenses.

Thanks to all of the alumni, faculty, staff, and friends for their continued support of the college and these awards. Your generous support has allowed the dean to continue to make awards to students at all levels.

  • Francis Cordero
  • Jennifer Dean
  • Jonathon Nelson
  • Triyakshana Venkatraman
  • Aileen Watchko
  • Jennifer Yelle
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Undergraduate Awards

Dean's Challenge Scholarship - Undergraduate

The Dean's Challenge Scholarship recognizes exceptional undergraduate students who have excelled while making academically-challenging choices.

  • Linda Bartone
  • Gabrielle D'Lima
  • Ivana Man
  • Elizabeth Moore
  • Daniel Odom
  • Joshua Oxley
  • Aram Zucker-Scharff
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Honors Program in General Education

  • Suzan Almiski
  • Allison Bauman
  • Molly Bayliss
  • Jacqueline Bowen
  • Alisha Bradbury
  • David Case
  • Brian DeCelle
  • Ashley Dunn
  • Danielle Ertel
  • Stacy Everett
  • Lauren Fakete
  • Patrick Furey
  • Mary Gamble
  • Heather Gordon
  • Christopher Helm
  • Ralph Kashner
  • Chiraag Khemlani
  • Eric Luchsinger
  • James Marks
  • Anna Maurer
  • Kristin May
  • Brett Mobley
  • Lena Mualla
  • Katharine Neill
  • Angela Panayotopulos
  • Angelina Panettieri
  • Heather Pontius
  • Lindsey Ritchey
  • Allen Scaife
  • Lars Shmidheiser
  • Eric Simms
  • Katharine Stanton
  • Lily Tidrow
  • Shannon Viverette
  • Anna Vlasova
  • Carolyn Watson
  • Natalie Wegener
  • Eric Wood
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