Accelerated Master's Programs Overview

Accelerated master’s degree programs are designed for Mason’s highly qualified and highly motivated undergraduates.

  • They provide a streamlined application process with no application fee.
  • They allow students to apply six graduate credits to their undergraduate degrees.
  • Students have the opportunity to take an additional six (6) graduate credits to be held for reserve graduate credit (apply only to the graduate degree).
  • They can start their graduate degrees with up to 12 credits earned while undergraduates.

Students admitted to an accelerated master’s degree program have the opportunity to complete both degrees in record time.

Not an Early Admission Program

Students should be aware that the accelerated master’s program is not an early admission program.

Failure to meet the terms of admission result in termination from the accelerated master’s program. Terms of admission include:

  • Scheduled undergraduate degree conferral date
  • Approved graduate courses at time of application
  • Failure to meet the accelerated master’s program policies (see webpage on "Policies" to left)

When to Apply

Mason undergraduate students who have completed at least 75 credits toward the bachelor’s degree and no more than 100 credits toward the degree are invited to apply. 

See webpage "Application Process" at left.