College of Humanities and Social Sciences
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

2015 Multidisciplinary Research Symposium CHSS Poster Presentations

Adopting a Biosocial Approach in Global Health Policy, by Asha Athman, Global Affairs-International Development

Auditory Research Group, by Carryl Baldwin and Bridget Lewis, Psychology

Creation of a Research Protocol in a Mental Health Training Clinic: Tracking Completion Rates and Symptom Severity, by Cameron Hatcher, Nicole Campbell, Devon Kardel, Panagiota Ferssizidis, and Robyn Mehlenbeck, Department of Psychology

Educating 100,000 Women in Leadership in 5 Years in 5 Major Islamic Countries, by Fariba Parsa, WGS

Farm to School: Children's Health and Food Literacy in School, by Amy Best, Sociology and Anthropology

Language Rhythm, Attention, and Cognition, by Tuuli Morrill, English (Linguistics)

Long bone length and selective mortality of children: Danish medieval case study, by Bethany Usher, Sociology and Anthropology, and OSCAR; and Marion Chaloux

Mapit: Development of a Computer Intervention Targeting Substance Abuse Treatment in the Criminal Justice System, by Scott Walters, Faye Taxman, Mayra Rodriguez, and Jennifer Lerch, Center for Advancing Correctional Excellence!

Social Isolation and Health in Older Adults, by James Thompson, Psychology

Speech Accents: Crowdsourced Phonetic Transcription and Analysis, by Steven Weinberger, English (Linguistics)

The Prevalence and Nature of Hunger and Homelessness, by Yara Mowafy, Global Affairs

Understanding Disease Narratives and their Impact through Social Media, by Arie Croitoru, Andrew Crooks (MAIS in Interdisciplinary Studies), Dieter Pfoser, Jacek Radzikowski, and Anthony Stefanidis

Vaccination Controversy: The Rhetoric of Vaccine Refusal in Professional and Public Contexts, by Heidi Lawrence, English (Linguistics)

Values, Practice, & Cultural Competence in US Health Care: A Study of Islam and End-of-Life Care in the Washington, D.C. Area, by Cortney Hughes Rinker, Sociology and Anthropology


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