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#39 April 10, 2014

CHSS Welcome to Frah Abdi

Please join us in welcoming Frah Abdi as our new Budget Analyst for Grants. Frah is a graduate of George Mason University and prior to her most recent experience teaching overseas, worked in the Psychology Department. She will be reviewing CHSS grant paperwork such as Funding Change Forms, Fixed Price Closeout worksheets, payroll certifications, and GMUF Transfer Forms. She will also track faculty effort on sponsored programs, overspent issues, and cost share commitments and will serve as a resource for grant expenditure questions. Her phone number is 3-8635 and her email is If you have not already met Frah, please stop by and introduce yourself if you have a moment.

Cost Transfer Deadlines for FY14

Cut-off Date for Processing Cost Transfers after FY End Memo (provided by Elizabeth Brock, Associate Vice President and Controller)

Cost transfers between federal or nonfederal sponsored funds and nonsponsored organizations (i.e., E&G, F&A, and Pools) that involve:

  • Payroll charges
    • incurred prior to April 25 must be processed no later than May 25
    • incurred between April 25 and June 30 must be submitted to OSP no later than July 31
    • Nonpayroll cost transfers (direct expenditures)
      • incurred prior to June 10 may not cross the fiscal year.  Journal entries must be submitted to OSP by June 16. 
      • incurred after June 10.  Journal entries must be submitted to OSP no later than July 31.

Externally Funded Fellowships

(provided by Amy Gillies, Project Manager for Academic Affairs, Provost's Office)

  • Externally funded fellowships are awards that provide support to masters and doctoral students for research, writing, fieldwork, language study, professional development, or independent projects undertaken in conjunction with a degree program. There is no work component or employment relationship with the university associated with an externally funded fellowship. Students apply for fellowships and, when granted, these awards are distributed directly to the student, either by the organization awarding the fellowship or through the university.
  • When externally funded fellowships are distributed by the university directly to the student, a sponsored fund will be established and stipends will be processed through Accounts Payable using the Externally Funded Fellowship Payment Form.Stipendiary payments to the recipient will be made in monthly installments unless the sponsor requires a different payment schedule. Each payment made requires a new Externally Funded Fellowship Payment Form to be created and sent to Accounts Payable for processing.
  • Tuition support provided as part of the fellowship should be processed through Workflow
  • Expenses that involve a student reimbursement should be processed using the Externally Funded Fellowship Payment Form.
  • Students with externally funded fellowships cannot hold a graduate assistantship at the same time.

Upcoming Fiscal-Year-End Deadlines

• Purchases above $50,000

Submit by March 10

• Purchases between $2,000 and $50,000

Submit by April 28

• Small Purchase Credit Card

Charged by May 15

(All transactions on May Statement paid in June and charged to FY 2014)


• Purchases <$2,000, Receiving Reports, Invoices

Received by June 6

• Payment Requests, Honorarium Payment Requests

Received by June 13

• Travel Vouchers

Received by June 13

• Paper Journal Vouchers

Received by June 13

• Electronic JV’s (when performed through Banner)

Received by June 21

For the entire list, please go to


June 16            Final Semi-Monthly Pay Date
(SM 11, pay period start date: 05/25/14, pay period end date: 06/09/14)
June 20            Final Bi-Weekly Pay Date
(26 13, pay period start date: 06/01/14, pay period end date: 06/014/14)

Upcoming Training Opportunities

Did you know that sometimes Mason policies and practices change?  That's why it’s a good idea to attend training events offered by OSP and Fiscal Services!  Here is a list of upcoming workshops to either refresh your knowledge or help you learn something new:

• April 18- Banner Finance and Reconciliation (10am-12pm)
• April 23- Cost Share (10am-11am) 

BTS - Budget Tracking System

BTS has successfully migrated over to a new server. The BTS URL that includes "Chimera" is no longer accessible. If you've had trouble accessing the site, please make sure to clear your previous BTS bookmark. You may also need to clear your browser's cache and/or cookies. BTS can be accessed by using the following web address:

Please contact Nicole at 3-8733, if you are interested in a BTS refresher course or have never used BTS.

