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College of Humanities and Social Sciences


The master’s degree in history is designed to meet the needs of a diverse student population. Students learn methods of historical analysis, a variety of historical interpretations, and practical applications of the field. Areas of particular faculty interest include American history, Modern and Early Modern European history, cultural history, women’s history, new media technology, African American history, and comparative slavery.

Degree Requirements (Catalog Year 2014-2015)

In addition to meeting the following requirements for this degree, students must meet the university requirements for all master's degrees.

Students pursuing this degree must complete the requirements for one of the concentrations to the right. The first five concentrations require 30 credits of course work, and students choose a specialization in U.S. history (AH), modern European history (EH), or world history (WH). The concentration in teaching requires 36 credits.

Students may be required to take up to 12 additional credits of foundation courses which cover broad thematic areas, to remedy gaps in their undergraduate preparation. These courses are HIST 601, 602, 605, 606. If required as foundational, these credits cannot be applied toward the credits required for the degree.

If foundation courses are not required at admission, students in the concentrations in enrichment and teaching may apply up to one course (3 credits) toward their degree. Students in the other concentrations may not apply these courses toward their degree.

Students may apply no more than 6 credits earned through study abroad courses toward their MA in history.

Requirements may be different for earlier catalog years. See the University Catalog archives.

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