CHSS Students Share Research at OSCAR Virtual Celebration

The OSCAR Virtual Celebration of Student Scholarship was held from December 9-11, 2020, with pre-recorded video presentations of student projects and sections for discussion. The Office of Student Scholarship, Creative Activities, and Research (OSCAR) invited the entire Mason community to view the presentations and leave feedback and questions for the participants.

This semester, twenty CHSS students participated in the celebration, and economics student Laura Swihart's presentation, “Tale of Two Tourist Towns” (with advisor Richard Stafford) was selected as top presentation. Congratulations to all CHSS researchers!

  • Kara Crawford’s project is “Exploring the Experiences of College Women Based on Gender Representation in Their Field of Study,” with advisor Blake Silver.
  • Khaled Dakak’s project is “How Have Disney Animation Narratives Influenced Our Perceptions of Gender?” with advisor Timothy Gibson.
  • Helena Hanson’s project is “The Effects of Social Media on the Mental Health of Adolescent Girls in Singapore,” with advisor David Zeglen.
  • Cory Jack’s project is “Replication and Expansion on ‘Price Effects of Non-Profit Colleges and University Mergers,’” with advisor Jason Dunick.
  • Macy Karpa’s project is "’Do all lovers feel they're inventing something?:’ Lesbian Identity in Portrait of a Lady on Fire,” with advisor Richard Stafford.
  • Trinidad Lara’s project is “Second-Generation Immigrant Adolescent Female Identity and Belonging in the Parisian Banlieue of Saint-Denis, France,” with advisor Anne Schiller.
  • Nalin Ly’s project is “How will the Decline of Ecotourism, due to COVID-19, Affect the Environment in Costa Rica?” with advisor Maoria Kirker.
  • Jacqueline Mack’s project is “The Impacts of the Path Towards Making Amends with Native Communities,” with advisor David Zeglen.
  • Carolyn Mason’s project is “Bigger Fish to Fry,” with advisor Kelly Schrum.
  • Hannah McDonald’s project is “The School-to-Prison Pipeline Research Project,” with advisor Kelsey Poholsky.
  • Jasmine Okidi’s project is “Public Rhetoric and Wetland Management in Kampala, Uganda,” with advisor Richard Stafford.
  • Deena Osta’s project is “What are the main factors that attract people to join ISIS?” with advisor Sharon Doetsch-Kidder.
  • Evalise Pacheco is presenting two projects. They are “Walking a Fine Line: How Black and Latino legal workers make sense of their identity and profession,” with advisor Richard Stafford, and “In Between the Margins,” with advisor Blake Silver.
  • Janie Ritter’s project is "’I Just Don't Get It’ Theories of Audience Engagement with Abstract Art,” with advisor Richard Stafford.
  • Syndey Reuter’s project is “The Effects of Color,” with advisor Lisa Gring-Pemble.
  • Sierra Strickler’s project is “Variations in Women's Attribution of Guilt for Sexual Assault,” with advisor Lauren Cattaneo.
  • Laura Swihart’s project is “Tale of Two Tourist Towns” with advisor Richard Stafford.
  • Elise Thompson’s project is “K-Pop Fans Get Political: Fandoms Political Influence in 2020,” with advisor Richard Stafford.
  • Stephanie Vu’s project is “Progressivism in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night,” with advisor Caroline West.
  • Aliscia Warren’s project is “R.O.L.E.S. In Workplace Burnout,” with advisor Richard Stafford.