Tuition Waivers Closed

-Spring 2014 waivers that have been applied can be viewed  by checking the "Display Banner Actuals" on your  tuition waver screen.  Adjustments have been made in order for "planned" waivers to match the "actual" waivers disbursed.  Please e-mail Nicole ( if you have any questions. 
-Tuition Waivers will be re-opened in May for the Summer & Fall 2014 semesters.

Summer Research Hiring Instructions

Faculty Summer Research "SR" positions charged to grants
Graduate Research Assistant "GR" positions charged to grants
Faculty Summer Administrative "PC" positions, charged to instructional orgs or to grants

Please enter all of these assignments in BTS EZ-EPAF as soon as you are aware of the details. We are working with the central HR office to upload any "SR" and "GR" information that is entered in to BTS via EZ-EPAF by May 5th at Noon.  Assignments that are successfully uploaded will show "ABCD" and no EPAF number in the status section of BTS.

 Reminders and General Information

 As always, Nicole will need to receive the original contract before "GR" hires can move forward in the approval process. The contract must be completely signed and initialed. Contract templates can be found on the Office of the Provost's website: .  

  • Summer Research term dates are 5/25/14-8/24/14. Summer assignments can be for less than the full-term (5/25-8/24) and BTS will automatically calculate the appropriate pays/factors based on dates entered.

  • 5/25/14-6/9/14 pay period expenses will be recorded in FY14, and 6/10/14-8/24/14 pay periods will hit in FY15.

  • FY14 will be closed sometime in June and all transactions entered after that point will be recorded in FY15.

  • Summer pay for 9 month faculty is limited to a maximum of 33% of base academic year salary.  Pay for one pay period cannot exceed the base rate of pay (9 month salary / 18).

  • Summer faculty administrative pay budgets are the same for summer 2014 as they were last year.  If your department/program has a summer administrative budget, please coordinate the details with your chair/director and initiate EPAFs in BTS accordingly.  If you have any questions about your summer administrative budget, please contact Shirley and she can provide the details.  In prior years we have sent memos regarding these, but since they do not change from year to year, we are not going to send memos this year.

Fall Semester Upload

BTS will open on Monday, May 19th for input of GRA/GTA/GL and Adjuncts for Fall 2014.

Dean's Start-up Support

Spring is the season when many faculty members travel and conduct research activities. If expenses will be charged to Dean's start-up org, please submit all related forms and supporting documents to Marlies Durso. Please keep in mind the year-end Purchasing and A/P deadlines when submitting those requests. If you have questions regarding available balances, please contact Marlies Durso or Nicole Narkiewicz.

FY15 Fringe Benefit Rates

The employee fringe benefit rates will be increasing next year.  Please remember that this will impact self-funded orgs next year.  The new rates compared with FY13 are below:




Faculty & Admin Faculty



Classified Staff



Wages, Adjuncts, Faculty Special Pay, Summer Faculty



GTAs and GRAs



Student Wage*



* Student wage employees taking a full-time class load are generally exempt from FICA. Student wage employees taking less than a full-time class load are not eligible for the full-time student FICA exemption and will be charged the student fringe benefit rate of 5.5% FY15/4.23% FY14.

 FY 2015 Teaching Load
Thank you to all the people involved in reviewing the FY15 teaching load. We have completed the part-time calculation based on the information the departments entered in BTS. If you find any faculty changes, course buy-outs, special teaching arrangements, or leave not reflected in the BTS teaching load screen or report, please contact Irene Mills

E&G Carry Over Guidelines
Just a reminder that unspent E&G funds at the end of a fiscal year cannot be carried over into the next fiscal year.

Funding Change Forms
Please make sure that you are submitting Funding Change Forms on the most recent updated version of the FCF dated  Feb/2014.

This updated form is on the OSP website under Post Award Forms.  After April 30, OSP will have to return all FCFs not submitted on this new form.  See below for the form link.



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