Humanities and Social Sciences

Hats on Mason GraduatesStudents and faculty in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences confront essential questions about our lives and our world.  We bring the human perspective to the mission of George Mason University, by grounding discovery in the subtle fabric of individual and cultural life that shapes our values, experiences and sources of well-being.

Whether by exploring the teachings of history and culture, the political and social challenges of our nation and world, the processing power of the human brain, or the best ways to communicate advances of all kinds, we strive to see and understand how people see and understand themselves and their world.  The ancient Greek advice to “know thyself” remains true for us today: successful solutions to contemporary challenges require, along with scientific and technological advances, this human perspective.

As part of the college’s vision we help Mason serve its stakeholders by

  • applying age-old wisdom and the latest social science to the problems of our day
  • preparing our students to achieve fulfillment and success in their working, civic and personal lives
  • informing and enriching the lives of others through preservation of the past and preparation for the future
  • serving as a global resource and crossroads for an ever-more interconnected world. 
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