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College of Humanities and Social Sciences

#35 March 14, 2013

Welcome Shirley

Please join us in welcoming Shirley Steppe, our new Fiscal Technician in the CHSS dean’s office.  Shirley started on February 4, where her primary focus has been on the implementation of the new EZ EPAF process.  She has also been involved in grants management, as well as managing special projects.  Shirley comes to us from SAIC where she was a Finance/Accounting Assistant.  Shirley can be reached by phone at x35457 and her email address is

Health Care Reform and Part-Time Employees

A meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 21, in Johnson Center Room 239A to discuss the impact and issues surrounding the new health care law on part-time employees.  Members from the Human Resources Department will be there to provide information and guidance and to answer questions.  Please plan to attend this meeting, especially if your department routinely employs adjuncts that teach 3 classes in one semester.

Upcoming Fiscal-Year-End Deadlines

Purchases between $2000 and $5000                         Submit by April 29, 2013
Small Purchase Credit Card                                        Charged by May 15, 2013
For the entire list, please go to Fiscal Services.

Preliminary Schedule and Deadlines

JV Deadlines

June 14 JVs submitted by fax, campus mail, or email attachment using the JV form
June 19 Electronic JVs charging or crediting grants or contracts submitted to OSP for approval
June 21 All other electronic JVs

Electronic JVs submitted after these dates require approval by the Controller, and will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.


June 14 Final Semi-Monthly Payroll (SM 11)
June 21 Final Bi-Weekly Payroll (26 13)


FY2014 Beginning Activity

July 1 FY2014 Fiscal Year Reports Available in E-Print


FY13 Funding Change Forms are Due

Deadlines for FY13 expenditures will be here soon, so please make sure to submit Funding Change Forms to appropriately charge faculty and staff effort to grants as soon as possible.  They can be accepted even into the next fiscal year and should be submitted as a Future Pay whenever possible.  If you are new to this form and would like one-on-one training, please contact Shae Mensch for help.

Sponsored Programs - Audit & Reconciliations

The Office of Sponsored Programs is already receiving requests for grant information due to the upcoming audit of sponsored programs.  This audit will focus on payroll certifications and allowable expenditures which is why the bi-monthly reconciliations are important.  Each reconciliation cover sheet MUST include:

  1. Errors identified and the steps taken to correct them.  This includes expected expenses that aren't appearing on the grant but should be.
  2. The source documentation to confirm the expenses.
  3. The signature of the reconciler with the date signed.
  4. The signature of the PI with the date signed.

Upcoming Training Opportunities

Did you know that sometimes Mason policies and practices change?  That's why it’s a good idea to attend training events offered by OSP and Fiscal Services!  Here is a list of upcoming workshops to either refresh your knowledge or help you learn something new:

  • March 20 - Payroll Certification on Federally Sponsored Programs (2pm -4pm)
  • March 21 - Cost Share (1pm - 2pm)
  • April 4 - Reconciling Monthly Expenditures (1pm - 2:30pm)
  • April 10 - Summer Salary (9:30am - 10:30am)

FY14 Fringe Benefit Rates

The employee fringe benefit rates will be increasing next year.  Please remember that this will impact self-funded orgs next year.  The new rates compared with FY13 are below:




Faculty & Admin Faculty



Classified Staff



Wages, Adjuncts, Faculty Special Pay




Tuition Waivers Closed

-The Spring 2013 waivers have been applied to student accounts, you can view these by checking the "Display Banner Actuals" on your tuition waver screen.  Adjustments have been made so "planned" waivers match your "actual" waivers.  Going forward, please email Stacey if you want to make any additional waiver changes.  
-Tuition Waivers will be reopened in May for the Summer & Fall 2013 semesters.

Summer Term Reminders

- Graduate Research Assistants should be hired via EPAF and the original signed contracts should be sent to Stacey Sexton at 3A3
- Jill Bowen and Debbie Boehm-Davis will be in touch with coordinators about the Summer Upload, BTS is expected to open within the next two weeks for entries

Fall Semester Upload

BTS will open on May 20th for input of GRA/GTA/GL and Adjuncts for Fall 2013.

Dean's Start-up Support

Spring is the season when many faculty members travel and conduct research activities. If expenses will be charged to Dean's start-up org, please submit all related forms and supporting documents to Marlies Durso. Please keep in mind the year-end Purchasing and A/P deadlines when submitting those requests. If you have questions regarding available balances, please contact Marlies Durso or Stacey Sexton.

News from the Travel Office

All non-Mason Employees that are reimbursed by the travel office must now have a W-9 form. This impacts only individuals that do not currently have a G number.

Guidelines for meals with candidates.

Please take a look at the excerpts from the Food and Beverage Procedures manual below.

To stay within state guidelines, please keep the cost of a meal with a candidate at the 3:1 ratio (3 GMU to 1 non-GMU). The maximum cost for lunch, including tax and tip, and independent of the number of attendees, should be no more than $108 (4X$27); dinner max. $216.00 (4X$54).

Original Itemized receipts are required and alcohol cannot be reimbursed with state funds. Ideally, any alcohol consumed should be on a separate receipt. If that is not possible, the amount for alcohol needs to be deducted, and the reduced amount listed on the Food and Beverage form.

Additionally, for a meal to qualify as a “business function”, it is important to state the “purpose” of the meal and to list each attendee by name and with their affiliation (e.g. GMU faculty, candidate, UVA faculty, etc.)

Please make your faculty aware of these guidelines before taking a candidate out for a meal.

Excerpt from the Food and Beverage Procedures Manual:


Example: High Ratio Appropriate


Lunch with candidate for dean.

5 GMU to 1 non-GMU.


 Example: Low Ratio Appropriate


Dinner with guest speaker after presentation.

2 GMU to 1 non-GMU.




Maximum amount per person


Limited to 50% over the state per diem meal allowance per travel regulations. Limits include all service fees, taxes and gratuities. Current rates for the Washington Metropolitan Area including Arlington and Fairfax Counties - Breakfast - $18, Lunch - $27, Dinner - $54; in Prince William County -Breakfast – $13.50, Lunch - $19.50, Dinner - $43.50; in Loudon County – Breakfast - $15, Lunch - $22.50, Dinner – $46.50.



Trivia Answer:
The first parade to honor St. Patrick Day was held, not in Ireland, but in the United States. On March 17, 1762, Irish soldiers serving in the English military marched through New York City. Along with their music, the parade helped soldiers reconnect with their Irish roots, as well as with fellow Irishmen serving in the English army.

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