Advisory Board

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences Advisory Board serves to advise the dean by connecting the university with the world beyond our campuses and providing the college with specialized knowledge and expertise. Board members support the programs and activities of the college and foster continuing relationships among students, faculty, alumni, and friends.

CHSS Dean's Advisory Board Members

Chair: Eric M. Johnson, MA '05

Lynn E. Huggins, BIS '92
Robert C. Lightburn, MA '04
Allen C. Lomax, MPA '82
M. Yaqub Mirza, parent BA '00, BA '09
Jason D. Reis, BA '93, GIS '17
Nicole Livas Tyler, BA '90

Next Meeting: spring 2019


The college is grateful for the service and contributions
of our board members emeriti: 

David W. Bartee, MPA '06 Gail A. Bohan, BA '70, MPA '82
George C. Cabalu, BA '92 Randolph W. Church
Dr. Ashok Deshmukh   Nicole A. Geller, BS '86
C. Michael Hincewicz Ian G. Hogg
Michael J. Hoover, MA '81 Jonathan C. Lamb, BA '97
Samantha E. Madden, BS '89 Matthew S. Plummer, BA '00, MS '11
Jennifer C. Shelton, BS '94      Edward M. Staunton III
Stanley E. Tetlow, BS '84
Michael Whitlock, BA '96
John A. Wilburn, MA '76